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Liberty      February 03, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by the Virtue Liberty)
February 3, 2018   12:30 ̶ 1:00 pm MST
Livingston, Montana

Liberty Shines the Light of Wisdom Upon Us

The Virtue Liberty speaks. Liberty's primary purpose is to help liberate us from illusion, maya and our lower nature. However, Liberty's secondary purpose is to illumine us. Liberty illumines us with the wisdom we require to stay free in the light and to maintain higher consciousness.

Sometimes people are liberated, freed, unshackled, and then what do they make of their life afterward? Are they truly liberated in spirit, in their Solar awareness, in their consciousness? All require the light of illumination to highlight what is real and to simultaneously lowlight what is unreal—in other words, to dissolve unreality, consume duality, transmute the nonsensical aspects of self and of life.

Liberty provides an impetus for our freedom, yet we must take action and take the steps required to live in the light. We can choose to live in the light of true liberty, true freedom, true understanding rather than the state of temporal liberty, which is license, or temporal freedom, which is not everlasting.

Liberty helps us to break the bonds of slavery to our lesser self and to every limiting concept, thought, feeling, word or deed. There are many limiting concepts, thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, and these tie, or bind, us karmically to this plane of existence, because they are unconscious, dark, negative or, if taken to the extreme, evil. People can pass through stages of negativity, through various influences and even coercion from discarnates, demons and entities that they have opened themselves up to because of the dynamic of their own lack of awareness, their ignorance of their own God Presence and supernal spirit.

To avoid these states of depressed awareness or oppressed life, we must choose the goal in life of illumination, wisdom and truth to keep awake and aware, to stay focused and harmonious, to maintain our peace and equanimity. Liberty is invested in having all who are first freed from unreality and darkness stay and remain free from these lesser states of being. As we know, Jesus gave us the parable of those who were freed and yet did not appreciate their freedom, and so they went back to the state of consciousness that they were in before they were healed. He warned them, “Go and sin no more”1 lest a greater thing of darkness come upon you.2

The maintenance of this free state of being through God-awareness is imperative for all of us because being on the path, you are always moving through initiatic steps of life. And to secure and then maintain each new step requires resolution, determination and the resolve of an aspiring adept.

Liberty, as a divine virtue, helps the virtuous to rise to higher and higher states of liberty, of freedom in the light by offering deeper and more profound truths for them to ingest, assimilate and become. Liberty shines the light of this yellow-ray virtue into our minds through our Higher Self's Higher Mind, through Buddhic mindful thought. There is thought that originates from the human lesser mind, which is limiting, and there is thought that originates from the greater divine mind, which is free and continuously offering ever higher states of awareness to those who are open, meditative and contemplative. Of what? Of God, of beingness, of light.

Each of the rays that Liberty shines into our world has a specific antidote to the various levels of ignorance that cloud our consciousness and limit our perceptions of God, the ascended realms, the higher worlds, divine light. These rays offer essences of perfect awareness of our Source, keen perceptions of what is real, wise dominion over our temporal bad habits and knowledge of our True Selfhood as sons and daughters of God.

Now, the Virtue Liberty says that the Goddess of Liberty is a cosmic being who has held her torch of illumination for eons of our Earth time. And she has brought many to the shores of the Pure Land of the enlightened ones, the Buddhas, beyond the seas of samsara through her determined desire to free, or liberate, all. She truly is a cosmic bodhisattva who is invested in planetary liberation. As a member of the Great Karmic Board, serving on the yellow ray of that august body, she is often consulted for her long-term vision and wisdom—for both individual souls to mature into their Godhood, and for larger vectors of society to evolve together and to self-realize a collective higher state of being.

The Virtue Liberty reveals today that she worked with the Goddess of Liberty for nearly five hundred years to help her to perfect her abilities to maintain her strong torch of light and to teach Earth's children in the Temple of the Sun the inner wisdom of the great adepts and the ancient ones.

Now, there is a Temple of the Sun on the sun of our solar system, and there is also a Temple of the Sun above New York City in the United States of America. And both of these Temples of the Sun receive a steady stream of divine light, golden light, from the Great Central Sun to help maintain the harmonic balance of the middle of the three plumes of the threefold flame within the hearts of every living human soul on Earth.

One of the requirements for the ascension is the balancing of the threefold flame. And often the middle, or yellow, plume is unbalanced through a lack of study of the truth, of the teachings of the masters East and West, the ancient scriptures and the great tomes of light, such as the Bible and other revealed truths through great prophets, avatars, messengers of light—even messiahs, such as Jesus. So for us to study to increase that yellow plume of illumination is imperative. We recently had another HeartStream from a master who encouraged us to do this.

It has been said, “If men knew better, they would do better.” The Virtue Liberty says the corollary to this is that once men begin to do better, they learn more, they know more and then they can act effectively, with wisdom, produce greater gifts of spirit and offer them in work and service to the world. So if men knew better, they'd do better. Then when they begin to do better, they are given more wisdom, and it's a fantastic cycle that affords us ever ongoing levels of divine truth, wisdom. For those who choose to do better, wisdom comes to them to continue to illumine them and to raise them up in the light, step by step, unto their full enlightenment, their God-glory, their liberation and soul freedom.

At one point there was a discussion in heaven as to whether the God and Goddess Meru or the Goddess of Liberty and her twin flame would take the place of Helios and Vesta in our sun so that they, in turn, could move higher. The Goddess of Liberty, as a goddess, has equal attainment to the Goddess Meru, yet since her twin flame is as yet unascended, it was determined that the position would be more appropriately offered to the God and Goddess Meru. This is an interesting point to consider. Yet you can understand it, since the Temple of the Sun over New York City is directly linked to the Temple of the Sun on our sun, and the Goddess of Liberty has worked for eons to maintain that flame on behalf of Earth's evolutions. How interesting.

The Virtue Liberty asks us to please pray for the full enlightenment, liberation and ascension of the twin flame of the Goddess of Liberty. For when that day occurs, there will be a great rejoicing in heaven, a cosmic celebration of solar light within our entire solar system. This will be a great impetus for Earth's planetary enlightenment and freedom.

So, in the name of the living God, I AM THAT I AM, we collectively pray for the full enlightenment, liberation and ascension of the twin flame of the Goddess of Liberty, who yet remains in embodiment upon Earth, so that she may be free to pursue higher glory, according to God's will, wisdom and love; according to the cosmic cycles of light, of her own Divine Presence; and so that together they can serve at a great and higher level of existence and attainment to serve our entire solar system in the light.

Now, to meditate on the virtue of Liberty brings us to that point of consideration of how we can liberate greater and greater elements of ourselves. For when we do, we directly assist in the liberation of the same elements within our Earth and our solar system on a macrocosmic level. Whenever we give the violet-flame prayers, mantras, songs and devotions, as well as the yellow-ray prayers, mantras, songs and devotions, we help liberate unfulfilled aspects of our inner being. So in this sense, both of these rays and flames are rays and flames of transmutation because they help to liberate, or free, us from maya, illusion, unreality, delusion—you name it.

The Virtue Liberty says that using the violet and yellow, or gold, rays in conjunction with each other is a powerful tool for both liberation and enlightenment, for freedom and wisdom to work simultaneously and in conjunction to foment great cosmic divine change in our world—our individual worlds and our collective world. It's a beautiful thing to consider these flames, these rays, and how working together and merging and morphing and intertwining, they can really accentuate each other and help each other so that they can help us, help our planet, help all people.

There are many virtues in heaven that we may be able to hear from in the future. Remember, the Virtues are one of the nine choirs of angels, which we've known of for some time and that we refer to in our Rosary of Faith. Liberty, as one of these virtues, is a powerful being, and now we understand how great this being is if she taught the Goddess of Liberty for five hundred years how to hone her skills at maintaining that flame to illumine Earth's children, all of us, to bring us to awakened consciousness through our own Buddhic attainment, our own enlightened state of being.

So we praise the Virtue Liberty today, all of her rays, which are like unto the rays of light that we receive from our sun and from our own I AM God Presence, which is a Solar being in his/her own right. And as we praise her, we feel her rays and we are raised in the light of her Presence, of her joy, of all those illumining aspects of her being, which bring great loving consciousness to all of us.

She says that as we have revered various teachers throughout our many lives on Earth, the great teacher of the sun is one that we can learn from in ways that we simply can't learn from human beings, human teachers. And the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov has often shared this truth, that the sun is the greatest being of our solar system, who illumines us and loves us so with all of that light-energy poured out 24/7 unto us.

Imagine these many virtues in heaven also doing the same with their specific quality of godliness that they have been wonderfully given as a provision for us, as providence for our higher consciousness and eternal freedom. They were commissioned by God to emanate all of these wonderful aspects of God's consciousness in a stepped-down energy field that we can handle, because if we were to rise right into God's Presence, we would burn to a crisp. God is too great for us, humanly, to co-exist within in our limited state of vibration.

So the virtues are there as step-down transformers, just as the great Elohim are, the gods and goddesses, the chohans of the rays and the ascended masters. And they carry the pink aspect—as angels, as choirs of angels—of God's awareness, the feeling nature of God, to us. And as we feel their light, their presence, we are illumined; we are set free; we are unbound from the shackles of human living and the aspects of our lower nature.

So thank you, beloved Rune, for tuning into this flame of liberty, this light of liberty, this Virtue Liberty for us to receive this address from her today, these teachings, so that we can rise higher into the light and enjoy the remainder of our lives upon Earth, so that eventually we will one day enjoy universal eternal life in heaven—one with each other, one with God, one with all the hosts of light—and then we'll be able to really know these virtues, because there will be no sense of separation whatsoever. We will know them face-to-face, feel their great love, cherish their spirits, their energy and continue to evolve in more godly ways toward an even greater level of oneness with the eternal Father-Mother God, the Creator, the Source of all.

1. See John 8:1–11.
2. See John 5:1–14.

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