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Bonnie Blue      August 25, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Meditation (overshined by Bonnie Blue)
August 25, 2017   9:08 ̶ 9:33 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

            Good morning, everyone. God bless you. Today we are having a darshan with beloved Bonnie Blue. However, she would like to use the darshan questions to actually have us experience a meditation, during which she will basically answer most, if not all, of the questions.

Bonnie Blue's Meditation on Her Retreat over Canada

Beloved Heartfriends,

I greet you this morning with great joy in my heart for you to experience the oneness of your Presence and the azure nature of your God-reality as it exists in many dimensions and planes of being and as we together may experience it within the heaven world, within my sacred retreat of light over Canada. This retreat is unique in that it extends over a vast portion of Canada.

I take you now in your finer bodies up through the atmosphere, rising in and accelerating in frequency so that you may alight now within a sacred valley that is dear to me within my retreat. For you see, my retreat is really a nature retreat within heaven. It is a place for souls to go for respite from all the stresses of the world, all the strains of life upon your Earth, where you may experience that oneness of peace in your Presence within nature.

The azure skies, the beautiful ethereal trees and plants, and the awesome lakes, which you may refresh yourselves within, are all a part of this cosmic oasis of light prepared both for Canadians and for all souls upon Earth who would choose to enter into a new life of splendor and wonder, of grace and holiness. And I, as a silent watcher for Canada, view all that transpires here. And often Archangel Michael and his legions escort souls who have been through trying times, physical difficulties, diseases, intense initiations to offer them this cosmic spa; wherein they may be invigorated and recuperate in the light of joy and harmony, and then bring back into their lives a new sense of equanimity, love and understanding.

Precious ones, you gain great understanding within the natural world. And when you meditate in nature, there is an infusion of light within your being that allows you to sustain the wisdom teaching in your cells; the love that you have felt for God deep within you; your faith in God; and the glory of God's Presence in an ever-present awareness, which truly allows you to make progress on your path and to bestow upon others these cosmic graces, boons and blessings that you receive.

Rather than a citadel or a fortress of light, as are many of the sacred retreats of the Universal White Brotherhood, mine is more like a national park, where you can go on holiday or vacation to simply be your natural self in a setting that provides inspiration and healing; that provides an opportunity, through the avenues of the expressions of the divine Mothers of heaven, to feel supported, uplifted, nurtured and brought back to that state of childlike wonder, wherein all may be experienced with the joy of self-discovery and inner harmony.

One of the favorite pastimes within this heaven-world experience is to dip into the great, tranquil, aqua-teal lakes above the lakes of Canada, such as Moraine Lake, Lake Louise and Shadow Lake. When your spirit enters these sacred domains in our retreat, there is quite an infusion of cosmic electrical impulses that restore the balance of your psyche; that bring soulfulness back to your outer consciousness; that allow you to release all of the dregs and the darkness of the past and simply be revivified in these refreshing and cool currents of water, light, ether, spirit. And the great cosmic devas have invested within these lakes certain essences that are universal in their healing qualities, so that every man, woman and child alighting within them will receive what they require for wholeness.

Imagine with me now, as you dip into the etheric lake over Lake Louise, the invigorating essences of Faith and the understanding that comes when you attest to the goodness of God, the greatness of God within these crystal-clear, blue waters of life—living waters of divine joy. Many higher elemental spirits also partake in the alchemy of providing you this holiday of holiness, wherein there is surcease from all distress of any kind and the amelioration of many aspects of your lesser self that have burdened you, caused you ongoing anguish on your path. Subconscious patterns vanish and are transmuted in the great light of this blue, sparkling, crystalline pool of glory.

Let go of all inharmonious thoughts and feelings, memories and patterns within your psyche, precious ones. For this is one of the purposes of our retreat, to give you the joy that comes with the restoration of the sense of oneness, harmony and peace. From our retreat, the blue radiance of my immaculate vision of all of God's sons and daughters—no matter what their race, religion, creed or culture—manifests so that each one is truly restored to that state of inner grace and joy.

As you pray to Leto and to me to be received into this domain of light each night, or whenever you choose, your own sponsoring master or guardian angel, in collaboration with your Higher Self, will work with us to allow you to receive what you require in that moment so that greater progress on your path may occur and be sustained.

You know that you have your seventh day of rest, commissioned by God in the beginning of the creation. Consider what this truly is from a heavenly perspective, dearest ones. Yes, it is a day to honor God, to attend spiritual service. Yet it is also a time to refresh yourself, put aside the drudgery of work, as some experience it, and to enter into the flavorings from the heavenly domains, which come only when you relax, let go and allow God to reside fully and deeply within you.

As a haven, an oasis of light over Canada, the radiance from our retreat extends primarily over the Northern Hemisphere, as the ethereal winds blow and caress the atmosphere with the newness and the freshness of this blue-fire light. Yet certain devas from the south also draw forth, through cosmic winds, the frequencies of peace, tranquility, harmony and joy and extend them to the Southern Hemisphere during certain seasons and cycles to assist souls whom we also revere there and who require the cosmic formulas that are expressed within nature within our retreat.

My classroom, my schoolroom, is God's heavenly natural world. And telepathically, I convey to many an understanding of their nature within God's eternal kingdom of light in the heaven world; how they may blend the resources of their being, the essences of their consciousness with the universal Spirit, the great Spirit that pervades all kingdoms, domains, all star systems, galaxies.

When you understand your true nature and enter into the oneness with God that is inside of you, then you are one with every point of godliness within all of life everywhere and at all times, blessed ones. In other words, when you are centered, a part of you exists within the center of every point of reference of consciousness, of beingness throughout the universe. For God exists within that centered state of presence where you are. And this presence is one with every other point of presence, within every sphere of beingness, every level of consciousness throughout the creation. This is how you impact life through love, for love restores the unity field of beingness where it is expressed with joy and grace. For love is within every point of creation, as the Holy Spirit exists everywhere in the consciousness of God.

My teaching on harmony, unity, beingness and presence has allowed many to heal the deep scars of emotional traumas from this and past lifetimes. For when you let go of your struggles and of your attachments to your way rather than God's way, then there is a magic of transmutation that occurs within that process of forgiveness and reconciliation. And this harmonizes more than you know, dearest ones, healing both the oppressor and the oppressed, those who denigrate you and others, and that part of yourself that has been hurt by those who are not yet fully conscious and aware of the effects of their choices upon you and others. So much pain and suffering are released when souls come to our abode, and the negative energies transmuted are then bestowed as graces and boons, as blessings eternal that raise all into the divine estate of bliss, of holiness, of pure loving joy.

Therefore I invite you, with Unity and Micah, with Faith and Michael and with Amora and Eros themselves, to come to our etheric retreat over Canada to experience all that we together offer to you so that your lives may truly become sublime in the highest sense and so that you may experience your godly inner nature, always transcendent within the fineness and the quintessences of God's love.

Thank you, dearest ones, for your song to me, to Unity, to Canada, and, of course, to Michael and Faith. If you only knew how much we enjoy it when you sing to us, you would sing more often; for we would experience the lilting harmonies issuing forth from your hearts and voices always. For these, giving glory to God, rise on winds of the Spirit, come to the very throne of God, and God is pleased. And God smiles upon you, and in this smiling there is a new world created for all in that eternal moment of connectivity and union in true spiritual love.

Thank you, blessed ones, for being who you are, for being truthful and beautiful, for being just who you are now, respecting the light within that God placed there long ago—a portion of him/herself as the true you in potential and now realized in joy.

Bless you, bless you, bless you and thank you.

David:  Thank you, Arny, and thank you, everyone. Have a great day.


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