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God Meru      December 01, 2017

Beloved God and Goddess Meru
David Christopher Lewis
December 1, 2017   12:00–12:20 pm MST
Livingston, Montana

God and Goddess Meru Seed the Earth with Engrams of Solar Joy

Precious Beings of Light,

We, the God and Goddess Meru, come to refresh the Earth in Solar joy, to bring divine beingness into play within your minds, within your hearts, within your souls. For when you invoke the light through holy prayer, silent meditation upon the Divine One, and beingness in your true divine nature, we are there investing wisdom's fire so that you may aspire higher to that light Presence of eternality, of Solar love.

Solar love from above, raise the hearts of all.

Sunshine bright, blaze your light, all mankind enthrall.

Solar joy, now employ all God's virtues here.

Sunshine gold, now remold all with divine cheer.

Solar grace, fill all space with your wisdom bright.

Sunshine view, now renew all in sparkling light.

Solar fun, make all one in your aura true.

Sunshine love from above, friendships now renew.

Dearest ones, you can renew your friendship with God when, by God's grace, you trace within your mind the essences of holiness through the cognition of truth, unity and light right where you are. And we will bring, through the sunshine of our Presence, into play within you new aspects of God-consciousness and our Solar awareness. We will employ angels of the sacred fire of Jophiel's band to come to you, to illumine you, to nurture you with our Solar rays. These have awareness, intelligence within them that you may drink in when you abide within nature under the sunshine of God's eternal Presence and within the sunshine of your own I AM God, or Solar, Presence.

If you truly knew your own reality, dearest ones, you could employ much more divine power, wisdom and love in your lives to grow, with great intention, all that can be sown in the Earth. For all growth occurs within the sunshine of God's love; all is nurtured by those rays of divine intelligence. And these will be causative within you of great evolutionary cycles of beingness, whereby the nuances of your Presence may be gleaned, felt, intuited, known.

Do you know, dearest hearts, that your Divine Presence has many immortal essences that are constantly flowing unto you through your crystal cord? And when you are aware, when you determine to be conscious of God's Presence around you and within you, these essences employ all manner of miraculous engrams to raise you up, to bless you, to charge you with divine joy. It is simply a matter of placing your attention, your focus upon God within you that brings unto you the miracle light of eternality.

You are a miracle of God. Jesus has reminded you of this. And when you focus upon who you truly are as a son/a daughter of God, as a Solar being in your reality, you draw unto you all that you require to meet every need that you have in your life through the divine magnetism of your hearts, one with God's Presence.

The scourge of the age is forgetfulness. Forgetfulness breeds ignorance, and ignorance leads to all manner of other evils. Therefore remember who you are and enter into the new meme of divine beingness within your Presence. You have heard the scripture, “Forget not to entertain strangers, for some have entertained angels unawares.”1 Dearest ones, you must be the aware ones who know when an angel is within your aura, your environment, your home. Being aware of the Presence of God through his/her emissaries in your midst allows you to then enter into communion with these higher spiritual presences and beings sent from God to employ something of God's grace within your life, within your world. Yet if you are not aware of their presence through forgetfulness, then how can you receive their blessings? Invoke them, expect them, befriend them through this new state of being that is always aware, cognizant of the miracle, mystery magical light of your Solar Presence.

On the first of every month, some within this movement have religiously offered to Helios and Vesta, and now us, their prayers for the sunshine of God's Presence to descend upon and within the Earth for the blessing of all evolutions hereupon. I can tell you, dearest ones, that this ritual has borne great fruit and that within the causal bodies of these blessed souls who have so dedicated these hours of devotion to the sun, there is a great Solar radiance. And some have seen it. And though the temples of some sometimes give way to all manner of pains, irritations and troubles, yet within the Solar Presence of these is a great light.

This is your reality. Focus upon the light, the joy, the radiance of your own Sun Presence. And no matter what you may be going through physically, emotionally or mentally, God is there to usher you to the heaven world in your spirit to feel your divinity, to feel your value and worth to all creation—to every man, woman and child. O, how many rely upon you, each one, for your invocations, your prayers, your devotions each morning. And being aware of this cosmic accountability and responsibility, remember to do your work for God first and for man second.

Yes, work while ye have the light. 2 Walk in that light; be that light; radiate the Solar fire of the integrity of your true divine and Buddha nature. And let the atmosphere receive the Atmic presence of your Solar essence daily. For this is truly transforming the Earth moment by moment and is indicative of the energies of the new era of Aquarius, of freedom, enlightenment, brother/sisterhood, love.

Yes, Solar love from above, raise the hearts of all. Sunshine bright, blaze your light, all mankind enthrall. We together, dearest ones, will enthrall them through the spirit of eternality and joy. We will raise them up on wings of light until all are free, bright in God's Presence, our eternal Presence of beingness.

Now we are seeding the Earth with jewels of cosmic joy, divine radiance and holiness. And we are placing within the new publication Light on the Path Solar light—within every page, upon every line, within every word, within every consonant and vowel, comma and period, semicolon and exclamation point, and even every hyphen and dash and quotation mark. All of these receive now the living essence, the Solar radiance of divine intelligence so that those who drink in these words, proffered from heaven through this dispensation, will receive the nurturing of their minds, their wills, their hearts, their souls with God's reality and light.

So this is our miracle manifest today, that even within a tiny little tome, carefully co-created by all of you through your prayers and support, your contributions and your givingness, there is something of heaven brought to Earth in physicality upon the pages of time and within the leaves of a new garden of Solar joy.

Drink in this light and be that light now and forever, precious ones. And as you ascend to the sun in your meditation, we will be there to greet you with our smile. Yes, we love that Vesta's Rosary. For the smile of Vesta kindles within many the new awareness of a Solar civilization yet to come—and which is even now being created by all of you moment by moment through your love.

Thank you. God bless you. God nurture you. God ever live within you. Good day.

1. Hebrews 13:2.
2. John 12:35.

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