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Venus      February 14, 2018

Beloved Lady Master Venus
David Christopher Lewis
February 14, 2018   8:57–9:15 am MST
Vista, California 

Lady Master Venus' Valentine's Day Blessing to All Hearts


Beloved Children, 

I come from Venus, alighting here within this sanctuary of love, this Temple of Clarity, to bring the clarity of love unto your hearts.

What is that love that you desire to feel, to know and to express? It is the love of God within you. It is the light of God that beats your heart, for a heart in love with God is a heart that beats brightly, wondrously, beautifully. And in the beating of thy heart in that love of the Divine One, there is the radiant glow of the holiness within that love that does bestow upon all life the wealth of beingness; the health of vitality; the wisdom of unity; and the understanding that love is born of God and love is born unto God when you turn your heart to your Source and offer the essences of the roses of your being to the one whom you love—God first, Self second and your beloved third. Yet all of these are wrapped into one love, a triune love within the one love of God.

Understanding love is a lifelong process, dearest ones. And desiring to understand deeper love each day as you commune with God brings you to that level of union in heart, in mind and in soul that lifts your spirit to the Sun Presence of the One and affords you, even within your temple of light, the union experience with your beloved, the mystical union of self with other, other with self, the commingling of light, the energizing of being through that experience of love shared, of love reborn, of love expressed in any and all manners inspired within and upon you.

When love is expressed, there is a field of divine joy that naturally arises within that expression—a poem, an embrace, a kiss of peace. All of these are outer expressions of the inner feeling, the warmth of the beingness of love. I encourage you to go deeper and deeper and deeper in love, for when you truly understand the nature of love, you will understand God in all of God's infinite divine quintessences. And when you understand the nature of God, you will know who you are. For, beloved ones, you are created in God's image and likeness, and you have always been a part of God, and God has always been a part of you. In this tryst of knowingness, the knowingness of love of God, your purpose is fulfilled upon this plane of being, and then you may rise into new realms of divine light and love to be even more expressive of your eternal nature, which is love.

“O Venus,” you ask, “you speak of love—how many times will you say this word?” O dearest ones, I will say it an infinite number of times, for when love is shared through a voice of love, the alchemy of that expression transmutes and cleans and clears and recreates the auric field of the Earth itself. You see, the greatest way to transform Mother Earth and lift her burdens is to love her, to cherish her, to send her love frequencies throughout the day.

And you may say: “O my beloved Mother Earth, I love you; I cherish you; I thank you for providing me life. And so I return that essence of life, as love, to you for the ennoblement of all people who live upon your beautiful sphere, who live, move and have their being upon your bosom. And because I love thee, O my Mother Earth, all are healed through your immaculate love.”

Yes, did you know, dearest ones, that like Mother Mary and beloved Vesta and me, your Mother Earth holds the immaculate concept for all evolutions here upon your sphere? It is so. And the Mother Earth herself embraces you, and yet many would not embrace her. Teach them how to love the Earth, for in understanding this dynamic they also will begin to truly understand their own Mother nature within their own soul, their own spirit, their own being.

When mankind en masse returns to the love of the Mother everywhere, a golden age will ensue; it is a simple equation, dearest ones. And I reveal to you that all of the evolutions of Venus love our planet of love. And the infinite possibilities that arise for how that love is expressed in magnanimous ways accelerate that love to a higher field, which literally catapults the collective consciousness forward, ever forward into higher divine love, embracing new concepts, beautiful co-creations of light, artistic renderings of joy, magnanimous sharings of the creative spirit of all life upon Venus. This is our way, dearest ones, and it may be your way also if you choose to love and to enter into new associations of love with one another and with your Mother Earth.

Oh, how the dawning age may be embraced by those lovers of God and lovers of one another when these associations grow and when new streams, new heartstreams, of love are shared person to person, people to people, culture to culture planetwide. Envision this type of heartstreaming each day in your sessions. And as you sing and pray and revel in the light that you feel deeply within you, those expressions will grow and serve to feed the souls of many, to bless them and caress them and to raise them in light. And as surely as I speak these truths, they become realities in your world, and one day you will see all darkness flee, dissolved in the oneness of love. And you will see the rebirth of Earth in joy, in harmony and in peace.

Now I anchor light within this domain and send it forth in infinite cosmic streams of glory unto Earth for the blessing of all life here; for the caressing of every man, woman and child, of every precious elemental being, all nature spirits, even the rocks and minerals, the oceans, the trees, the clouds, the sky. All are infused this day with Venusian love from the heart of the Mother of Love of Venus, who I AM. Accept this love, O mankind, and feel the new you arising, the new light dawning, the new consciousness manifesting within you and within all.

You see, these morning sessions may truly be ensconced in a new level of God-consciousness and Solar awareness through the love field that you employ and that you enjoy as songs are sung, praises go forth, light emanates and you enter into the procession of love of this solar system—of both the God and Goddess Meru, and even the tracings of Helios and Vesta that still nurture the far-flung worlds, the planets and moons and all the beings thereupon within the family of this sun system.

Glorify God within you by loving yourself, loving one another, loving all life. Glorify God by seeking ways and means of even accepting greater love unto your heart and within your soul. You can expand love if you choose, O soul, if you realize your potential to be even as a love god or goddess, as we are; by embracing and tracing that love 24/7, every day of your life, worlds without end.

Now I create in the atmosphere above this place a giant valentine for you to feel the love of the one who lived within this sacred home, Lady Clarity, who shall speak with you this evening to continue this discourse on love. Yes, dearest ones, the love of the ladies of heaven is a grace of spiritual quintessence that nurtures you more than you know. Abide within it, accept it and nurture it yourself so that you, in turn, may serve and nourish others.

I AM Venus, come at your behest through your invocations of love, through the joy that you have expressed this day. Thank you.

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