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K-17      December 06, 2017

Beloved K-17
David Christopher Lewis
December 6, 2017   9:30–9:49 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

K-17 and Cyclopea Radiate the Light of Cosmic Truth

The impelling light of God demands attention upon what is real, what is true, what is of value. I, K-17, come to authenticate within you what is real by highlighting it in the present reality that you experience in the unity field of beingness, that you access through holy prayer and meditation, that you feel when you are aligned with God within and that you know with a certainty when the rush of the Holy Spirit's Presence moves you to action, to beingness, to love.

Many have forgotten God, first within themselves and then as God emanates throughout the creation through the great Solar light of his/her Presence. Much of the work of the Universal White Brotherhood is involved in reconnecting people to their own God Presence and what is real within their eternal nature, yet has been clouded over over eons of time through the acceptance of the human ego as their reality. Once a soul is quickened and awakened to the truth, there is no turning back on the path of light to the Source.

Each of you has found your pathway home to the heart of God through love of the Creator, love of the great God Presence within. As you continue to move upward and inward in the light, we will work with you to bring what is real into a more focused, pronounced manifestation so that through accessing the light within that which is real, you may become all that you are destined to be, even an ascended being, one with God.

Yet before that great and notable day when you step upon that dais and are subsumed into your Presence, there is much yet to be let go of, transmuted, surrendered. So I come this day to highlight what is real within you so that you may focus upon it with greater intent; so that you may truly access, through that reality, the nurturing light of your Presence, the creativity of your Divine Selfhood, the authenticity and artistry of God vibrating right within your heart. For challenges are ahead for each of you. You know not what tomorrow brings in terms of initiation as both opportunity and as some aspect of your lower nature that must be completely surrendered.

I daresay that some, having taken advantage of many dispensations and graces and boons released through this and former activities, are almost surfeited in the consciousness that they are impervious to any darkness or challenge. Yet, dearest ones, the thieves of unreality often come in the night to tear you away from your true course to the Source. Therefore accept the disciplines of the Spirit as your own Higher Self metes them out unto you daily through those inner inklings that you always receive, knowing what is of value to your soul rather than to your lower nature. Remain focused on your pathway to the Sun and do not be deceived by voices that offer so many things of outer stimulation, when truly you can receive all that you require from within and be sufficient within the grace of God that vibrates within your soul, your heart, your spirit.

Often there are shifts in awareness that must be accepted and assimilated ere you are able to receive the higher frequencies that we are willing to provide if you are simply courageous enough to step forward and receive them without human fanfare, without fear of any kind. Yet how many are willing to truly be a master while incarnate by mastering their thoughts and feelings daily and hourly and overcoming every last vestige of human nonsense and that which suddenly tugs upon your consciousness and your will to drain away the fine essences of your Atmic Self, your Buddha nature in moments of unconsciousness or lapses in awareness?

Truly, dearest ones, as you rise on the path the initiations become, as you know, more subtle. And therefore you must be vigilant. You must stand guard on behalf of your soul to say to every deceiving one: “Thus far and no farther! I live in the integrity of my Presence. You have no power over my divinity, my soul. Be gone into the night. Be transmuted into the light, O deceiver of darkness.”

Yes, dearest ones, many in this hour are deceived through a media that has become a vehicle for Satan and his henchmen, Lucifer and his followers. The cloud that surrounds them is such that they do not even know the level of self-deception that they have accommodated and that which the media now purveys as their truth to the world over the airways through all manner of outlets to the nations and her peoples.

It is time that the truth be known through greater introspection and taking personal accountability for one's life, one's choices, one's current state of affairs and being. You must be the ones who first resolve your psychology at all levels so that your Buddha nature may emanate fully in all its glory to cast a greater omnipresent light throughout the world to assist others in their own awakening and illumination. If you get the victory over your lesser self each day by abiding in your Presence, maintaining peace and harmony and sustaining joy and love deep within, this counts for much, dearest ones—more than you know. And often it is the energy field that you convey through your authentic being that is even more powerful for planetary transmutation than the words that you speak in some of these prayers uttered without full empowerment and divine will.

Change is the order of the day. Transmutation is coming at a greater level than throughout most of Earth's history to resolve ancient karmas between peoples, nations, cultures, and especially within each soul. Be willing to be one through whom God can breathe, emanate and transmute the darkness of the Earth. For as you become that furnace of sacred fire through focus upon your God Self and the ancient Maxin light, which manifests within all worlds and all beings, you truly then are that nexus through which the Holy Spirit may bring about a resurrection, a restoration of a true Solar civilization upon Earth.

Now beloved Cyclopea emanates throughout the atmosphere of the Earth the emerald light of truth for the exposure of unreality in a greater action than has manifested for many, many years, blessed ones. And this ray descends into the lives of the unrighteous within the media first, within Hollywood second and within your government third. And there will be greater truth manifesting through the alternative media that you must all be aware of in order to make your calls and to participate with Cyclopea in this action, in this alchemy of truth conveyed to Earth.

            This action will be sustained 24/7 through the end of this year and possibly beyond through your ratification, even your giving of your prayer to me or Cyclopea once a day with great devotion and focus. Use this opportunity, dearest ones, for it truly will be for the revelation of what has occurred in secret that must be exposed in order to be rectified and for many to be reproved by heaven so that the righteous ones may rise into our desired positions of authority and service to the light.

Many of you have cried out for the truth to be known and for the lie to be exposed. And this my offering unto you, sanctioned by Cyclopea, is in answer to your calls and prayers, your pleas and inner desires. Realize, dearest ones, that once the truth is known, the choice must be made to follow that truth rather than to ignore it. Knowing this, continue to offer your prayers to the yellow ray for ignorance to be dissolved and for people to make right choices to go to the light, to remain in the light.

God bless you for your service, your willingness to be God-taught and refashioned into your eternal image of perfectionment, beauty and harmony.

Now sing to Cyclopea, 50.001,1 and the song by beloved Robert Resetar and Tom Miller2 in order to anchor this dispensation throughout this planet and all of her evolutions for the victory of the light now and forever. Amen. 

1. See The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, prayer 50.001, Perfect Vision.”
2. “Ode to Cyclopea,” words by Tom Miller, music by Robert Resetar.

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