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David Lewis      February 04, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
February 4, 2018   10:30 ̶ 10:34 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Tai Chi of Positive Relationships

I was contemplating early this morning my relationship with my beloved partner, wife, lover and co-creator, and I saw that to have a spouse whom you love and cherish, there is a process involved in how you, together, evolve.

Your wife or your husband should be your best friend. Who is our best friend spiritually, if you put it on the cosmic clock? The Holy Spirit is our friend. Your wife or husband should be your partner, a co-equal as it relates to the three o'clock line of the Son of God. Your spouse should be your lover, which relates to the six o'clock line of the Mother. And your spouse should be your co-creator. You can co-create children if you're at the right age and you choose to do so. And this relates to the aspect of the Father and the Mother, of course, but in this case the Creator itself, the twelve o'clock line.

So you have all aspects: the impersonal impersonality of God on the twelve o'clock line; the personal personality of God on the six, as the Mother; the impersonal personality on the nine; and the personal impersonality on the three. As you traverse the cosmic clock, you are in polarity with each other at times, counterbalancing each other to sustain the perfect balance of the Tai Chi of the relationship, of your union, and there's perfect equanimity in this experience.

When I saw this, it gave me food for thought that in my relationship I have to really manifest all of these virtuous aspects of our union—friend, partner, lover, co-creator. Of course, you may have other terms that you would like to use—sharer in life, whatever works for you. This is just what came to me.

I think it's important to realize that there is harmony in relationships when we understand the dynamic of the balance of Alpha and Omega, father and mother, masculine and feminine, and that we do, in effect, play all of these roles at times. And so at one point, one may be more of the Alpha within the relationship, as an active participant in some dynamic, and the other may be more passive, as the receiver of the energy, and vice versa. And so as the Tai Chi spins, each partner can actually play different roles in this equation, and it can be a beautiful thing.

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