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Lakshmi      November 03, 2017

Beloved Lakshmi
David Christopher Lewis
November 3, 2017   9:00 ̶ 9:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana 

Lakshmi Speaks on the Mystery of the Acceptance of Our Abundance

As your Lakshmi, I come to bless you, each one, with the radiance of the Divine Mother, who I AM, and with that selfsame light that dwells within you as the Mother frequency of beingness, as the abundance and wealth of beauty, as the essence of that which gives birth within to light, to love, to harmony.

Many call to me for many things and I answer as I am able, based on many divine factors and in accord with the laws of the Divine. I desire, dearest ones, that you see me dwelling within you as an aspect of Self, as an essence of the Motherhood of God within your own soul. For when you see us merging as one, when you experience your own Mother light manifesting through your aura, the togetherness of our connective love manifests as a great radiance of spiritual light. And through that beingness of our oneness and harmony, where you walk I AM; where you manifest your divinity, there the all-Mother coexists.

When you begin to see your spiritual path as one of originating in God and returning to God, you see that the origin and the destiny are one. And within the sacred journey of your life and many lives, you understand the nature of God as the Alpha and the Omega within—the beginning and the ending of cycles, which never really end. For one merges into the next: Omega becomes Alpha, and Alpha becomes Omega, and from a higher state of awareness they are always one.

So if you can begin to perceive of yourself as already one with God and know your Father nature and your Mother nature within as the dual aspects of God resolved into the oneness of the Tai Chi, then, blessed hearts, you have unlocked the mystery of life itself. You have solved the great koan of your origin and your destiny resolved within the eternal Now of your being in this present moment, in your present state of awareness.

Those who come to the Mother with hands outstretched always receive something, for it is truly the Mother's great joy and divine obligation to give to those who ask. Yet those who desire to give also receive even greater gifts of Spirit in order to continue to give. For in their desire is the desire of God him/herself. For within the great Us, there is eternal givingness, the eternal offering of Divine Selfhood to all life in the mystery of co-creation, in the alchemy of love.

Since the origin of your broadcast this day is Canada, many Divine Mothers step forth with me to surround your nation and to augment the work that you have engaged in through your prayers and songs and visuals and the specificity of those invocations for many things to manifest in your world. And together we ray forth divine beingness, holy harmony, the abundant life and new frequencies that we, in our eternal oneness with God, are continuously accessing, assimilating and offering. And from these higher fields of divine awareness within the heaven world, there is a new origination of creativity manifest, which we proffer unto your souls to use for your sacred work upon Earth, for the nurturing of life, for the giving birth within many to a new opportunity to stretch forth into God-states of Self-realization.

When you become the message and the Word itself of the wisdom teaching, then naturally many will come unto you as a fount of light and life, of beingness and hope. This is our hope, that each of you will so identify with God and incorporate into your beings the God-essence who you already are in your true reality that you will become a nexus, a sun filled with light, filled with wisdom, filled with truth and joy, offering to many our essence through you—God's light pouring through your heart, mind, will and soul.

This dispensation of The Hearts Center is one in which we remind you of who you are. And in that reminding, you have opportunity to allow your mind to be one with the universal mind. You have an opportunity to allow your heart to be one with the universal heart. And in this reminding, in this reestablishment of your heart tie to God, there is the miracle manifestation of the mystery teaching, of the magic of oneness with the Source. And in that mystical union of you with God and of God with you, the co-creative power of love shines forth to bless all in its radiant field of loveliness, of beauty, of perfection.

I come today in the guise of my appearance as the Goddess of Wealth. We perceive that many of you desire freedom from struggle, strife and concern about your finances and that of this movement, your families and community. Be assured, blessed ones, that when you focus upon the Divine and the eternal wealth of God that is present everywhere in the universe, that the magic of that state of being does indeed allow a greater outflow unto you and inflow from you of that wealth of beingness that is the greatness of God's eternality and the strength of the unity field of beingness, which then magnetizes all the outer abundance that you require—day by day and moment by moment—so that you may live fruitfully, joyfully in the Spirit, one with the Eternal.

As you have heard from various alchemists who have given you keys to the abundant life, seek not so much for outer things or for specific amounts of money or wealth. Enter into the new consciousness of your God-abundant life. Celebrate that which you have as health, well-being and the abundance that many of you take for granted in this Western civilization, where you have so much more than most of humanity. And realize that your true abundance flows from within, from the eternal fount of God's heart, which beats your heart, and that when you are thankful, when you are in a state of eternal gratitude, that light itself draws unto you all that you require—the essentials to live your greatest joyful life in harmony and in love with everyone and everything. And in this state of beingness, no longer are you concerned about the little things that sometimes are irksome to your outer consciousness. You feel the Presence infinitely and intimately. And you know that the Presence—your Presence, one with God's Presence—is the Source of all the essentials. Dwell here for an hour, for a day, for a week, and you will see your life turned around, a new joyful attitude abound. And then there will resound within you many new pounds, to use a British point of reference, of that abundance that is essential for your victory on the path.

O holy ones, God is great. God is great within you; God is great everywhere. Tap into this greatness, this allness, this all-encompassing grace. And feel the fire of its beauty and radiance and the infinitude of its ever-present offering of what you require—already yours, already in your hands and use to serve to set life free.

You may consider using these words that I have spoken through this one in little slides with visuals as an offering from my heart and as a course in the abundant life itself. And you may place these upon your website and throughout the world of social media in order to inspire many to let go of the past and to embrace the future within the Now of the eternal state of beingness in God, of beingness in that abundant life you seek.

In one sense, dearest ones, when you stop seeking and begin accepting, when you stop yearning or searching and enter into being, all becomes yours because you have merged with the allness of God right within. This is the mystery of desire becoming desirelessness. And through that desirelessness, everything now comes into focus. And through the lack of lack, everything is available for your precious use in loving all and serving all.

Thank you for this opportunity to extend my heart, my love to you, each one. And now as these Divine Mothers withdraw, I see the radiance of the new Canada, the new consciousness of her people, the new glory of her verdure, the great mountains of the West, the great lakes, the great Hudson, the great forests, the expanses of the North, with the whiteness of the snow and the glacier, and the great cities of her peoples engaged in activities of light in a civilization of oneness and harmony.

Yes, my view of Canada and of all nations is a people of light and love living in joyful harmony, one with another, experiencing the creation as one people, as one harmonic family. As I hold this vision for Canada and all peoples, I pray that you too will hold it in your mind's eye and then allow it to manifest in an ever-increasing reality of beingness. We can do it together, precious ones, if we allow God to live where we live, move and have our being; if we are engaged in the sacred work of this acceptance and nurturing process, as all mothers are when they bear their children, when they nurture their own progeny.

Yes, become the Mother where you are. This is the beginning of the true abundant life—to mother another with love and then find within that love the all-abundance of God, which was always there from the beginning and now is unto the ending, back to the beginning again.

I love you; I cherish you; I AM yours—your Lakshmi.

David's Comments:

Thank you, everyone. I experienced a little flash into the future to see the divine Canada manifesting with a great new God-awareness of how the Divine One has impregnated within the great land of the North many aspects of the Father and of the Mother: the Father within the mountains and the lands and the forests; the Mother within the waters, the greenery of all life, the many creatures that live upon the land, and the elementals, the nature spirits. And I see the future within the past also—the way things were when life was beautiful and serene and everything was in a natural state of harmony. And I see the return to that harmonic state by people recognizing the Mother within nature, as Mother Nature, and then returning to a more natural type of lifestyle, a more meaningful type of life, communing with what is around them that God embedded within the creation.

Though there may still be cities and great architectural wonders, they are all harmonically placed in unison with nature and with the great Solar civilization of the North. This I see, this I experience through Lakshmi's eyes. And through the power of that vision, I see it continuing to be drawn forth into the physical as a reality upon Earth.

I also saw in a flash our beloved Doreen P_______, the dear soul who requires our prayers, love and support; and the tender one who attends to her, Elizabeth; and all who have been praying for her and desire her freedom, her victory, her joy and harmony. She has been through a lot. Let all understand her, including her family, and know that the preciousness of this soul in the depth of her inner beauty is such that I see her great Mother light manifesting on behalf of Canada in the area of Edmonton, along with many others of you who live there—Nicola; and further south, Marian; and, of course, our broadcaster today, Arnie; all who are a little further south and east, and others who abide both in the East and the West, including Luke and his beloved; and various spiritual communities, the Ideal Society and those who follow the Master Peter Deunov and the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov in the East. And at the very peak of all of this I see the great light of our beloved Caroline Dunnigan, a great initiate of purity, of love, who has given her entire life to God and who already abides in the resurrection and the ascension flame that circles around her 24/7 in the glory of her soul, yet unascended and yet already qualified for that great divine union.

The initiates in Canada are lovely souls, whom we within our Hearts Center community revere. Forgive me for not naming all of you who abide there—there are many, including our dear friends at Ideal. You are truly intrepid ones who live sometimes in a very harsh environment, the northern country. You have acclimated your spirits, your souls and your bodies to this environment and you keep the flame and maintain that light very harmoniously and with great dedication and consecration. And for this we thank you and we send you greetings, love and the affection of our hearts in a true brother/sisterhood of the spirit.

I was asking silently if Lakshmi would provide any insight into future Hearts Center events in Canada. And I'm seeing myself returning at least once more to Banff, possibly to the Ideal Society once or twice. And yet the Master's great desire is to have an event in British Columbia, in the west, somewhere in the Victoria or Vancouver area within three to four years. We haven't been there and it would be optimal to anchor light there and to experience the people, the climate, the culture, the environs.

So Lakshmi is recommending that the heartfriends of Canada consider possibly organizing something and presenting it to The Hearts Center community in a timetable that works for you, giving yourselves at least a year or more to plan and to actually recommend the program and even the subject and the title of what we can present together. And you can give some of your own presentations on various subjects. This would be a wonderful experience for many of us. And for many, they can reach Vancouver or Victoria through Seattle very easily and we can experience this wonderful place that some have not seen.

So I think that pretty much wraps up what the masters would like to share through me and we are right at 9:30. So I'll turn it back over to Arny. Thank you so much, Arny and Marion, for being there today and others who participated. God bless. Have a wonderful day.

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