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Cosmos      March 02, 2018

Beloved Cosmos
David Christopher Lewis
March 2, 2018   8:59–9:21 am MST
Livingston, Montana 

Mighty Cosmos Speaks on Our Inner and Outer Cosmos

I AM Cosmos. I AM Cosmos. I AM Cosmos. I AM Cosmos. I AM Cosmos. The cosmos who you are, blessed ones, is an individualization of the greater cosmos of God. The cosmos who I am is a point of identification of God as light that ensouls the created being of God, as the extension of Presence, everywhere.

The cosmos is the great ovoid, the great egg, of the Divine Mother. The outer cosmos was born from the union of this great ovoid with pure Spirit, the seed of the Father divine. The inner cosmos is creation in gestation; the outer cosmos is creation in manifestation. Your personal cosmos is your individual auric ovoid of light, of color, of sound, of formless form, which contains your essence, your essential isness as a sovereign being.

Your impersonal cosmos is your causal body, which is one with the great essence of God, Spirit, as crystalline light. If you desire to allow your cosmos to be one with the great cosmos, then merge your auric field with the great field of light of your Presence. For in this, your personal and impersonal cosmos are wed—Spirit and Matter abide as one. There is a cosmic collusion of beingness as the interpenetration of the seed of the Father manifests within the egg of the Mother where you are.

El Morya has released his Advanced Studies of the Human Aura1 and given you, blessed ones, the higher truths of life and light within this understanding of the creation—the origination of you as a spirit-spark within the great ovoid of the Mother and your opportunity to return to that inviolate state of beingness through the ascension of self into your Solar Reality, into the cosmos who you are, manifesting beyond the physical realms of the created worlds, where this isness of Presence simply is.

When you say “I AM Mighty Cosmos where I AM,” I release a great ovoid of spiritual light and fire around you to encompass you in the glory of God; in the fire of beingness; in that which is not illusion, delusion, confusion; in that which truly is the fusion of self and Self within your heart—that which abides in a new perfusion of beingness as your cosmic Solar essence.

I inhabit all worlds simultaneously—and beyond what can be conceived of through the human mind within time and space. Yet my habitation is simply light, reality, joy and the permanency of love, which pervades the cosmos who I AM and that field of isness who is God. When you study Self, you come to the reality of knowing your true undifferentiated being in God. And from that point of cosmic reality, you perceive Self beyond self, light beyond the shadow worlds, love beyond your human feeling nature, Presence as omnipresence, power as omnipotence and truth as the omni-science of stillness, which brings true understanding, knowledge of your Buddha nature into the realm of mind that is beyond form.

The Cosmos who I AM is formless, and yet the cosmic clouds, the starry void is yet the reflection of God within the ovoid. And you may discover the mysteries of creation within the ovoid of your heart, and the seraphim and cherubim will reveal unto you the higher mysteries of light, of creation when you are ready, through humility, to understand your nature as God.

Now I dip into the essence of the ocean of the Mother eternal and release unto you the crystalline fragrances of her heart, the beautiful aromas of her caring spirit-soul and the nuances of her understanding of you so that in communion with her, you may realize your soulful self and rise to every occasion to be Cosmos' light, love.

Now there is a twinkling of stars within the higher firmament of the heavens, and this is symbolic of the grace that is bestowed unto the disciple who comes in humility to receive the infusions of light that I bear, the essences of holiness who I AM. Although you have called me Mighty Cosmos, dearest ones, I prefer the appellation Holy Cosmos, for I am wholly of God and holy in God. And therefore through this holiness and wholeness, there is unity, there is oneness, there is the allness of Presence as Holy Cosmos.

Grace, abide within these now. Illumine their minds; provide that which will allow, within the self, selflessness to manifest. And through this anointing, let there be a new Cosmos born, a new you emerging this day. [Cosmos exhales.] I breathe the new breath of cosmic Spirit unto you to refresh you, to recreate you, to replenish within you light, isness, joy.

Thank you, dearest ones, for abiding in the Great Silence of the cosmic void, where I AM. 

1. David Christopher Lewis, Advanced Studies of the Human Aura (Meru Press, 2013).


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