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Kuthumi      November 16, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Kuthumi)
November 16, 2017   7:00 ̶ 8:00 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

Kuthumi on Developing the Balance of Alpha and Omega Within
and Darshan with Mexican Heartfriends

The Master Kuthumi is a master of peace, and as a World Teacher he works very closely with beloved Jesus. And of course Jesus is also a master of peace—he is the Prince of Peace. When we desire to pray for planetary peace, we can call to these two great masters.

Kuthumi has a retreat over Shigatse, Tibet, and Jesus has a retreat over Jerusalem and also another special retreat over Arabia. They anchor the light in these two very important regions of the Earth. They consciously chose these areas for their retreats for a holy purpose. They saw into the future what would be happening and they desired their retreats to be over these areas for the purpose of anchoring peace. We see the issue in Tibet with the taking over of that nation by the Communist Chinese. We see the issue in Jerusalem, Israel, the Middle East, with all the fighting that has occurred there in recent decades. To secure planetary peace, we must resolve conflict everywhere. Yet we can also discern that we must resolve the issues within us that oppose peace.

Now, Tibet represents the roof of the world. The highest mountains in the world, the Himalayas, are in this region. In one sense, being the roof of the world may represent the crown chakra. Also, Jerusalem, a part of Israel, and Arabia in the Middle East represent a very important region. It's an area with the crosscurrents of three major faiths—Judaism, Christianity and Islam—with Tibet, of course, representing primarily Buddhism. Imagine if all the peoples of these four faiths could get along totally well together. If Buddhists, Jews, Christians and Muslims all reconciled, then we would have the great avenue for peace to spread throughout the Earth.

Tibet represents the crown of the planet, and the Middle East, especially in Egypt and that area, represents the base chakra. Serapis Bey's ascension retreat is over Luxor, Egypt, right there in that region. So if we resolve both the Father energies of Spirit in the crown and the Mother energies of Matter in the base chakra, we have the perfect balance of Alpha and Omega. So in this sense, with their retreats in these areas, Kuthumi represents Father and Jesus represents Mother.

Jesus was a great exponent of equal rights for women in his time. The incident in which he forgave the woman who had been accused of adultery so that she would not be stoned proves this fact. And Jesus had many close disciples who were women, including his twin flame, Mary Magdalene. These women were important for both the beginning of his mission and the continuity of his mission throughout the ages. And, of course, his mother, Mary, has been important for Catholicism and the mystical traditions of the Mother within Christianity for over two thousand years.

Kuthumi recommends that in order for us to emanate the light of peace, we have the balance of Alpha and Omega within us. If we have not truly secured from within our soul the balance of the Mother light, then how can we be an exponent and a proponent of planetary peace? And likewise, if we haven't balanced the Alpha, or Father, energies within—the Spirit of our being—then we cannot be a balanced proponent of planetary peace.

Jesus and Kuthumi dictated a wonderful book years ago called Prayer and Meditation. Meditation manifests primarily through the mind, representing the crown; and prayer and devotion manifest through the heart. So even though prayers are represented by the heart, it's also a Mother activity. Kuthumi is a master of meditation; Jesus, obviously, is a master of holy prayer. So if we practice these sacred arts of both prayer and meditation, we can develop this perfect balance of Alpha and Omega within us.

Meditation is a time of stillness and listening. Prayer is a time of communication through speech. If we only meditate and don't pray or if we only pray and don't meditate, we can learn from the other practice. If we are only talking to God all the time in prayer but we don't take time to listen to what God says to us, there can be an imbalance in our being. Likewise, if we are only listening but we don't speak to God, then how do we expect God to respond to us if we don't talk to him? God is our dearest friend, of course. We will both listen to God and we will speak to God. So the science of stillness and the science of prayer are important for us to incorporate into our spiritual life.

Now, you may feel that this is very basic teaching, and of course it is. Yet how many of us have mastered meditation and how many of us have mastered prayer? In meditation we can connect permanently with our God Presence through the science of stillness. And when our prayers are holy and our motives are pure, those prayers can be answered instantaneously because of the purity of our hearts.

Many of us have read stories in spiritual books about how God immediately answers the prayers of saints. If your prayers are not answered immediately, then you have work to do on yourself. The saints are those whom God listens to and answers with lightning speed. So if you find that there is a delay in the response from heaven to your prayers, see this as an opportunity to develop a closer, more powerful relationship with God. And likewise, if you do not hear God's voice inside of your heart when you meditate, go deeper and deeper and continue to practice until you can feel that light and feel the response.

One issue that newer disciples on the path have is that they expect to have all of heaven at their beck and call right away. They have to realize that it takes time to develop a deep and lasting divine relationship with God. If you have been speaking to God every day and meditating with God every day, then you know the import of these practices. Yet if you have recently come upon the path and are just beginning to learn the science of invocation and decrees, realize that although God does answer every prayer, it's not always exactly as we think it should be answered. We have to wait upon the Lord and discern why, how, where and with whom God will answer prayers, based on all manner of divine factors.

When we become more discerning and sensitive, we will realize why it is that God answers prayers in a particular way. When we develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit, as a representative of God, of the Trinity, then all kinds of magical things begin to happen. And just as the masters are concerned about us and help us, so the Holy Spirit overshines all of the ascended masters.

It was interesting to note during the soul-raising sessions in Mexico City how the Holy Spirit would sometimes respond personally and other times would send other masters to help people. The Holy Spirit is aware of all of our incarnations and of how close some of us are to various masters. In many cases, people feel that they have a tie to a master and then they wonder who their sponsoring master is. And very often, the sponsoring master is the one that we feel the closest to. We may feel close to them because they are close to us, because they are watching over us, guiding and protecting us.

You can develop a closer relationship with any master, if you choose, by appropriating the light in your chakras for them and inviting them to come into your life. Upon your invitation, when it is offered with true loving-kindness and when your motive is pure, the masters must respond. And the response can be very definitive, based on the purity of our hearts. So if you invite many, many masters into your world, into your life, then expect a response. From the vantage point of heaven, the more the merrier. Invite all of them. Contrary to what some feel, the masters aren't involved as much as they could be. And therefore we may as well go for it with as many as possible, because sometimes various masters aren't invoked at all.

So it is a science and an art to know how to pray and how to meditate. Yet more important than how is that we do it. We may think we are great meditators, but if we only meditate once a year, we are not going to make as much progress as those who are aren't as good at meditating yet meditate every day. This is a basic teaching for all of us, and yet it is also a really good reminder for each of us. Even if you've been on the path for many years, decades or lifetimes, there are always deeper and more subtle levels of attainment to secure.

So Kuthumi sends his love and his wisdom to each one of us. He expands the light of peace within our solar plexus and within our entire aura. And he uses each of us to expand this light where we live, whether in Mexico, the United States or elsewhere across our globe. So thank you for being here tonight.

Now we will have the questions and hopefully some answers. We are going to begin with the more recent question that I received later today. There is a precious heartfriend who is facing a lot of opposition through her family members. Her son was assaulted on Monday and her sister robbed cash in her car. And this heartfriend is very concerned. She knows the dark ones are trying to derail her. She is afraid for her sons and she desires to know why this is happening and what changes she can make to keep on the path and to protect her family.

Kuthumi says that often when we are new on the path, little and sometimes big things like these do happen. We have to develop a strong aura and a momentum in our prayers, especially to Archangel Michael. The stronger, wider and more expansive your aura, the more it can protect your loved ones. So the question Kuthumi asks this person is, “Have you read the books on the aura, especially the most recent book, Advanced Studies of the Human Aura, by El Morya?” If you study this book and all the teachings within it, you will have many, many keys for protecting yourself and your loved ones.

This is another interesting dynamic, that study on the yellow ray is also important. By studying sacred scriptures, we develop greater discernment and attunement. We are armed with the truth and the holy wisdom of God, and then that truth allows us both to protect ourselves and to prevent major issues in our lives. So that's the answer to the first question.

Question:  How can someone heal completely from obsessive compulsive disorder that consists of disruptive images and thoughts that cause a lot of anxiety and guilt?

David:  Within this question is the obvious recognition that someone has demon or entity possession. You have to be cleared of these entities through the power of Astrea and Purity and Archangel Michael and his legions. There may also be an imbalance in the diet, with too much sugar and other things that act like sugar in the body, including white rice and white flour. If you have a diet with mostly natural organic vegetables, fruits, nuts and some grains that are alkaline, then you can heal your body and thereby heal your mind and your emotions. So there is a twofold action required: the clearing of the entities and an excellent diet.

Question:  How can we help others more efficiently to spiritually awaken?

David:  First of all, we have to be awake. There are many levels of spiritual wakefulness. It's most important that we are spiritually awake before we try to illumine or awaken others. However, once we know that we are spiritually awake, we can help them through prayer and meditation. Our own example of being conscious, loving, kind, compassionate and even holy will inspire others to be like us.

So we don't try to change others; we work on ourselves and change ourselves. And then, voilà, other people seem to change. It's amazing to observe people who think they are so spiritually developed who still have major psychological or other hang-ups. Some of them are trying to save the world when they haven't saved themselves first. They think they know what's going on in the world, yet they don't even know what's going on inside of them.

Having said all this, however, if you're within a spiritual community, you can support the work of what we call heartsharing, or spiritual outreach through the heart. You can pray for your family and loved ones using pictures of them, with your hands over them, to share the light from your Divine Presence with them. You can visualize anyone and send them love and light and let God do the awakening. Everyone has their perfect timing for their spiritual awakening. It's not up to us to determine when others will spiritually awaken. We just love everyone as the sun loves, and then the sunlight of that love will awaken them in the morning of their true spiritual new life.

Question:  Can you give us a blessing or teaching to enlighten us as a group in how to communicate more divinely with all the souls you've contacted at the booth and will contact in the future in order to concretize a strong, thriving Hearts Center in Mexico?

David:  You can make an alphabetical list of all of the people that you contacted. You can pray over this list as a group and also individually. Pray for those who are ready to be quickened. And, by God's grace, if they choose to interact with you more, then they will. Invite them to a very simple session without fast decrees. Have a lot of sharing, some stories. Maybe you can play a HeartStream and just talk with everyone. Answer questions and allow them to also have some food, because everyone loves to come together and have a pot fortune. Don't expect brand-new heartfriends to decree fast, and so temper your sessions to accommodate them where they are. There is much more that Kuthumi could say, yet we've already been given so much on this subject.

Question:  How can we improve our psychology? [I guess our personal psychology, and says familiar and then guru-chela.]

David:  To improve our psychology—I think it means to improve your psychological health— you have to learn how to meditate. You can ask yourself: “Am I being true to myself now? Am I being true to my Higher Self every day?” To have a balanced psychological life, we have to do the inner work with our inner child. So if you haven't done the inner-child work, secure the books and study, and work on your psychology through the lens of your inner child

Question:  Thank you, beloved Kuthumi. Please teach me your infinite patience and peace. Let me always walk my path embodying your beautiful prayer. I love you.

David:  Then after this statement, there were all these little images of different animals. I wonder who sent this statement. Maybe the lady that's speaking now. [Translator laughs.] Kuthumi likes to have fun sometimes.

So infinite patience and peace—Kuthumi already talked about peace. So now, if you like, he'll talk a little bit about infinite patience.

God has infinite patience. Kuthumi says that we don't have to develop infinite patience; developing just a certain modicum of patience will serve us very well. We can't expect to develop infinite patience while we are on Earth.

So what is patience? Patience is enduring love abiding in peace. If we meditate on that concept, we can increase our enduring love. Love has to endure within us for us to have patience. When we are tempted to lose our harmony with anger, we have to control ourselves. What allows us to have this level of harmony? Love. Love conquers all negatives. And while it's conquering, it's also establishing a more peaceful new domain. The conquering is not like a forceful beating into submission; it's a very gentle, compassionate, victorious state of being.

Kuthumi says: “Who teaches us patience in nature? The mountains, the oceans, the Himalayan snows and the sky. We can find peace and more enduring patience right around us in nature. Within nature, we find our center; and being heart-centered, we learn to be patient and peaceful.”

The name of our Hearts Center is a key for us, because when we are heart-centered we can anchor any virtue of God. If you desire wisdom, get heart-centered and then you will get that wisdom. Desire greater faith? Be heart-centered and then you will have that faith. And, of course, if you'd like greater kindness, compassion or love, be heart-centered and then they will naturally flow through you.

You should discern why the masters gave us the name of our movement. When I first heard them give me this term—it was the Great Divine Director—I was very thrilled. And I knew that this community and this movement was for those who are basically heart-centered. People who are not heart-centered don't last long in our community, because if you desire to be with others who are loving, you have to be loving. It becomes very easy to discern who our true heartfriends are, because they are heart-centered. They like to give rather than only take; they like to share rather than only be self-embroiled.

To answer all of those questions, be heart-centered in God. When you are heart-centered in God, you will follow the golden rule. And then you won't have any more questions to ask. Although if you do, ask your own Higher Self.

So I think that's the darshan. Is there anything anyone would like to say now?

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