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Lanello      October 18, 2017

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
October 18, 2017   8:55–9:12 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Lanello: Co-Create with Us Today Using Your Spiritual Talents and Gifts

Lanello would have us envision a beautiful world. Last night during the Economy Vigil, the second question that was asked had to do with what a golden-age society would look like vis-à-vis a divine economy. You can listen to El Morya's response by watching that video if you weren't participating live. I won't preempt it. However, what Lanello would like us to do is to envision a golden-age economy, a divine economy, manifesting in America and throughout the world during a meditation now in which we see everything in alignment with God's will and we feel the integrity of what the Earth is manifesting through its citizens. Peoples of all cultures come together in harmony, in brother/sisterhood, in love and reverence for each other, understanding each other and what will manifest in this beautiful Solar civilization that we help to co-create during these services and that we help to create every moment through our conscious lives.

So we're going to use the next twelve minutes for a twelve-minute meditation. We have two options: we can either do it in silence or Lanello is inviting Dean to extemporaneously play the piano. And through the music, if he's willing to do that, we'll actually have little glyphs of God-consciousness, through Dean's causal body, which are very important to our Earth and to our Hearts Center movement—to bring forth from heaven these little engrams of light that are a part of the divine economy and a golden-age culture and civilization.

Dean, are you willing to try this? Okay. It's going to be awesome. We're going to use this music and feel what Dean is accessing from his Higher Self and from heaven and see it precipitated into the Earth as this beautiful culture of love. 

[Dean plays the piano for three minutes.]


O, the beauty, the grace of God-consciousness and Solar awareness. O, how we each can co-create with our Creator love, a new world, peace.

You have heard within this music the yearning for all of the graces and the beauty and the harmony of heaven come to Earth through the movement of sound as conscious awareness; through the chords and the notes, as a stream of beingness, that play upon the soul and allow it to soar to the One and experience that peace, that solace, that unity awareness.

Precious ones, each of you, as co-creators, may work with your God to bless our planet and to invest your awareness within it to help bring about this civilization of light, this new culture of love. As you make it so through your gifts and talents and the virtues that you are now expressing, we the ascended masters and you the initiates upon Earth are participating in this great alchemy of spiritual integrity. And there is in these sacred moments of our oneness the instauration of the New Jerusalem, the Holy City, the true I AM culture in greater and greater spheres of awareness, as Above, so below, upon and within the Earth.

We long ago envisioned this new world with beloved Saint Germain, as the chohan of the seventh age, and together we are still invested in the co-creative processes that will accelerate all activity to allow it to fully manifest tangibly upon our Terra. Through your daily efforts and sacrifices, through your beingness and conscious presence, light goes forth from you to assist this alchemy. And we are grateful for who you are, your God-essence, your co-creativity and your investment in this collective work of Spirit.

Thank you, precious ones, for your presence here on this happy day, made joyous by your light, your love, your God Presence. As your Lanello, I say that we are still invested in each one of you and your role in this sacred endeavor. And as you feel called and moved to participate in any way through your own freewill experience, we will assist you; we will support you; and we will utilize your causal body appropriately, with permission, to bathe the Earth in light and to suffuse it with God-glory and joy.

Peace, be still in the I AM Presence and know God within. O humanity, awaken to your Buddha nature and be, in the I AM name, godly again. Thank you.


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