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Clare de Lis      December 27, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Clare de Lis)
December 27, 2017   7:35–8:22 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Clare de Lis Recommends a Year-End Self-Assessment

Our beloved Mother, Guru Ma, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and now Clare de Lis, would like to address us.

At the juncture of the transition between one year and the next, there is an open door and an opportunity to resolve the past while preparing for the future, to wrap up cycles of light and darkness that we've been engaged in from the current exiting year. And simultaneously, there is the great anticipation of new dispensations, new light, new divine energies that are right at the tip of being released from heaven to the earth to disciples, to initiates, to those who are prepared, worthy and able and ready to receive them.

Our ability to receive new dispensations of grace, beauty and light, of course, is based on merit, in one sense, yet also on the grace of God, which really goes beyond karma itself and what we may have earned. When our attitude is right; when we are in that mode of having turned our attention, our vision upon God, our Divine Presence, the etheric and divine realms and we are attentive to the voice of divine reason and holiness, both within our own hearts and within the universe as the Holy Spirit's presence, voice, breath and sustaining grace, our lives are truly blessed and we enter a karma-less state.

We cannot demand that God do anything, although we pray very diligently and we expect a return on our investment, knowing the law that the call compels the answer. Yet it is really sometimes a mystery as to how God will answer, when God will answer and through whom. And so God uses who he uses to produce all manner of graces, blessings, bestowals and boons, and we don't always know in advance how this will manifest. Having faith, acceptance and belief, we move forward, do our work diligently and kind of leave it up to God and the angels in heaven as to how everything will be outplayed.

Sometimes we cry “How long, O Lord” when we see evil manifesting in the world through dictators, through that which transpires that we know is not right in terms of what should be manifesting on our planet if we were living in a Golden-Crystal Age of enlightenment and freedom, love and brother/sisterhood. In our patience possess we our souls.1 And this patience is the sustaining action of constancy—what we may call long-suffering—which in one sense seems to be suffering, yet doesn't have to be filled with a lot of angst and anguish and pain if our attitude is such that we know that God will eventually answer mankind's prayers.

There is a perfect balance in the universe of justice and mercy in the way that the law manifests, which we have to respect. And we know that God is diligent in the way that he outpictures everything in terms of how causes reap effects, how what we sow manifests what we reap. When we trust in the law—when we trust in the law of love, as well as the law of cause and effect—we can move forward with full faith, knowing that eventually light will win; justice will prevail; freedom, truth, liberty and God-equality will manifest; that which is illusion, maya, will eventually be exposed, revealed and dissolved; and the light will prevail.

Our call “The light of God always prevails, and the beloved Solar Presence is that light!” is a powerful fiat when we empower it with our faith, our belief, our acceptance that it will result in the lightning action of God's will manifesting in our world. It is an affirmation of truth and of our belief that God is greater than all darkness, that the light is greater than evil and that our victory is assured because God is great.

Now, many are forlorn in their temporary malaise of thinking that God doesn't really answer our prayers quickly enough or in a way that we humanly desire. We'd like to see all these dictators just go away. We'd like to see corruption around our planet, and especially in the powers that be, or the powers that were, just totally give way to a new order of grace, of love, of divine fellowship and beingness. Yet there is some mystery within the timing of everything so that everything can be resolved, including the mercy that some souls are extended almost infinitely in order for them to come to terms with who they are and maybe be saved. This is a delicate time for souls who are choosing darkness, because they may not outwardly know what they are doing, although on the inner they know exactly what they are doing. There is no excuse for ignorance; ignorance is no excuse. And Mother reminds us of her teaching many times that ignorance is no excuse.

Now, what is ignorance? She taught us that ignorance is ignoring the law, ignoring mandates or requests or what the Lord has asked of us. And if we constantly ignore it, then we will live in a state of ignorance and we will not know the truth; we will not have access to the new dispensations and graces. So when a directive comes forth and it goes either to the entire organization or to an individual, and for some reason it is ignored, what is the result? Well, first I bear the karma of it being ignored because it came through me, and I have accountability and responsibility for that for the entire movement. So when something is not handled or it is just totally ignored, it is a conundrum for me because, of course, the word came through me. And yet I am the one through whom that word is, in one sense, also destined to be fulfilled through those of you who believe in this dispensation and are willing to put your money and time where your mouth is and actually fulfill something.

Now, the masters seem to give us a lot more than we can almost physically and humanly handle in time and space. And this is the way that it's always going to be on the path of initiation. We always seem to be given more than we can handle. So what do we do about this situation? We have to be open to the masters' requests and words and be cognizant of the ramifications when we, both individually or as a movement or as a team, ignore what the masters say. And, of course, I feel for people who are working as hard as they can work, who are straining under the burdens that they carry and things aren't necessarily happening in the seeming timeline that I would like and that I feel that the masters desire.

The grace that comes occasionally, though, sets us back on course and brings us into that unity field, where even when we have temporarily lapsed into ignorance, God says, “I understand.” And then maybe a new timetable is offered and new opportunities present themselves and we can either make up for what we didn't do or, in some cases, move onto other dispensations, which may be at that moment even more important.

Now, looking at this from the vantage point of the end of a cycle, the end of a year, it's a good time for us to assess how we did in terms of what we committed to individually and what we committed to as an organization, review our Karmic Board letters. Many of us just composed a new one at the solstice for the coming six months, at least, and some of you maybe for the entire year. Look at what you actually were able to fulfill and then what you weren't. And then kind of systematically decide after reviewing this what you feel you could commit to and offer and give while stretching a little bit, yet while also not overcommitting.

I think this is an exercise that will bring us important information about our own pathway, about our own level of discipleship. If we find that we are constantly underperforming and overcommitting, then we have to really assess why we are doing that and then go back and say, “Okay, masters, this is really the best I can offer. I am going to have my A, B and C list, and I pledge to do the A's and hopefully most of the B's, but I don't know if I will get to those C's—the ones that I feel are less important.”

And I think that if each of us is honest with ourselves and we do this assessment at the end of the year, then when we move forward into the new year we will be wiser. We will have learned certain lessons that actually embed their wisdom within us so that we use that wisdom to make greater progress in the coming year. It's okay to fail once in a while and to slip up and make errors if we learn the lesson and we use those object lessons for footholds to our victory in the next cycle, because this is life. And no one will ever condemn you for making a mistake if you get up and brush yourself off and the next time you see this initiation coming, you really plow through and you are victorious. And I think everyone will applaud you and be there to support you for the next cycle and the next cycle.

The path of initiation really can be fun if we look at it objectively from God's bird's-eye view and see that, yes, we're all going to make little mistakes and we're all going to have our victories. And if we're making progress and we are pushing forward and actually learning, growing, becoming wiser, brighter in our use of energy and divine light and wiser in the way that we craft, through co-creativity with God, our offerings to the universe, then heaven will honor us. I believe heaven will honor the just servant, those who are making that effort, plying their trade, applying themselves daily in a very directed and focused effort toward the path of oneness and victory.

The one thing that Mother is concerned about, which she mentioned a number of times to the staff of The Summit Lighthouse, is that to know the teaching, you must become that teaching. And if you don't study or listen to the masters' words on a regular basis and really try to incorporate them in your life by considering them and then living them, then all of the work that you do, without that teaching being real in your life, will not really have its powerful, desired effect in the long term. You can work, work, work and get a lot done, yet through that work, there is also the opportunity for self-reflection; self-mastery; the carving away of the human self; the ennoblement of the Divine within you, within everyone and within the world through what you are co-creating; and the blessing upon life through what you are giving when you give it with love and with joy, with harmony and with peace.

So God appreciates a gracious giver and a righteous servant who is invested in both the work and the love that goes into that work to make it real, to make it alive, to make it really everlasting in its powerful, dynamic effects to bless others and to bless the planet. There is at times a little bit of a chord of discord in the lives of some who start to whine about this or that. And I have found myself entering this emotional or mental state when I felt that I was just way overtaxed in what I had to do. There is this little whining energy of “Woe is me—I just have too much on my plate. I can't do it all, and therefore I'm going to have to cop out or bug out of here.”

How do we deal with that? Well, prioritization and getting back with God on these priorities. And how do you get back with God? You list your priorities and you meditate with God and say, “This is what I have that I'm committed to, and I'm falling a little behind in this area. O God, what can I do? Can you help me discern what I should be doing right now to make the biggest impact? Maybe there's something that I really shouldn't be doing, that I don't have to do, and therefore it will allow me the time, the energy to focus, focus, focus on what's most important.”

Now, I've gone through this process, even last night. I am here to let many of you know that I was very open to providing all these darshans for international groups and domestic groups over the last cycle of a number of months because I felt it was very important to continue communicating with our heartfriends throughout the world. What I brought to Lanello and El Morya last night was that I was seeing that many of the questions I was getting in the darshan opportunities were not showing me that people were discerning the deeper mysteries of why we have this dispensation, what The Hearts Center is about. They're asking all kinds of questions that are just based on curiosity and are really kind of trivial.

So Lanello and El Morya left it up to me to determine, based on the priorities that both the council and I have come up with based on what the masters have said we should be doing. And I'm here to tell you that I'm not going to be doing these darshans in the coming cycle because they are very taxing on me. I would do a HeartStream and then another half-hour darshan, and it was taking a good portion of many of my days to either spiritually prepare for this or to actually execute on it. I have many commitments in the coming year, including five Meru University classes with the Buddhas. I have three lectures to give during the Los Angeles Expo in February. And, of course, we try to have six services here from Livingston every month—the four Wednesday mornings, the one Friday evening and then on Sunday.

So the masters left it up to me based on what the commitments are. And I'm sorry to tell you that there will be a shift. People really do have to assimilate the teaching and then start asking the questions that are the most important things in order to draw out from themselves, through the voice of the masters, the answers. I believe that the masters will answer things in the way that is the most meaningful to individual initiates in our movement to help them on their spiritual path. This is why we do what we do. The masters are here to demonstrate the way to go. Yet they leave us, through our freewill opportunities, the option, the opportunity to actually live the teaching for our self-mastery. They're not going to do the work for us. They're not going to take us all the way through the gates; we have to walk through that gate of self-mastery.

So I believe that Clare de Lis' teaching is kind of a mercy, yet it is also a wake-up call for us to realize that this self-assessment is really important. Because if we get into a certain groove and we think that we are making all this progress because we are doing what the masters asked us to do—we're attending the morning broadcasts and participating—yet there is something still missing in our life whereby we're not engaged at that percentile that we are required to engage and making that effort to overcome and to put away our dweller and our not-self and our human ego, then that's problematic.

So we can overcome these issues by deciding to have this self-assessment. It really is great to do at the end of the year, before the new year. Yet it's also a really a good thing to do every week, at night before we go to bed to see how we did during the day and to ask for forgiveness for those things that we may have said or done that were not in the highest alignment with God's will, our divine plan and the masters' requests and desires, and then make amends and brush ourselves off and move on.

So I pray that this message from Clare de Lis will help you so that you can look at your life squarely. As Pallas Athena recently told us, “Look squarely at the truth.” A lot of people aren't looking squarely at the truth; they're ignoring that truth. Even when it is facing them and staring them in the eyes, they are not willing to face the truth. So she said, “Stand and face the truth.” I think that we all have to do this. At times others are mirrors for us. They may say things or look at us or talk to us in a certain way, or whatever, and be a mirror that the masters are using to help us to face the truth and to move forward with righteousness, integrity and honesty about who we are, honesty about our path and what is true.

Now, there is a disciple, whom I love dearly, who has really been living an illusion in one aspect of his/her life for many, many months. And this illusion has become so strong for this person that they believe that it is all true. And a while back, the masters, through me, pierced this bubble of illusion in a very dramatic and intense way—at least the Master attempted to pierce that bubble of illusion. The person has not really accepted that action. And it was so intense when it happened through me that I was shaken to the core of my being.

What can the masters do when we live in a state of illusion? All they can do is try to help us. And sometimes, when we have been there for months and even years, they go to great efforts to do this for us because they love us. And I can assure you, I love this person with my entire being. Yet at a certain point, when the person ignores—and here's that word ignore again—the masters' promptings, then they will live in ignorance. They will live in an ignorant state that they now have co-created of illusion, which is now their new reality. And it's not reality; it's their reality, but it's not really a higher reality.

So what am I to do? What are we to do about this? Love them, pray for them and pray that they will awaken one day. It may be through a harsh lesson; it may be through a betrayal; it may be through some circumstance that occurs where that veil of illusion is finally pierced through a hard-knock lesson in life. I wish that there was an easier way for me to help this person through this crisis, because this is a crisis of their soul, not just the outer personality—this is a crisis of the soul. And I just wish that I could get through to this person, yet I tried and it has not worked. So we have to then just surrender, let go and keep loving, loving, loving the soul, even if the soul is receding or living in this illusory state.

In some cases, the masters have warned us that when you've been on the path for so long and you choose to ignore the masters, then you cannot make certain progress on your path. The point of progress is kind of stopped until that bubble is burst and the person chooses not to ignore, but to squarely face the truth and then to make amends and move on. So it may be that the person is stuck at a certain point on the path until that initiation is passed and then they will continue making progress. And God is the one who determines with that person what that timetable is. It's not up to me or to any of us to determine; it is what it is. And God bless them.

What does happen, however, is that person may no longer be in proximity to me in terms of the fire that comes through from the masters, through the initiatic path, whereby I'm able to help them to make that steady, ongoing progress through their obedience, through their recognition of their state of consciousness and beingness.

So Clare de Lis brings this to us because many of us, at various times, have been caught in this same little web. It may not have been to the point where you stop your entire initiatic path, or it may have been. You may have been stuck at a certain level of vibration before The Hearts Center began, when you were in The Summit for two, three, eight years, where you didn't make a lot of progress spiritually. And then the masters came along and said: “We love you. We're going to start this.”

The same masters are here—Lanello, Clare de Lis, El Morya, the Divine Director, Jesus, Mother Mary—and now you have the opportunity to grow again and to really make that progress. And many of you have made phenomenal, tremendous progress. So to me, it is the comfort of the Holy Spirit that we have this dispensation, that we have the masters overshining us and sometimes goading us and sometimes really delivering the fire. And you'll feel that fire tomorrow when you watch Lanello. Believe me, you're going to feel it, because I was almost burned to a crisp. And those who were there know what I mean. It was a good burning; it was a good action of transmutation, believe me. It is not one of those things where you feel devalued—you feel upraised.

So I am grateful to the masters for keeping me on the straight and narrow, for keeping me in reality, in knowing where I am on the path and the progress that I am required to make, because, believe me, I get initiated all the time. And sometimes it comes through all manner of ways, whether it's an illness, whether it's words of a spouse, whether it's the masters directly chastising me and telling me to gird up my loins and take the heat, or whatever it is. And so if you think you are getting it, believe me, I am getting it first. It's just the way it is.

So, Boyd or Nancy, you're here today. Would you like to say anything in reflection on any of these things from Clare de Lis?

Boyd:  I have a question, not so much for myself, but I think, on behalf of a lot of people. Maybe a lot of people haven't done a self-assessment like Clare de Lis said. And I wonder if you could just help with a couple of practical things. What I do is I ask myself a question on a piece of paper—get out the paper and pen and ask a question. And I list some bullet points, ask another question and list some bullet points. And that helps me really pierce deep and assess. I wondered if she would like to maybe put forth a couple of those questions in case people don't really know how to start.

David:  Well, the first thing is to have life goals. If you don't have life goals, then you're probably not making the progress that you could. Because when you actually enumerate your goals and write them down, it sets in motion the magical mystery tour of time beingness. I've written down my goals since eighteen, nineteen, when I found the teachings, and a lot of them have manifested. And yet I have to keep revising them.

So the first thing is to write your goals, and then you'll have something to assess from. Then after your major goals, have initiatives to help you reach those goals that are stepping stones toward them. This is why we do our Karmic Board letters, because we desire to make progress. And it's not just about getting things or getting graces; it's actually about self-mastery. My Karmic Board letters are typically about things for the organization, but also about self-mastery and virtues and things. So if you've written down your major life goals and then you have the lesser stepping-stone initiatives that are a part of that, what you have to do along the way, then you have something to assess from.

So the first step is to write things down. And Lanello long, long ago, through The Summit, gave a dictation in which he said that before you go to bed at night, get out a white piece of paper and write down what your goals or action items are for the next day—your list of what you're going to do the next day. He will help you during the night, with the angels, to put in motion the resources and the energy, and sometimes the money, to help you the following day to precipitate and accomplish those goals.

So I like to do write down every day what I plan to do that day, and I like to do it the night before. Sometimes I do it early in the morning, very early in the morning if I wake up at 3:00, 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, before the broadcast.

Clare de Lis is supporting what Lanello said, “Write things down.” So if you have those things written down, then it is very easy to assess. However, spiritually, it's also important to be aware of where you feel that you may have failed a test or a test keeps coming—the same test comes over and over. You haven't mastered it, where it just clicks and you know that you aced that test. If you find a recurring initiation that never seems to go away, that's something to look at squarely and say, “Why is this coming back to me again and again and again?” It's because you haven't fully mastered that thing. So write those down, maybe on a separate sheet: the initiations that I'm having difficulty passing with flying colors, with joy, regularly.

Clare de Lis also says you can do a daily little meditation, even if it's five minutes, where you consider heaven's highest work for you today. What is God's highest work for you today? Even if it's three items, then you'll have that in your consciousness and you'll hopefully make those three things happen today. What is my highest work today? It may be within certain projects, and it probably, typically, usually is. But occasionally the Holy Spirit will move heaven and earth to have you do something that is not even on your list when it's required. You get a phone call, somebody requires prayers or a visit or your love to help them on their path, and you may have to go out of your way to help them and be with them to save their soul, or whatever it is. This happens to me fairly regularly, where somebody will call or I get an email and then I have to put some things aside to help someone specifically through a burden that they're dealing with.

So even the five minutes of meditation will help you to be in that space where you're sensitive and you're in listening grace, where the Holy Spirit and your Higher Mind can get through to you, through that self-assessment, as to what is necessary. If you don't take the time to be still, even for five minutes, then they have to get through at times when you are not in your mental mind. You've seen this happen, where something comes to you when you weren't thinking through the monkey mind. This inspiration or thing came through because you weren't in your monkey mind, right? That's how they could get through to you. But the meditation, a planned time of silence every day, will afford you the opportunity to get still and then to hear the inner voice as to what is important to assess. So that's her response, Boyd.

Nancy, did you want to say anything?

Nancy:  I'll just briefly say that this reminds me also of the recent message from Padre Pio, where he was talking about the tests of the ruby ray, that we should be ready, and reminding us again to place our attention on our Higher Self. What's coming to my mind right now also, and what I've been working on, is this subtlety of listening. Because most of us, even if we don't have the involvement with jobs that Boyd or David have, have things that we're doing all day. That's why if somebody asks, “How are you—what have you been doing? everybody is always busy, even though it's seemingly not as important.

But I think that part of the key to this is the subtlety of when this little wisp of the idea, what you were just saying, David, this little wisp of an idea comes through, you notice. And if you didn't act on it or if you didn't really grasp it when it came by, it is only apparent later after everything has outplayed. And you think that if you had grasped this and really understood this and acted on it at that time, then it really could have changed the course of your life. Then you wouldn't have to take this big detour and do all these other things. You could have foreseen the problematic thing as it was coming along, before it was already outplayed. The subtleties—I think, this is part of the test, besides being very clear on what we're going to do. Understanding, even, what it is we're supposed to do this day, paying attention to these vibrations, these subtle vibrations, that are there for us to pick up on. But if we're being ignorant and we're not paying attention to them, they just kind of float right past.

David:  Great, thank you. Clare de Lis just flashed to me a little tidbit of a teaching, and I haven't heard this before. Based on your sun sign, there is a God-virtue that, let's say, is your primary test in this life to outpicture, and then there's the perversion. So the cosmic clock of Mother Mary… Let's say, I'm a Capricorn, so one of my major tests in this entire life is to bring forth God-power—in a righteous way, of course—and to overcome criticism, condemnation and judgment. And so the CCJ thing probably crops up for me more than almost anybody because I'm a Capricorn.

And at the end of each year, no matter what line of the clock I may be on for my year, since I'm a Capricorn I will return to that sign and line. I'm sixty-one and I'll be sixty-two in about a week, so I've been on the one o'clock line this entire year—five cycles around is sixty. And then I'm on a new cycle, a new clock. This is the second year of that new clock. So it has been the one o'clock line. The twelve was the first, and this is the second year. Even though I'm going to be transiting to the two o'clock line on the January 5, sixty-two years old, still, because I'm a Capricorn, at the end of the year I will still have initiations and opportunities to master Capricorn energy.

So, Nancy, you're a Taurus. My wife's a Taurus. Boyd's a Pisces. At the end of each cycle, even though we have the teachings on the cosmic clock, what Clare de Lis is saying is whatever your sun sign is, you should also be aware that the last few days, the last few weeks of your year, is an opportunity to really master your sun sign again before the new year. So, for instance, for Boyd, no more doubt, fear, human questioning, records of death. Be that God-mastery.

For somebody who is a Leo (Cathleen Alexander), the virtue is God-gratitude. So be in that state of God-gratitude and revel in God-gratitude rather than ingratitude, thoughtlessness, spiritual blindness, the perversions of the seven o'clock line. Now, if you're a Scorpio, even though we're now in Capricorn, at the end of the cycle God-vision is what you would desire to outpicture. And overcome death and all that is anti-vision—death and the ego, et cetera. So these are just some examples.

So this is a teaching from Clare de Lis to augment what Mother Mary taught her, because our primary initiation for our entire life will still be what our sun sign is. And it's still going to be primary even when we go through the months, even when we go through the days, et cetera. That initiation is primary for us. So it's something to consider, because I hadn't heard that before in quite the same way through Mother Mary's teaching through Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

 1. See Luke 21:19.

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