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Spirit of Ghana      November 19, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by the Spirit of Ghana)
November 19, 2017   11:30–11:58 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Spirit of Ghana Charges Us to Live Loving, Godly Lives

Good morning, everyone. God bless you. Thank you for being here during this service. The Spirit of Ghana is here with us, requested by the brothers and sisters of Afra. The Spirit of Ghana is a spirit of love. The Spirit of Ghana is a spirit of soulfulness and of brother/sisterhood. The Spirit of Ghana is the spirit of freedom.

When we were in Ghana, the Spirit of Ghana came for the first time and gave a HeartStream in which she said that she was embodied within the children of that great nation. The essence of the child is the essence of God, the essence of creativity, the essence of beingness, the essence of joy. The Spirit of Ghana embodies all of these virtues and many more through her people, through the spirit and the soul of all of her tribes, those in the great cities of the south, those in the north and throughout that great nation.

Before this HeartStream, the Spirit of Ghana revealed to me the chakras of Ghana: the crown chakra, Bolgatanga, in the north; the third eye, Tamale; the throat, Kumasi, which is their second largest city. The heart chakra, of course, is Accra, which is also the heart chakra of all of Africa. The solar plexus is Tema, in the southeast; the soul, the Cape Coast, where we went to witness the gate of no return; and the base chakra, Takoradi, in the extreme south. The chakras of this nation (one of the very first to receive its independence in the twentieth century) manifest through these cities and the people embodied in these cities.

The essence of love is the core virtue of the Ghanaian people. When you meet Ghanaian people here in the United States, you can see that they are a people of light. And when you travel to Ghana and meet them person-to-person, face-to-face, you feel the developed heart chakras that the Spirit of Ghana embodies through and within the smile on their faces. Their dedication to the Christian faith in many, many small churches and congregations throughout the nation is evident when you travel by bus. It seems that within virtually every mile or so along any route that you take—especially in the south—there is a Christian congregation, a school or a church and people devoted to that path of the Christian doctrine and faith.

When we traveled to Ghana, I saw not one person of African heritage smoking cigarettes. The only ones that I saw smoking were Europeans. What an amazing and wonderful dynamic. The light shines in their eyes, in their faces, in their body temples and especially in their colorful clothing—in the kente cloth, which many of us felt and some of us purchased or were given as gifts. The kente cloth itself embodies an aspect of the Spirit of Ghana through what the people produce with their hands. And when you see their colorful clothing throughout the nation—both women and men—you take heart to realize that this color phantasmagoria is really a display of the light, of the colors of their auras—very colorful people. They love to hear stories and love to sit at the feet of those learned ones who can share insights into heart-centeredness, beingness, God-consciousness and presence.

The Spirit of Ghana is embodied in the souls of this mighty people, who are awakened and quickened because they have never lost their soulfulness, their sense of something special within them, which is a fire eternal born of joy, godliness and beauty. I can truly say that the Ghanaian people are some of the most beautiful people I have ever seen upon Earth. The light vibrates within their skin. They have a Solar awareness that is evident because they love to be in the sun, to walk everywhere.

Walking is the mode of transportation for most Ghanaians, though there are cars, buses and other transportation along the rivers, the shores—boats, fishing boats. Yet when people walk on the earth, they are connected to the earth. The Ghanaian people are connected to the earth, the Spirit of Ghana says. And through this connection, they have a deep reverence for the Mother light, from the base to the heart, rising to the crown.

The Ghanaian people, as a whole, love education. Schools are very important to them. They are a learned people, yet their learning—in addition to what they learn in schools—comes through their soulful attitude of grace and the harmonics that manifest through their hearts. And through the didactic approach that they incorporate through their minds, they gain what is called love-wisdom and wisdom-love through their learning. Their learning is beyond just the walls of their schools; it is life itself.

The Spirit of Ghana says that the Ghanaian people, as a whole, are alive. They have less of the materialism of the West, although it is expanding there. Yet in their simple and profound lives, they embody the essence of Africa through their hearts. They embody the essence of Africa through their expanded heart chakras, which is a blessing to all evolutions upon the African continent. For from that Gold Coast—as Ghana was known before gaining its independence from Britain—they export the energy of love.

From a little research I did this morning, I learned that some of the products that are produced in Ghana are gold, cocoa, maize (which is like our corn), yams, cassava, sorghum, millet, timber, tuna and other metals that they mine from the earth.

When we were in Ghana, one morning on the shores of the great Atlantic Ocean we actually saw the sparkling of little flecks of gold coming upon the shore. Ghana truly is the gold coast. Why is that gold there? Because it symbolizes something very profound: the light of the sun precipitated in the material plane through the elemental kingdom, the mineral kingdom.

The Spirit of Ghana can be your spirit if you choose to invoke heart-centeredness and all of the virtues and qualities of your heart, one with God's heart. The Spirit of God can alight upon you and give birth within you to a new level of heart-centeredness that brings you closer and closer to the source of all light and love, who is God. Even as cleanliness is close to godliness, so beauty—the beauty of the soul—sings through the clean ones and the godly ones.

The beauty of the soul sings through those who are clean internally through their virtuous lives. If you desire to live a godly life, lead and live a virtuous life. Incorporate the virtues into your vocabulary. Speak of them and speak to them, because the virtues are live angelic beings. And when you attempt to embody a virtue, because you have invited that virtue into your life you become more godly. Then you will clean out everything inside that is less than perfection, less than joy, less than beauty.

This is an ancient people living in Ghana, who have retained through the ages their sense of inner love of God and the Source, the Creator, Providence. They are attentive to the Christian faith as a whole, especially in the southern part of the nation, responding to the Christian missionaries long ago and the ministries of today because they have the essence of the Christ light in their hearts, which is the result of their expanded hearts. Remember that the Christ is the one who has balanced the threefold flame and who manifests the perfect alignment within of love, wisdom and power through that expanded threefold flame. We can take our cue from this beautiful people and learn the art of loving, the art of giving—selfless giving—service, active surrender to God's will, selflessness that comes from the Divine and offers us a new Selfhood in God.

The Spirit of Ghana is true brother/sisterhood. And you instantly feel that you are a brother or a sister to the souls that you meet in that nation. There is a warmth, a friendliness, an authenticity of generosity and an expectancy that you are welcome in their homes, in their schools, in their communities just by being there and being human and being godly. They are discerning in their hearts of those who are authentic in their love.

Discernment comes through heart-centeredness and expanded love, with the Holy Spirit's grace pouring through you, which allows you to see and feel what is real. This is discerning grace. We cannot discern if we do not have loving hearts in the true sense. Yes, our minds may discern something, yet our hearts go deeper into the soulful aspects of ourselves and others to know what is truly valuable, appropriate, beneficial, viable. Discernment is a gift of this people through the agency of the Holy Spirit.

When we came and made contact with some beautiful individuals, some of us desired to give to various schools, give to the children and continue in givingness because, of course, there is a great need for schools, for materials for schools, for support of these beautiful children so that they can attend these schools. It was wonderful to see them in their uniforms throughout the country as we traveled, many schools having different color uniforms and many having the same of blue and white. The children radiated joy and holiness, and this is why in the first HeartStream the Spirit of Ghana spoke primarily of the children.

When we get in touch with our inner child and our soul, we can touch the fabric of heaven through the love within our hearts, which allows us to transcend time and space and be within our higher elements, in the communicative state with God within. Remaining in the state of constant communion and communication with God, we transcend the lesser self; we abide in the grace of the Holy Spirit's love. And we can perfume anywhere upon Earth beingness and joy, harmony and peace when we are heart-centered, as the Ghanaian people are.

From Bolgatanga in the north and Tamale, Kumasi, Accra, Tema, Cape Coast and Takoradi, light goes forth this day to bless the Ghanaian people with God-conscious love, Solar love and light, soulful aspects of God's eternal being as the great Oversoul of the universe. And from Accra, the heart chakra of Ghana this day, there is radiated forth throughout the African continent light, light, light to inspire all to return to the heart of God, to inspire all to make amends and atone for their evil ways.

This light descends in cosmic justice. And as it has descended recently in Zimbabwe and called to task that dark spirit of Robert Mugabe, who is now under house arrest, there is an opportunity for a new wave of light within Zimbabwe if the people respond to the light, to God, their inner beingness and the calling to rise higher out of all temptation, all sin, disease and death, all prejudice, all unknowingness.

These are bound by the power of divine love this day so that all nations within Africa may have a fresh new start. Honesty, integrity are the requirements of the hour in all nations, especially Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe and wherever leaders and the people have accepted bribery as the standard, as the norm. Let bribery be no more, by the power of Afra, by the power of the Spirit of Ghana, by the power of the Elohim of the seventh ray, Arcturus and Victoria, whose light now descends over Zimbabwe, over Angola and brings light into the equation.

We accept light now, fire now, Divine Presence now, beingness now, joy now, radiated forth through every soul and every lightbearer throughout Africa for the victory of our collective mission for that continent, every heartfriend. And let a special blessing go to the heartfriends in South Africa. All of you, now live as brothers and sisters in the light. Put aside anything less than perfection. Get along with one another, love one another, respect one another.

There is none greater than those who serve and whose calling it is to be the servant of all. Therefore if you expect to be a leader, be a servant first. These are the words of Jesus the Christ and the Spirit of Ghana. If you expect to be a leader, be a servant first. Serve, serve, serve and then God will choose you to also be a spokesperson, a leader, and you will always lead with humility, with love.

May the Spirit of Ghana be upon you, all the peoples of Ghana and of all nations in Africa. May the Spirit of Ghana bless you and charge you with light, with the radiances of the Holy Spirit, from which the Spirit of Ghana receives eternal and cosmic light and love to share with her people. May the Spirit of Ghana charge you to move upward on your path; to be true to your vows; holy every day; invested in God's will, wisdom and love; attentive to the inner voice; responsive to God's call to your heart and to your soul to be your best, your brightest, your most beloved.

The Spirit of Ghana is upon you, O Ghanaian people, to rise out of any form of mediocrity and to live in the integrity of truth, honesty and that which is real. And the Spirit of Ghana is upon all brothers and sisters of Afra in Africa, in America and throughout the world who choose to broadcast this beingness, this light, this energy of presence, this heart-centered love 24/7 and to give, give, give unto mankind what all require to merge again with their Source. Inspire them through prayer! Inspire them through love! Inspire them through your example of godliness, O peoples of all nations and those who would wield the sacred sword of truth through honesty and integrity, through virtuous living and a joyful new attitude of gratitude.

Yes, this attitude of gratitude, which we celebrate here in the United States this week on Thanksgiving, for all that we have received is being broadcast throughout the world. And whenever you celebrate your Thanksgiving, O peoples of all nations, let it be through attentiveness to the grace of God that comes unto you through the abundant life, which has been offered unto you by Providence, by the Almighty.

Give thanks and praise to the Eternal One. Give thanksgiving and gratitude to the One who provides everything unto you—your very soul, your very spirit, your very beating heart, your very breath. These all come from the One Eternal God in the Great Central Sun, stepped down through the Holy Spirit unto you—the one who breathed life into you when you were born into this world and the one who will receive your last breath when you leave this world.

Choose to leave this world having given the allness of yourself through love, givingness, thanksgiving and praise day and night, night and day, and to be that spirit who you are as a godly one—forthright in your endeavors to anchor the light, to give your gifts, your talents, your offerings to humanity. Let these be charged, supercharged with love today and every day. Let them be supercharged with beauty, reverence, grace, kindness. Embody the virtues of the Spirit of Ghana now and forever and live in the oneness of eternal joy. Thank you.

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