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Lanello      December 17, 2017

Beloved Lanello and Clare de Lis
David Christopher Lewis
December 17, 2017   9:58–10:12 am CST
2017 Mexico Winter Solstice Event
The Holy Family Blesses Mexico with the Light of Freedom and Justice: Saint Germain and Portia Come to Illumine Families Everywhere
Cuernavaca, Mexico 

We Radiate Divine Sunlight throughout the Americas

From the north to the south and all throughout the Americas, we radiate the light of the Great Central Sun, the light of divine wisdom, love and power. And it flows now to every man, woman and child as a blessing of light to their souls, as a charge of light to their spirits. And you, blessed ones, are the focal point for this alchemy, for you have invoked the light of Helios and Vesta. And the light of the sun now blazes through you. And we increase that light of the sun here and everywhere throughout the Americas for the enlightenment of every man, woman and child, for the illumination of every village and home.

Now the light increases from deep within the core reality of each one, and the heat of this light is also perfusing itself throughout the atmosphere of all the nations of the Americas. There is an action of transmutation of darkness. All evil is called out from the souls of mankind and that evil is dispensed with by the great Solar Lords, for that illusion, that energy veil has no more power over you. You are standing fully in the light of your Presence, and the light of your Solar essence is sufficient for thee. The light of God is here within you. There is no more reason to dwell in darkness or to allow that darkness to find concourse within your soul. It has no more place within you—it simply cannot abide when the light is here.

Dwell in that light, O mankind. Step into and remain in that light. You have heard the words of Jesus, the living Christ: I AM the light of the world.”You too may say these words, blessed ones. Let us say it together: “I AM the light of the world.” Now en Español también: “Yo SOY la luz del mundo. Yo SOY la luz del mundo. Yo SOY la luz del mundo.” Now we shall say: “I AM the light of the Americas. Yo SOY la luz de las Américas. Yo SOY la luz de las Américas. Yo SOY la luz de las Américas.”

Now all of the Americas receive this blessing of the light of God that always prevails. You see, dearest ones, it only takes a few moments of timelessness within the eternal Now for you to attune to that light and then to charge forth that light into the Earth. Do you feel the light welling up within you? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Do you feel that light blazing forth from you? [Audience responds: “Sí!”] This is your natural state of divine beingness. You came from the light; you will one day return fully unto that light in your ascension.

Yet every day can be a portion of this experience. Every day a part of you ascends into the light as you concurrently draw forth that light from your Solar Presence. This is the mystery of the “as Above, so below” correspondence: what abides Above, can abide below, and that which abides there and here is divine light. You are that light, even as we are that light. Together we are victorious in the divine light of the eternal Presence of God.

Now that you are changed forevermore, dearest ones, see yourself as an ascended being, as a fully Self-realized master, and attempt throughout this conference and forevermore to abide in this state of awareness. This is your new reality. This is now your new natural state of beingness; this is who you now are. You are a light being for the Americas and all peoples everywhere. And each day when you awaken from your, hopefully, deep sleep, when you rise from your bed, you simply step into the light, proclaim that this is your Source, that this is your new state of being and go forth victorious in the light.

When you have this divine attitude, nothing can stand in the way of your Presence. Nothing can defeat you. No great demon or little impish entity can affect you, because the divine light of your Presence is greater than all of these; the infinite light of your Presence dwells within you; the cosmic electricity of your Divine Self radiates forth through you.

You know these truths because you have studied the masters' teachings. You have read of Saint Germain's appearance to Godfre. You have read of the ascension chair. Now you have had this experience in our presence of this divine grace and infinite light, and there is no longer any excuse for any of you to choose the darkness rather than the light. For you have stepped into that light this day and we have facilitated this experience on your behalf.

O our dearest and precious hearts, you see, this is true love—the light of love and the love of the light. Now dwell in that light and go forth to share it throughout all the world, spreading this new gospel of divine light among your blessed people within Mexico and throughout Latin America, throughout the world.

We are Lanello and Clare de Lis. We dwell over Lake Titicaca in our Retreat of Illumination's Flame. And we dwell within your hearts as your ever-present gurus, divine friends and holy brother and sister. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

1. John 8:12.

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