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Lady Dorcas      January 31, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Lady Dorcas—Annice Booth)
January 31, 2018   9:30–10:00 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Lady Dorcas Shares Keys on the Ascension

The heartfriends in Chile have asked for Serapis and his twin flame to come, so they are both here. And we know that the twin flame of Serapis is now ascended and that is Annice Booth. And Serapis actually defers to her to share, I believe for the first time.

The ascension is a process; the ascension is a goal; the ascension is an alchemical union with God; the ascension is beautiful. It is something to be desired with one's entire being because it is union with God. And when we are in love with God and we are in harmony with God and we are in communion and communication with God, the ultimate result is union—and that is the ascension.

When we have given our all, God gives his/her all to us. When we have sacrificed all—God has already sacrificed his Son for us—we are raised on that same altar of light to then serve as a fully Self-realized Sun of God, s-u-n, and Son/Daughter of God in our own right. The ascension is the supernal experience of bliss, where heaven meets earth within the individual, and earth ascends to meet heaven in that heart, in that experience, in that state of beingness.

When you strive for your ascension, you put God first in your life. You put first things first. And who is the first? Alpha. Who is the last? Omega. Omega initiates the spirals of the ascension within our physical temple, lights us—like a sparkler, like a candle, like a firework—and then when the action of the fire is complete, we are reunited with Alpha. The Omega within us, the soul within us, ascends and is reunited with the Alpha within us, which is our Spirit, our I AM God Presence.

The ascension as a process takes eons of time for most, because God expects that we will experience life in these domains and bring, through the ascension process, elements of the earth into heaven to actually expand the kingdom of God within heaven through who we are, through our individuality, now consecrated to our Divine Presence. And through bringing elements of our Selfhood into that higher reality, there is an expansion of light both in heaven and upon earth. The ascension leaves an indelible mark and etching of light upon and within akasha on our planet. And whenever and wherever one ascends, there is a great blessing to life, to one's progeny, to one's community, one's nation and the entire Earth itself.

The experience of the ascension is the experience of a lifetime and many lifetimes. It is the ultimate experience. It is the crowning glory of our graduation. It is our coronation as a divine one. And very often in the ascension process, there is actually a tiara or a crown placed upon the head of the victorious one, symbolizing that victorious state of completion, of winning, of earning by grace this newly experienced state of perfection in God.

Annice reminds us that if we don't like our life, we can change it. And how do we change it? By accepting the ascension currents and fire within ourselves, ensconced all about us, dancing within us, transforming us day by day, glory to glory to higher glory, until there is nothing left of the human in its unperfected state. And all that is left is the divine essence of our True Self, our spirituality, our divine reality. We have been subsumed into God, and God raises us through that consummation and subsummation experience. It is the summation of being, and the unconscious and the subconscious and even the conscious are now subsumed into the Superconscious Self.

There is no longer anything within that is hidden. Everything is evident; everything is clear; we know who we are. There is no more shadow self. Whether you love your shadow self into its dissolving into the crystal-pure clarity of your True Self or you let it go, it's the same thing—it is dissolved. The shadow doesn't appear in the full blazing light of the sun when you are in heaven. There is no shadow of turning within the divine world.1 In our glory, we are in a constant state of giving praise to God through our light body, our love, our devotion to God, because this is how we arrived in heaven in the first place— through devotion, through understanding, through love.

And so every day in heaven is like a thousand or even a million years upon Earth in the sense that it is all glorious, it is new, it is refreshing and it is reinvigorating in light—crystalline, diamond, pure white light. To behold God face-to-face can be our goal upon Earth; in heaven it is the experience. We behold God and God's infinitude everywhere in heaven in the ascended state. Yes, there are levels and gradations of light in the etheric, yet as an ascended being we are fulfilled in that light; we are glorified in that light; we are that light.

Annice says that meditating upon light is a key. It was a key for her, and it can be a key for you to meditate upon pure white light and to feel yourself bathed in that light, glorified in that light, merged into that light so that you (the human creation of your not-self) are dissolved into that light. There is no letting go of individuality in this experience, because the real you continues to exist. Yet the lesser self dissolves, and you embrace that light and realize that this is your nature. You were created by light; you are light; you have always been that light. There was never a time when you were not that light, and therefore you may as well accept it. You are light. I AM light. We just proclaimed it in this song: “I AM the Light.”

What do those words really mean to you? Have you made them real in your life so that upon awakening in the morning you actually feel light, you experience light? The sun is the great broadcaster of this reality. And so aligning ourselves with and befriending the sun brings us to that state of the understanding of who we are as God-created ones. We can truly enjoy our life if we enjoy it in light rather than in darkness. Those who enjoy their lives in darkness do not realize that there is so much more to experience in the divine experience within the light. And so they must be urged to come into the light so that they can experience the new joy of the new day that is dawning and will continue to dawn, because heaven is like a continuous dawning, not a dusking.

Imagine an eternal dawn, where the light of the sun is always in a state of rising within you. Yes, there is the light of the noonday sun. Yet the concept of the dawning sun is one that you could consider reflecting upon and meditating upon in order to learn how to accept the freshness, the brightness of the new day, as this experience of the new day will bring you to the new you—because within that new day is the new you. And this is the ascending you, the resurrected you, the transfigured you, the victorious you.

You can go to Serapis' retreat if you call to go there at night. There are classes. We've learned in the past that there are two-week classes. You can go to the various retreats of the chohans of the rays, and Annice is reminding us of this. And the dynamic of attending these classes has not stopped for those who are privy to it, aware of it and who make the call. The chohans have progressively accelerated classes in higher and higher teachings when we make those calls and go to these retreats. And Serapis, for one, wonders why more aren't showing up for his classes. So Annice reminds us that we can go to these classes. And you will always receive something of beauty, of value to enrich your lives, to illumine your spirit, to engender deep within you greater internal fire to pass your tests and initiations and to make it.

Now, Annice says that studying is imperative to pass tests. It's not so different in heaven than it is on earth, and even the ascended masters study. There are great libraries of the Spirit in the etheric planes. What do they study? They study the past; they study the ancient teachings and the current teachings released by many masters in their classes throughout the world and beyond this planet. And they try to incorporate these higher evolved teachings into their experience to use them in the way that they direct light rays into the Earth to assist those yet incarnating here.

When you hear from a great master, such as Gautama Buddha or Maximus or Alpha, you must be still to fully receive and be bathed in the light of their personhood, their divine individuality, if you would, and what they are emanating in the teaching and the essence of those rays of light that they share. Of course, they conduct it telepathically; they do not have to speak as we speak. Yet there is still a type of oration or delivery whereby everyone receives that message simultaneously, in perfect harmony, with no interference to the communication.

We can learn from how the ascended masters experience their receiving of instruction from, blessing by and light from great ascended beings. And if we are sensitive enough to actually go in our finer bodies and remember some of these experiences, it will give us pause to consider how great they are and how we have much work to do. We have much to learn while yet upon Earth. Studying the HeartStreams of the ascended masters through this and other sponsored dispensations, anointed messengers is imperative for you to increase the yellow plume in your threefold flame so that it is blazing so bright that it will help you on your path to pass your tests, she says. If you do not study, don't expect to always pass your tests, because you have to study to know the law, the law of your inner being, cosmic law, the law of truth, the law of compensation—so many divine laws.

And if you know the law, then you can pass those tests with flying colors, and life becomes much easier because you don't have to repeat grades and you don't have to repeat those tests. It's the same on the initiatic path as it is in the schoolrooms upon Earth. Yet how many truly study to show themselves approved unto God, as the scripture says,2 and to be ready for the next learning experience, the next class, the next test, the next initiation? If you are not listening to these messages and assimilating both the words and the light and the radiation within that light, don't expect to fly a lot higher. You have to study, assess, assimilate, consider, meditate upon, reflect upon the Word and for the Word to be fully ensconced within you and for you to become that Christ and have Christic light fully blazing within you.

Annice says you can even study the decrees that the masters dictate through me and through other messengers, because within these decrees are engrams of light, foci of consciousness—higher consciousness—and essences of your Godhood, one with the I AM of the master who sponsored that decree and who dictated it through the messenger for your assimilation. There is a part of you within these decrees that is in the process of being Self-realized. And every time you say these decrees, it is an opportunity for a greater level of Self-realization through these words, which are engrams of light. They are not just words on a page that you utter in order to do something or have some experience in the world. They are for your Self-realization, Annice says. Had you considered this? These decrees are for your Self-realization. When you say “I AM” within these affirmations, a part of you should rise, even as your Higher Self and its energies descend to raise you up, to pull you up.

So consider these decrees as opportunities for a greater level of Self-realization. And when you repeat them with fervor, with fire, with dignity, then the accelerating process of the ascension becomes more bright and evident to you. You feel yourself ascending as you pray and ennoble yourself through these sacred words and allow the fire to dwell inside of you and around you and within you. And to allow that fire to burnish you and to glaze you with its radiance is what the experience of giving these decrees is about.

Annice reminds us that Mark Prophet could give a decree once and he was the decree. He was in that fire, in those words in that sacred moment of uttering them because he merged with the Word within the words. And you can too; yet you have to have a shift in awareness to believe and have faith that this experience is real and can be yours. When you shift into this Self-realized state of beingness within the words of the decrees, they will have much more power to transform both you and the universe and to have the positive effects that you desire. Yet if you're hoping only and you have just this little bit of faith that these are becoming real, then they are not going to have the powerful effects that they could have if you were to truly know them as realities, as living realities. Every song, every decree, every affirmation, every call, every fiat is an opportunity for self-elevation, Self-realization, Self-actualization, enlightenment.

Annice says, “What is enlightenment? It is the energization of light within the firmament of you to match the heaven world." Enlightenment—the energization of light to match the energy of Spirit, right in the firmament where you are. You have to draw heaven to you, draw the light to you. You are enlightened in stages and steps, which is part of the process of the ascension. And enlightenment is part of the ascension process, and yet one can be enlightened and not fully ascended.

You have to maintain that light. Enlightenment can be for a moment, yet enlightenment must be sustained, reinitiated every day. It's like an awakening. You can awaken to something, yet will you maintain that wakeful state as a Buddha? The Buddha is the fully awakened, Self-realized one who is fully awake all the time, never asleep and always bathed in that light. We awaken and then go back to sleep sometimes. So it's time to realize that, spiritually speaking, we can maintain that wakefulness and that enlightened state. And through connecting the dots of this wakefulness and enlightened state day after day after day, year after year, the ascension is the most natural and wonderful experience, because we have prepared for it by maintaining that wakefulness, that enlightened state of being.

How do we fall asleep? Through lack of conscious awareness and by keeping our attention elsewhere than our Presence. For those who are determined to ascend, the greatest key, she says, is to maintain your focus on your Presence throughout your day—maintain your focus on your Presence. If you are in that state of continuous communion and communication with your Presence, your Presence will help you to remain free in the light, clear in your mental processes, in your thinking, in your cognizing. And then it is only a matter of continuous focus in time before the natural result of that continuous focus on your Presence manifests as your ascension.

Those who love God with their entire heart, mind, strength and soul are destined to ascend because they practice the Presence, they practice the law, they practice becoming who they truly are through their love and focus upon God. You must put in the effort daily to expect to ascend. And don't expect to ascend if you are lax in your spiritual life, in your daily disciplines. You and only you know whether you are making progress. God knows, of course. Others may think you're doing great, yet you know whether you are actually making progress, based on whether you are feeling the light, whether you are experiencing the light, whether you are in that light. And if you can't feel it or experience it, then there is something amiss and you have to go back to basics. Maybe start at grade one again and discipline yourself anew so that you can feel what it is to be an ascending one, an ascended master in the making.

Jesus began at the first step with the hierophant at Luxor even though he had greater attainment than virtually everyone there. Why? Through humility, he desired to start again at the basics to prove that he had mastered who he was and was truly the Son of God. And so some of us have to humble ourselves at times, even in the face of those who challenge us or demean us, or whatever, so that we don't get too arrogant and think that we are holier than thou or fall off the path through pride. Pride goeth before the fall,2 Annice reminds us. Let there be no pride within this community.

Yes, we are proud of the accomplishments of our friends and co-workers and those who strive. That's the type of righteous pride that is acceptable; it's honoring the work and the service. The pride we're talking about here is arrogance, perversion on the three o'clock line. Let not this community be stymied by pride, she says. We have to be humble. And humility is, as we know, the greatest virtue to embrace and to master before one's ascension. The final test of humility will come before your ascension to see if you truly are ready for the initiation.

Everyone will be humbled at some point before the ascension. And they must not be arrogant; they must embrace the initiation of humility. When Jesus was stripped of his garments, that was his test—the ultimate test of humility. Are you willing to allow it and to show forth who you truly are before you embrace your Godhood and your divine individuality as an ascended one?

These are the words of our blessed Ascended Lady Master Annice Booth, Lady Dorcas, twin flame of Serapis, as he has encouraged her to share with us today. God bless you, chelas and disciples.

1. See James 1:17.
2. See 2 Timothy 2:15.
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