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Victory      November 05, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Victory)
November 5, 2017 11:16–11:37 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Psychology of Victory

Mighty Victory would like me to speak on the psychology of victory and would like to give us keys to always be victorious.

Occasionally when we encounter darkness, or what we call opposition, we have to be firm, forthright and proactively intense and say, “Thus far and no farther! You have no power! Your day is done!” And its corollary is: “We have God-power! Our day is here! Reverse the tide of darkness! Initiate a new wave of light!”

We simply cannot accept defeat, everyone. There is no other course but victory. We are on a trajectory of the ascension. If we accept any lesser stance than victory, we are accommodating ourselves to the downward spiral of civilization and the dark ones. When we engage with God, we are always victorious, because when we are engaged to God through love we are in that union of perfect oneness.

Victory is vision fulfilled. Victory is love completed. Victory is a divine spiral that continues upward and onward forever. And every victory leads to a new victory and a new spiral of opportunity to be victorious. So when you are victorious today, your tomorrow is a new spiral that leads to a new victory, and on and on and on forever.

When we accept the upward spiral, a wave of divine support is provided. This wave of upward divine light moves us cosmically into the next vibration and frequency of victory. For there are billions and trillions and quadrillions and beyond, to infinity, of different levels or frequencies of light. And it actually never ends. Imagine that there are infinite numbers of frequencies and you can reach a new level, if you choose, every moment. It's a gradual process, yet it is possible to ever increase your vibration and frequency.

How do we do this? By accessing the light of love, by accepting God internally and staying and abiding in that vibration until we feel the little lilt of uplift that moves us higher. It's a shift; it's an uplift. It's like shifting gears in a semi truck. There are many gears in a semi truck, the biggest ones, and they're gradual. Yet they keep shifting until the truck is going as fast as possible. Well, that's on the human plane. On the divine plane, we can keep shifting, if we choose, and accelerating. It may be just a tiny little increment, yet there can be an increase in that acceleration.

Now, of course, we all require times of reprieve, rest, recuperation, regeneration. This is why we sleep at night. Yet when we begin in the morning where we left off the previous day in terms of how far we had accelerated, we can consciously choose to be more in the mode of God Self-mastery and acceleration. Lord Maitreya will help us. Sanat Kumara will help us. Our sponsoring master will help us if we absolutely choose to be victorious. Mighty Victory and his legions and Justina and her angels will help us. We simply have to believe and accept that it is so.

How many times have we accepted some level of defeat in our life? We can look back, just for a moment, and contemplate the psychology of that and why we accepted defeat. Others influenced us. We believed what others said, that we couldn't do it. We didn't have the resources. We didn't have the tools, the training the education, the whatever. Well, the tools, training and education all originally come from God, and we can access all of that from within ourselves, if we choose. We can choose to be educated, even through the Internet now. There are so many YouTube videos out there that give us keys to how to do things and how to be victorious in just about everything that we could encounter in our life. Others have mastered it; we can master it; we can move forward. We can do anything in Christ, who strengthens us by God's grace, if we choose to engage and just to do it. Right? [Audience responds: “Right!”]

So what do you choose to consciously overcome today that you know you've procrastinated about? You don't have to verbalize it outwardly. You can think about it inwardly. Write it down. Study the psychology of why you have allowed procrastination to prevent or to forestall your victory in this matter, in this mission, project, initiative, whatever. And then affirm the victory of it completed. Meditate upon it, feel it, see it, taste it, touch it, draw it, if necessary, and internalize that victory through the five senses and the higher senses. And then, through the taste of victory and what it feels like when you are victorious, draw it into you, and then determine to take those steps to fulfill it in time and space.

It's actually very simple when you boil it down to the little steps that are required, and we are all alchemists in being victors on the path. The little tiny little steps, the intuitive faculties that we use to discern the next step, the next phase, the next part of the plan are important for us to accept and to utilize to be victorious. Yet we have to take those steps. If we leave off of one, it will not lead to the next that is required to pass the test and the initiation and to get our diploma on that ray, that project, that initiative.

Now, why do we leave off? We like to relax; we like our comfort zones; we like not to have stress in our world. Do we have to have stress in order to be victorious? That's the big question. Do we have to? Mighty Victory says, imperatively, no! In fact, when you are engaged with love and joy, you are beyond stress. It may take energy, it may take focus, it may take concentration, yet you can, as Morya has taught us, be rest in motion and, through the comfort that comes through the impelling grace of the Holy Spirit, not be in a state of stress.

You don't have to stress out about how to accomplish the seemingly miraculous. You just have to accept the nonstressed state of beingness within the glorious, victorious, joyful manifestation of the next tiny little step that you must take to fulfill the victory. This one key of the nonstressful victorious step forward is important for all initiates to understand and to master, because stress creates tension, which then brings frustration, anxiety, fear, doubt. And then that degreases the axle that allows the spinning of the wheels of the ascent toward the victory. If you stress about anything, that stress dissolves the lubricating oil of the Holy Spirit's joy and the equation that is necessary to understand and to engage in to be victorious.

Now, you can take intermittent reprieves when you are engaged in the intensity of the immensity of your alchemies, because these will allow you to regroup, to reactivate, regenerate and to receive inspiration that can actually give you some of the intuitive steps that are next. So at times when you feel like you don't know what the next step is, it's best to relax, do deep breathing, go within, meditate, go for a walk in nature, do something outside, breathe in the prana and then accept what is the essential element that is next for your victory.

If you're retired and you don't have a lot of projects, that's fine. Yet you're all engaged in some divine work and spiritual progress, and you're all engaged in doing something each day, whether it is making a meal or doing something. And that meal can be perfect, can be beautiful, can be divine and can bring even greater cosmic-light radiances through the food by the conscious application of your love into the food as you prepare it and as it is assimilated into your body so that you can be even more victorious. So no matter what you're engaged in, it can have higher elements, finer quintessences of God-consciousness, Solar awareness within it so that you can feel happier, more blissful, more friendly, less gloomy-doomy. You can just be who you are—the quintessential chrismatic, prismatic beautiful being who you are as a God-conscious one.

Money. This is often a stress factor, right? Money. How do we resolve the stresses around the seeming lack, which at times cause anxiety, frustration, fear in our mind and in our auras? How can we conquer this sense, permanently, that we don't have enough, we don't know when the next amount of money that we require is going to come? We take a deep breath, we relax and we say to ourselves: “God is the source of everything. I love God. God loves me. God always provides. I AM God's providence manifesting as my abundant life now.”

Then pause. Feel the currents of that love as it is coalesced as the abundance that you require in that moment, as the essentials within that abundance that you require to do your work, to pay your bills, to fulfill a godly desire. You may have a desire for something. Pause before you purchase or fulfill that desire to see if you truly require what you desire. And in the pause, feel the Holy Spirit's Presence inspiring you as to whether you require what you desire. If you feel the nod from heaven, purchase. If you feel no nod or the other type of nod, do not purchase.

Then find something to offer God as a love gift in thankfulness for all that you have and the abundance that you already know is coming and is there universally in the cosmos around you and within you and that is simply in the process of coalescing. It hasn't fully coalesced yet as money for what you require; it's in the process of coalescing. So you have to allow that process to be completed. And how do you allow that? By giving thanks, praising God, loving and giving something of yourself to others, to the universe.

The way to help precipitate something faster that you truly, require, that you desire is to give thanks and to thankfully give, because that givingness sets in motion an acceleration of precipitation within that point where the light coalesces as abundance. If you desire a quicker return on any investment, give; because the giving precipitates and coalesces the light around that point of precipitation faster.

If you withhold giving, the light can't descend as quickly as you desire. If you withhold, withhold, withhold, it stops the flow. If you give and give and give, it accelerates the flow, accelerates the precipitation. It's a simple yet profound law. It's very scientific. It is the law of cause and effect. The more you give, the more you receive, because you accelerate, through that givingness, the descent of the return current of your giving into your hands and use for greater giving.

Whenever you receive, immediately give thanks. How do you give thanks? First you give thanks internally, praising God, giving thanks. Then what do you do? You give. If you desire to tithe, great. If you desire to give something to someone else, great. Whatever works for you. This is such a simple solution to dealing with the anxiety around the sense of lack.

Children can understand it if you teach them how to give—not so that they receive, rather just to give for the sense of giving, for the wonder of giving, like a child coming to his or her mother with a flower. They don't seek something in return except the acknowledgement from their mother that they appreciate it, right? Just the hug, the kiss, the smile. This is the way God is. This is the way we are. We love to give gifts because we desire to have our loved ones smile and appreciate it. It's that simple; it doesn't have to be complex. The more you give, the more you will receive.

The greatest givers have then been the greatest recipients, and then they continue giving. If they continue giving, they will always have what they require—just in time, just as in accounting, just-in-time inventory. We desire to have all the inventory we require just in time, right? Well, you will always have the abundance just in time when your inventory is inspired by the Holy Spirit through givingness. It is so simple and easy; it is not complex.

Those of you who are true alchemists know this law. You practice this law and you've never wanted or lacked for anything because, through joy and being a joyful giver and a joyful receiver and then joyful giver again, you have mastered this law. And it's wonderful. It's beautiful.

Now, when you feel that you are responsible for more than just your own assets, then another dynamic comes into play. Yet even then, you are at the nexus of God-accountability and responsibility on behalf of an organization or a group of people. And even if everyone isn't quite as conscious of this law and doesn't practice it as you do, you can hold that field of love and joy and beingness. And you can teach others and share with others these laws so that they can engage together. And when you do a group alchemy in that sacred circle of oneness, it's more powerful. You don't have to feel personally accountable for the entire weight of that project, that initiative. You just have to allow others to engage with you in that alchemy. You're not the only one in the alchemy—it's a group alchemy. So allow God to be in the center of that. Surrender to God and let God do the alchemy, and then the alchemy will proceed beautifully, wonderfully.

I asked Boyd just before I started speaking, when we were singing the last song, to see if we had accomplished the alchemy of precipitating the $5,000 for our Mexico event to help heartfriends in Mexico so that they would have their registration covered, as Joyce, Clare and others have shared before. I think we're very close. Do we know where we are? We're at $4,698. We have $302 to go.

So I am accepting, through the alchemy of this teaching, the victory of this alchemy now through the givingness of myself and others within our Hearts Center family and community today. And I am seeing the completion of this alchemy today so that we can move on to other alchemies.

So if you choose to be a part of this circle and this alchemy, either now or at the end of this service, you can write a check, give some cash if you're local here, make a credit card payment, and do your part to be bright and beautiful and thoughtful and giving and thankful so that we together, as a harmonic community, can fulfill this today, November 5, 2017. In fact, let's have this love offering right now to see what we generate here in Livingston and what can be generated throughout our community.

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