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Pallas Athena      December 13, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Pallas Athena)
December 13, 2017   9:16 ̶ 9:58 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Pallas Athena Says, “Stand and Face the Truth!”

None can hide from the All-Seeing Eye and from the living light of truth, because truth exists throughout the cosmos, even as love exists throughout the universe. And that truth impels us to reach up into the light, to evolve, to expand, to grow so that what that truth illumines within us, highlights within us may emerge and fully bloom and manifest.

There are many not-truths that will not suffice on the path of light. As initiates, we determine to reunite with God. Yet we have incorporated many of these non-truths, or untruths, into our lives through the nexus of our not-self. In order to access divine truth, we must choose to do away with all that is unreal, to dissolve the not-self so that our ego can be subsumed into the divine ego, our individuality can manifest through our divinity, and then the light of truth will serve us because we will live fully within it.

And they shall know the truth, and the truth shall make them free.1 Who is that truth that will make them free? Pallas Athena and all defenders of truth. Truth must be defended. It exists as a reality, yet there is so much nonsense and untruth that we have to highlight it so that it can emerge and people can witness it, so that they can accept it, so that they can know it. Once they know the truth, the beingness of truth sets them free—free from all unreality, all that is less than the pure state of being and what is real.

We have harbored many untruths within the folds of our garment, our subconscious, by acceptance of something within our self that is less than our Christ-perfection. As we do away with all illusion and maya within us, we access the new fields of divine awareness that lead us ever upward and onward into the light of eternal truth. Yet each day we must shed something of the not-self in order to access something more of the Real Self. There is a direct correlation between how much we let go of and how quickly we ascend—like the ballast in that basket under the great hot-air balloon, which signifies our causal body.

The quicker we let go of untruth, unreality, the faster we will rise because there is nothing to hold us down. Yet we still cling to paradigms, belief systems, dogmas and doctrines that were created by man and not by God. There really should be a new Godma instead of a dogma, right? And the Godma is co-created by the God Ma, who is the Divine Mother. So we will replace all dogmas with Godmas, and all doctrines with Godtrines. We don't require more doctors and doctrines; the inner physician will teach us how to heal. We look outside too much and we can't see inside. We behold too much outside and what others are saying, when we haven't Self-realized what has always been within us, and we lose sight of the majesty, the beauty, the harmony, the grace of it.

The truth shall set them free. We are those who will help Pallas Athena set them free if we first are free in the light with clear vision, if we have freed ourselves from unreality by knowing the truth. And knowing the truth is not just knowing the teachings; it is not knowing about the truth; it is knowing the truth. And knowing the truth is being in that light of truth and being able to withstand the energy, the dynamics of it and still maintain equipoise in that presence.

Some hide away from truth because they simply can't stand the light and the virtue of it. They shy away, they shirk away, they shrink away from virtue and truth because they have not accommodated it in their lives by living lovingly, virtuously, gracefully. As initiates, we have to resolve our issues so that there are no more human tissues that take us away from the divine virtues of beingness, holiness, purity, oneness.

When will we resolve all these issues? When we face the truth and continue to face the truth, not turn away from it—left or right. We will face the truth and we will accept our admonitions from our God Presence, from the ascended masters and we will charge forth ever into and toward the light.

Many try to hide the truth of past misdeeds. You see this being outpictured in the media through those who have been exposed. And they still do not accept what they did through the eyes of others whom they affected through their misdeeds—deny, deny, deny. Well, if you keep denying forever, who are you really denying? God. God as God, and God within you, the truth within you. Fess up. Confess your misdeeds, face the truth, reconcile and move upward. The only way to resolve the issues that we have is to face the truth squarely and to decide that you will remain in the light, ask for forgiveness, make atonement and then never engage in those misdeeds again. And if perchance you fail again, call on the law of forgiveness and determine with greater virya to avoid those pitfalls and issues.

Now, the higher we go, the more subtle the tests and initiations. And the pitfalls are so subtle that even the serpent can tempt us through the little things that dissuade us from squarely facing the Divine and being willing to atone and move upward into the light. How do we use our time and energy? Where do we place our attention? What are we focusing on? These become the subtle things.

We have mastered more of the major initiations—living according to the Ten Commandments, following the golden rule. And as initiates, we must master the subtle things, the crystal-ray initiations. So how do we use the energy vouchsafed to us from God every moment? Are we glorifying God? Are we somehow trying to draw attention to the human rather than the Divine within us? Are we thankful, loving, appreciative, thoughtful, virtuous every moment, accommodating what God desires us to incorporate in our life that will be a blessing to every part of life?

Sometimes not-so-subtle initiations crop up from ancient records, patterns in our subconscious that must be resolved in this lifetime before our ascension. And so we have relationships and communications that are challenging, and we have disagreements and problems—all for the purpose of resolution, reconciliation and taking accountability and responsibility for everything, mastering who we are. Mastering who we are is a daily affair; we cannot avoid it.

There is something every day to be mastered—emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and through our abilities, which we are refining through our work as things come up that test us as to how we will react, how we will respond, how we will prove whether or not we are living our truth and whether we know that truth.

Life works things out in its own magical way through all of the little beads that are descending through the crystal cord from our I AM Presence as offerings from the Divine to help us to refine ourselves. And when we are not adamant about the fact that we have to do it this way because this is the only way, or that this is what we know from the past, and instead we are open to new possibilities and that maybe there is a better way, a more opportune, gentler, simpler and more direct way, we may find the miracle light within that way that assists us in mastering that situation, that communication, that relationship.

There is really no perfect relationship in the sense that you will never have a challenge, because every relationship is there for self-mastery. So realize that the communications and the dynamics of the relationships will be interesting—both at work, at home, with friends, family, et cetera—and that there will continue to be opportunities day after day for refinement, spiritual growth, self-mastery. If it were not so, we may as well just give up our life, because life must be interesting, right? It should be interesting and fun and challenging all in one. If it were not so, then we may as well just be a blob of plasma or an amoeba somewhere. We are sons and daughters of God; we have the right to grow, to evolve, to know, to be, to do and to be silent—all those things.

Pallas Athena will help us challenge ourselves with the spear. Yes, we may point it outward to defend ourselves, yet really the shield is defending us and the spear is there to lead us. It's not just to wipe out somebody outside of ourselves. The spear and the point of the spear is there to lead us in the right direction. And so use that spear and follow the lead of Pallas Athena, who will lead you to all-truth.

So I'd now like to address the questions that I received.

Questions:  Beloved Pallas Athena, on August 6, 2015, at The Hearts Center Mount Shasta conference, the Voice of the I AM said: “Beloved ones, it is time throughout this Earth that the I AM be understood in a more magnanimous way than ever before. And therefore I commission each one of you as ambassadors of the I AM name of God to go forth from this day forward—north, south, east and west—and use these sacred words to proclaim the New Day, the new era of Aquarius manifest in the Now, to speak these words into any situation with the authority of the Logos, to draw forth the power of heaven into the Earth. For it is your commission from on High to do this. Will you do this, blessed hearts, for us? [Audience responds: “Yes!”]

My question is, is the Master asking us to do this through the conglomerate of The Hearts Center teachings or are we to do this in a new and creative way of our own, as we are inspired, maybe forming a new I AM group? Can you shed some light on what can be the commission here? For my part, I'm already a strong exponent of the I AM and seek to have this name of God known and understood more by others. It is my joyful soul-preoccupation. Thank you.

David:  Well, you say The Hearts Center is a conglomerate. Maybe that's an okay word. I see us as a community of light, as a family of one, and we are all individuals. So we use what we know and what we have heard from Pallas Athena, and what we really know about the I AM. It's not an intellectual sharing with someone. It is becoming one with that I AM and from that space of becoming and beingness, emanating the light first. And then when the appropriate time comes, we share that I AM Spirit with whomever we are inspired to share it with. And we are an exponent of the I AM teachings and truth, both within The Hearts Center and as you experience it in your individual life.

You don't have to start another I AM group. There are so many groups that already exist. Leave them to the truth of their own Higher Self. And if you feel inspired to share with them what we offer through our community, praise God. Leave them to their own I AM Presence and inspire them to go within, because our teaching is all about individual Self-realization, enlightenment and liberation. Every person has to do the work. Our teaching is an offering to provide an impetus—the masters' new revelatory sharings—which hopefully will inspire you when you hear them to go within and to make progress.

Now, there are many subgroups within The Hearts Center, of Hearts Centers and heartfriends groups. And this is where you can draw people to collaborate, communicate and cooperate with you in New York or wherever you happen to be, because often it is awesome for people to be able to be with others of like heart and mind in small groups. So invite them to an event locally where you live. And then if they feel so inspired, they can come to one of our other events, either in person or online, or attend a Meru course online, read our books, et cetera. We have many offerings.

There are many I AM teachings within this movement. The whole teaching is an I AM movement because we live, move and have our being in the present moment. And what is the I AM? It's the present tense; it's God in the present tense manifesting through all of us. So you don't have to start another I AM group. You already have a loose Hearts Center/heartfriends community in New York, although New York is so huge. You are spread out in Queens, in Brooklyn, maybe in Manhattan and other places. So when you feel like you would like to get together, do it, and then invite people. The commission is to be the teaching first, to be the voice of the I AM, and then people will feel the authenticity of who you are. Then when you share anything, it will come from the sacred space of your own inner beingness through love.

Hercules Invictus—the wonderful gentleman who invited me on his radio program, lovingly asked questions and allowed me to speak for long periods of time, really unabated—says: “I am looking forward to seeing The Hearts Center community folks from the greater New York metropolitan area. [unintelligible] David and the masters will be joining us. My personal question for the messenger and the mahatmas: Given current circumstances and the other assigned initiatives that are already underway, how may I best be of service in this currently unfolding endeavor on behalf of The Hearts Center community?”

Well, Hercules, we thank you for inviting me to your radio program, and I understand that you will be potentially interviewing heartfriends and that you've invited other heartfriends to share about their lives. I think this is fantastic. You can be of great service by highlighting the true teachings through the lens of each one's own individual experience in our community and other communities.

The teachings of the masters are very broad. You have access to so much through what you've already learned through Hercules and the ancient epic teachings through the mystical traditions of East and West, and the Greco-Roman mythology. Now that we know that many of these beings are actual majestic and magnanimous beings in the heaven world—mythology spoke of their names and now we know that they are actually Elohim and other beings—we can call upon them and they can help influence the planet for the good.

So, yes, go ahead and interview these people and have them share their stories, their truth. Ask questions that are appropriate and actually require the individual to dig deeper. I think you have the ability to do this, to actually ask those deeper questions that will draw out of those whom you interview new understandings from their own perceptions and their own experience.

Any interviewer has to really get to some of the core issues rather than going around the periphery. And Hercules, I think you have this ability because of your wisdom and your understanding of the teachings already. Few of those who have interviewed me have actually stepped up to say, “I would like to be a part of your community.” And we are grateful to you because you felt my authenticity, though really I'm just a representative of all those within our community. We are all one, and I represent a lot of us, hopefully all of us, in the way that we comport ourselves, our dedication to the truth, to the masters' teachings and to Self-realization.

So because you felt that ambiance of our true love for one another, share it in the way that you feel inspired. I think you will know exactly what to do; you have the ability to tune in. And continuing these interviews on your radio program on different subjects would be awesome. You can invite me back on behalf of another master or for something pretty cool, maybe in three or four months, and I'll come back. Let's make a date and keep it.

Question:  What is my connection to Prometheus and how can I find out the true story about him? Have I accomplished the five things I am supposed to in New York?

David:  This is kind of a personal thing, __________. If you'd like it all exposed to the world, I can do that, but I don't know if that's what you really desire. What I can say and what Pallas Athena can say about Prometheus is that he is the one who brought fire to the Earth. And what is that fire? It's spiritual fire. We all have a connection to Prometheus if we accept the fire of God as our reality—the threefold flame within expanding and expanding so that our entire being is engulfed in the living flame of love. Remember Saint John of the Cross, who wrote the poem called “The Living Flame of Love”? That is what the Promethean fire is: the living flame of divine love. We all have a connection to it when we live in the integrity of our True Self and when that threefold flame within us is expanded and we are now a living eternal flame being.

I still love to give the Keepers Daily Prayer every day. Nada wrote that prayer and it was part of the rosary that I gave every day for years. “A flame is active, a flame is vital, a flame is eternal. I AM a God-flame of radiant love,” et cetera. Every time I give that, I am that flame, that fire; I am alive in that fire.

What is the true story of Prometheus? I see Prometheus as another name for Sanat Kumara, who brought the flame back to the Earth when the flame on the Earth had basically gone out. So is Prometheus Sanat Kumara? If you desire for him to be, for you, yes. You know the story of Sanat Kumara. We've documented it and previous movements have documented it. So whether Prometheus or Sanat Kumara, Ahura Mazda, Kartikeya—really, it's probably all the same.

Prometheus was probably a Grecian mythological figure. And as I'm seeing it today through Pallas Athena's eyes—Pallas Athena also being a Grecian mythological, but real, figure—we can say that Prometheus is Sanat Kumara.

Did you accomplish the five things you were supposed to in New York? You have to know whether you have or not. That's between you and God. If you'd like to talk to me privately about it, we can talk. But I think you determine that.

You also have a question about “my cycle work.” “Do I have the masters' approval to include the cycle of sevens—fifty-two cycles in a year—in one of the books I am writing. I have learned this from the wisdom of the Mystic Master book. Well, if it's coming from another book, you have to get permission from that author. It's not something I can give. If you determine that this is an accurate teaching through your own attunement with your God Presence and you would like to highlight it as something you are doing, you have to give credit where credit is due and get permission to share it from that author.

Question:  What happens if I am not practicing my sacred labor? I would very much like to be, yet I have not been able to make this manifest as a reality during my lifetime. Thank you for your help with this matter.

David:  What is our sacred labor? First and foremost to be a son or daughter of God and to work on ourselves, to master ourselves and to do our spiritual work. Our sacred labor is to be in the sanctum of the heart 24/7 and manifest our divinity. That's our greater sacred labor. Now, in terms of your work, your vocation, that's something that can morph and change throughout your life based on your talents, your education and the opportunities you encounter and what you decide to do based on what you can do, what brings you abundance, et cetera. Yet the sacred labor, the sacred work, is our spiritual work. That is always happening, no matter whether you have a job in the outer world or you're doing what you love to do as that work or job.

So don't mix the fact that you may not have the optimal job that uses all of your talents right now with the fact that you are a spiritual being doing God's work on Earth. You're praying, you're meditating, you're calling upon the Lord, you're serving people and you're doing the best you can with what you've got right now as opportunity. If you're doing that, you're working on your sacred labor; you're practicing.

So don't think that you're not practicing your sacred labor. So long as you're disciplined and doing your spiritual work, you are. Do your alchemy though and precipitate the optimal opportunities and jobs. Sometimes we may have to do things that seem beneath us. I've had to do that many times in my life. I served in a very humble job for probably twenty to twenty-five years in The Summit on staff. They weren't jobs where I was lording it over other people. I was opening the mail. That's the first thing I did. Before that in Minneapolis I drove a street sweeper and I picked books in a book warehouse. Everything leads to the next thing.

So just do what you do well with great love, and new doors will open and opportunities will present themselves when you are ready for what heaven has ready for you. And don't feel that anything is too lowly. I love to clean, I love to do dishes and I love to straighten things out in our home, and I can assure you that I spend a fair amount of time doing the little things every day that have to be done—laundry. I was folding laundry this morning before I came, at 4 o'clock in the morning.

Question:  Thank you for this opportunity. I require your guidance. What lessons do I need to learn during these years that I'm experiencing financial constraints? I find myself in the existential paradox of loving my work as a musician and theater teacher while generating very little income to make the bills of earthly life, to make progress in many projects. I feel abundance in so many ways except in my bank account. I pray and vision and think upon a thought, share what I have and desire to do God's will. Can you help me to see and understand my limitations? Thank you. With love, __________.

David:  This is the conundrum of many lightbearers. I have to say, __________, and Pallas Athena says, you are an inspiration to all of us with your self-mastery. To do what you love to do, even if you are not making millions, is a grace and a gift from heaven. Pallas Athena and I can assure you that you are building a huge bank account in heaven with the light that you invoke and the love that you share through what you do. Is it better to have a larger bank account on earth or in heaven? I think in heaven.

Now, we heard Omraam's quote this morning that the Catholic Church was saying not to worry about life on Earth, and then people are poor here. We don't desire to be poor. So what is the shift that's required to bring more abundance physically into your bank account? I think this is the rub for many people.

Pallas Athena is telling you, through me, my experience. And my experience is that I pray with all my heart and I tithe. I've been tithing since I was nineteen years old. I have never had lack or want due to giving that 10 percent back to God. I have always had the abundance I required for my family. Maybe we were not super rich, though we always had enough.

So the question is, do you have enough to live on and pay your bills? If you are falling behind, then all I can say is give. And you do give in many ways, but maybe tithe and see what happens, because I believe in the magic of the tithe. I believe it's a universal law. Just start tithing 10 percent. Even though you don't think you have enough money, do it. It sets in motion an alchemy that's phenomenal.

So I would tithe to The Hearts Center. Try it. When you get your paycheck, just take 10 percent, after taxes of course, and see what happens. I guarantee you that if you do this, within a certain amount of time amazing things will start to happen. And then you will be the beneficiary of that universal cosmic law, and certain graces and new opportunities will come and maybe you can be paid more.

Pallas Athena also says to have a sense of self-worth, of the value of what you do, and if you are not charging enough, then charge more for your services. Some of the greatest professional singers and musicians demand a lot because they have great mastery. I consider you one of the five greatest harpists on the planet. I don't know all of them by name, but this is what Pallas Athena is saying. And in terms of the light that you emanate and the love that you share in your harp music, you are right there at the very apex of harpists on the Earth.

So charge more and watch people pay you more because they love you. They will love your music. You may think that they can't afford to pay you what you are worth, but you are maybe worth more than what you're charging. So that is the shift for you that I see as a potential. And this goes for whoever you play for, whether you play for The Hearts Center or you play for others. You are worth it to the universe and to those that you inspire through your music. You may have to charge one-and-a-half times what you are charging now, and eventually twice what you're charging now, because you deserve it. So have that sense of self-worth: “I deserve this; this is the value of what I do,” and watch your abundance grow.

Question:  My name is __________. I am from New York, yet I am away in college right now. Beloved masters, if I am Scorpio and my birthday is November 13, 1997, what is the most prominent message for me at this time?

David:  You just turned twenty, right? So you are on the eight o'clock line of the cosmic clock.  The message for you from Mother Mary, as well as Pallas Athena, is to master your emotional body. You're in the cycle of Virgo. So look at what Virgo represents in your life. And during this twentieth year of your life, right in the center of the emotional quadrant of the cosmic clock, you have an opportunity to get a handle on all sense of injustice. So always praise God for everything that's happening and have a sense that everything is just. Don't ever fall into the pitfall of thinking that something is unjust in your life, in the lives of family, others or in the world. Just say: “True and righteous are thy judgments, O Lord.2 Go to that scripture in the Book of Revelation. Let righteousness be your byword, and use your energy wisely, because at the age of twenty, from my experience, hormones are raging and you are in that time of life when you can misqualify a lot of energy or you can qualify it well through right choice.

So if you are in college, stay true to your principles and values, whatever they are, and complete your education, if that's what you feel is necessary for you. And study and go for it. Don't dissipate your energies in licentiousness. Be intrepid in going for what you know to be your mission right now through your education. But have the vision of where that education is taking you once you have fulfilled that education, and start planning in your heart and mind for what you will do. What brings the greatest joy to you? Do a treasure map of what your life will look like in the future and co-create it now through your vision. Some people call it a vision board; some people call it a treasure map. Plan your life as you envision it in its perfected state, and draw it with pictures and put markers in future time. And maybe at the end it will say “my ascension,” and “I'm going to do what I love to do.” I would work backward from that point of Self-realization and your ascension, year by year, maybe from when you are eighty-eight. Work backwards and say this is what I desire to have fulfilled in my life. Create those markers, and then see how your life takes off doing so many wonderful things.

So __________, I look forward to meeting you. I love your name. I had a good friend named __________ Millman, and I still love him. And Dan Millman, the wonderful author, wrote a couple of great books.

Question:  Will there be peace on Earth?

David:  Yes, when we all manifest that equipoise of peace internally and then we externalize it through loving one another with all of our hearts and loving God with our entire being.

            Thank you, everyone. God bless you for this service today. Thank you, Pallas Athena. Thank you, ____________ and all of you at home. Have a wonderful day.

1. See John 8:32.
2. See Revelation 16:7; 19:2.

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