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Holy Spirit      June 04, 2017

Beloved Holy Spirit
David Christopher Lewis
June 4, 2017 9:39–9:54 am MDT
Livingston, Montana 

The Holy Spirit Anoints Us with Holy Fire

I baptize thee with light and fire. For as your Holy Spirit, I come to invest within those who have prepared their souls for this light the radiance of God, drawn forth from the Great Central Sun this day into your domain for your victory in all things.

Blessed ones, the fire of the Holy Spirit is a sacred gift that you may enjoy and employ so long as love, divine love, is within the center of your life. To enjoy the Spirit Divine ennobles your soul and brings you to the fount of eternal peace, the blessings of the Divine Mother that come through her many offerings of grace.

When you are attentive to the Spirit and the inner voice of conscience, when you are obedient to that which God speaks within you, as that which offers you the divine estate through striving and giving, then an anointing manifests upon and within you. And I am there to provide that impetus of holy fire for your acceleration in light.

Pentecost by Pentecost, I have come throughout the ages. Yet, dearest ones, I tell you that there were many Pentecosts even before that which Jesus' disciples experienced. Back in the days of Zarathustra, my Presence was tangible through that initiate, who conveyed so much fire in Persia unto his own on behalf of the Lord God. Ahura Mazda was there overshining him as the flaming one through whom that fire was manifest. And in prior ages, Atlantis and Lemuria, I attest that there were also sacred-fire anointings upon many who were aware of their connection with Source and, through their constancy in giving obeisance and devotion to the One God, received again and again that fiery light into their beings, anointing them for greater service and work for the holy cause of planetary peace and divine love manifest everywhere.

You have the image upon the cover of beloved El Morya's book, the Advanced Studies of the Human Aura,¹ of the divine maiden with fire above both hands, accessing this eternal gift of Spirit as a tangible manifestation of my essence, the essence of the Holy Spirit. Meditate upon this image, if you would, to discern more of what you can be by manifesting your divinity within that sphere of light beneath the Holy City of God's glory and radiance, all amid the natural world that manifests God's eternal beingness within the cosmos. You see, dearest ones, this image draws you into Selfhood. It allows you to feel and experience that light, that fire, that divine estate when you may at times forget that connection or feel less than your True Self.

 Return to origins, the Buddha says, your divine origins in Spirit. For this is the awakened state of your own Buddha nature, where God exists in a state of more than potential, fully Self-realized for you. And when you enter into that beingness, that ideal, then all power—the all-power of heaven and earth—is offered unto you to use justly, righteously, to offer souls upon Earth that grace, that energy, that anointing.

How many of you would be, for me, one through whom the light quickens souls through all of the nurturing aspects of the intelligence, the understanding of that light, which comes unto the higher mind of individuals when they are ready for that fire, for that delivery of God's grace? If you feel now the calling to be a representative on my behalf, to initiate souls through whatever manner God decides to offer it through your heart, your eyes, your mind, your spirit, then let it be so. For this is the time of many awakening to the truth. This is that moment spoken of in the Book of Revelation when many shall dream dreams, when many shall see visions.² And the Holy Spirit come upon them will stir the ethers and eventuate in a glorious new world of inner peace, of divine progress, of holiness and love.

Yes, I come to initiate you with fire, and yet more than this if you choose to accept the higher walk with God. What is this higher walk? It is daily, hourly, moment-by-moment communion with your Presence, the Presence of the heavenly saints and sages of all ages, the angels and archangels and the seven other choirs who come to stimulate you with God's feeling nature of inner joy and harmony. It is an experience beyond all human comprehension, where God is present in totality within your soul as pure spirit-fire light, as the glow of inner beingness, the radiance of the mystic Presence, the Magic Presence of the I AM THAT I AM.

You may know this state of being if you choose to so associate with God and remain tethered to that higher reality. Yet it will take, for many of you, greater inner effort to stabilize all within self so that God may feel comfortable within you, your aura, your life. You make God comfortable unto others when you are a comforter yourself to life through love, through reverence, cherishing each individual as God beholds and experiences them in their inviolate state of perfection, rather than in a less-than state of imperfect human manifestation.

The more you dwell upon God, the more God will dwell within you, dearest ones. The more fiery you are through your spirit wed to God, the more fire that you can experience and maintain within your aura. It is a simple equation: as Above, so below. God manifests through his own, through her children who are wed to him/her through conscious awareness, through understanding, through the experiential life, the gnostic life of knowingness in unity.

Now I raise my hands and deliver fire to each of you within your soul so that you may know this anointing in a more tangible manifestation, dearest ones. And if you will receive this soul fire and abide with it, even for three minutes a day, to know its burnishing effects to make you brighter, lighter and more radiantly joyful, then our communion will grow, our togetherness will flow and your life will turn upward and inward victoriously, with God at the center of your being.

Love is the key to your divinity, your unity, your harmony, your felicity, your levity. Love is the answer to everything that may assail you in terms of opportunity to go deeper, deeper, deeper into the secret chamber of your heart, where that sacred fire exists in its eternal state of continual flaming beingness.

Purusha! Purusha! Purusha! Let the New Age begin, O God, within these now so that they may in turn stimulate many more to know their Source, their inner fire, the divine light. I thank you.

1. David Christopher Lewis, Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance (Meru Press, 2013).
2. Acts 2:17; Joel 2:28.

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