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Metatron      August 25, 2017

Beloved Metatron
David Christopher Lewis
August 25, 2017   8:11–8:25 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Metatron Speaks of the Importance of Our Prayer Broadcast Services

I AM Metatron, and I am grateful for this service tonight. For, blessed ones, because of your devotion and the focus of this session, a great multitude of heavenly hosts has served your planet in a way that has not occurred in nearly two thousand years. Because you have named the names of the Captain of the Hosts of the Lord, the seven and the five legions of angels of the seven rainbow rays and the five crystal rays, as well as me and others, we have done all that could be done during this service to bring light and divine providence into action in the world. And indeed there have been many miracles that have occurred and will continue to occur as you maintain that light and continue to call and sing and pray to us.

Giving us the authority to act in your world is the right of every son and daughter of God. Commanding us into action as generals, lieutenants, sergeants, commanders and captains, you, blessed ones, as initiates of the sacred fire, accelerate the light and even the cosmic timetable of the saving of Earth. Think on this: the more you pray and command light and our legions into action, the faster it is for us to accomplish what the Great White Brotherhood, collaborating with the heavenly hosts and the Elohim and cosmic beings, desires to manifest upon Earth.

If more people pray and call to the angels and to God and the ascended masters, then of course the faster God's will will become active on your planet and in your lives. When some leave off of the sacred work that they were commissioned to do, leave off of their vows to accomplish certain things through their spiritual lives, then of course, dearest ones, the timetables are set back.

This is the importance of community and of your services, and we congratulate you, blessed ones, for these services of light. Lanello had a plan with El Morya long ago and that was to establish this activity of light, this community of the sacred fire and of the Holy Spirit so that you would have many broadcast centers around the world from which the light would go forth. You now have your radio broadcast 24/7, and one day you will have this in video form.

And I daresay that the demons of darkness, the wily ones around the world tremble whenever you come together as one voice and declare and aver, in the I AM name of God, your affirmations of truth, beingness, God-power and splendor. They hide their face from those of us who are called into action through these services. And we are able to accomplish much more than you can even imagine when you are in harmony within yourselves, when you are in harmony within your families and communities. If there is some divisive force of dissension—one going here, one going there, one criticizing another—this is a dissonance that truly does affect the unity field of beingness that we have attempted to engender within this community and your hearts.

And so put aside all division, darkness, blessed ones; enter into that state of oneness. For the power that flows forth through that unity field is tremendous. And when each and every one engages in this sacred work, the manifestation of light, as you know, is multiplied by the X factor of the number of those in attendance, both in the physical and online. Join these services and give your all within them.

Even within this service, some do not have their books ready and are not fully engaged in singing or saying the prayers. How can this be, dearest ones? Your staff and this messenger have pulled out all the stops to give you these resources, and sometimes you simply do not even use them. Why? Because of ignorance of what is at stake and what is occurring. Use the resources provided. Utilize every aspect of what the ascended masters have inspired upon David and through the council and this community and the wonderful volunteers within it so that these tools can fool the tools of the sinister force by that light going forth.

When we say engage, we primarily, of course, mean that your hearts, pure in their desire to fulfill God's will, are there issuing forth the fire of love. And even if you are speaking another language or temporarily need to go within to feel that light again, so be it. And yet it were better if all were as one, of one voice, of one accord, one chord, dearest ones—one voice, one chord, one song.

Yes, you can do many things in your life; you can go here and there and enjoy yourself with all manner of activities. I tell you truly, if you could see what is at stake and what this community has to offer, you would be here at every service—every service. You would engage because you are required for that X factor to be multiplied so that more light can be anchored and delivered to the planet. I tell you that the demons speak to you and tell you: “Oh, I would rather do this.” You listen to them rather than being obedient to the inner voice that says: “I should be there because I know they need me, O my Lord. Therefore I will get up. I will make the effort. I will drive. I will come.”

This is not to create fear or guilt, blessed ones. It is simply to give you the perspective of how important you are, each one, to our cause, to our mission and to the salvation of the Earth. Consider it—consider it wisely. Scope out your time; chart out your day, your week, your month; see when the services are, both in person and online. And plug in, plug in to them so that, through that engagement with God and the heavenly hosts, you can be a part of the miracle manifestation of light that comes forth because you were there.

You know the truth, you know the teaching, you know the initiatic path, and I tell you that at the conclusion of this life, those who were true and disciplined and constant will have many, many, many check marks and stars in their crown signifying that they engaged and were there for God through this and through other activities. And those who did not show up, those who thought they had better things to do, more important for themselves, et cetera, ultimately will have many missing little points of opportunities lost.

Again, blessed ones, this is not to engender guilt or blame or shame. It is simply to give you a perspective that is heaven's perspective, the angels' perspective. Why do we come and tell you this again and again and again, year after year, decade after decade through various activities? It is because we desire Earth to be free and we desire you to be ascended and enjoy life in the heavenly realms, eternally free in the light.

This is our desire: that you aspire to your oneness, your union with God, your eternal freedom. Yes, there is still much work to do upon Earth, and many of you are engaged in this work. The work with heaven is the greatest work of this era and of your life. The work with heaven, bringing God's kingdom upon Earth, is the greatest work of the initiate, of the disciple of the Word. It trumps everything else, dearest ones. Consider it; meditate upon it. And if you choose to so engage, I can assure you that your givingness, your sacrifices, your constancy will allow us to raise you up and help make the difference, if necessary, for you to have a more amazing resurrection and ascension in the light when the time comes for you to have your victory.

The seven archangels and the five crystal-ray angels, again, are grateful for this service. We recommend that you make it available as an angel service to all so that they too may experience the joy of our presence in their midst, the magnification of the light, the acceleration of consciousness, the feeling nature of God that we bear, the divine light that comes when we are in your presence and you are in ours.

Maintain your angel state of purity. Yes, this is a purity service, and when you abide in purity, we are there with you always. Thank you, blessed ones. Good night. Stay in the light.

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