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David Lewis      November 22, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
November 22, 2017   8:10 ̶ 8:45 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Light on the Path, a Daily Meditations Book Published by The Hearts Center

Our major announcement for today is that we are releasing a new book very soon, in December, next month: Light on the Path: Inspiration for Each Day of the Year. This book will be $12.95, and we are offering a pre-order special of five copies for $66, including shipping, or six copies for $75, including shipping. Boyd is showing the special web page on our store where you can choose one of these options. Boyd, take it away and show them what to do.

Boyd:  This is the page, and you can see that it has five books in there. That's the special, the one you will see. It's a beautiful cover. I like the cover on this book. And this is a pre-order special for five or six books. We've done our best to find a way to get a group of either five or six of these, with shipping, as inexpensive as we can for you, and there is shipping for both USA and for international. Up here, where it says “Choose Bundle,” you have to choose either five or six books. That's where you choose the quantity.

So if I were to choose six, right there, and add to my cart, I would check out, and at this point you select the shipping method. I'm in the USA, so I choose the USA only envelope. People who are outside the United States should choose the international shipping envelope choice. We worked, worked, worked very hard to find the cheapest way possible to ship these anywhere in the world. So, once again, this is a beautiful product and we're proud of it.

David:  I'm going to tell you a little bit more about the book. I'll read the quote on the back cover, which is one of the 366 days of the year. It goes from January 1 to December 31, including a leap year day, which is February 29. So if you happen to be born on that day or it's a special day for you, that's included.

The back cover says: “The power to transform our lives lies within our freewill choices to change course, to walk in the light and to push forward without hesitancy or fear. Our ascended elder brothers and sisters learned and mastered the art of oneness with God through loving service and virtuous giving to mankind. Since the pure in heart shall see God, we must constantly strive to develop greater purity of consciousness by focusing upon the light of eternal love that beats within our heart.”

This book is very similar to the daily meditation book of Prosveta, of the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. In fact, it's exactly the same size. We did that for a purpose. And I'd like to thank our beloved Soledad Monroy, Jenny Butler and Lenore Harris for helping to pick many of these quotes, which we then placed within the book. And, of course, Claire Brown and our editor worked tirelessly for many, many weeks, along with our person who does the layout. I think I can mention his name because he doesn't mind, and that is Denis Ouellette here in Livingston.

This book is jam-packed with a lot of wisdom from the masters, including over 111 brand-new quotes that have never been published before, some of which I actually wrote for the book—brand new off the heavenly shelves. Over two-thirds of the book contains quotes from HeartStreams. We don't actually say the name of the master whose HeartStream it is from, because this book is for a very wide audience. You can give it as a gift to virtually anybody because we purposely eliminated some of our Hearts Center jargon so that it would be really open and perfect for anyone who has a little bit of a spiritual bent or may be open to higher truth and higher teaching.

We can use this book next year, beginning on January 1, in addition to the Omraam book, and share the quote of the day from The Hearts Center, which I've been visualizing happening for quite some time. I thought that maybe it would be at some point after I was long gone, but this is a book that was easier to put together because we already had most of the material, rather than having to write a completely brand-new book. We were able to do it in fairly short order, in comparison to some of our other major book releases.

I'm going to share a quote. This is actually just the cover around an Omraam book. I'm going to go to another quote from somebody's birthday that I know, and this is March 4. Here is the quote from March 4:

“Did you know that the light of purity is one of the most caring of the virtues of God? For when you wrap yourself and others in this light essence through meditation, through contemplation, through obedience, and simply through a loving attitude of gracefulness, there is brought to bear every aspect of God in the 360 degrees of those radii that are the rays of God emanating out from the centrality of being unto all.

“Compassion, kindness, givingness, and even the aspects of forthright love, which at times may be intense, are all revealed and manifested through the light of purity. For when one is pure, one seeks to rid oneself of everything that clouds, demeans, or gets in the way of the pure light of God. And when you work assiduously to erase, to transmute, and to let go of all that no longer serves as the pure fuel of your greater God-beingness, then you enter a new level of purity.”

Boyd:  I remember that.

David:  You remember that? Yeah.

Boyd: I remember that HeartStream.

David:  So let's go to another one. I have to scroll quickly. For June 3. Let's see what is said during the cycle of Gemini:

            “We all can choose to learn to be happy with ourselves. Now, this may seem like a trite thing to say. Yet this happiness, which we can elect to live in daily through our Higher Self, is very important, because when we are happy with ourselves—first with our God Self and then with the totality of our being—we can emanate that happiness unto everyone and everything. And it really helps life all around us to be in this state of being.

“What brings us true happiness? Not outer achievement, not doing things, not making other people happy and making them smile or laugh. What brings us happiness is our connection with our Source and feeling God's love and light from deep within us, and then breathing within that, sustaining that through our breath and mindfully considering God, God, God within us throughout our day. And when that connection is there, then we can manifest all of the other beautiful little things that bring us joy in our daily life experience and which can help to sustain that outer happiness. And when people seek to bring us joy or happiness, we will recognize it, appreciate it, and value it as a part of the greater aura of happiness that we, as sons and daughters of God, deserve to live within. It really is our natural state.”

Boyd:  David, if you'd like, I can have Claire speak to—

David:  Yes, let's get Claire on. I want to go to August 17. Somebody else who's here has their birthday that day. That must be Leo, right, the cycle of Leo? So we're getting a little foretaste of your special quote.

            “Compassion is the mother of world transmutation. Forgiveness and mercy are the lodestone of light from which flow the graces of the Spirit that mankind require to change a world from one of misery and suffering to one of joy and cosmic delight. And charity is the mortar that moves love into the domain of need through practical works, where it becomes active in the lives of real people and situations. In the process of giving, there is an action of transmutation and change that is translated into and through your consciousness, which is as important to you as that which is bestowed upon the one to whom you give.

“Some give solely to be thought well of by others or to promote their own egoic self. This is not the charity that we honor by blessing the giver. Others give charity through a sense of obligation, which colors their offering to a greater or to a lesser degree. Yet for those in whom a true spirit of love is present at the core of their motives, who have a pure desire to serve, there are released ampoules of charity that bless them in the very process of extending the gifts that they convey.”

Now we have Claire on. So, Claire, go ahead and share whatever you like.

Claire:  Thank you, David. Good morning, everyone. It's been such a joy to work on this book; it's been so much fun. It was grueling because we had a short time frame to get it done, but we had so much fun and such wonderful contributions from Lenore, Soledad and Jenny, as David said.

Part of my job is to just make sure everything is going well, and at the end I have to proof everything after it's all been put together. So I had to sit down at my little table and go through every word, and I read the whole book at one time. And I was so full of light that I felt like I was going to leave my body. So this book is full of light, and you're really going to enjoy it.

All of the chelas of the masters are going to want to know who the quotes are from, so one thing I'm going to do for The Hearts Center community is put together a special PDF version of the book that has the master's name and the date of the quote at the bottom of each quote. Then if you desire to go into our HeartStream database and read the entire HeartStream, you can do that. Of course, we had to excerpt parts out and, as David said, make the language very appropriate for a broad audience. So this book is going to be wonderful outreach for The Hearts Center to reach out to people everywhere. It's just full of inspiration, enlightenment, comfort, joy and encouragement. These daily readings are absolutely wonderful.

So that's all I have to say, and I am so grateful for the opportunity. I see myself giving this book as a Christmas present to many, many people, and I know that it will be a special gift that you'll want to share with your family and friends as well. So I'm so grateful for the opportunity and thank you and would love to hear feedback from all of you about the book once you have it. Thank you so much. Thank you, David. Thank you, everyone.

David:  Thanks, Claire. Before Claire goes, I'd just like to say that she's working on the e-book version as we speak. So eventually we will also be having this available through Amazon as an e-book and I expect also as just a regular book. We have already contacted our two distributors, and I think one of them put an ad, or is putting an ad, in the December version of their newsletter and their flyer that comes out periodically. Right, Claire?

Claire:  Yes, actually each distributor will have the book with the cover and a little ad for the catalog for the year. So the 2018 catalog will have this book in it.

David:  Wonderful. We have two distributors. One is DeVorss, and they are in Southern California, actually pretty close to Dennis. I think they're in the San Diego area. And the other distributor is—which one is it, Claire?

Claire:  New Leaf in New Jersey.

David:  So we have both coasts covered, and I know that this book will eventually be one of our better sellers because it is for everybody. So let's say you don't personally feel like you desire five or six copies; however, you live near other heartfriends, so you can get together and one of you can place an order for both of you and you can combine your money, save on shipping, et cetera. And then you may each have one or two extra copies that you can either give away or some of you can sell them if you want to.

So this is a great opportunity to collaborate with other heartfriends in your local Hearts Centers or heartfriends groups and place an order here and there. We'd like to get your orders as soon as possible so that we can plan appropriately and be ready to ship them out right away when the books come in December, virtually the day after we get them, so that you will have them before Christmas. That is the goal of this.

We were figuring out how many we could send in a package, and there is a special envelope that's kind of padded with a little bit of bubble wrap on the inside that the post office uses and it is priority mail. So these will be coming priority mail. We can fit six perfectly in this envelope and we will probably shrink wrap either five or six of them. That is the goal. I recommend six because it's actually flat and there's not a little lump. If you order five, there's going to be a little hump. But if you have six, shrink wrapped, it will be perfectly flat. If you preorder them, in the United States you should definitely get them before Christmas. And depending on when the books arrive, we hope that the international orders will also reach you before Christmas. I don't have all the details right now on the timing of all that.

This will also help us to pay for the costs that we incurred in both the editing and the printing of the book, which I have to tell you was over $10,000, just for the editing and the printing of the book. It takes up a lot of our printing budget to actually publish a book. So now we have to replenish that printing fund so we can print future books. This is part of the reason why a preorder of the book will help us out.

So this is all set up in the bookstore. You can go online anytime and order as many as you like—five, six. Now, here's the thing: you have to choose a quantity of one for a bundle of either five or six books. Don't put five for a bundle of five unless you want twenty-five books. So on the quantity, as we're showing you again, just leave it as one. However, if you would like ten, fifteen, twenty or, let's say, six, twelve, eighteen, twenty-four books, by all means put two, three or four there, and that number will multiply the bundle amount that you choose.

You can also just order one book if you'd like—and there's a separate page for that—for $12.95 plus shipping. I can assure you, though, that it is much more effective and efficient to bundle, because the shipping for one book is going to cost you at least $6.99, maybe $7.20, right?

Boyd:  I think the shipping is really close—to ship just one book or to use this great deal that we made to ship six. It's only about one dollar difference. So, as David said, you can buy some with a friend and it saves a lot on shipping.

David:  Yes, absolutely, because the way the post office is nowadays, the rates are kind of exorbitant. So for just one book, I believe it costs either $6.99 or—right, Stephen?

Stephen:  $6.99 or $7.20.

David:  Or $7.20. And it really costs us about $7.20 to send this whole shipment, I believe, because it fits in that same envelope. So it's amazing. So let me read one more quote.

Boyd:  Can I add one more thing about Claire?

David:  Yeah, go ahead.

Boyd:  Can everybody say hello to Claire in her new home? In the midst of all of this, Claire, due to some circumstances, had to go find and buy a new home and move. And this is her new home. So look at that.

David:  White and bright.

Claire:  Thank you, Boyd. Thank you, everyone. God bless. Enjoy the book; it's absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to hear how much people are going to love it. So thank you so much. Bye-bye.

David:  Bye-bye. Now, September 2 is someone here's special day. So I'm going to read that one.

Within your mighty I AM God Presence is the solution to every problem. Within your I AM God Presence is the energy to fulfill every God-desire and project. Within your I AM God Presence is the specific equation of light that is essential for the full glory of God to be given birth to within you in any moment of time and space when you require a boost in order to fulfill your calling, your mission, your holy purpose.

            “As you believe in God, the I AM Presence sends a ray of light, as eternal faith, into your heart, into your being to invest the cosmic energies of that Presence within you so that you may employ them in the crucible of action for the fulfillment of what is essential in your life. This is so again and again through every initiation, through every situation that requires discernment and discrimination of the Holy Spirit in order for you to make right choices.”

Now I have to go to almost the end of the book. One thing I didn't tell you is that we have a wonderful, wonderful glossary in the back of the book. And there are many, many terms in this glossary, which you will have a lot of fun reading, because some of them, again, I wrote. The masters kind of inspired and wrote through me specifically for this book. I don't have those examples right in front of me, but I can assure you that there are beautiful, beautiful definitions in the glossary that you'll desire to read to avail yourself of the wisdom in them.

So the final quote I'll read is December 20:

            “Conceptualize your two eyes becoming one at the center of your brow, signifying the blending of Alpha and Omega, of the Father and the Mother within you, within the perfected eye—the real eye of your true Selfhood. The Father sees all, and the Mother understands all. And from within this holy chakra and wheel of light, there is both perfect seeing and the understanding of what is seen from the context of the Buddhas, the all-beneficent ones.

“This seeing sees from every angle and from a higher perspective, and this understanding knows from within, from without, and from every dimension of being. From the point of clear seeing and understanding in the unity field of beingness, there is only the brightness of the oneness of all life, and you behold the perfection of all as God beholds all—through the All-Seeing Eye.”

So we have the birthdays of all six of us here today, right? Let me go to the end of the book, the glossary, and see if I can read one. Okay, here is the definition of body elemental. I thought this was awesome:

“Body elemental: An invisible nature being and personal companion, approximately three feet tall, who resembles us in our early childhood at about four years of age. He/she lovingly tends to our bodies' development in utero and beyond and to our physical and emotional needs during all of our lifetimes upon Earth. This devoted servant works closely with our guardian angel under the tutelage of our Holy Christ/Buddha Self to assist us in balancing the four elements within and maintaining peace and harmony without. Upon our ascension in the light, our body elemental is subsumed into the universal essence of the Holy Spirit, within its omnipresent awareness of divine love and givingness.”

Isn't that amazing? I don't think that teaching has ever actually been given before. Here is another one that was very interesting:

“Golden-pink ray (or golden-pink glow ray): The crystal (secret) ray that is a peach color, manifesting primarily through the secret chamber of the heart of ascended beings and advanced disciples of light on Earth. The Maha Chohan (Great Lord) expresses an accelerated action of this color through his heart on behalf of all Earth's evolutions. This ray provides an entrée point for disciples to access the path of the bodhisattvas and the Buddhas through the mastery of love-wisdom—pink representing the virtue of love, and gold representing the virtue of wisdom. In combination, Helios and Vesta, and now the God and Goddess Meru, express this same ray, with Helios and the God Meru focusing the gold, and Vesta and the Goddess Meru focusing the pink aspect of this crystal ray. Mother Mary also expresses this beautiful peach color through her magnificent immaculate heart, having been personally trained by Lady Vesta before incarnating upon Earth to fulfill her mission. Her preparation for that mission to bear the seed of the living Christ spanned a few lifetimes, culminating in the life of beloved Jesus.”

So you see that there is some interesting teaching, even within these definitions in the glossary. One thing I could do is to read you the Preface. Would you like that? It's only a little over two pages. I think I should do this.

Dear Heartfriend,

During this time of intense global and personal challenges that many are experiencing, words of wisdom, uplift, and hope can come as a welcome balm for the soul. The inspirational messages in this book are therefore offered to provide a ray of light, illumination, comfort, and blessing to your daily life and communion with the Divine.

I hope that you will enjoy reading and reflecting on these messages, which I have been privileged to receive and share over the last thirteen years, beginning in June 2004, when I had a deep mystical experience that I consider a divine awakening to Spirit. To give credit where it is due, I honor the overshining presence and wisdom of numerous divine beings, known as ascended masters, for inspiring these words upon me. When I feel the holy and glorious radiance of their immortal beings in my company, I am impelled to listen intently, using the gift of clairaudience that the Holy Spirit has provided me, and either scribe or record by voice what is shared. The experience is so spiritually uplifting and sublime that I am humbled to know that their source is beyond my human awareness and capability to capture them—they are simply and surely divine!

Most of these messages are excerpts from various discourses delivered through The Hearts Center Community's daily broadcasts or during weekend seminars, pilgrimages, or Meru University workshops and courses. Others are recent inspirations from my own meditations upon God and life through the lens of my Higher Mind and its heart-gnosis.

The beloved staff of our Hearts Center Community is engaged in a mighty work of promulgating these important missives of light for today through our various activities, which you can learn about through our website: If you are inspired by Light on the Path, I invite you to check out our other publications, watch some of our nearly one thousand videos on YouTube, and listen to, watch, or read from among our nearly five thousand HeartStreams (inspired discourses and darshans), which are available for free on our website. Or you may contact us for further information through our Hearts Center in Livingston, Montana, at

The purpose of the progressive revelation that comes through all of these resources is to quicken within us what is already latent of our own divine nature. And as we are illumined, we may personally experience the blessings that the heavenly hosts would share directly with our hearts and souls to move us forward on our unique path of beingness in God.

            Blessings of love, light, and abundance,

            David Christopher Lewis
                        Co-founder of The Hearts Center and Meru University

            So that is our sharing on this book, which we know will be a best seller someday in New Age circles. So we're going to see it as a best seller, accept it as a best seller and make it so through our personal involvement in distributing it.


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