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Kali      July 11, 2017

Beloved Kali
David Christopher Lewis
July 11, 2017   12:00–12:50 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana 

Kali Teaches Us How to Remain Clear of Maya

I, Kali, am with you today, dearest hearts, for I am concerned about each of you. This concern is my deep desire for you to fulfill your purpose, and one of my greatest joys is to clear all opposition to you and to allow you to be real. What is real, blessed ones? Ultimately, only God is real, and when you focus on your Divine Selfhood, that is your reality.

The fastest way to clear yourself is to be one with God, for when you enter into God's Presence, everything is clear. There is no unreality in that realm of pure beingness. All that is illusory disappears, and then what is true and holy comes into prominence. Therefore it is my great opportunity to help remind you of this dynamic. And though I often wield many swords to clear devotees, it would be much easier for me to simply assist you in coming into that sacred state of perfection by ushering you into the very Presence of your godliness. For in that light, there is no darkness. In that luminosity, there is no hell. In fact, in heaven there is only the brightness of the Sun shining everywhere.

Therefore this day, enter the Sun Presence of your Divine Self and feel the largesse of your magnificent I AM Presence. When you imbibe the light of your Presence, you are happy. When you feel the joy of your divine reality, there is a new life offered unto you, and this new life may be yours every moment, if you choose. For in that moment of sacredness, you have access to very high frequencies that will provide you with all the energy you require for all that you desire to do. And when you are in the intelligence of God's divine wisdom that is embedded within the light of your Presence, you have the formulas for perfection and the mathematics of divinity.

Now, what are these formulas? And what is this mathematics? you ask. It may be a little different each day as you learn and evolve. The ascended masters provide many formulas through their teachings. Each word, each phrase, each sentence, each paragraph contains formulas of light, and these light formulas are specific for all of you. When you listen to the Word and allow the words to resonate within you, you partake of these formulas. Then you must apply them in your daily life. And this is always the big question of the day: “O Lord, how may I apply your words practically in this moment? I have so many issues, so many problems to deal with today. I know the teaching, I've heard so many HeartStreams and it seems that even now there are problems that I am having difficulty dealing with. O Lord, help me through this crisis. Help me in my relationships, in my communications with others.”

As soon as your divine desire is stated within your heart, we are there and we provide you with the impetus and the energy to make right choices. It is all a matter of your sensitivity and your ability to listen deeply. And when you are attuned to your Higher Self, you will be able to hear the divine voice clearly. And when you have cleared away the cobwebs of your lower nature, then of course you will see much better.

Negative thoughts and negative feelings are creating these cobwebs. So this day, I clear all of them from all of you with my fire, for fire truly does burn up those cobwebs, dearest ones. And spiritual fire can also dissolve illusion immediately. I give you a formula now to use every day, if you choose. You can say with me: O Kali, with your fire, clear unreality now! O Kali, with your fire, clear my aura now! O Kali, with your fire, enfire my mind now so that I may see clearly and hear clearly, so that I may feel God's Presence now within my heart, and so that I may make all right choices today and every day. O Kali, thank you for your fire in my life now!”

Now, blessed hearts, how do you feel? Do you feel brighter, higher and more radiant? If so, it is because you are sensitive to my being and my light, and you can be victorious in this new energy field of pure love, victorious in the light.

So, precious ones, how may we move together our communities around the world? How may we move them into the New Day? You know that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts through the synergy of your collective love. Therefore when you truly express love together as one, there is a power that manifests. This power is unstoppable; it is invincible. Therefore, more than anything, you must love one another with total love, even as you first love God with your entire heart, mind, strength and soul. Heart, mind, strength and soul—when all of this is working together as one among you, then your work proceeds fluidly and beautifully. The projects that you put your attention upon seem to manifest miraculously. The opposition is cleared by the power of your magnetic love.

Therefore dwell within this sacred space of perfect love among all. Encourage one another at every turn to return to love. And when difficulties arise, pause and remind one another of my message, for you must never let go of divine love, my precious ones. Love will see you through to the completeness of your lives. Love is the way that you overcome everything with joy. And you desire to be joyous always, right? You desire to be happy in all things, correct? You would rather be smiling and laughing and jumping up for joy all the time, yes? Therefore, my precious ones, be all light—be all light. For I AM Kali and I AM light. You are who you are, and you are light. And we together will manifest that light victoriously.

Now, in answer to some of your prayers, I come also with another dispensation: to wield my many swords around certain loved ones that you have in your life. It could be immediate family members that do not fully understand you. It could be certain friends that do not truly know who you are in your spiritual path. So I am wielding my swords now to clear all misconceptions of who you are. And I am replacing those misconceptions with the true realities of your Higher Self so that others may be more merciful unto you all the time; so that they may have even a glimpse of your true divine nature, of how evolved and spiritually minded you truly are; so that they may allow you to be who you are and to follow your true spiritual path without their own mental constructs and points of limitation that they have projected upon you through ignorance.

Therefore I clear ignorance today! I clear the demons of ignorance and illusion. I clear the devils of maya and of decrepitude and of evil. In fact, in God there is no evil. So I displace all evil with love. I transmute darkness into light. And now you are free of these illusory thoughts of others and how they have impacted your emotional bodies and your mental bodies, and at times even impacted your physical health and well-being. It is my joy to give you this gift today, my precious ones, because I see how much you strive on your spiritual path. And there is no more reason for the dark ones, working through any individual, including your loved ones and families, to undermine your victories.

Now, if you again in the future feel the opposition coming to you, you can simply ask for the reenactment of this dispensation from me, Kali, so that your friends and family are again cleared of this miasma of darkness and so that you can retain your joyful spirits always. “I AM the joy of Kali today,” you may say. “I AM the light of Kali today. I AM the fire of Kali in my world, and I live, move and have my being in eternality now. I AM free in Kali's light and love. Amen.”

Thank you, my precious hearts, for listening to my message to you today. It's been my pleasure to be with you in this sacred moment. And I say to you now, goodbye until next time. Thank you.


David:  So we have a primera pregunta y segunda pregunta. The first question I will read in English.

Question:  Beloved Kali, lately in Spain politicians have tried to approve a new law to impart gender theory in schools, teaching that transsexuals, homosexuals and lesbians are normal and will receive special treatment and imposing penalty fees to the ones who disagree. It will also help girls and boys to change sex surgically, if they choose, without their parent's permission. Homosexuality is more and more supported in Spain, and any who disagree are seen as abnormal. There even have been judges, doctors who have been forced to go against their beliefs, afraid of the consequences of being expelled or penalized. Can you tell us what we can do to help in this matter?

David:  This is a scourge of the modern era and that has been foisted upon your societies by dark spirits. As always, prayer is number one. However, there still have to be those who challenge this outrage, and this challenge must occur through the judicial system primarily. Who will challenge this insanity? Where are the righteous who will stand up to the dark spirits? Where are the religious and the spiritually oriented who will pray without ceasing to overcome this predicament?

This problem must be responded to by the vast majority of spiritually oriented people who, though they may be considered too conservative, are actually desiring the truth to be made manifest. So the leaders of the more conservative churches must come together and pray with all of their hearts. Those in the Catholic tradition must do their rosaries to the Blessed Mother to overcome this problem.

And you, dearest ones, must call to Archangel Uriel for the judgment upon the dark ones who are changing this system. You may consider a three-year novena to Archangel Uriel and Aurora. Even five minutes a day of making very fiery calls to Archangel Uriel and Aurora will produce wonderful results. As you know, Uriel is the archangel of the judgment. And the dark spirits and entities and demons that are behind this initiative are very, very dark. They must be removed from the planet by the ferocity of your spiritual calls. And of course you may also call to Kali, Durga and Shiva to take command of these dark forces.

David:  That is the answer to the first question. The second question:

Question:  Our President, Mariano Rajoy, is a conservative and against same-sex weddings, which were imposed by the previous socialist government. He is against abortion and gender ideology too, but the socialist opposition is always lying and manipulating and sometimes he seems handcuffed. How can we protect our president in order that he have more support for his decisions, according to God's will, and is guided by his Divine Presence? We ask that the Universal White Brotherhood command Spain's government to the victory in the light.

David:  When you give your fiery prayers and songs to Archangel Michael, you can have an image of the President Mariano Rajoy in front of you. Commend him and his entire administration to God's will. Pray for him to have the strength and the spiritual, as well as physical, support to withstand the darkness. Now, since you've also asked the Universal White Brotherhood for help, it is coming now.

El Morya is stepping forward to help, and he is placing a greater protective energy mantle around Mariano. And you can pray every day that this protection and this mantle be sustained and strengthened. Now, if you know the key players who are the dark ones, you can have their images too. And then you put the circle and sword of Astrea around them all to bind the darkness working through them. You could have their names on a call sheet, yet more importantly, their images.

Pray that they be free of all illusion, all darkness and all negative influences, and that they be liberated from the entities of evil that are using them as tools. And you can have novenas naming their names to compel them to follow God's will. And beyond this, you would have to work through the court system or through the government. And for most of you, that's probably not the best use of your time. Pray for other righteous leaders to come into prominent positions of power. And make your call sheets on all kinds of different scenarios and subjects.

Kali is reminding me of what they did for Canada with all these wonderful call sheets, and you can create your own on all different subjects. So you can have a call sheet on same-sex marriage; you can have a call sheet on gender ideology and another on abortion. Be very specific in the words that you use in order to change the culture back to its divine heritage. And while you're at it, expand the calls to maximize them for all nations, because this is becoming a problem now everywhere around the world. Thank you very much. Did you have any other new questions?

Translator:  They would like to know if Archangel Uriel can give them a specific call.

David:  In the name of the living God, I call to beloved Archangel Uriel and Aurora for the judgment upon the dark forces assailing the lightbearers in all nations, especially in Spain. I call for the victory of the light within our culture, within our society and within every home and family. I call for a return to first principles and values founded upon the rock of the living Christ.

            I see the families whole. I see all perversions of sex dissolving and being consumed now. I see the family unit sustained in light. I call for the protection of our president, Mariano Rajoy, and his administration. I call for the binding of the forces using political correctness and the dark ones to change the culture for the worse.

I call for the arresting of the spirals of the legalization of same-sex weddings, of abortion on demand and of the perversions now manifesting through the current trends in gender ideology. I call for the Holy Family to descend and to overshine every family and to guide, guard and protect every man, woman and child. I call for cosmic justice in every nation to withstand the forces of nihilism working through homosexuality, the sex entities and the dark spirits that would bring about socialism, communism, nihilism.

Bind them by the power of Almighty God, O legions of Uriel and Aurora! Bind them by the power of the Infinite One, O angels of the judgment, now. Bind them, by the grace of God, and illumine the dark ones who have been fooled, as their minds have been tampered with by the nefarious spirits and the fallen angels who hide behind masks and their chimeras to deceive even the righteous upon Earth. Bind them now by the power of the Almighty! Archangel Michael and your legions, descend, take command and bring forth virtue again in the hearts of all mankind!

Kali, Durga, Shiva, bind and remove the dark spirits inveigled within our nation and manifesting through our government, all administrations, school systems and this socialist ideology that has taken hold through the mass media and through media of all kinds, including social media, and especially affecting our youth. Bind the fallen teachers who are promulgating this deception and bring the youth back to the virtues of God, the holiness of the true family unit. This I accept and ask to be expanded to all nations, among all peoples, by your grace. Amen.

          So it was better that I just do it all in English and you can translate it and transcribe it later. Okay? 

Translator:  There is a political group who is fighting to stop this law of abortion, and recently they have been attacked. So __________ wants to call to Archangel Michael in order to protect this group who is fighting to stop this law. David:  Good. They can make the calls. I think I am going to end it now, if it's okay, because it has been a long morning for me and I have to have breakfast. I'm sorry. Thank you so much. I'm going to just turn on my camera for a moment.


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