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David Lewis      November 15, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
November 15, 2017   8:51 ̶ 9:01 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Guided Heart-Flame Meditation to Bless the Earth

Let us meditate upon our beloved God Presence and see and feel a blazing sun over our heart chakra, illumining our aura first and then this room, the city or village or town where you abide, your state or province, your nation, your continent and the Earth.

Breathe in Solar light from your I AM God Presence and expand it throughout your auric field and into your physical bloodstream, purifying every element within you, harmonizing the functioning of all processes and creating the perfect balance of the hormones and what the glands secrete for every organ to function dynamically, radiantly.

Now see needlelike rays going in all dimensions, to every life-form upon our Earth as a blessing, a boon, carrying consciousness, healing light, resurrection fire, ascension currents. This light is being invested within the center of every being to raise them up into their own God Presence, their hallowed state of being.

See now a stream of cosmic ruby light going to Fukushima and dynamically transmuting and consuming all toxicity coming from the spewing radiation, from the damaged nuclear power plant. We seal that entire region with a triple ruby dome of cosmic light and we ask for cosmic dispensations from the Great Central Sun to mitigate any further toxicity and nuclear electro-pollution and all pollution.

We see and feel and accept the dissolving of all toxic chemtrails across the skies of our planet and ratify Archangel Michael's action of judgment upon those responsible for it, all geo-engineering that is not of the Christ light.

We see the God-victory of our 2017 winter solstice event in Mexico City and Cuernavaca, and for at least thirty-three additional people coming who have not yet registered, who contacted us at our booth at the expo in Mexico City this past weekend. We see everyone who has received a soul-raising session being supercharged with light and blessed, sealed, motivated and inspired to join us in our endeavors, to help us co-create a Solar civilization in Mexico and throughout North, Central and South America.

We see rays of light going to our personal families, our spouses, loved ones, children and extended families, blessing and sealing them in light.

We see the precious elementals throughout the planet being raised up and blessed by this same radiance, the atmosphere being cleaned, all the waterways—oceans, seas, lakes, bays, rivers, ponds, streams—being nurtured and purified by this cosmic light and all toxicity transmuted. We see all farmlands that have been the recipient of toxic fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals also being transmuted by the glory of God through this light.

We see all unborn babies being protected in the womb and all mothers being motivated by their own Higher Self to bring their babies to full term rather than choosing abortion. We call for a new cosmic groundswell of light to support the pro-life movement and all of its movements and organizations—40 Days for Life and all others—and an ascended-master sponsored and God-directed amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing the right to life of all unborn children and recognizing that life begins at conception and even before.

We see the curtailing of all war on this planet, all inharmony, violence and sense of injustice between all peoples and for the resolving of the immigrant crisis in Europe, in Africa, throughout the entire Western Hemisphere and throughout the world. We see a resolution of the situation in Syria, the binding and consuming of all darkness working through ISIS, ISIL, Al-Qaida and all other terrorist groups and even the perversions working through the Deep State using the military of the United States or any nation unjustly.

We feel now the rising light within our chakras, from the base to the crown, illumining our entire aura and bursting forth as a Solar series of fireworks in our crown and above our crown to glorify God within us, to expand the Solar light in all dimensions and planes of being. We see The Hearts Center movement and community growing and expanding naturally, organically and by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit, through the movement of love through our hearts, one to another and unto all, and for everyone to be emboldened, empowered and invigorated by the nine and more gifts of the Holy Spirit to bring forth their talents, gifts and to shine forth their light unto our planet and her people.

We see America and the entire planet now being raised up out of the darkness and the ways of the wicked into the new dawn of a golden-crystal age civilization honoring the golden rule in every life and putting aside the past, all perversions, all that is not just in the eyes of God. We feel the expansion of our threefold flame now to a new and higher level. We pledge to sustain this through our devotion to God within ourselves and within all life.

We reclaim our divine vows, all lost soul parts and we see them reintegrated. And we are grateful to be of service. Amen.

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