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Lanello      July 13, 2017

Beloved Lanello Darshan
David Christopher Lewis
July 13, 2017   12:00–12:30 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

Lanello on Maintaining Emotional Harmony and Co-Creating a National Mission and Vision Board

Today is July 13, 2017, and I'm here with the heartfriends in Chile and they are gathered in Santiago.

Lanello will conduct this darshan. In the first part of the darshan, he would like to simply infuse you with light. He says that the masters have many ways of infusing us with light. Sometimes they send very strong currents of God-power into our chakras. Sometimes they work more with our minds in enlightening and illumining us. And sometimes through their HeartStreams, they work at a very deep soul level to clear ancient records. Most often, they work with our hearts to expand the threefold flame within us, because their love is so fantastic and so great—their love of God and their love of us.

Part of the reason we call these messages HeartStreams is because they stream God's love through their being to us, because the heart is what allows us to remember the important messages. When our hearts are engaged with God, we are more receptive to higher light and truth. If we engage only at the mental level, then we don't get as much. And if we're thinking too much, we question so much and then that doubt hinders our illumination.

Our true understanding comes through the heart and our love of God. You remember how it was as a child to have wonderful teachers who made learning very fun. We remember much more when we're having fun because our hearts are open. If we're only learning from the mental level, things become very brittle and we don't remember. Each of us probably remembers some fantastic experiences in school when we learned through fun.

Since our movement contains a modern mystery school, this is all about higher learning. So we must utilize the highest spiritual techniques to remember what we hear. The more you meditate, are truly still and contact the Great Silence in your meditation, the higher your mind vibrates. And because you are able to still the mind, it becomes much more receptive to light and to wisdom. This is why it is so important before a master's message to have some moments of silence so that we can enter that still state of being. The silence actually precipitates a beautiful field of beingness through which God can emanate to us everything. Our receptivity is heightened, our minds are brightened and our auras shine.

From this perspective, when we have darshans and time with the masters, we realize it is a great opportunity. They know each of us very intimately. They understand exactly where each of us is on our spiritual journey and they craft their messages in order to assist all of us at some level of our consciousness. They are truly masters of communication of the highest order. They tap into the great cosmic reservoir of Theosophia, or divine wisdom. And from this vast reservoir of light, they draw forth their words, which come through me telepathically and very beautifully. And the inspiration that flows through these words always moves our hearts, and the movement of our hearts is imperative for us to grow spiritually.

Even though the masters have released over five thousand HeartStreams, each one is still unique and beautiful. There is always something for us to absorb, assimilate and master. There is always something for us to apply in our daily lives, for we are all striving for union with God. And when we utilize these higher teachings for this purpose, we are honoring the masters, their givingness and their great offering to us.

I can truly say that they appreciate disciples who work on themselves deeply. Those who are constantly at work internally are the true disciples of light. They don't care so much about what we memorize or all the facts of their past lives; they care much more about how we are growing in wisdom, in faith and in love.

This inner happiness that manifests through our love, wisdom and faith in God brings us into a nearly ecstatic state of divine Presence. And each time, we are then able to absorb more light from the masters. And as we continue to absorb more and more light, we become all light. Our problems begin to disappear magically, and even though sometimes new problems arise, we know how to deal with them. We have all the tools and the resources to meet every challenge with love. When we are true students, we have all of the keys to our self-mastery and overcoming. Even the masters themselves are always in the process of learning and becoming more, because evolution never stops; it always continues. We always have an opportunity to become more and more of God.

There are so many levels of awareness that we would be amazed to behold them in the heaven worlds— from those states of awareness between lifetimes in the etheric planes to the very highest levels of heaven, where beings are so near to the throne of God. We can only maintain our awareness at a level that we have mastered through the application of cosmic law. As we master these laws of inner beingness, we rise gradually to new levels of cognizance, and from these higher levels, we are able to engage in greater service. That greater service is offered to us as we continue to work on ourselves, because our self-mastery in this plane always has its corresponding point in the heaven world.

When we make our transition and hopefully ascend, we'll be amazed to see how the little things that we mastered were so important. Sometimes those little thoughts and little feelings become so great when amplified by the light of heaven. This is why the masters, especially Saint Germain, constantly remind us to master our thought and feeling worlds. If our emotions are masterful and serene, this creates peaceful waves of light everywhere. If we are constantly reactive in a very emotional way to everything that is transpiring, this can create storms on the astral plane, which are very detrimental to us and to others.

This is why in the great retreats of the Universal White Brotherhood, people who get angry easily are not allowed to maintain their state there. One of the most important things to understand and to master is our emotional body. And this time of year, in Cancer, is an especially important time to be aware of this dynamic. Sometimes emotions are erupting with great solar flares of intensity, and instead of staying calm and tranquil, people lose their equanimity. If you are a disciple and you do this, it is very unfortunate. So you must look at yourself very squarely in the mirror and decide to master your emotions.

This is why deep breathing and meditation are so crucial for all disciples. Some people are fantastic decreers and they can speak and decree very, very quickly. However, if they haven't mastered their emotional body, sometimes they can react with great storms of darkness. Lanello says that he observes in Latin American cultures that people are generally very, very loving and have very highly developed emotional bodies. Yet if, perchance, they at times allow their emotions to be unchecked, it's amazing to see what will transpire when they lose their harmony.

So let us all be loving toward each other and remind one another to maintain our peace. And when we have temporary disagreements, let's agree to disagree with great love and harmony. Every perspective is important to listen to and to truly hear. There is not only one perfect way to approach a given situation. Other perspectives and other paradigms are important for us to learn to embrace in order for us to have a much greater vision and understanding of all that is at play.

Therefore one of the most important things in our Hearts Center communities is to have facilitators who can remind us of this dynamic in our group discussions, in our decision making and in our efforts to expand the teachings. The Round Table approach is so important, for everyone is heard, everyone has a voice. There is not just one leader over everybody else. It's important to have facilitators who are well trained and professionals who use the keys of nonviolent communication1 and conscious language2 to maintain the harmony of the circle and the group. Whenever emotions begin to flare up or disagreements begin to occur, we all have to stop, take a deep breath, relax, breathe deeply and absorb the light of our Presence. And then we can come back to the discussion with honor and reverence for everyone, seeing and witnessing that each of us is part of our brothers and sisters, and that our brothers and sisters are part of us. At a higher level of vibration, we are all one; we just have to re-recognize this, feel it and then live by that understanding.

The harmonics of group dynamics is a whole class in itself. And Lanello says that you can always call to the Master Kuthumi to help in this. He is a great master of psychology and he knows everything that's going on. And as one of the World Teachers, he will always provide great keys for us to accelerate our consciousness and to come into a true understanding of one another and of our collective mission.

So with this foundation, I will, on behalf of Lanello, answer questions.

Question:  Beloved Lanello, some chelas of Chile are doing a novena of thirty-three days for our country. We are doing the Kuan Yin Rosary until the eleventh of July and then we will do Vesta's Solar Rosary until the twenty-seventh of July in order to mitigate the event announced by the Divine Director some months ago. Our question is, could you give us special teachings to put in practice in order to help our country more efficiently?

Lanello says that just as we have a mission and vision for The Hearts Center, so Chile has a mission and vision. And within that mission, there is also the mission of the disciples of the Great White Brotherhood within Chile. So what you can do as a group is to develop what you feel the mission and vision of the disciples of the Great White Brotherhood in Chile are.

You meditate on your culture and the beautiful people of it; you consider the strengths of this beautiful people. You consider the geography, the history and the socioeconomic dynamics of your country today, and you attune to the masters that you love so much who you know sponsor your nation. You utilize the keys that the masters who have dictated about or within Chile have spoken of. You formulate a composite of the key elements of their HeartStreams, what they have focused upon, what they have spoken of and what they have asked you to do.

When you have this vision and mission completed, you create a national vision board or treasure map for your nation. You highlight all the beautiful things that you are co-creating together with the Great White Brotherhood. You have images that show the accomplishment of these very key initiatives. For example, you created a plan for this year last year, and you are all working very, very hard to fulfill all the points of that plan. You are having your services, your classes and you've invited the messenger to come back again next year.  All of these elements are a part of your vision and what you perceive as your mission as disciples.

However, you can expand your consciousness to look far into the future. You can envision additional centers that you create throughout your nation. You can have an image of a physical Meru University with classrooms and great technologies to teach the students. You can envision beautiful permaculture being done throughout the nation as people learn its principles and values. You can envision all types of initiatives for children and youth throughout your nation. You can even have all kinds of future events planned out for pilgrimages and sacred journeys. You can envision books of all the materials that have been released thus far being translated into Spanish. You can envision your Spanish website as phenomenal and awesome, and you can co-create anything that you together agree would be part of this mission and vision: having the ascended masters as a household name is a possibility, people everywhere awakening to the higher truth of light, enlightened leaders leading your country righteously, everyone following the golden rule. The golden rule: Do unto others as you would desire others to do unto you.

So create this mission and vision together in future sessions. And then when you do any novena or have your prayers sessions, you each have a copy of it, a miniature version of the larger one that you have in your centers. And you focus all your light and love as you're praying on this mission and vision for your nation.

This exercise may take a number of weeks to accomplish. However, it will be a very fun adventure together, and everyone who is invested in it will take part in this project. And then, of course, when you have it done, send a copy to David so that we here can also pray for you and envision this perfection. When you focus on the mission and vision, all the negative stuff begins to disappear. Any warnings that the masters have given of potential issues are truly mitigated because of the power of your collective vision and the synergy of your light and love.

This is an alchemy that every one of our Hearts Centers can also engage in. Yet because you are one of the most important centers in all the Southern Hemisphere, it is being released to you first. In fact, this is an exercise in co-creating the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius. You can update this mission and vision every seven years.

How about that for an answer. When you ask certain questions, you get more assignments. Yet this is going to be a very fun one to fulfill, right?

Question:  In November, Chile has presidential elections. We would like to know your message in relation to the two major candidates, Sebastián Piñera and Alejandro Guillier.

David:  The masters will not comment on specific candidates because, both here in the United States and throughout the world, they desire to remain neutral. Whenever you have an election, it is for each of you as a voting citizen to do your study of the candidates. Tune into their vibration. Look at their pictures and their faces and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth behind each one. What are their true motives? Are they really desirous of being great servant leaders or are they running for their election because of the desire for power and influence?

If you do a study of their lives, you will have some keys. See what they've done and what they've said that is in alignment with what you know to be the truth. Are they making many, many promises? Or are they saying that we have a tough job together and I will do my best and I will serve my people? It is important to have candidates who are truly honest, who have an integrated awareness of what is transpiring, who have great communication skills, who have the talents and the gifts to meet the challenges—an understanding of the law, of economics, of business and of culture. What has their training been? What have they actually done in their lives?

Don't believe everything the media tells you about the candidates. If possible, go to forums and ask questions directly and see what their response is like. You can tell a lot from how an individual responds to a tough question, whether they maintain harmony or are very egotistically oriented. Ask many questions of those who know these candidates. For instance, how do they treat people who they are superior to in business? Are they respectful of everyone, even the humble people around them? Or do they treat people inappropriately? You can tell a lot if you discern and ask questions.

Unfortunately, not all of us can do all of these things individually. So we rely a lot upon the media to give us cues and clues. Yet also check out the alternative media, because often that is where you will find the real truth. If you have only lawyers and bankers running for office, watch out.

Question:  At this moment, the Congress is discussing the approval of the law of abortion in three special situations: when the mother's life is at risk, rape and when the life of the unborn is unviable. Our question is, what are the consequences for Chile if this law is accepted?

David:  The consequence is that it is the beginning of legal abortion, which then sets a precedent for the future. It is a first step in a greater plan to legalize more abortions. Therefore although it may seem acceptable or allowable, it is dangerous. And it could lead, a number of years down the road, toward a terrible situation. Therefore pray for the highest outcome. Pray that no abortion laws will be passed. Many generations ago it was unthinkable to allow abortion to occur. However you look at it, abortion is murder of the unborn child.

Take into consideration the karma of the mother and the parents. If the mother's life is at risk, she has made certain choices and has a certain karma to undergo. Just because science now knows that there are certain problems that could occur doesn't mean you destroy one life to save another. Through prayer and divine intervention, it is often the case that both lives are saved. Scientific advances for treating the fetus in utero have improved to the point where some of these children, even if they are very young in the womb, can still be saved.

If there are so many unborn children who are wanted and are saved, why do we have to have a law that allows the murder of an unborn child when it may have a problem? Sometimes it's the karma of that child to be stillborn or to not have a very healthy body. And if we play God by allowing our doctors to do abortions, then we are interfering with the laws of karma.

Wherever we can help life, we help life. Doctors should remember and follow the Hippocratic Oath, which says to do no harm to life. This oath was followed for hundreds and even thousands of years. It is only recently that, through dark influences, this oath is no longer followed in many nations. Therefore consider the Hippocratic Oath when deciding what is righteous in this dynamic.

 There are many instances of children that have been born due to rape who became great people. And even if the mother who has a child by rape does not desire that child, she can always give it up for adoption. There are many couples who cannot have children due to karma itself. And it may be their dharma and their karma to adopt a child who was the result of a rape. Think of how happy this couple would be to have this new life come to them. It may be the karma of that soul to be born through that process because of what they did in a past life. Very often the child that comes into incarnation through rape was a person in a past life that raped a woman, so they have to experience what it is like to be born into a situation as a product of rape. And it may be the primary or only way for them to balance that karma, especially if they were the man, although in many cases they also must experience being raped to balance their karma. So you see again, it is best not to try to play God.

Ultimately, if mankind passes illegitimate laws, it creates a breakdown in the structure of a moral society and it creates all kinds of undesired consequences. Therefore live in the light of truth, honor and integrity. Follow the laws of God and the laws of nature, and everything else becomes self-evident.

So that is Lanello's answer. It has been almost an hour now, so I am going to stop the recording and turn on my camera.

1. Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life (PuddleDancer Press, 2015).
2. Robert Tennyson Stevens, Conscious Language: The Logos of Now (Robert Tennyson Stevens, 2007).


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