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Maitreya      September 06, 2017

Beloved Maitreya
David Christopher Lewis
September 6, 2017   7:00–7:50 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

            This HeartStream is from beloved Lord Maitreya, dictated earlier today, and it's titled “The Liberation of Women to Be Feminine Buddhas.” 

Lord Maitreya on the Liberation of Women to Be Feminine Buddhas


Beloved Ones,

Women are the exponents of truth and the liberators of enslaved souls, for women represent the soul of civilization. When women are liberated to fulfill all aspects of this consciousness, they will help liberate the souls of men, who have been enslaved because they have denigrated women and kept them from the true freedom that they deserve.

Where are the examples of feminine Buddhas in Buddhism? Where are the examples of feminine priests and Christs in orthodox Christianity and Catholicism? Where are the examples of feminine imams in Islam? Where are the examples of feminine priests in Hinduism? Where are the examples of feminine rabbis in Judaism?

I tell you that there are limitless feminine divine beings who have reached complete liberation in heaven who also have Buddhic and Christic attainment. It is time for all women to see and realize their potential, the full potential of their souls, no matter what the current constraints of orthodox religion dictates upon Earth.

I, Maitreya, with all the Buddhas, both masculine and feminine, within the Pure Land, attest to this new understanding so that women throughout the Earth may understand that the Buddha is not a masculine being. It is a being who is awake and liberated from maya and illusion. The Buddha is one who has Self-realized the state of oneness within the unity field of beingness through the same or a similar awakening that Gautama Buddha and all Buddhas before and after him realized.

I direct streams of God-consciousness and Solar awareness into all true Buddhic lineages to awaken the feminine aspect of the Buddha so that all may know their eternal beingness outside of the dualistic nature of men and women as separate rather than as co-equal aspects of the Father-Mother God. Your Buddha nature is not one specific sex; it is sex-less and whole, as the union of the polarities of the masculine and feminine potentials of Self beyond physicality.

No matter what religion or spiritual belief system you have been raised in or currently follow or attest to, consider that God is one and that all mankind, male and female, were created by Elohim in the image and likeness of God. Since there are both men and women embodied in your world, God is a uni-plurality of these two dual natures, positive and negative, balanced and whole, united and one.

A planet cannot be liberated unless all are liberated, including women. However, true women's liberation is not born of a rebellious antipathy toward ignorant men; it is won through the honoring of the true masculine nature of God within men and the true feminine nature of God within women. When women understand this truth, they will defend their right to rise to full equality with men in all stations of life and positions of power, where they may righteously use their talents and gifts to assist all life. And they will also defend the true godly masculine nature of men, who can be Self-realized only when they raise the Mother light within and honor women in their co-equal roles in life.

There are many examples of heroic women throughout history who have defended life, truth and liberty. And you have these images and monuments in your cities attesting to their strength, courage and wisdom. Every spiritually noble woman knows that her true power comes from within, and I say it arises from her divine or Buddha nature, even as every spiritually noble man's true authority also arises from this same source.

These Buddhic streams of light flow now to all women in all spiritual movements for their quickening and awakening to the divine light within. And these streams now flow to all men to inspire them to allow women to manifest their co-equality with men in all cultures, races and peoples. Where women have been held back and suppressed, this light may manifest as an action of Buddhic ruby-ray justice. And the perpetrators of all past and current ignoble acts and systems that have kept women bound to a lesser state of being are given notice that their continuation of this dialectic will no longer be tolerated by divine councils that oversee the evolution of life on Earth. So take notice, all, of how you treat women; for this is how the Lord will treat your soul, the feminine aspect of your own being.

Rise, O kundalini fire of the Earth within all Buddha beings, as Above, so below. Rise, O feminine potential of all, to inspire a new world of love, wisdom and faith that will bring all to equanimity and union, to harmony and peace. This light will not be denied and will fulfill its purpose through the righteous who choose the right use of their energies to glorify God and to raise all souls into the light of eternality.

I AM Maitreya. I have spoken. And my words live on through the victorious hearts of the humble, the disciples of the All-Buddha, East and West. Thank you. 

David:  This is a very important HeartStream, and Lord Maitreya is a great defender of women throughout the Earth. He says that Jesus also came to liberate women during the time of the Piscean dispensation. He forgave women and overturned some of the laws of Judaism that were unjust. And unfortunately, even today—in Islam and in other religions—there are terrible laws that keep women bound to a lesser level of life.

Now, this is not true Islam; it is perverted Islam through the very orthodox or fundamentalist Muslims. And we see the same issue in many other religions, including Catholicism. There is the liberal Catholic Church, where women are allowed to be priests, but in the traditional Catholic Church, women are still not allowed to be priests. And all of this is a perversion of what Jesus himself showed, demonstrated and professed.

So we have to have a planetary shift in awareness so that we can usher in the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius. And Lord Maitreya will not come until all women are fully liberated in a new civilization. Although many masters have spoken on this topic before, I felt the power of Lord Maitreya's energy behind this action. And he is directing these streams of energy specifically into all Buddha lineages.

I expect to see some changes in Buddhism to allow women to be lamas and serve at the highest levels. I've even heard that the Dalai Lama said that the Dalai Lama could come back as a female. That would be quite a paradigm shift for Buddhists. We could even say that maybe the Second Coming of Christ will be as a woman. How many would recognize the Second Coming of the Christ if it comes through a woman?

Now, we know that the Second Coming is within us. And if we consider that our soul is feminine, then the Christ within our soul is the Second Coming of Christ within us. And esoterically, this would make great sense. The First Coming is male, or spirit; the Second Coming is female, or matter. And so the First and the Second Coming combined unites the masculine and feminine so that there can be wholeness. So all you women, realize that you are part of the Second Coming. And when you realize this, it really gives you a different perspective on the importance of who you are.

Your soul will help liberate many, many souls through this Second Coming of the Christ Spirit and the Buddha Spirit within you. The interesting thing that Maitreya says now is that in heaven, the Father is the first teacher and the Mother is the second teacher. But on Earth, the mother is the first teacher and the father is the second teacher. On Earth, of course, mothers teach their children first because the children are born through their mothers. Yet the Second Coming from heaven descending into Earth is the feminine, and this completes the First Coming of the Christ or the Buddha.

I think it's very interesting that Maitreya came, because we have two very strong women sisters in Mexico and Costa Rica. And you two are really the nexus of how this teaching is going to spread in Mexico. And of course, we also have Gloria Rojas and Soledad, two other very strong women, who have been proponents of the teachings for the Mexican people for many, many years.

So I see this shift occurring, which must filter into the culture so that men no longer suppress women in the Latino and Hispanic cultures anywhere on Earth. Women teachers, women principals, women directors of organizations and businesses will continue to rise in the Latino and Hispanic cultures worldwide.

Now, I caution us to realize that this is not some feel-good HeartStream that just idolizes women; it's a very important topic. So maybe in the Hispanic websites of the future, you can have a whole page that honors heroic women, both in culture and in religion (women saints), to honor this aspect of the feminine that will continue to come to the fore.

Much of the history that's in the books talks about men's exploits—all these conquerors from Spain. However, the greatest woman in the entire history of Mexico, of course, is the Virgin of Guadalupe. And Mother Mary came and performed her miracle, which cannot be denied, and it has now even been scientifically proven by NASA. Look at who was subservient to Mary: Juan Diego. He was a little guy, a little Indian guy, yet he was amazed at the appearance of this beautiful woman from heaven.

In fact, this image of the Virgin of Guadalupe is everywhere in Mexico. It's probably even more famous than the image of Jesus himself. We give full honor to Jesus, the son of Mary, yet we also give honor to Mary, the mother of Jesus. There is no competition in heaven; there is just oneness. And they work very well together as mother and son. It's very interesting that sometimes Mary consults Jesus before she does something, and sometimes Jesus consults Mary before he does some things.

So this is a very interesting dynamic and something we can consider as we rise in consciousness ourselves to reach higher levels of awareness. From my perspective, those men who have risen the highest in spiritual attainment have always been devoted to some aspect of the Divine Mother. Because of their devotion to the feminine aspect of God, their souls were liberated through this love of God. In fact, I will dare to say that I don't think anyone can be fully liberated unless they have contacted their soul and realized that God is both masculine and feminine.

Okay, so do you have any questions for Lord Maitreya?

Translator:  Yes, we have. May I read them?

David:  Sure.

Question:  Beloved Maitreya, dearest Lanello spoke in a HeartStream given during the first pilgrimage of The Hearts Center to Mexico that we, the people who have walked this soil, are descended from an ancient culture attuned to your heart. We believe it's the Mayan civilization. Can you please tell us how to reactivate that attunement with you so that Mexico can fulfill its collective mission? Please let us know how to consume the dark records from the archeological sites of this country or if there is any of this in the pyramid of [unintelligible], where we did our first meditation meet-up last Sunday.

David:  In 2005 we did a pilgrimage to Mexico. And we went to Mexico City, Cuernavaca, San Miguel de Allende and, of course, to the two pyramids outside of Mexico City. So there are audios and maybe videos of these HeartStreams. And the question I have is, have you played all of these so that everyone in the group has heard all of these messages? Has everyone in the group heard all of these HeartStreams? If not, the Master encourages you to systematically replay them so everyone can hear all of them over a number of weeks and months.

            That was twelve years ago this year. And based on the cycles of the cosmic clock teachings, we're on the same line of the clock that we were on twelve years ago. So it's a great time to get in tune with what the masters have already said in Mexico, because they released many dispensations and they anchored a lot of light in those messages.

Another thing to do is to give prayer 9.007,1 which reactivates all previous dispensations released. And this is a great thing, because we don't have to name every dispensation; we reactivate all of them together. However, there may be some dispensations that you desire to really focus on; for instance, Lanello's dispensation for children in Cuernavaca. We even made a prayer out of that HeartStream and it's in our prayer book.

So you could create other prayers in Spanish from other dispensations and focus on them, one a month. And then as you focus on one per month, you can also ask the masters to augment or add to that dispensation with the energy of today. Because things do change and situations are different, so updates can occur from heaven. Maitreya says that you have to know your history first. And once you know your history, then you can make wise decisions about the present time.

There is another whole thread of thought that I had that was interrupted because of the rain, and I'm trying to recall it now. I think we've done enough for today; it's been fifty minutes and I've had a long day. So I would like to extend the blessings of the masters and Lord Maitreya over all of you so that you are safe and secure in the light and also send a healing light—especially to Betty and anyone else who requires healing energy and love—and all of our love, all of our support, all of our light for your victory. I look forward to the next broadcast, and I look forward to our event in Mexico in December.

So I think I'll just sign off now. God bless you, all. Thank you so much.

1. Opening Invocation for Prayer Services, prayer number 9.007, in The Hearts Center Prayers, Decrees & Mantras, (The Hearts Center, 2016).

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