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David Lewis      January 24, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
January 24, 2018   8:26 ̶ 8:50 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Be Fiery Beings!

Recently I was providing, on behalf of the Holy Spirit, a Soul-Raising Session for someone, and when the Holy Spirit comes it's always different and it's beautiful. And for this person, there was a beautiful alchemy of the descent of the Holy Spirit as fire. You know how on Pentecost there were, above each of the seventy who were there in the Upper Room, cloven tongues of fire—two tongues cloven together. Well, this heartfriend, who is very devoted, had twelve flames above her head, and the flames were spinning and dancing. It was an amazing experience for me and I'm sure for the person to witness this and to hopefully feel it.

This paradigm of the use of fire is something that we do in our spiritual work in The Hearts Center. A lot of the verbiage that we have in our prayers is about fire, flames, blazing, rays going forth, because this is all part of our spiritual work. We are fiery beings; we are Solar beings in the making, and we are invested in light and fire—spiritual light, spiritual fire—and all of its benefits, all of its graces, all of its empowerments. And the Holy Spirit is a great empowerer of us through fire, spiritual fire, and these tongues of fire, which can rest upon any of us at any time when we are available, when we invoke them, when we allow the masters, the Holy Spirit, divine beings, angels to utilize us as a resource for God's work on planet Earth.

As we were meditating before the service today—and this happens very often—we had a clear globe, like a giant balloon almost. And as the room heated up, I heard a little pop as the pressure within the globe expanded it to its widest form, and this happens very often. So I was looking at that as a metaphor for how heat rises, for how we rise when we are more fiery in our nature. The ascension process is all about getting rid of the ballast and being like this hot-air balloon. We become more fiery and fiery and fiery in our nature, until that fire burns up all of our human creation, all the dross, and we literally ascend into the heavens because we are pure fire at that point.

We know that even in our verbiage about people, when we say, “Oh, he is so cold” or “She is so cold” or “Wow, he's hot” or “She's hot,” we say it with one meaning. But really, someone who is very fiery in nature has a lot of light in their being, a lot of sunniness, shininess through being in that state of beingness where they emanate a lot of energy. This is indicative of someone who has that light of the Holy Spirit, hopefully, if they are a spiritually inclined person, or they just have a lot of charisma or, some people say, sex appeal. But what is that really? I think it's just magnetism. Some of it can be lower magnetism of the lower nature when people are focused on the human self, or it can be the magnetism of the divine nature when they are focused on their Higher Self and they carry a lot of light. And so they do attract people to them because of that.

We know that hot water can help expand the capillaries, veins, venules, arteries and arterials and allow the blood to flow more freely through these vessels to give the nutrients to our cells from the food that we take in. Even the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov encouraged people to drink hot water every day. And if you have a cold, he said one of the first things to do is to drink hot water because that will help you to overcome the effects of that cold.

In our fiery divine nature, we are becoming more godlike, because God is light and in him/her is no darkness at all.1 As we invoke the light in our services, we feel better. I think that people actually get healed of potential diseases, suffering or problems, even in their physical bodies, when they attend services regularly. Because what does the fire, the light, the divine radiance do? It really purges you of darkness that could manifest in any manner of forms—psychological issues, mental issues, emotional downturns or depressive states. You should always feel at the end of these services a buoying action of light in your aura, in your causal body and in your immediate environment so that you can move through the rest of your day with great joy, great happiness and élan and just feeling wonderful, feeling divine, feeling who you truly are.

The light is what does it. And when we decree and pray and sing and dance and worship together, that light is multiplied by that matrix of the formula of the geometrization factor of how many people are present. So we feel it here. Now we have __________with us, so now we have five in the room. So we just went from a factor of sixteen to twenty-five. Isn't that great? So look at that—with one extra person coming, we now have more power, wisdom and love to share with you and the world. We went from sixteen to twenty-five. The power of twenty-five people were here because of that dispensation of the grace of the multiplication.

So now we include all of you on this broadcast, and Boyd can tell us approximately how many people are on video, audio and radio. I'd say probably, hopefully over 70 total. So 70 x 70 is 4,900—as if there were 4,900 people all praying, being together, energizing one another, loving God and loving one another, and it's a powerful thing. I think it was Monday after the service, __________ sent me the numbers of how many people participated, and it was 85 altogether, and I was really happy because that's an upsurge. So, Boyd, if you have that information, feel free to tell us.

Boyd:  Well, there are 46 watching via video, 7 on the audio only, and 16 on the radio right now.

David:  So 61?

Boyd:  But it continues to build past 9:00 am because maybe the West Coast people—

David:  Yes. Okay, so we're getting close. We'll hopefully get over 70 by the end.

Boyd:  Oh yeah.

David:  So what does this sharing that I just provided say about you? Are you a fiery person? Are you happy? Are you in your element? And what is your element? Is it air, earth, fire or water or all of the above? Maybe you go through all the elements in your day. A part of your day, though, you must reserve for fire, even as a part of your day you reserve for water when you cleanse and you purify and you wash your dishes, wash your clothes, wash your body temple, do whatever you do with water. A part of your day you reserve for air to breathe fresh air, hopefully outside, and to stimulate your mind, which represents the air, or the mental, aspect of yourself. Part of your day you reserve for the physical body, taking care of your needs, eating food, exercising. In exercise, we actually, I think, work with a number of the elements. Yet a part of our day that we reserve for fire and ether is our spiritual work, and this is so important for balancing the other elements, because fire is the highest vibrating of the four major elements.

Then, of course, ether is kind of this mysterious element, which I think we are learning more and more about as we evolve through the Buddhic initiations of the Mother. And it's kind of the dark side—not in the negative sense—but it's the Mother aspect of our being, the more hidden aspects and elements of our psyche and of our soul and our spirit. And when we utilize the fire within us, the fire element, to perform alchemy, because the fire of transmutation allows higher alchemy to manifest, we can transform, we can change, we can morph into what we truly are meant to be: divine Solar beings.

If you are not fiery at some level of your being, if you are wishy-washy, you won't develop that oomph to ascend. In my training on the staff of The Summit, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, whom we lovingly refer to as Mother, encouraged us to be fiery. She was an Aries, and of course that's a fire sign, along with Leo and Sagittarius. So her nature was very fiery and she encouraged us to be fiery. She didn't like it when people had little mousy voices and wouldn't communicate with gumption and with clarity. I heard her a number of times: “Speak up. Say what you mean to say, and say it and aver it with truth and clarity.”

Why did she do this? It was to encourage us to develop that fire, to be fiery in our nature. She modeled for us giving fiats, which are fiery prayers. Fiats are fire calls; you can refer to them as fiery or fire calls. And the fire descended when Mark or she or we gave our fiats with true devotion, true love and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, who is fire, during that action of giving fiats. I believe that the more fire we invoke, the more opportunity we have to step into that fire, be that fire and to raise ourselves up. God does the raising, of course, but we participate with God.

So if you feel that you are not fiery enough—maybe you don't have a lot of fire signs in your natal chart—you are still going to have to develop that fire at some point in your life to be able to ascend off this planet, if the ascension is your goal. You're going to have to raise yourself up through the heat, the divine passion of holy compassion, of loving God with your entire being; by being devoted to God, being one with God through your devotion and through that sense of stillness that comes when you really are merging with your Presence and being in the state of picture-perfect presence.

Sometimes, even through me, the masters will get a little fiery with people. Why? Because that fire does help to burn up human dross, human creation, human substance, which the disciple sometimes is not even aware that they have or that is surrounding them or limiting them. So when this happens, if they don't react from the human, from the dweller-on-the-threshold, I believe the benefits are phenomenal. And I know people in our movement who have received a lot of fire, have accepted it, have used it to their benefit and have actually become brighter and brighter and brighter because they desire that fire.

So El Morya says today, “Desire the fire and you will go higher.” When you desire the fire, you will go higher. And if you don't desire it, then maybe there is another element that you can use. If you have a lot of water signs and you're a very loving person and you're cool in the sense that you are "with it", you can use water similarly. Yet I do believe that in this time of Aquarius dawning, we really do require the fire to go higher.

Some have mastered the water element to the extent that they kind of glide upward. Maybe they've used water in a miraculous way to help them to ascend. And it's important—water is important; air is important; earth is important. Yet the fire, I believe, is what will make the difference for most of us in earning our ascension through divine service, givingness, transmuting our karma. And then, finally, the grace of God is what offers us the ascension. Of ourselves we can't do anything, of course, from the human. With God, all things are possible; and with God, the greatest possibility is the grace of God coming to us offering us our ascension in the light.

So in our prayers we have the word blaze. I'd like to go back to the prayer with the Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays. Let's see, who knows the number? I think it's 3.001, “Prayer to the Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays.” When this came out, it was very interesting, because we have blaze, laze, maze, phase and glaze. And these are all actions of fire and ether because this decree is really an ether decree, the fifth element. So let's give this once, and then I think we have a song version of it that we'll play after we give it. So, together: [David and participants give decree.]

1. See 1 John 1:5.

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