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David Lewis      July 09, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
July 9, 2017   10:40 ̶ 10:56 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

The Angel Choir Known as Thrones and What They Do

Good morning, everyone. God bless you. Today I'd like to share a little bit about one of the nine choirs of angels that we call the thrones. I don't know that I've ever spoken on this subject before, and therefore I think it's appropriate to share this today.

We know that the word throne is a code for “three-in-one,” and we know that God and the living Christ sitteth upon the throne. This is the place of God-beingness from which cosmic justice may manifest throughout the universe; from which God, both as Father and Mother, wields the authority that he/she has, as the Creator God, to send forth light to the creation, to adjudicate everything.

The angels and the angel choir known as the thrones, therefore, serve around this throne and carry out the dictates of Almighty God with great authority. God invests within the thrones—as he does within the principalities, the powers, the dominions (also know as dominations), the virtues the angels, the archangels, the seraphim and the cherubim—this authority to act in the universe, and specifically within our dimensional plane of being.

So the thrones are very powerful angels. They carry the energy and radiance of the Maxin light, which is the fire and also the intention and creativity of God, and they deliver it to the cosmos. They work very closely with the powers, the principalities and the dominions. All of these are words that signify a vast energy that these angels carry and wield in order to sustain the creation, as well as to, in a sense, move heaven, even as we are here to move earth. They move heaven and earth through the power that they wield.

When we have issues that seem difficult and almost impossible to deal with, we can activate the powers, dominions, thrones, principalities and virtues by our calls. We do this in our Rosary of Faith; in the previous dispensation we used the Archangel Michael Rosary, where we named the nine choirs of angels—seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, powers, virtues, principalities, angels and archangels. All are very specific in their work and yet very intentional in carrying out the orders, the dictates, the maxims of God.

Now, this Maxin light, which all of the archangels and all of the other angel choirs carry, flows from the very beingness, the essence, of God, because all of the angels are the extensions or angles of God's consciousness—angles/angels. England means “Angel Land” or “Engle-land.” So England is a great seat of authority of the angels who came to Earth and who still wield that power on behalf of the Lord God Almighty.

When we call to the thrones, we access the very nature of God as power, wisdom and love combined—the three-in-one. When we speak of the power of the three-times-three in our prayers that we learned long, long ago, this power of the three-times-three is activated by the thrones. The thrones also activate this light of the three-in-one within the Elohim, the creators of worlds and star systems. They activate it within the manus, the Lords of the Rays and the sons and daughters of God. They work very closely in conjunction with the Maha Chohan, who breathes life into us through our breath. And through this breathing of life into us, that breath activates our threefold flame, the spark of God within us, which then causes the beating of our hearts, which sustains our life.

The thrones who wield this great power, wisdom and love can perform certain miracles by the grace of God, by the authority of God, and so we can call to them. Now, one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit is miracles. And if you think of the nine gifts, you could, if you would like to, correlate them with the nine choirs of angels. I haven't done this, yet it's something that I could possibly speak of in a future discourse, how each of the nine gifts also relates to each of the nine choirs of angels. You may even be able to discern this yourself if you were to meditate on this power of the three-times-three as it manifests both through the major gifts of the Holy Spirit mentioned by Paul in Corinthians and also through the nine choirs of angels. Not all of them are mentioned in the Bible, yet the Catholic tradition speaks of them.

Where did Catholicism discover the nine choirs of angels? They discovered them through ancient teachings that originate from Enoch and before. Remember, Enoch spoke of the fallen angels. Enoch was really the founder of the Essenes long, long, long ago. And we in our community are in the tradition of Enoch as reembodied Essenes, and this is why it's very important for us to embrace this angelology, which is the study, or the science, of the knowledge and wisdom of angels in the heaven world. And this we do through all of our rosaries, especially the more current progressive revelatory rosaries that we have—the Rosary of Faith and the Rosary of Divine Quintessence, which calls upon the female archangels known as archeiai.

The more we know of the angels and their work, the more we can commune with them and utilize the gifts that they offer to humanity when we pray, when we sing—especially when we sing. Mother Mary, one of the archeiai, told us to sing our prayers as much as possible. We all know that singing opens the heart and really amplifies the power of the word of our prayers through our voices, through our hearts in resonance.

When we sing, we can commune with the angels, because they are choirs and they sing. Even the thrones sing. And their singing is virtually always in a triad of the root, the third and the fifth, creating this beautiful harmony of the triune nature of God—the root being the blue, the third being the yellow (in this case) and the fifth being the pink. So you have the threefold flame when you have harmonics that have this balance of one, three, five—the root, the third and the fifth. And many, many harmonies and beautiful canons and songs in the churches of yesterday, and even in the harmonics of the Gregorian chants, carry the weaving movement of these harmonies of the first, the third and the fifth.

It would be interesting for us to give our prayers in this way, and we've tried this in the past. We don't always remember to do it or practice doing it. Yet if we could have those who have training in singing give the prayers on the third and the fifth, in addition to everyone matching the person who is leading at the root, or the very base sound frequency or note, then I think we would see very interesting things happening. And we would actually bring the thrones to our community through this giving of these prayers in this way. So it's something for us to consider.

The triune nature of God—Father, Son, Holy Spirit or Father, Mother, Son/Daughter, Holy Spirit—is a concept that is very powerful. We know we have in nature, in ourselves and throughout the universe this triune nature of God: power, wisdom, love; faith, hope, charity; Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. When we have three points in the matter plane, it anchors light in these dimensions. By and large, we live in kind of a 3-D world, with time considered as the fourth dimension. And the vehicle of time is what allows us to move and allows consciousness to move; it is not static or in a state of stasis—it can actually move; we can move.

So time allows us to move, and space allows us, through time, to move. And then in the higher dimensions, of course, we move in higher fields and vibratory energy frequencies of light. The Christ consciousness has been designated as more of the fifth dimension, where we abide in a very high vibration of pure love, pure compassion. There is no darkness in the light of the living Christ; there is only the brightness, the beauty, the beneficence of the Logos, the Word, the second person of the Trinity.

The thrones, being very powerful angelic beings, afford us an opportunity to expand our threefold flame. This is another thing that we can call to them for when we feel that maybe our threefold flame isn't as active, bright or large as we would like it to be. Try calling to the thrones, because the three-in-one is within us. Our threefold flame abides on the throne of our own inner being, or the altar of our heart. We call it the altar of the heart, yet it could also be called the throne of the heart, the three-in-one. It's the seat of the threefold flame.

So however you picture it—as a seat or an altar or even a pedestal—the place where the threefold flame, as a replica of the Maxin light, abides inside of you is a beautiful concept. Really, it's multidimensional and it's beyond form, because fire moves beyond most forms. It's in a kind of formless state. It just keeps morphing and changing and doesn't remain in the same form for long. It is, by its very nature, changing and transforming. And through that changing and transforming nature, it transmutes. Dissolve, transmute, consume—remember that teaching.

The thrones, in helping us to expand our threefold flame, also guard our threefold flame very carefully. They consider this threefold flame so sacred, so holy that they, along with the seraphim and cherubim and the other angels, sing this song: “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty.” And in the music to Enoch that Tom Miller composed—beautiful, beautiful music—we have the interactivity of all of these nine choirs of angels as they sing what is in the Book of Revelation—“Holy, holy, holy.”1 They sing unto God as the Magnificent One, the holiest of all holy ones. And because we are one with God, we have that holy essence inside of us. And so, in a sense, the angels also guard, protect and nurture the threefold flame in the sons and daughters of God if we ask them to, if we give them permission through our prayers.

We can experiment with calling to the thrones to expand the three-in-one, the throne within us, the seat of God-light and beingness; and I think that we will find something new, something bright, something beautiful. And when you rediscover your eternal nature as a God being, as God in manifestation—the quality of God's being God inside of you, not the quantity of God's being—then you will see all these symbols as being representative of something deep, deep within that is of your own God-nature.

So let us consider the thrones and call to them. Maybe one day we'll have a song to the nine choirs of angels, and we can concentrate on a line or two or some phrase relating to each of the nine. We can invoke them, utilize the energies of God that they wield and that they are able to harbor in many dimensions and planes of being on behalf of the universe, on behalf of the sons and daughters of God so that we can accelerate consciousness, perform alchemy through our spiritual work, fulfill our mission and together ascend to the heart of God and remain integrated and fully free in the light.

So thank you for listening today. I learn something every time the masters come, almost unannounced, with something that they'd like to share. And I will study scripture now, Revelation, and seek to discern more on the nature of God and God's work through the nine choirs of angels.

Thank you, Phil, Barbara, Maydell and all of you on the broadcast, for participating today. Have a wonderful Sunday and the rest of your week, a new week. Bye-bye.

1. Revelation 4:8.


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