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Hermes Trismegistus      February 02, 2018

Beloved Hermes Trismegistus
David Christopher Lewis
February 2, 2018   8:40–8:57 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being with us on this Friday morning broadcast from Canada. Today, Hermes comes—Hermes Trismegistus, who is also known as God Mercury. And he dictated to me a beautiful message, beginning a little over an hour and a half ago and ending just before 8:00 mountain time, which I'd like to read to you. I have it in handwriting. 

Hermes on the Adeptship of Divine Thought


Beloved Ones,

God first created us as an idea, or divine ideation. We were conceived into existence within the universal mind. This divine thought process occurred millennia ago with such cosmic speed that we were wrought, or manifested, through the light-energy of this ideation and alchemy, in an instant, truly in a flash.

This original creation of us was the proto-creation, the origination of our being in perfection as a Sun of God, s-u-n, made in God's image and likeness. We were, like God, all light, pure consciousness, divine energy coalesced into a brilliant ethereal form. We were manifested from universal substance, the very essence of the Divine Mother, or feminine aspect of God, as the created cosmic egg. In this original state of being, we were, in effect, energy—more energy and less substance than we experience on Earth today. Our bodies were not dense. This created “us” is still manifest as our Higher Self, or I AM Presence, which still radiates like a sun. Eventually, through a series of subsequent occurrences, we were clothed in these denser bodies as our vibratory rate decreased. We now experience life in a much different level of existence than we did in our ethereal light bodies.

However, today we can determine to accelerate our return, permanently, to our higher vibratory existence as Suns of God by increasing our rate of thought, by ideating as God does—in perfection, joy and harmony through love. Our thought rate became slower when our love became lacking, when we turned away from our Source and separated ourselves from the beautiful unity field of beingness of our Godhood, of our union with our Creator.

To speed up divine thought, we must accelerate love, reconsecrating ourselves to God's will, wisdom and love through constancy of devotion and full-fledged attention upon and focus on divine light, in alignment with our holy purpose, our own sacred mission to serve God and others. The true Mercurians are trained in maintaining this higher speed of thought, or state of divine ideation, by putting aside lesser thoughts, denser conceptions and refocusing on what is real, true and part of the original creation of light.

First, choose to dwell in the light; bask and bathe in light. Absorb light; drink in and assimilate light. Imagine this as a real activity and not a fantasy. For, for ascended beings, it is real. Imagine living and breathing as a sun, fully emanating solar light and joy and all of God's virtues as the sun does. Draw closer to the sun, as Mercurians do. For as the planet Mercury is nigh, so we can feel, know and be the great solar fire of God's pure energy, pure consciousness.

Feel the warmth of God's love, the wealth of God's virtues, the breadth of God's awareness, or divine and expansive consciousness. Experience the natural glow of your native Selfhood near and even within this universal majestic energy field of God's being, God's aura of light. Intuit who you are, truly, as a God-created sun, s-u-n—a son or daughter fully clothed in your own unique radiant garments of light and, as a co-creator, also spawning beautiful ideations, visions and imaginations of love, wisdom and power. In this state of ecstatic God-beingness, you are fulfilled within God's eternal Presence and no longer feel separate. This acceptance of oneness assists in returning you to the higher vibratory field wherein divine thought occurs and Mercurial mindfulness exists and is maintained.

All the Buddhas have attained this accelerated state of being through silent meditation on pure consciousness and Solar light and joy. Speech is a form of thought densified and materialized as a sound-wave manifestation for the purpose of communication. However, telepathy is a more subtle and swifter form of communication through mindfulness, unencumbered by certain forms of interference that compromise perfect understanding. Telepathy is mastered through an accelerated transfer of thought engrams or subtle images from one's higher mind to another's higher mind. To slow down or eliminate human thought, we must accelerate and rise into universal thought through perfect vision, divine ideation, pure perception, or holy immaculate conception.

Purity of consciousness through prayer and mindful meditation, through humble contemplation of and on God precipitate our ability to divinely conceive, to accelerate our speed of thought. Stillness is the sacred space where Mercurial mindfulness manifests. Silence is the holy field of oneness where true beingness in God begins and is sustained. Refrain from attempting to annihilate lesser thoughts and feelings. Instead, choose to simply consciously replace them with beautiful thoughts, pure concepts, holy intimations that edify the simple joys of life in God.

This is my teaching for today. Practice makes perfect, yet the perfection is already there. Bring it here to your heart through your heart-mind connection, through loving acceptance and joy.

I AM Hermes, ever your God Mercury. 

David's comments:

            Interesting—what takes about fifty minutes to write can be spoken in ten minutes, and what can be spoken in ten minutes can be ideated in a flash.

Contemplating this message from God Mercury, I believe, raises us into spiritual dimensions of light where we can, as Anastasia and other great masters on Earth do, flash forth, through our mindfulness, divine thought even into the future to co-create the beautiful world that we together are desiring, are aspiring to manifest. And through our desire, our aspiration, our strong feeling to engender it with substance, it begins to actually be clarified, rarefied from the higher realms into our dimension and then coalesced.

The more we draw forth this universal substance of divine Mother light into our realm through our conscious lives, the faster the kingdom of God alights upon Earth, the more radiant our universe becomes, because we are drawing what already exists from heaven into the earth plane of being by mindfulness. And simultaneously, we are rising into that higher dimension and plane of being through these practices, through the acceleration of thought, of feeling into the higher aspects of divine thought and divine feeling. So it is the “as Above, so below” experience, where heaven descends and earth ascends simultaneously, and we are there at the nexus of the Christ consciousness to commune with God while we are yet embodied upon Earth. Yet we are also becoming more etherealized as we pray and meditate, do our spiritual practices, work in nature, breathe in the fresh air around us and, as we heard in this message, drink in and assimilate light.

The light who we are is our true nature, because God created the universe in light and through light. “Let there be light!1 We were a part of that original proto-creation as perfected light beings. And now we are in the process of remembering it, self-realizing that this is our true nature, rising into that experience, maintaining it, glorifying God through this process and assimilating more and more of the holy virtues of God and then sharing them with humanity.

Many of us have been doing this now for years and decades in this lifetime. And our auras, hopefully, are becoming brighter and brighter, more clarified and rarefied in the finer holy quintessences of God. And those who have eyes to see and ears to hear our message—which is really the message of God beaming through our higher mind, our higher consciousness—will respond to the authenticity, the veracity of this message and, at some level, join us or participate with us in this alchemy of Spirit of co-creating the new world, our new Earth, our planet of love, our planet of freedom, Freedom's Star—as Earth has been called—and also a planet of charity, which is love expressed and magnified through practical works and givingness.

So thank you, beloved Arny and Marion and all of our Canadian heartfriends, for facilitating this service today and glorifying God through your being, magnifying the Lord through your light-energy field and simply by being true to who you are, knowing who you are as the I AM THAT I AM manifest through your unique individuality, your special God-identity as a sovereign divine being walking the Earth in light, in love, in holiness, in pure virtue.

God bless. I return you to your service now. And thanks again for being with us, all of you, and if you desire—once this HeartStream is edited for publication as both video and audio—sharing it with friends of like mind and heart. God bless. Take care. Bye-bye.

1. Genesis 1:3.

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