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Paul the Venetian      January 03, 2018

Beloved Paul the Venetian
David Christopher Lewis
January 3, 2018   4:00–4:30 pm MST
Livingston, Montana

Paul the Venetian Speaks on Love and the Testings of the Initiatic Path

I AM Paul the Venetian, with my beloved Goddess of Beauty. I am grateful to be with you, my precious hearts, for your hearts truly are your contact with God. I discovered this deep mystery many thousands of years ago. And even as an ascended master, I meditate upon the heart of God, as I also meditate upon your hearts, one with God's heart.

Since your heart is your point of contact with God, it is important to have a true and beautiful heart. What is a true heart? you ask. A true heart is a heart that vibrates and beats in unison with God's. It understands God's heart and therefore receives God's understanding. It attempts to be true to what God's heart speaks. It is truthful in its divine essence as the higher reality of the person, and, being true, it is also integrated. It has accepted and used the various vibrations of God's heart. It has incorporated God's virtues from God's heart into its own life. Being true to God's heart, it wins the day through all of its conscious beatings.

It is also a true heart because it is a sensitive heart. Do you have a sensitive heart, my beloved ones? Are you always compassionate toward others? If compassion is your natural state, then, yes, you also have a true heart. When you seek to understand others' hearts, then you have compassion for them. And your compassion allows you to attempt to meet their divine and human needs—not all of these seeming human needs, yet those that are really required. Many people think they have so many needs, and yet are these truly what their soul desires?

The heart that beats in unison with the soul is a vibrant and radiant heart. Now, how does your heart beat in unison with your soul? You consider your soul and its fiery nature and essence, and when you make decisions you always attempt to make them from the point of your true Solar Reality. And when you do this, then your decisions always come from the heart too. And you are then known as a heart-centered individual. You are heart-centered because you work and you pray and you speak from your heart. In fact, from my vantage point, this is the definition of a Christed one—one who radiates the love from the heart 24/7, one who radiates the love of God from his or her heart every day.

Now, dearest ones, you know these truths, yet I remind you of the importance of the heart in your spiritual development. If all of your decisions are made through the heart in a soulful way, you will always be victorious. You will make swifter progress on your path; you will understand why things are the way they are. And the deeper mysteries will be revealed to you in time. These mysteries are revealed to those who make themselves ready through love. These deeper mysteries' purpose is to assist you in getting closer and closer to God.

It is not human knowledge or even wisdom that will allow you to vibrate purely with God; it is your sincerity, authenticity and your honest heart. This sincerity and authenticity and honesty also bring you humility. And humility is, of course, one of the most important virtues that you can master.

Now I would like to tell you about a recent initiation that a number of souls have undergone. Some individuals have decided to go it by themselves. They have rejected the dictates of the masters through this mouthpiece. They have decided that they know better and that they can walk this path by themselves without the support of a living messenger.

Now, of course, dearest ones, everyone has free will to walk their path with God. Yet from the perspective of the chohans of the rays, it is important for souls to have a deep understanding of the path, and this deep understanding comes through the initiatic path walked for many years—decades and even lifetimes. The initiation comes to every soul who works under a spiritual teacher at some point where that one is tested to see whether they are ready for higher initiations. These are the higher initiations of greater ruby love that come through the test of humility.

Now, souls sometimes feel that they no longer require a teacher. They feel that they have the ability to do what the messenger does on their own. Now, dearest ones, on rare occasions this is actually true; however, for those who are newer on the path, this truly is a pitfall. They have not been tested through the initiatic path to have the enfiring of their soul through the testings. They have basked in the light and now the light tests them.

So what happens to these individuals when they cut themselves off from the teacher? Suddenly there is not the overshining spiritual support that they previously felt. Because they have rejected the masters' words, now they live under their own tutelage. Suddenly they are aware that things are much different. Because they have cut themselves off, they do not have that support that they truly do require.

I share this, dearest ones, because we, the masters, love you all very dearly. We choose our messengers very, very carefully. A true messenger goes through years and decades of initiations. And the mantle that we offer is a very special protection for both them and the disciples who listen to our words. Putting oneself outside of that area of protection, for some, can be dangerous.

Now, we say this not as a threat, but simply as a teaching to understand. The messenger that speaks on our behalf with you today was tested for many, many, many years. And we recommend, dearest ones, that you consider this dynamic before making life-changing decisions, because the light will not always be with you through this type of dispensation. The time will come sooner than you think when your testings will accelerate. You will be required to stand on your own two feet and pass all of the initiations of your life. Yet I can tell you that very often this beloved one who speaks on our behalf has prayed fervently for all of you. He has often taken upon his own body burdens that many of you were not able to carry yourselves. This is part of his great joy and part of the initiatic path for him. He learned over many, many years how to bear this burden equitably and amicably.

Do you understand what this means for you, each one, precious ones? Just as Jesus laid down his life for all mankind, so our true messengers lay down their lives for you. And we often come to the messenger to ask him to bear more burdens in order to lighten your own burdens; it is simply the dynamic and the responsibility of this office. If you truly understood this, you would have greater understanding of what is at stake for each one and you would support the messenger come hell or high water. And you would even forgive some of the little human annoyances that you perceive that he may manifest at times.

You see, David had a great teacher in this life—Elizabeth Clare Prophet. He supported her 100 percent in all the years of his involvement with The Summit. There was never any doubt or fear concerning her mission and the teachings that came through her. And even as many so-called disciples fell left and right throughout the years when they went through various initiations and testings of their ego, David stood firm in his resolve, in his dedication and his constancy on this path. And you too, dearest ones, many of you, also stood true and firm in your resolve.

Yet now the sands of time have shifted and there is a new dispensation, and you have all been the beneficiaries of many great dispensations of light through The Hearts Center. Over five thousand HeartStreams have been delivered through this movement of light. This itself is proof of the value of this dispensation.

Now, some think that they can do the same type of work done here. I can assure you, dearest ones, that without a dispensation, without a mantle, these individuals are only fooling themselves. Dispensations are won through valiant service to life, and mantles come as a grace after one has proven him or herself through loving service to humanity.

So what are we, the sponsoring masters, to do about this situation? We love every soul and we always affirm free will. We provide warnings and teachings, yet it is up to each individual to walk this path with God directly. Ultimately, God is no respecter of persons. And even very beloved souls who have served valiantly in your midst and whom many of you have looked up to as teachers and representatives come to various initiations and are tested by God. Sometimes these testings are very subtle and sometimes they are very obvious. Yet what is obvious to some is not seen by the disciple at all, because the disciple may have one blind spot that keeps them ignorant of the initiation itself.

Now, precious hearts, I come with this teaching at the beginning of this year, 2018, because even as the energies on planet Earth are becoming more and more intense—there are so many issues and potentials for world problems manifesting now—that one of the ways that we offset these burdens is to initiate our disciples in the higher teachings to provide for them opportunities to release the human ego and let go of the human lower nature. When they do this and they embrace their Higher Self, then they are given greater God-empowerment. And this empowerment assists them in holding a planetary balance to offset the darkness that is manifesting in the world.

I daresay that this has been our way for thousands and tens of thousands of years. The sacrifice of the few counts for much, dearest ones. So what are you willing to sacrifice today? What are you willing to offer God on your own initiatic path? Like this messenger, are you willing to lay down your life for this teaching? Are you willing to give your all and to surrender your not-self? If so, dearest ones, maintain the constancy of love in your hearts. For your devotion to God will see you through every initiation; your love of God and love of humanity will serve you very well.

Now my beloved Goddess of Beauty and I bless you, each one, with love from our hearts to strengthen your hearts to abide in God's Presence always, to bear your burdens with equanimity and joy, to get closer and closer to your Presence every day and to be clothed in that light and mantle of your Divine Reality.

We thank you, dearest ones, for your listening ears and your open hearts. We thank you so much for all that you have given and for your daily striving.

            And now, in closing, the Lord Jesus himself stands before you, each one. And he pours forth an unguent of spiritual light as a cosmic salve over you to seal your soul in divine light so that the temptations of the dark ones will not influence your choices and so that each and every one of you may be victorious in all your days, in all your ways. God bless you, my precious ones. We keep you always in the hollow of God's heart. Good evening.

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