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Lady Clarity      February 14, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Lady Clarity)
February 14, 2018   8:05–8:46 pm PST
2018 San Diego Prayer Vigil
Saint Germain on Soul Freedom and Self-Realization for Aquarian Initiates
Vista, California 

Lady Clarity: My Valentine's Day Address to All Beloveds

Clarity, as a virtue, is wonderful to meditate upon. Love that is divine and compassionate, expressed with focused attention and conscious awareness, is always noticed when it is shared and expressed and typically produces the desired results, which can include blessings, uplift, support and all the graces that are part of that. Now, whether you share this with a person in the flesh or with the Divine is up to you. You can do both. And if you share divine love and compassionate love with God, God and the angels always notice, even if people on Earth don't notice.

As spiritual aspirants, devotees, disciples and initiates, many of us are focused for a greater portion of our lives, especially in our elder years, upon our divine goal, our ascension and helping the planet, helping others and doing our spiritual work. So the more energy of love that we put into this endeavor, with this focused attention, the clearer things become for us. We actually enter into the heart of this virtue of clarity.

I believe clarity is related to focus, because focus brings things into clarity. If we have imperfect vision and we're given glasses that correct our vision, then everything becomes wonderful because we can see. When something comes into focus, it becomes apparent, observable and eventually obvious. It enters the realm of reality, where we can behold it, understand it and then use what we see toward a purpose.

It's interesting that the word realm has the word real within it. We live in this realm— we think it's real, yet is it really real? This realm that we live in may not be as real as we believe it to be. And I think we're all coming to the conclusion that heaven is actually more real than earth, because those who have experienced heaven, especially those who have had near-death experiences, talk about how amazing it is. The colors are transcendent; everything is alive. Those of us who have entered that in meditation, or with the ascended masters' assistance in our spiritual work, know exactly what I'm speaking of.

To clarify something means to bring it into focus so that all of the elements that that idea, concept or thing can bring forth are actually brought to bear because we have brought it into view. We can observe it, consider it, meditate upon it. Often in meetings and in work, our opportunities come in communication, and so we have to almost do extra work to make sure that we are communicating and that in our communication we are clarifying things. The rub is always whether we are actually communicating or we just think we are. Oftentimes we can choose to ensure that we are actually communicating by clarifying what we are feeling, thinking, considering with more articulation, greater conscious awareness of how the other perceives so that we don't have mismatched expectations and mismatched observable reactivity.

My opinion, from what I've seen over my entire life, is that most of our karma is made through miscommunication. And the breaking down of communication then results in judgment, human analysis and then taking actions or saying words or having feelings that are not Christ-centered. When we clarify things, we actually bring the Christ consciousness into the center of our communication. The Christ will ensure that both parties can see things clearly, because part of the nature of the Christ is a crystalline nature. And what are crystals? They are very clear. There is nothing to diffuse or interfere with the pure perception when something is crystalline in nature, because it's just absolutely beautiful and clear. Crystals refract light and all the rainbow colors come through, and it's a beautiful thing.

So the Christ should be at the center of our communication so that it is clear and we don't make karma, so that we resolve our issues and we move forward to love everyone as an equal, no matter where they are on their path. And by entering into the spirit of the living Christ, we really do make tremendous progress on our path, because we're not in that dualistic state of constant analysis, judgment and human reasoning.

The Christ is the most awesome mind in the universe, with the Buddha. And remember the scripture: “Let this mind be in you which was [or is] also in Christ Jesus.”1 Obviously the mind of the Christ working through Jesus is transcendent, beautiful, divinely inspired and ordained to transfer to us this crystalline clarity of consciousness, which then allows us to perceive as the Christ does, as God does and rise higher on our spiritual path.

So if you really desire to make more progress on your path, in your communications, in your work, in your private lives, in your relationships, and really in the world at large, when you are interacting with anybody, it's imperative to watch yourself, to observe yourself from a higher perspective—the perspective of the Christ—to ensure that your words, your actions, your deeds, your thoughts and your feelings are clear. Because when you are clear, then everything in your environment becomes clearer. And when you continually work on clearing yourself—keeping your aura clear, keeping your thoughts pure, keeping your mind clear of clutter, keeping your house clear of clutter—then everything begins to sing and vibrate at a higher frequency, and you really do avoid making the karma that comes through a lack of clarity.

It's actually very simple, if you think about it, that to rise much higher, to go into that state of the Christ consciousness, where there is no karma or human drama, just get clear and clear yourself. We take a shower or a bath every day. That is one way of clearing. Well, we can translate that to taking a spiritual bath or shower every day and clearing ourselves to ensure that none of the dust and inharmony of the world attaches itself to us and prevents us from seeing clearly and operating from that point of purity.

I looked up the definition of clarified butter, because I wanted to see exactly what it was. Clarified butter, or ghee, is pure butter fat minus water and the milk proteins, and they say that it doesn't burn or spoil. The Tibetans love their ghee. And many of us now in the West who are still not total vegans like ghee because it has this very concentrated and pure butter fat, which is actually pretty good in some types of cooking. The fact that it doesn't spoil is amazing. So as a kind of a metaphor, when we are clarified like butter, we won't spoil. We are so clear that there is nothing that allows that spoiling to occur—the spoiling of our aura, the spoiling of our relationships. Who desires a relationship that isn't clear or pure? None of us. We desire clarity of communication.

If we—and this is from Jesus himself tonight—choose to really accelerate on the path  and we practice this virtue of maintaining clarity of consciousness, which translates into clarity of communication, we will really accelerate. We will make progress, because, again, that is where a lot of things tend to break down and then there is misunderstanding. Then the drama of karma sets in. And this is true in the world between nations, peoples, cultures, races, religions, et cetera.

As Morya said through me in Now, Zen and Always, if there was a second tenet after the first tenet (to love God with your entire being), and it said to respect all other religions and all other peoples—to respect them, to honor them, to acknowledge that they are people of God too—people might think and worship differently. You have to respect everyone. If there was this respect and reverence, we wouldn't have all the problems we have.

What Mother Mary and Lady Clarity would like us to do now is to consider this dynamic and share, if you dare, an example of how love has become clearer for you in your life—when something was resolved or came into focus—and how transcendent it was and how it actually helped you on your path. It could be something like a misunderstanding, and finally you actually listened to someone and got clear on what they thought and felt and saw, and once you were clear, everything shifted and the judgment stopped and it seemed like a miracle happened. You weren't listening, you weren't observing from a compassionate state of being, and once you let go, surrendered and actually listened and observed, you were able to see it from the other's perspective. And then you thought: “Oh wow, I hadn't considered that. Maybe there's value in that. Maybe I actually agree with that. Maybe now I can actually work with this person or understand where they're coming from.” And before it was always the other way because of different mind-sets or different experiences or the way that you grew up or where you grew up or just the way you were.

So who would like to share? That's just one example. You can share a story or something where clarity was important and where you had an aha experience, where something came into focus and you were amazed. So who would like to share something? Just raise your hand and we'll try to get the mic to you. 

Participant:  I have some lovely older children, my first daughter and her husband, and they're very devout Christians and very strong Christians. And they, of course, didn't believe all the things that I believed, so we didn't get along spiritually. I realized this really had to change because I didn't feel good about it, and I don't think they felt too good about it either. What I finally did one time, and of course we were all kind of on the same page, was to really listen to each other. And I stopped judging and saying, “My way is better than yours because I know more than you do,” and that sort of thing. I really listened to them and they started really listening to me. And then we were able to talk about the things that we believed. Then I began to see the similarities rather than the differences, and everything shifted. Then we began to really enjoy talking about what we each believed and how different it was, and we had a lot of fun. So it was a point of clarity in my understanding and I think for them as well. 

Participant:  I tend to be kind of an intuitive person naturally, and yet I've been in positions of business for much of my life. I used to get into these management meetings where important things were being discussed, and I knew what I perceived or what people were bringing up and that everyone needed to contribute. And I had a lot of problems, because sometimes I was called upon because I was in a position where I had to solve problems or to present my understanding of what was going on. And I often wasn't really very articulate; I wasn't clear; I didn't have clarity. It was because I was dealing with the issue at a very iconic level. I was seeing it, but I couldn't speak about it. This was when I was in my twenties or thirties.

At a certain point, I started to really think about this and got smart about it. I started to do this exercise, and when I was in these meetings and had to communicate with groups of people on very important things, I started to regularly organize my thoughts, bring them out of the iconic level and organize them into bullet points or ideas that made it clearer to convey in words. And I'd do that constantly. And then I was ready to talk. Then I could explain what I thought was the real core issue or how we should proceed to solve this or something, whereas in the past I would just be sort of tongue-tied.

This has been a huge win for me in my life, to be in meetings where you're trying to work with people and to bring my perceptions of things to a level where I could easily communicate with any one person and make it very clear to them. But it's taken a lot of discipline. So that's been clarity for me. 

David:  You probably have heard the story of the teenager who thinks he or she knows better than the parents. And then suddenly at about the age of thirty they say, “Man, my parents really changed and became so wise, so quickly.” And it was actually the child who wised up. They thought they knew everything as a teenager, and then through experience they realize, “Oh, my parents were pretty smart.” It's like we have blinders on sometimes.

            The perversion of clarity, to me, is vision that's very narrow, where you think it's focused, laserlike vision, and it is, but there's no room for anything else. That's really the perversion of clarity—the narrow mind that doesn't accept the wider view from on high and from all angles. So we realize that clarity is really bringing all the mirrors around so that we can see the issue and everything from all of these perspectives. And then it's like, “Aha! I understand now why this person sees it this way,” instead of having this very narrow insight into it.

I guess insight, to me, is seeing from within—in-sight. When you see it from within, I think that connotes seeing it spiritually, because when you see something from deep within, it's like seeing it from God's perspective. So the word insight is a great word; it's a fantastic word, I think.

Okay, can anybody else think of a story or an incident or an example? 

Participant:  This story is about my husband, __________. He will be here any moment. I don't know if it's good to tell it now or when he is here. 

David:  He's here, because when you start talking about somebody, they're here. 

Participant:  Ah, isn't that something. __________ and I were married later in life, so we didn't sort of grow up together. So we have different habits, and he has the habit of using lots of spoons. He can use like fifteen spoons in one day. He uses a spoon for the almond butter, a spoon for the honey, a spoon for the peanut butter, a spoon for the tea, a spoon for the milk, a spoon for this and that, a spoon for the oatmeal. And this drove me crazy, because I thought a person uses one spoon per meal. So anyway, it was quite a test for me.

And then the other test is that he puts the spoons in the cup. And I thought it was not very good to put your spoon in the cup, like a coffee cup, because a person like me could move my arm and I would spill it because I would hit the spoon and the cup would fall over. But this was his way of doing things and he always put the spoon in the cup. And even though I asked him, “Please don't put the spoon in the cup,” the spoon is inside, because it's a habit.

So I thought, well, you know, it's kind of not worth it to be so upset at such a little thing. So I just went to a yard sale and bought extra spoons. Now we have twice as many spoons as probably anyone else, and every day they all get used up. [laughter] Oh well. So I just had to learn to give up my little quirks and accept some of his, and he's probably doing the same for me. Thank you, dear __________. 

David:  And you have to slow down so you don't bump that spoon. It means you're more careful about your movements, right? You've heard of spoonerisms. When we were hiking the other day, I came up with a bunch of spoonerisms, but maybe now is not the time. It was Leptune and Nuara.

Participant:  Well, the greatest event of clarity that we all can have is when we meet the Holy Spirit for the first time—when you have that moment where you meet that energy that just breaks through what you thought was reality into a divine reality and gives you that wider perspective of the bigger picture and the beauty of creation and the beauty of who you are and what you're about. And that brings my teacher here, Elizabeth Clare Prophet. I was seventeen years old, I met her, and didn't know anything about anything. She blessed me and I met the Holy Spirit. And then after that, I had a whole new perspective. So clarity of spirituality, clarity of the divine purpose, clarity of love for God is probably the most beautiful aspect of clarity.

David:  In our Hearts Center movement, we have a lot of prayers that talk about crystals. And now we have ­­­­­__________ here from Germany, and they sell crystals. I think __________ bought one with a little angel inside of it, like an angel image. They have absolutely phenomenal crystals, with coalesced energy in them from the blessings and the spiritual work that you guys do, as when you find them and create them and sell them.

At the Expo last year in LA, they had a booth across from us. We just fell in love with these Latin guys, really handsome guys. I met __________first and then I met his twin brother later. They came for a Soul Raising Session. __________brought his wife, who is beautiful, an actress. Is she from Spain? [Participant: “His girlfriend”] Oh, his girlfriend from Spain. She's an actress, and he's from Mexico. Now we have this greater family of lightbearers that we just love because they work with crystals, and we're kind of a crystal organization. And then we met the people that go to Questhaven, and they believe in focusing on the Christ consciousness, especially with Jesus, and that's all about the crystalline nature of consciousness. It's the crystal clarity of the Christ. The word Christ and crystal are almost the same. They are focused on this beautiful crystalline nature. Then we have __________ here, who goes to Harmony Grove. Harmony is what crystals are all about too. So we just keep collaborating. Then we meet __________here, who's from Montana! And he's a healer. He's from Helena.

You know how crystals grow in a mediumwhen you have the right medium they can grow? It seems like we've created the right medium, and now the crystals are growing. And we're finding our brothers and sisters, no matter what organization, because we're all one anyway. We're finding each other and just enjoying each other's presence, spirituality, unique gifts, abilities and virtues. I love collaborating. I think that cooperation and collaboration is the wave of Aquarius, the wave of the future, which is now. And the more that we cooperate and collaborate, the faster the golden age is going to come. We stop judging other organizations, that they're a little woo-woo, or whatever. We're pretty woo-woo to a lot them. We think we're pretty down to Earth, but I can assure you, to Christians we're woo-woo. So anyway, it's nice to find other woo-woo people who love us and we can love them.

1. Philippians 2:5.

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