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Maitreya      December 06, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Lord Maitreya)
December 6, 2017   4:00–5:00 pm MST
Livingston, Montana

Lord Maitreya on the Path of the Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha

It is an honor to be with all of you, and beloved Lord Maitreya is overshining all of us today. He is indeed the Cosmic Christ and planetary Buddha. He is a great teacher of humanity. He is the laughing Buddha and the one who brings great joy to those who know him. He teaches the World Teachers and he assists Gautama Buddha as the Lord of the World. He embodies the light of loving-kindness, and he encourages us to meditate on this beautiful gift of loving-kindness.

O, how the world requires more loving-kindness today. O, how important it is for each of us to express loving-kindness to all life. When we are true to our own inner Buddha nature and have reached a certain level of consciousness, Maitreya may come to us to assist us on our path. The requirement is a loving heart and heart-centeredness throughout our life. It is being concerned more about others than self. When we have learned to sacrifice our lesser self for a greater cause, Maitreya may appear. And even if we do not see him with our inner vision or our outer eyes, he may still be there to support us.

He has been called the coming Buddha—the Buddha who is coming to establish a golden-age civilization. His work continues at a very deep level with many initiates upon the Earth. All lineages of Buddhism honor Lord Maitreya. He is a great bodhisattva of loving compassion, and his smile melts all darkness. His love can instantaneously transmute any burden that we may have. When he gazes upon us, he sees us as God-beings. He beholds us as already Self-realized Buddhas. And just as Gautama keeps the flame for each one of us, so Lord Maitreya holds this immaculate image for each and every one of us.

He teaches us how to meditate. This is a type of loving meditation; it is an immersion in divine compassion. And this immersion is like a cosmic bath of divine pink light, and we are always raised up in this cosmic alchemy.

When we sing to Lord Maitreya, we naturally are also raised up in the light. We feel grateful for the future. He embodies this hope throughout his entire causal body and being. And he tells us today that if we ever seem to be losing hope about anything, we can call upon him. He will help restore our hope in ourselves, in the future and in others, because hope is required for us to advance on the path. Of course, we must have faith and charity, and hope is also very important.

He gives us a vision of a golden-crystal age and we can hold this vision in our third eye. Even as there are many problems in the world and around us that may impact our vision of what is possible, if we still hold this higher vision within our third eye, it helps to make it so. He says that we should never give up our pure vision of a golden age. Even though there is corruption and darkness and evil in the world, don't focus on this. He encourages us to focus always on our goal. And when we do this, when we focus on our goal, he will support us.

Lord Maitreya is a true lord of the flame. He has mastered all the initiations of life on planet Earth. There is nothing that he does not understand about how to live on this planet, because he is also the great initiator. He helps us on our initiatic path. He helps us to pass every one of our tests. He is so wise in this regard that no one can fool him. Some people try to avoid tests and initiations. They think that they can skip certain things and still get to the end result. He humbly escorts us to go through the specific test that we require. He does this with such loving-kindness that we are disarmed or we're just humbled in that Presence of his being.

Many people try to get away with all kinds of things on Earth. They try to avoid the truth; they try to hide who they are. Of course, they can't hide anything from the Divine. It would be much better for them to admit that they must walk this path, because all they're doing is prolonging their destiny.

If we are to help Lord Maitreya as the Cosmic Christ and planetary Buddha, we should listen intently to his teaching. We should emulate him by becoming a Buddha ourselves. Have you decided to be a Buddha? Have you accepted that you have a Buddha nature, that this is your beautiful divine inheritance? Whether you are in a male or female body, you can still be a Buddha. And we have many examples in heaven of these beautiful Buddhas, both male and female. For instance, Avalokitesvara, or Kuan Yin, and Tara are all female Buddhas. So if they can do it, we can do it.

How do we become a Buddha? We demonstrate loving compassion and wisdom. We follow the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. We incorporate love-wisdom into our lives every day. We choose to be compassionate at all times. We put God first in our lives and we surrender our human creation and accept our divinity every day.

Now, it also helps to learn how to mediate in silence. Meditation is our time in silence with God. It's our time to allow God to communicate with us, to listen to the Spirit within ourselves, to make contact with higher consciousness and allow the wisdom to flow to us. If we are earnest and sincere and authentic in our desire to meditate with God, God will be there. God will overshine us and the Buddhas will help us. Lord Maitreya will come and show us the way. And his loving-kindness and his great joy will, of course, help us.

When you breathe deeply, you contact the prana of heaven. And this prana will help transform your entire being. Recently the masters shared through me on how to engage in Buddha breathing. If we do this regularly, we will have amazing results. We will feel greater joy in our heart and throughout our entire being. The little irritations in life will no longer impact us so strongly. We will be able to maintain a greater level of harmony and peace. And when we reach a certain level of inner harmony, we will begin to experience miracles. Mystical awakenings will become regular. Memories of our interaction with higher beings will come to us regularly, and then we will be in a great ecstatic state of joy.

So if you haven't begun to meditate daily in earnest, you can do so now. Even if you set aside ten minutes a day, if you do it regularly, this practice will yield great results. You will notice in a few short months a change in your vibration. And over many months and years, you will notice a great shift in your consciousness. You'll actually have better health and vitality if you combine meditation with correct exercise.

So as initiates of light and love, we can make a greater effort to help Lord Maitreya in his work by emanating more light to the planet, by projecting great rays of sacred fire throughout the planet. Right now Lord Maitreya is enfolding us in this beautiful brilliant light. It is a vivifying energy that makes us more alive and aware. It helps to increase our sensitivity to divine light. And if we breathe deeply and slowly now, we will begin to learn how to assimilate more light through this practice. So for just about a minute, we'll breathe very deeply and slowly in silence.

[Participants breathe deeply in silence for one minute.]

Hopefully you felt a deeper connection with the heart of Lord Maitreya. Hopefully, through this one minute of silence, you felt great energy pouring into your being. You see, sometimes it only takes a few moments to experience the beautiful energy of God, and we collapse time and space into the eternality of this sacred experience. You can practice this every day and make great progress. And as you invite Lord Maitreya to be with you in this meditation, he will, in a very subtle way, give you keys each time you do this.

So thank you, beloved ones, for experiencing this sacred moment.

I'd like to address now, with Lord Maitreya, the questions that you posed.

Question:  Beloved Lord Maitreya, could you please explain to us the path and the teachings of the Cosmic Christ?

David:  The Cosmic Christ must first be the Christ. When you expand your Christ consciousness to a cosmic level, then you reach a level of being a Cosmic Christ. You have expanded your light emanations beyond one culture or people. Your aura expands to encompass the entire planet, and you can impact the entire planet and all people with your great love. This Lord Maitreya, as the Cosmic Christ, has done.

As a Christ, you master the seven rays. As a Cosmic Christ, you master the seven rays on a much higher level. First you master these rays at a very personal level and then you become the Christ. To become the Cosmic Christ, you master these seven rays on a much larger scale. You use your mastery of these rays to help people on a planetary level. Your beautiful auric emanations go forth with all the colors of the rainbow. In moments of great God-consciousness you see others who are suffering, and as a Buddha and bodhisattva, you desire to alleviate that suffering. You try to help people to overcome their problems. You may even appear to them and help them to heal themselves.

Jesus, of course, reached this level of awareness, and he was taught by Maitreya how to do this, how to expand the awareness of the Christ light within him to a planetary level. The teachings of Lord Maitreya and the teachings of Jesus are really the same teaching. They are all about compassion, love, kindness and forgiveness. When we learn from either Jesus or Lord Maitreya—and I should say Lord Jesus, because he too is a lord—you will receive the benefit of both their teachings, because Jesus always gives us keys to help us on our path and he leads us always higher on our path. Jesus has mastered all of the rays. How did he learn to do this? Who taught him? Lord Maitreya. He was teaching people the same teaching he received from his guru. So the path and the teachings of the Cosmic Christ are really the same teachings of Jesus the Christ.

If we study the gospels in the New Testament, we will have many of these teachings, because to be a Cosmic Christ we have to first be a Christ. How many of us have mastered all the lessons that Jesus gave us in the New Testament? Most of us still have work to do. So maybe we should try to first just be a Christ before worrying about becoming a Cosmic Christ. When we're ready for the cosmic initiations of the Cosmic Christ, we will know. For most of us, though, this will be quite some time in the future. However, some are already receiving some of these initiations. And whenever compassion or kindness is required, you can rest assured that this is an initiation of the Cosmic Christ.

Question:  What does it mean to hold the office of Cosmic Christ and planetary Buddha?

David:  We'll start with the planetary Buddha. Gautama Buddha reached this level of attainment. He served under Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara was the Lord of the World. He received training from Sanat Kumara and learned how to master these initiations. The time came when he had mastered them all and he could take up the office that Sanat Kumara held. And that sacred day was January 1, 1956, which happens to be four days before David Lewis's birthday. So on January 1, 1956, Gautama became Lord of the World. And Lord Maitreya, who had been the World Teacher, now became the planetary Buddha. So he is performing the same alchemy that Gautama did when he was the planetary Buddha.

What are these practices? Emanating cosmic light to the entire planet, training the World Teachers, expressing loving-kindness in all of its divine glory and training all who are on the Buddhic path—on the inner and sometimes on the outer. Because Lord Maitreya is also the Great Initiator, as the planetary Buddha he initiates us on our path. He is aware of where every potential Buddha is on the path. He urges us onward to divine glory. Sometimes he may chide us a little bit on the inner, yet he always does this with amazing tact and diplomacy. As the planetary Buddha, he holds the energy in his being for all potential Buddhas, and he simultaneously supports Gautama Buddha with his work.

Now, the office of the Cosmic Christ is very similar. We've spoken already about what it takes to reach that level. What the Cosmic Christ does is support all those who are seeking to reach the level of Christhood, those who are mastering the seven rays in their own being. So you can see that Lord Maitreya is very busy. He is helping many to become the Christ and helping others to become the Buddha. And the World Teachers—Jesus, Kuthumi and Omraam—help him. Previously, he taught people more directly. Now he spends more time teaching teachers. He is now more of a cosmic administrator. Yet he is still aware of every disciple, every prospective Christ or Buddha.

Question:  In what way can we be more like children, as Jesus says, with great joy and happiness, without ceasing to be responsible or competent adults within our society?

David:  Well, of course we have to be childlike, but not childish. We are responsible, yet joyous. We are innocent in our souls, yet very wise in our Higher Mind. We understand that humility and simplicity are very important virtues. Children are naturally happy, innocent and even holy. Yet they get programmed to become something other than this. So we have to deprogram ourselves from everything that turned us away from being humble, innocent and holy.

How do we deprogram ourselves from the negativity? We consider what it was like when we were children in the innocent state of being. We attempt to be harmless as doves yet wise as serpents. If we truly are innocent and humble, this actually is our protection. The more innocent and humble we are, the greater light we will have to protect ourselves. Now, this innocence means purity of consciousness. It means we have contacted our inner sense. And the inner sense of our truth helps us, and it helps us to be responsible and competent adults.

To be accountable and responsible as adults takes practice. What type of practice? you ask. Getting proper education, planning and having a routine every day is important, whereby we do certain things that we know we must do and fulfill all our obligations—our personal obligations to our family, our job and our responsibilities within our greater community. Every day we consider what our obligations are. We can have our list of things that we know we must do, and we do them with great joy and fervor and check them off our list. Yet while we're doing them we have fun, like children. We laugh a lot and have fun with everyone whom we love. We don't sweat the small things. Children are very lighthearted, which means they have a lot of light in their hearts. So when we sing and pray and dance and have fun, we too have lots of light in our hearts, and we're like children— lighthearted.

So to be more like children, we simply have to be lighthearted, even while we are fulfilling our obligations and responsibilities. We do everything with creative joy. We love everyone in the process of what we do. We don't hold grudges. We forgive people easily, and we give everyone the benefit of the faith.

So that's the last question I received. Is there anything you'd like to say?

Question:  How can we sustain victory in our hearts and have that joy?

David:  We invoke Victory and we invoke the angels of joy. We behold the potential victory even as we're working toward it. We actually write down our goals, and we invite Victory and the angels of joy to help us reach those goals. Let's say you require a new job. Write down exactly what you would like to do, where you'd like to do it, how much money you'd like to make and the people you'd like to associate with. Consecrate it to God. Call to Mighty Victory and the angels of joy, and accept that your goal is realized. And then expect that God will reply and answer your request.

You can do this with anything. If you require a new place to live, same thing. Write down where you'd like to live, how much you'd like to pay for rent or for the home and visualize it. Same thing with a relationship. Maybe you'd like a new relationship. Do the alchemy. Write everything down. Consecrate it to God, invoke the angels of Victory and the angels of joy. Then go about your business doing the highest work you can do. And when God sees fit to bring that person to you, voila!—a miracle.

You could do this for a car, for anything that you really truly need. The key is to believe and accept it. At first you have to see it and write it down, and then, if you can, draw it or get pictures of exactly what you desire. Some of you can do this by holding it in your own mind's eye. Yet for many people, putting it on paper is absolutely essential.

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