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David Lewis      October 04, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
October 4, 2017   8:02 ̶ 8:17 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

We Are Composed of Light—Go Within to Access It

Morya says that the path of liberation is the path of accessing the inner light, knowing that light as your Source—as the fount of your True Selfhood—and using that light every day to glorify God and magnify the Lord. When we know that we are composed of light, we can do away with all sense of separateness from God; because God is light, and light begets light, even as love begets love. God begot us in the beginning through the great commandment “Let there be light,”1 and so all that was created is composed of light at its core.

When we know this truth and this reality, we rise out of mediocrity and the humanistic mind-set of materialism, with its consciousness that is separate from the Source, and we feel enveloped in that light, graced by that light, fed by that light, nurtured and nourished by that light. To go within and know ourselves as pure light can be a very simple practice, which even a child can do when the child is taught appropriately and when we model that form of discipline that is very playful and sacred and creative.

Lest we be caught up so much in the study of words—which can be important to guide us on our path—we must access what is behind the word, which is light, and go directly to the source of all true scriptures, teachings, transmissions and HeartStreams. And we, through going to that source, can then receive the finest elements of that light, the most beautiful manifestations of its glory within ourselves.

Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you,”2 and we know this as a reality, those of us who have meditated, contemplated God and what God's kingdom is and then attempted to remain tethered to that reality through our daily disciplines, devotions, spiritual practices. The kingdom of God is also composed of light, even as we are composed of light, and it rests within us as a resource and a sanctum of holiness and beingness.

All outer study should lead us to the within; all outer action should result from the inner core of being, who is God. And when we allow our actions, our words, our thoughts, our feelings to flow from that fountain of light of which we are composed, then they are all sanctified, made sacred by God's essence, who we are.

As lightbearers, lightsharers, lightworkers, we know that light is the alchemical key. Saint Germain said, “Light is the alchemical key.” When you understand what that means—that every alchemical experiment must have light to make it right—then you will go to the Source when you engage in any alchemy and find the power, wisdom and love within the light to perform, with conscious awareness, anything that is essential to complete, any assignment; and you will love and help others through the light that you bear and that you now share.

Reminding ourselves that we are light is important because living in the world of materiality, it is easy to recede into a consciousness that we are these bodies rather than consciousness and divine energy at our core. So lest we get caught up in worrying about this or that thing, worrying about what we look like—although it's important to look okay—worrying too much about our body temples and how we are starting to experience different issues as we age, we can go in and access the light. And that light will suffuse itself through our consciousness and then into everything that we consider and bring the brilliance of God's love and divine energy into it so that we don't have to worry so much. We just have to live and be the bright beings that we are within, in our Higher Self.

It's hard for many of us to contemplate the evils that are still occurring in the world, that we see through the media: the shootings, the craziness of our Congress, what's happening in governments around the world, people being hurt here and there, and abortion itself. This is about the fifth day of the 40 Days for Life cycle, I believe. And as we take in the energy of what's happening in the world, as lightbearers we feel somewhat responsible and accountable. And many of us sometimes wonder: “What could I have done to prevent this thing from happening? Did I pray enough? Did I meditate enough? Did I emanate light enough?”

Well, what happens happens. And of course, as we rise in awareness and become more of our Solar Selfhood, we can help to alleviate suffering and prevent certain things. Yet other things just simply are. They manifest based on the realities of this world, where people's consciousness is, and we just have to do our best to brighten the world with light, to raise everyone.

So if you had a sense at all of feeling guilty about what's transpired, please know that El Morya says today that all of us are guilty together as one, and all of us are not guilty together as one. We are creating this world, and we can also uncreate the darkness that at times besets us by our conscious choice to be light.

So the solution and the alchemical key in all alchemy is light. And when you experience anything in the world that you label as darkness, that's the time to go within and just be the light. Then you can send waves of light, frequencies of light and travel in consciousness to these places by bilocating in your Higher Self. Stand in Catalonia, in Spain, in Las Vegas and just emanate light and help the situation by the brightness of that beingness. This can be a very simple and yet a very profound spiritual practice—to just see yourself there being the light. And that light will feed whatever is required to help, to manifest.

As you stand there being the light, you can also breathe in, as we've learned from the Buddha breathing technique, any darkness, pain, suffering. Transmute it in your heart chakra with the great light of your Presence and breathe out light. You can do the Buddha breathing very mindfully in silence in your home or anywhere you are, and you can use it as a technique to actually help with any situation on the Earth in which you decide to be an intercessor or an intermediary to help people.

So in this hour, we now go within. We see ourselves wherever we feel drawn to help life upon Earth. And El Morya says that you can trilocate or you can send an aspect of yourself everywhere at once, because in God you are everywhere—because God is everywhere. And you can simultaneously bless, raise, protect and seal all people in the light.

I choose this day to be with all those who were shot, the over five hundred people injured in Las Vegas, and to be in their hospitals, wherever they may be, and with their families to comfort them and accelerate the healing process. I choose to also be in Spain to heal those hurt by the police and military forces and to help resolve that entire crisis in Spain, in that region around Barcelona, where beloved heartfriends are even now, manifesting their love and light. I choose to be in Mexico City and the entire region to help in the recovery from the earthquake and to prepare for both our event in December and the booth that we will have in November at the World Trade Center in Mexico City to promote our teachings and to share with people about our upcoming winter solstice conference, which will be in December. I'll be going with Gloria and meeting other heartfriends, Betty and her family, Mariela et al. And I choose to be where you are and commingle together as one ball of light, one sphere of light. We go wherever we are required: Florida, Puerto Rico, Texas and anywhere that requires our assistance.

Thank you, God, for manifesting this light through us now and throughout this day and every day. Thank you for allowing us to be that light, to shine forth that light, which is your light. Amen. 

1. Genesis 1:3.
2. Luke 17:20–21.

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