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Vagela      September 15, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Vagela)
September 15, 2017   9:00 ̶ 9:32 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

The Importance of the Thymus and the Fifth Crystal Ray for Our Health and Well-Being

            Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being at our service today. Today Vagela comes—the Elohim of the fifth crystal ray, relating to the thymus, ether and somehow the word glaze, as in this prayer we have to the five Elohim. For that portion of the prayer, we use the word glaze. And I love this term, because when we hear glaze, we think of the final embellishment when we're cooking or baking and finishing what we have created. The glaze represents this beautiful crystalline, liquid-light substance that we put around something to embellish it, to finalize it and perfect it.

In preparing for this HeartStream, Vagela asked that I go to Wikipedia and look at the term thymus. I'm going to read just a little bit to you about the thymus, which is a very important organ in our body:

“The thymus is a specialized primary lymphoid organ of the immune system. Within the thymus, T cells or T lymphocytes mature. T cells are critical to the adaptive immune system, where the body adapts specifically to foreign invaders. The thymus is composed of two identical lobes and is located anatomically in the anterior superior mediastinum, in front of the heart and behind the sternumHistologically, each lobe of the thymus can be divided into a central medulla and a peripheral cortex which is surrounded by an outer capsule. The cortex and medulla play different roles in the development of T cells. Cells in the thymus can be divided into thymic stromal cells and cells of hematopoietic origin (derived from bone marrow resident hematopoietic stem cells). Developing T cells are referred to as thymocytes and are of hematopoietic origin. Stromal cells include epithelial cells of the thymic cortex and medulla, and dendritic cells.

The thymus provides an inductive environment for development of T cells from hematopoietic progenitor cells. In addition, thymic stromal cells allow for the selection of a functional and self-tolerant T cell repertoire. Therefore, one of the most important roles of the thymus is the induction of central tolerance. 

“The thymus is largest and most active during the neonatal and pre-adolescent periods. By the early teens, the thymus begins to atrophy and thymic stroma is mostly replaced by adipose (fat) tissue. Nevertheless, residual T lymphopoiesis continues throughout adult life.”

This organ relates to the fifth crystal ray, which is right near the heart. I believe that when Jesus was pierced by the lance, it actually punctured the thymus, right before the heart, and released the blood there and also some of this crystalline energy from that that relates to the fifth crystal ray.

The thymus is a very important organ. I know someone who was treated for cancer and some of the dendritic cells were extracted. And there is a process, I believe, of multiplying them and introducing them back into the body, and this helped to fight the cancer cells. So these T cells and dendritic cells are very important for harmony, balance and well-being in the body. I don't know that current science fully understands all that takes place within the thymus, and I think that we will learn more and more about this.

Anthony William, in his book Thyroid Healing, speaks of the thyroid, and that too is a very important organ. The thymus is a little bit more mystical and relates to the fifth crystal ray. We can observe all of the health processes within us through meditation. What I'm seeing through the lens of the heart and the mind of the Elohim of the fifth crystal ray is that deep pranic breathing does help the vitality of all the cells within our body—the red blood cells as well as the white blood cells. And the deeper we go in pranic breathing, the more healthy and vital those important T cells and white blood cells become for the sustaining of the balance within the endocrine system, throughout our body, and for fighting off disease—the bad guys that enter our body, the bacteria, viruses, et cetera.

So the pranic breathing—and prana is akin to ether—is important in order to maintain this harmonic balance within our body so that we have that strength and vitality, that extra oomph to deal with all of the toxins in the environment and potentially any bacteria and viruses that we encounter. A healthy thyroid and healthy thymus are imperative to long-term health and well-being, longevity and the help that we require to be in a virya state of very yang presence, where nothing interposes itself into our aura or within our four lower bodies that is detrimental to the integrity of our entire system, the functioning of all of our organs—what the Elohim of the fifth crystal ray would term the health, well-being and functioning of our aura itself.

The aura is very changeable, very amorphous, yet it signifies our greater spiritual health and well-being—our mental health; our emotional health; our memory health, which relates also to the fire body; and our spiritual health and integrity. When the aura is invaded by dark forces or we allow that to happen through lack of focus, lack of following the laws of nature, then these invaders can come within the aura. And then what do they attack? They attack our consciousness; they dull us down so that we don't feel the integrity of our True Self and our oneness with God.

So pranic breathing, silence and meditation are very essential to maintaining this harmonic balance. We see the fifth crystal ray presenting itself through this area right in front of the heart. Once we've incorporated the other crystal rays through the feet and the hands, this central point of being right there at the heart chakra is important for the blazing of the light through the aperture of all of our centers, all of our chakras. So this thymus chakra—we will call it the thymus chakra or the fifth crystal-ray chakra—is so important for maintaining that harmony right there in front of the heart chakra, the beautiful, blazing heart chakra, to seal the action of both the seven major rays and the five crystal rays.

The thymus works in harmony with the heart, being so close to it. And what I'm seeing from Vagela is that there is a spiritual connection that's very deep and very important for maintaining this harmonic between the seven and the five, and the action of the glands within the system, and all the organs in the body, the major organs that allow for the functioning of our life. All of the major glands—the pineal, the pituitary, the hypothalamus, the thymus, the thyroid, the adrenals and those that work closer to the pancreas, et cetera—are essential for the maintenance of the subtle body that we all have, our etheric body, which is our subtle body. So when we do spiritual work, we increase the vibrancy of our subtle bodies. And beyond the etheric we have, of course, the higher bodies—the Buddhic, the Atmic, the cosmic, the Christic—and these higher subtle bodies are fed through the physical body, through the five crystal rays and especially through the thymus, being so close to the heart. They're fed from the physical plane, just as our physical body is also fed from the higher etheric planes of these higher bodies.

Jesus said that we don't live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.1 We know, according to the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and the masters of the East, that the mouth of God is the medulla oblongata. So there's also the feeding of this higher energy of crystalline light from these higher subtle bodies into us and through us— through our crystal cord and through the medulla oblongata into the heart area, both the heart and the thymus.

The more we master stillness through meditation and the more we access these subtle bodies through the finer work that we do on behalf of life; through our oneness with God; through attunement with our Presence; and through our harmony with cosmic law and all of the higher worlds that vibrate around us and even through us through the pulsation of these higher worlds, which affect our subtle bodies and our physical body, the more we can do on behalf of God to serve, to bless and to charge the Earth with these higher frequencies.

So understanding the nature of our four lower bodies and the intelligence that God implanted within this beautiful temple of light that we have, where every organ and every system works interdependently, but co-dependently with each other, to form one integrated being—us—the more we can participate with God in the alchemy of life itself, bringing forth our gifts, our talents to increase the cosmos and to intelligently and very consciously embed within the creation that which God is raying forth to our Higher Mind through our subtle bodies.

Being in constant communication with our God Self through the intelligence that God embedded within our Higher Mind is an imperative for disciples of the living Word. When Jesus said that we are, in effect, fed by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, it means that these words, as engrams of light, actually are divine food; they are our holy ambrosia. They are our prasad, which is then blessed by the Guru, God; and as we take them in and assimilate them, they go deep within us. And in the feeding of our subtle bodies, there is an energization of the crystal rays through us and throughout our being so that we can participate with all of the Buddhas and bodhisattvas in the work of planetary salvation, the ennoblement of every soul, the blessing of every being and the fixing within the Earth of these subtle light engrams and frequencies.

So part of our job as this beautiful being of light that is symbolized by this five-pointed star-man or -woman that DaVinci drew in this one figure, is to use it to visualize and meditate upon the five crystal rays and how they're working through us. Using this visualization, we can see ourselves in the mode of actually anchoring the light of the five Elohim of the crystal rays, the five archangels and archeiai of the five crystal rays and the five Dhyani Buddhas, who are kind of like the chohans of the five rays because they fix those frequencies and energies. We work with all of them to incorporate within our world these Buddhic fivefold frequencies, which are ever changing and interpenetrating time and space, and even beyond the space-time continuum.

Our connection with all the subtle worlds happens from right here. [David points to his heart.] It doesn't happen through the brain, although the Higher Mind also is in communion, through the heart, with the higher mindfulness of God. Our connection with all of the higher worlds happens here through the mystic impulses that manifest in the Great Silence within us. There is the Great Silence that exists everywhere, subtly, in all dimensions and in all planes of being. And there is the Great Silence that is within us, that point of stillness inside, where it manifests as an eternal flame, which is actually God's essence vibrating and pulsing within us. The essence of God that is within us is sacred, is beautiful, is divine. And through that essence, we can experience the entire cosmic warp and woof of creation in its harmony. And we can experience the music of the spheres, which is the harmony of the entire creation.

Where do we experience that? Right here. It's interesting that the thymus, being right in front of the heart, is like a little guardian of the heart, which is so sensitive. The heart chakra is so sensitive to every vibration, to everything. So the thymus, which produces these T cells, is like a guardian. It's like the warrior of cosmic Spirit that very subtly and beautifully, and yet very powerfully, protects this sacred chakra of our heart, which also has, in a kind of dimensionless state deep within the secret chamber thereof, that threefold flame vibrating.

I was asking the masters if the secret chamber of the heart was actually in the thymus or the heart, and it is within the heart. Recently I shared that there are five chambers of the heart. We have the four major ones that we know of through biology and anatomy, yet the fifth chamber is the secret chamber, which is subtle. Physical science will not find it. It is a subtle and an etheric chamber, where the flame of God within us exists. Now we have this understanding of the thymus, which we haven't really focused upon and yet which is so important for our subtle life, for our higher health and well-being, which is our spiritual health and well-being.

I'm seeing right now from Vagela that when we take in certain drugs, drugs that the pharmaceutical companies are producing and creating, they impact our Solar bodies by affecting our glands in a very traumatic way, unbeknownst to current science. They do not know what they are doing. Father forgive them; they do not know what they're doing,2 at least not outwardly. The dark ones who work at the worst levels of the astral plane know exactly what they are doing to dumb us down through all of these drugs that they have created, which very gradually kill off the spiritual cells within these sacred organs of our bodies, which are the glands. And all the glands relate to the chakras. They are very concentrated focuses. They are foci of light and they have a concentration of certain very powerful cells—conglomerates of these cells—that are super-intelligent. They have what Vagela says is superconsciousness. These cells have God-consciousness, or superconsciousness. And they have divine intelligence embedded within them to regulate all of the systems within the body, what's occurring both within the body temporal and the body—I  was going to say universal—but the body everlasting; the body temporal, which is our physical body and the body everlasting, which is our soul. It becomes everlasting when it's wed to Spirit in the ascension.

So let us choose to have higher health by taking care of our glands. Physicians and surgeons remove various glands, and this can be very detrimental to the long-term perfect health and vitality of our body and our Solar bodies. So do everything you can health-wise to not give away a portion of your body through surgery, where they take cells out of your body that are meant to be there and function properly.

If we've abused our bodies or we've had situations occur where our cells and our organs have been compromised, we have to do everything possible to get back to perfect health so that we can maintain those organs and glands rather than have them removed from our body. Otherwise, our body doesn't have the intelligence of the superconsciousness within the cells of these important glands and organs to then fight off other diseases.

If science were really intelligent, the way the ascended masters are and the surgeons of light in the higher worlds—Hilarion, all of these cosmic scientists and those who know complete health from all levels—then they would not so easily and unguardedly recommend to us that we have this gland and that gland removed. How many people have had this gland in the neck removed because they had a terrible situation in childhood, where they had a bad sore throat and then the gland there was removed?

Other glands have been removed. I know someone who is going through a major health challenge right now and they recommended that she have her gallbladder removed. And she said no, I want to keep my gallbladder. She's making the right decision. It may be inflamed or diseased, yet there are ways to eat the right food and to do pranic breathing and other things that can save that gland, that gallbladder so that it can perform its function.

So we have to be very, very careful that we don't just listen to those who are ignorant of the higher spiritual truths. I'm not saying there should never be any surgeries; I'm just saying be very reticent to do it and do your due diligence. Get a second, and sometimes a third, opinion. And go the natural route if at all possible. If we change our diet and our habit patterns and use the powers of divine intelligence within foods that are very healing, they can, almost in the twinkling of an eye, help our bodies be integrated and whole and we can have everything within us that we are meant to have.

 So with this understanding, Vagela would like to ray forth now to all of us the power, the intelligence, the wisdom, the virya and the ruby light of this subtle cosmic frequency that emanates through the thymus to strengthen our thymus. We heard about the gradual atrophying of the thymus. What the invocation of the five crystal rays can do is to reverse that atrophying of the thymus and other organs. We've heard that the pineal atrophies. So through the five crystal rays, the invocation thereof, the beautiful singing of our spiritual songs, meditation, entering into silence, and being in nature with our gardening, hiking, swimming and doing exercise, we can help to strengthen, through the action of the ruby ray and the five crystal rays, these subtle centers.

So the action of glazing today is to surround, bless, charge and seal. This action of glazing is like a sealing of all these subtle centers within you in this crystalline light so that each of these organs, glands and subtle centers can function optimally, at their highest level. Make sure, Vagela says, to drink plenty of pure, unadulterated water—hopefully spring water or water that's been properly and very well filtered.

In my study of water and from what I've also understood through Mona's study, reverse osmosis is not always the best thing to use. If you can have pure spring water, that is better than reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is okay in certain situations when you don't have any alternative, but it does remove some of the subtle things in good water, even bad water, that we require.

So if you are going to use reverse osmosis water, make sure you have cell salts, and charge that water with crystalline light. What you can do is put your right hand over your water and your left under. And if you do have reverse osmosis, make sure you are recharging that water with the subtle cell salts and energy that it requires to be living water; because the reverse osmosis takes out some of the living elements of it, unbeknownst to people. This is kind of a different teaching here. So cell salts are important.

I remember Dannion Brinkley telling some of us that in addition to having Asea, which Mona and I drink every day—it's recommended that you have two ounces twice a day—to remember the cell salts, because this is also very important for our health and well-being. And he's right. These cell salts actually have the crystallization of these very important substances that are precipitated into salt, from the ocean or whatever water, and are important for the harmonic balance of our lives. So do your research on cell salts. Take them, if you can, with your pure water and live harmonically.

So this action is complete now. We have the glazing of all of our subtle centers, the blessing of Vagela. I'm so grateful for this teaching, and I think that all of us can study the thymus a little bit more and meditate on it, meditate on our heart chakra, the fifth crystal ray and receive even more understanding through our own intuition, our attunement with our God Presence and our Higher Self.

God bless you. Thank you, Arnie and all the Canadians, for being there and supporting your nation today. Thank you, Marian and all of our heartfriends in Canada. We love you and support you, and next time we can have a little bit of sharing about what's going on in your areas. Take care. Bye-bye.

1. See Matthew 4:4.
2. Luke 23:34.

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