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Apollo      July 02, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Apollo and Lumina)
July 2, 2017   10:37–11:09 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Apollo Shares Teachings during the Sun Cycle of Cancer on the Magnificence
of Our Solar Presence and the Miracle of Water

When we enter our Solar Presence, the perfectionment of God manifests throughout all of our bodies. For the light of the Presence shines forth and delivers cosmic grace into every cell of our being. Our solar cells are activated, energized and then shine forth this brilliance of that golden, liquid light that manifests through our Divine Presence and now through every aperture of self, every point of beingness.

Our chakras become enflamed with this light of our Presence, the energy field that is our aura becomes supercharged with cosmic light, and we now embody the Christic/Buddhic essence of our true Self as a living flame-fire Sun. Our goal is to be that Sun Presence, that Solar reality, 24/7, as the sun is. And as we commune with the sun and clothe ourselves in the garments of light of the sun, like the Woman clothed with the Sun, we, like that woman, become holy—wholly God, wholly Divine, wholly love.

We can enjoy our divine life in this beautiful state of beingness. And in that divine enjoyment of eternal happiness, supernal joy, we maintain that state of divine affection for all life, God within the cosmos, the creation. To sustain this radiance is a spiritual practice par excellence. Sustaining the radiance of your Higher Self right where you live, move and have your being is a daily exercise in manifesting the virtues of God, the blessings of the Spirit, the holiness of that state of higher reality. And from this sacred space of beingness in God, you, as a co-creator, fulfill your purpose.

You can ask yourself every morning: “What will I co-create with God today of beauty, harmony, peace and love?” and say: “O God, you are the Creator; you have created me. I, thus, am a co-creator with you because you have invested within me your essence, your fire, your flame, your eternal spark. Therefore, O God, live, move and have your being through me and co-create with and through me today what you desire to invest within the Earth of your light, your Presence, your joy, your love.”

However we consecrate or dedicate our day to this holy purpose, it sets in motion the matrix of light and creates within our energy field opportunity for us to give our greatest gifts, our spiritual gifts. We know that we all have gifts and talents to offer the world, humanity, our brothers and sisters. These gifts and talents are a part of our very essence. They are how we express who we are. They are the energy of our spirit that moves through us and that can be utilized to co-create something. These gifts, talents and graces are continuously blessed by God because we are God's children. They are sanctified and sanctioned by God for us to use, and if we don't use them, we're not fully being co-creators.

Thus we should look at our gifts, talents and graces each day and say: “This is what God has provided for me, vouchsafed to me, as an impetus of co-creative light, to use to co-create with him/her in this amazing universe of light, holy radiance, joy.” When we utilize the co-creative power of the cosmos that is embedded and etched within our solar cells, we are happy because we feel the élan of the Holy Spirit; we feel the empowerment, the enlightenment, the inspiration of our true nature. And then as we investigate life and how we can employ these gifts, graces and talents, something within us is stirred to offer them in a new, dynamic, natural way. We don't have to stress about it; it just happens naturally. Every creative genius tapped into the inner resource of divine light of his or her Solar Presence, that creativity that is continually anointing the universe with its radiance.

Did you know that you are an anointer when you give light and love and virtue to others and when you express your true nature? You are in that mode of anointing with the light-energy oil of your being, and you harmonize things, charge things and bless things through that anointing. And as you give, you receive; and as you receive, you're motivated to give again. And there is this dynamic ebb and flow of the Tai Chi of giving and receiving in a continuous stream of beingness that is creation—co-creation.

We think, we muse, we conjecture, we ideate, we conceptualize, we visualize. Then we feel, we emote, we engender, through our water body, the graces of that higher field of God's Presence so that these ideations, conceptualizations, visualizations, thought patterns and engrams can take root in the world of form, through that love that we employ, and be watered by our love, our feelings. And then, planted within the earth, they become amazing, beautiful, crystalline offerings, some with structure, design, geometry and colorful patterns, and others that are just simply wonderful thoughts.

When we conceive of perfection, it is real. When we have a design in mind and we feed it with divine thought and empower it with love, it must come to fruition; it must be consummated, completed, because it is the law. And we, as co-creators, abide within that law, that oneness state of being, where creation manifests by this graceful employment of our soulfulness, our spirit, our essence.

You can do the work of each day with great joy or you can do it without that élan. It's better to do it with joy, happiness and élan because the day goes by faster and things are more light-filled. So how do we ensure that what we do is empowered by this radiance? We smile, we give glory to God and we are in a thankful mode—we are always in that gratitude state of receiving and giving, thanksgiving and receiving. And the flow happens because this is all natural and the way it's meant to be.

The path is not meant to be a struggle, a strain, a dour experience. It's meant to be the way the flowers bloom, the plants grow—giving glory to the sun as they rise out of the earth, bloom, flower and fructify. Our Solar Presence is our fructified self. Our Divine Self is the realized nature of our true essence. And when we choose consciously to live, move and have our being in that lovely state of graceful light and blessedness, God smiles upon our endeavors, smiles upon our world, smiles upon our life. And our life becomes magical, miraculous, mystically beautiful, wondrous.

The Magic Presence is the alchemical self that loves to co-create. The Magic Presence is the scientific and artistic part of our true nature that simply must give its effulgence in order to fulfill its purpose. Our Presence shines forth the brilliance of inner beingness 24/7 if we are there to experience it by mindfulness, heart-centeredness and being pleasant to God and to others.

Consider trying to be pleasant. I know sometimes I'm not very pleasant to others when I challenge them. So I'm choosing to be more pleasant, to find ways to engender the best, the brightest, the most brilliant, splendorous, wondrous and gorgeous in the souls of others. Look at the soul; look to the soul. Look for the soul and the soulfulness of others before you communicate, greet, speak with or work with them. What is it about God within them that is special? What is it about the Divine in them—in whose image and likeness they were created—that you desire to enjoy today and tune into, and what would you like to share of your perfect essence with them?

To be pleasant to others means almost to be a plant. The words are close—pleasant, plant. And plants are usually very pleasant. You don't really have a negative plant. Even weeds, though they're not always pleasant to have in your garden, are amazing if you look at them. Even the weeds that we don't desire to interfere with the growth of our vegetables are still beautiful; they're still glorious. Dandelions are glorious and other plants are amazing. They're architecturally perfect; they're geometrically sacred and divine. And so let's be pleasant like the plants. Let's be holy like the soil. Let's be intuitive like the rain and the wind, and let's be merciful like the sun.

If we can tune into what all of this plant life has as its essence that is very virtuous and be like them as we absorb their energy and are somewhat absorbed into their awareness at a certain level of vibration, then there is an amazing alchemy of that oneness of life in all of its forms that manifests, which is truly beautiful. And we enter into the reverence of life, all life, through that oneness state.

Have you communed with plants, the trees, the grass in such a way that they understand you and your nature as you are discerning their nature and attempting to imbibe their essence in spirit so that you can become more pleasant like them? Plants activate within us the oxygenated Holy Spirit part of ourselves that is in tune with the Divine, always, because they emit oxygen, which we require. And that is refreshing, invigorating and empowering. The H2O molecule of water, composed of hydrogen and oxygen, is an amazing amalgamation of two elements that together co-create something so awesome that we live because of it—we are 80 percent water. You are 80 percent water, H2O—amazing! These two elements collaborate, two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen.

What an amazing dance of these atoms God visualized and created so many billions of years ago through the conception of this molecule that would sustain life for us and all creatures who walk and swim and dance within the Earth and fly in the atmosphere. Just meditating upon the water molecule can bring you into nirvana and ecstasy when you feel the Mother light within it, the harmony, the balance within it, the movement within it, the refreshment within it, the life-giving essence within it.

If you are 80 percent water, and water is part of your very nature, then you should study and meditate upon that, because it will give you keys to who you are. If God conceived of us as perfect and we are 80 percent water, then this water is a key to our divinity. And we can live, move and have our being within this living, crystal-diamond, liquid light-field and maintain that and engender that and imbibe that and refresh the universe with our water nature of Mother love; because water is the Mother, and water is love.

When I was first married to Mona, she would bring a tall glass of water and put it either in the bathroom or on the nightstand every night so that I would have that water ready to drink first thing in the morning upon arising or if I woke up during the night. This little ritual itself is a spiritual, intuitive act, and we still do this. And I did it for her last night in a cosmic exchange.

So consider your own nature; consider your being; consider the light who you are; consider the water that envelops your soul and makes you whole. Drink plenty of water, especially in the summer months here in the Northern Hemisphere, because it will make you lubricated and full of lux, which is light. It will allow you to carry more light. This is what Apollo and Lumina are sharing through me today. They sponsored this message.

When we drink plenty of water, we can carry more light. We carry more electricity, because water is a carrier. And we know about electrolytes. What a beautiful word, electrolyte. We have to have that electrolytic balance in our being, and part of that requires the water. The electrolytes must have an opportunity to dance within our being, and so we have to have the water with the salts in the right balance.

Salt and water is another amazing dynamic. The oceans have salt within them. We don't like to drink that salt water; it's too intense. So we desalinate it and then we drink the water without that level of salt, yet we still require cell salts and electrolytes for the harmonics to be perfect within our blood.

What does that correspond with spiritually? What is our salt? Jesus said, “Ye are the salt of the earth.”1 If a man or woman loses their salt, they've really lost their essence. Our salt is our spiritual power element. We have to have those salts inside of us in balance to have harmony. To have the electrolytic harmonic and to maintain it through our life means that we can be dispensers of the cosmic charge of the Holy Spirit, who lives, moves and has his/her being through us when we have a natural flow of that water of life because we maintain our harmonic emotional balance.

If you find during cycles of water—Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio; we're in Cancer right now— that you are emotionally challenged, emotionally unbalanced, look at the electrolytic balance in your body. Drink plenty of water with the necessary elements that should be within it—not, of course, water that's been stripped of all of its minerals. It's not good to drink that water long term. It's better to have the water with the natural minerals in it.

So look at this, because in these three cycles of water—Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio—if you're not ingesting enough water, you can become emotionally unbalanced. And any and all of us can do this if we're not careful. Water is good to take in through all the cycles—fire, air, earth also—especially during the water trine months. Electrolytic action. [?] Consider this; meditate upon it. Find the secrets of life within the electrolysis, [?] the energization, the activation of light in you that the Mother God allows and precipitates by her love.

If you can, try to avoid those liquids that strip the minerals from your blood, your body, your skin, your being. Especially avoid supersweet colas and drinks made with sugars. And, God forbid, any disciple takes NutraSweet and other artificial sweeteners that are cancer forming. Diet sodas are the worst thing to drink. Cross off diet sodas from your list. If you have ever been tempted to have them, they are the worst of the worst; worse than beer or wine, much worse. A little bit of wine here and there won't kill you. And it probably is actually healthy for some people, a little bit. Although I don't drink any alcohol, except a little kombucha once in a blue moon.

So back to the harmony, the peace of the Presence. Let's go back within our Solar Presence. Meditate upon this Solar Source, the battery of our true cosmic nature. It is empowering; it is invigorating. When we live, move and have our being within our Divine Presence, everything is possible to us; everything is doable and nothing is nonsustainable. Everything can be and can be fully manifested. The impossible becomes possible; the undoable becomes doable; the untenable becomes tenable.

Let us sing 56, “One, All One,” as we give this devotion and adulation to our Divine Presence, our I AM Presence.

1. Matthew 5:13.


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