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Manjushri      July 05, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Manjushri)
July 5, 2017   7:41–8:02 am MDT
Healing Light Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana 

The Power of Manjushri's White-Fire Blue-Fire Sword

Manjushri wields a sword of fire to carve away unreality and simultaneously to stir everything that that sword is directed toward or touches to the Divine, to light, beingness, perfection, God-glory, unity, harmony, balance, truth, virtue. The sword of Manjushri is a powerful talisman that we can wield, if we choose, by calling to him and aligning our light body with his, visualizing ourselves in our Merkabah and wielding that sword when we have first done the inner spiritual work and we live in the fire of our Buddha nature.

Now, what will happen when we wield this sword? First, we have to be in the right vibration to do so with great intent and great power. If we are misaligned or in any way outside of the circle of perfection, then that sword will not have the effect that it could have if we were in true attunement with the Divine. Yet when we are, it demagnetizes—as many of the swords of heaven do—light from darkness. And what happens to that darkness? Well, it's basically swallowed up or transmuted and we have more energy released.

So it's a great energizer, Manjushri says. His sword is a great energizer; it is an activator. You hear a lot in new-age circles now that a certain ritual is going to do this thing, that it's going to activate this or activate that. This is common parlance now in the new-age circles. And I understand what they're mentioning, but a lot of what some woo-woo new-age people consider as these activators are more in their minds than real. Although for those who are really true disciples, are really attuned to the masters and are doing the work, yes, there are these cosmic activators, and this sword is one of them.

So through the light that it wields, it activates engrams and powerful stimulants to draw us higher into the divine world and to do our work. This sword helps us to do our work. It clears away the unreal from the real and transmutes that unreal into real so that we can focus on what is real, focus on what is beneficial, beautiful, bright, divine and let go of, erase, transmute and really forget the darkness. This is a type of cosmic forgetting, where we don't focus on it and therefore it has no effect on us; for what we focus on we become. What we put our attention upon becomes a part of our reality, and therefore by not placing our attention on darkness, we've already won about a third of the battle, because we've put our attention on darkness so much that it's entered our world. So it's a great thing to be reminded to not focus too much on darkness, because then we start absorbing that and it becomes part of our reality.

What else does this sword do? It inspires. The word inspiration has spire in it, which relates to breathing: respiration. It actually is a conduit for the Holy Spirit's energy of inspiration. So whatever it touches, it inspires. Yes, it activates, yet there is more than just activation. It actually brings the inspiration, the breath, of God into play so that whatever you're focused upon, whatever you touch with it, direct it toward is inspired. I think we all require inspiration at times.

In addition to this, it suffuses the blue-fire white-fire radiance of Manjushri's causal body into what it is directed at. What is this blue-fire-white fire radiance? It's similar to the energy of Surya and Cuzco, the blue-fire white-fire sun. And what I'm seeing today is that Manjushri has spent a fair amount of ascended-master time, if you'd like to look at that, in the echelons of light of Sirius to draw forth this power from Sirius to have within this sword, this level of energy and fire and lightning. In the blue-fire white-fire energy, the blue represents the Father, the white, the Mother—very powerful in its cosmic magnetic attraction and the distribution of energy.

If you've seen the Iron Man movies, there is a bad guy and he has this thing that he throws around that is magnetic and has lightning, and it's very destructive. But if it were used for good, it would be a very good talisman, kind of like an electronic lasso. And the power that's in this electromagnetic field that the sword generates, when it's used consciously, is very, very powerful.

You have to realize that the swords that all the Buddhas wield are talismans. They are emblems of their attainment that they extend out, almost a kind of appendage that's an extension of their energy field and their high attainment of God-consciousness, Solar beingness and Buddhic awareness.

So any sword that we choose to use—Archangel Michael's sword, the crystal sword of light that we've been given in various HeartStreams, the sword that Mighty Victory wields, and the swords of other Buddhas and great masters—is an extension of the sacred Word, which is what sword means, of our own Logoic light, the yellow crystalline frequencies of the Sun consciousness of our higher beingness. And we can then mobilize, utilize, activate and have it at our disposal to deal with any force of darkness whatsoever that may be assailing or attacking us.

I think I've forgotten this a little bit and didn't know the full power of it or have the full understanding of it until today. Yet this is what is being revealed. So when we call to Manjushri, we now know that he is on the six o'clock line of the Mother in this representation of the cosmic clock—the four cardinal points on the cosmic clock. This is a perfect time of year, in Cancer, to wield his sword to activate things in Cancer that will help us pass our initiations—to overcome self-pity, self-justification; to manifest God-harmony and supply; and to raise the kundalini in the Mother half of the year and then the Mother/Mother quadrant. The Mother/Mother quadrant is the six to the nine o'clock lines. This is the fullest concentration of Mother energy now during the year in this six-to-nine cycle, the emotional quadrant of the cosmic clock, the feminine half of the cosmic clock. So the Mother energy is very pronounced, very focused, very activated at this time.

So let us draw forth from our hearts now, with permission from Manjushri, a replica of his sword and direct it into anything and everything we choose to direct it into, maybe our gardens for the clearing of all weeds and undesirables. Sometimes we may have to use things like these swords to get rid of weeds or what we don't desire in our gardens. Whether it's a weed whacker, or whatever, you can have Manjushri's sword overshining your weed whacker—boy, what a visualization—or hoes or whatever you use to clear the weeds.

So let's use it now spiritually to clear anything and everything, the undesirables, from our consciousness, from our memory bodies. And as we're clearing, we're simultaneously anchoring that light. We're precipitating that light as billions and billions of tiny points of light that we're directing wherever we choose with this replica of Manjushri's sword.

Now I'm seeing this sword. It's different from the version of Archangel Michael's sword, which is kind of curved. This is straight and the hilt is amazing. It's smaller than the big, broad swords, but you can grab it and hold on with the little cross section. And the part that you hold onto is smooth, but the rest of the sword is very artistically rendered and it is just amazing. So I'm seeing the blue and the white light being precipitated through it and  being absolutely stupendous.

What I'd like to do now is sing “Michael's Great Blue Sword,” because this is at least one song that we have that focuses on a sword. So we're going to sing to Archangel Michael and have the energy of this sword, song number 11, also at our disposal Because now that we have the understanding of Manjushri's sword, we can have Michael and Manjushri working together to wield these swords. And so song number 11.

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