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David Lewis      January 03, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
January 3, 2018   8:23 ̶ 8:28 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Smiling Meditators

When we were in Mexico for our winter solstice class, one of the masters mentioned that we would be known as the smiling meditators. So what does this mean? To me, it means that we're in the bliss of godliness and beingness when we meditate, and there is that aspect of devotion in our meditation through which we are naturally raised into the quiescent state of our soul glorifying God. And we feel so much joy in that experience that it even manifests as a gentle smile on our face.

So lest we get into this mode of trying so hard to maintain that silence and we're humanly trying to do it, to get into this state of beingness, we have to realize that meditation can be a very joyful inner experience in which we connect fully with who we are, with God within. And in that simplicity of beingness, there is a natural childlike state of joy, of wonderment, of awe of God. And when you do reach that state, there's kind of a fluttering of love in your heart for God through your devotion, and then that smile will kind of arise naturally. You'll feel how much God loves you; you'll feel how much you love God, how much you love all life. And that feeling of love and inner joy will just naturally express itself in the smile.

So we don't contrive it. It's not something that we do because the master said that we're going to be the smiling meditators. It is authentic. It is real because we have really contacted the love and the light of God inside of ourselves, in the universe, and it just happens naturally.

So I pray that you will have that experience of joy and the bliss of God, because when you do have that, I know that you've reached that beautiful, beautiful state of beingness where you feel safe, you feel one with God. And you will desire to return there again and again in your meditative states, throughout the day and in your daily practice when you choose to associate with God and to be there. So it becomes a great thing. So thank you, all of you smiling meditators.

Also when I was in Mexico, Sanat Kumara came and he charged this pink heart with his love. There is one in Mexico and one here on my desk, on the altar here. What I'd like to do is extend this blessing to each of you. Most of you, other than Boyd, I think, were not there in Mexico. So I'll just pass it around. You can hold this to your heart and feel the exchange of divine love from Sanat Kumara and Venus and from Mother Mary to you personally.

First I'm going to start with you at home and extend this blessing to you so that you feel that love. This is the third day of the year, so it relates to divine love; it also relates to March. So what we do today will somehow mystically, magically and miraculously relate to what we'll all be doing in the month of March, the third month of the year.

So may this divine love penetrate your being, bring you great joy, great inner peace and harmony and the constancy of that love, which you can maintain throughout your day in communion with God.


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