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Divina      June 02, 2017

Beloved Divina
David Christopher Lewis
June 2, 2017   9:00–9:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana 


Divina Radiates Light and Impels Us to Embrace Our Childlike Godly Nature

I AM Divina, Elohim of the third crystal ray, and I come to impress within your hearts the joy of God as divine light, as the radiance of beingness, as the effulgence of Spirit, as the quintessence of every virtue that flows unto and through you from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun.

Your divine estate, beloved ones, is beautiful. And when you enter into communion with it, there is a radiance of inner peace that comes unto your soul whereby you may invest a greater quotient of sacred fire through your mind, your heart, your will, your soul unto God and unto mankind through that love.

Love is the quintessence of beingness that permeates the cosmos and brings all to divine joy when they, and every creature, embrace that light. When you acclaim that you are divine, I am there as the feminine Elohim of that love, of that light—crystalline in nature, holy in origin. And I have suffused throughout your soul the state of inner peace again and again throughout your lifetimes in order that you could rise higher in each one to fulfill something more divinely pleasurable, whereby God is glorified through your life, the Lord is magnified through what you convey to all life through your own individualization of the God flame, who you are. Unique in love, you may shower across the universe your own quintessence of inner joy through the co-creativity of your heart, one with God.

O, how the divine estate is one that more may know through surrender of the lesser self and through the simultaneous embracing of the Divine Presence through thoughtfulness, heart-centeredness, divine mindfulness. O, how mankind struggles daily in all manner of ways. And yet through the ceasing of struggle, through acquiescing to Spirit, there may be the embracing of a higher order of light that stimulates divine purpose throughout one's being. And through the experiencing of the holy breath of God and the heartbeat divine, there may be fragrances of eternality that come when angel presences abide around you because you have fulfilled love within your being in some radiant way.

As I perfume this divine love and frequency from the retreat of Heros and Amora over Winnipeg now, there is cast abroad throughout this planetary home opportunity to come up higher and to experience the divine light of the Presence by each one. O mankind, if you would simply let go and let God live, move and have his/her being within you, all the troubles you experience would be dissolved, all of the burdens that weigh you down would be transmuted and all that assails your soulfulness would be instantaneously gone. For in those sacred eternal moments of beingness within your God-reality, there is only the experiencing of life and light, of levity and luminescence in all of its gradient and radiant facets.

O holy ones, you have called me to come this day. And so Canada, specifically, receives a greater influx of light in every avenue; as does every son and daughter of God I touch with my wand of sacred fire. And in this conveyance of light, there is the transmutation of certain burdens, certain worries, certain anxieties that keep those who receive this gift in a lowly estate, far from the highest levels of the light-reality that they could know through beingness in God, through reverence and joy.

Now I take this wand and touch you, each one, and bless you with spiritual quintessences, some of which you will be able to access in coming years and some, because of their Elohimic nature, which you may not be able to fully embrace or feel or fully know until after your ascension. Yet because you are here and because you are witness to this release, it is my joy and privilege to afford you certain graces and boosts of divine energy.

Sing unto God your song each day in some harmonic and blessed way, dearest ones. For when you do, angels and even Elohimic servers join in the swell of your devotion and adoration to the one eternal Light. And through the flowering of your divinity within this experience, there is magnified within your auric field the third crystalline frequency, which brings you back, back, back to the source of all light and love. You may relish these moments, and yet only for a moment in timefulness. For in timelessness, you may relish them for eternity. Yes, knowing God is an eternal experience that all may have when they embrace their divine estate, finally, through pure acceptance of their Sonship, one with the Source.

Now let me speak of the ambrosia of divine love as we, the Elohim, know it. Dearest ones, within this elixir of light, which is continually fed unto us from the Great Central Sun, there is the co-creative power of universal light. This is what continues to afford us our co-creative power with God to illumine and to cherish what we, throughout the solar systems and galaxies, have manifested through that love.

When you learn to embrace this level of love through stillness within the Great Silence, within the eternal chamber—that secret chamber within your heart—you may know God. You may know God, even as God knows you, in the tai-chi of this Alpha and Omega, Father-Mother, experience, where duality is resolved in the unity field of beingness inside of you; where those two-minded states—in which you go here and there, left and right, up and down—are resolved in the center of being because of that stillness that you surrender to as beingness in God.

Consider our words as both revelatory and relevant. Yes, we reveal more, even through those words that are actual and practical to utilize in your daily lives, relevant to the Now that each one of you is experiencing this moment. Precious ones, though many feel that our words are ethereal and are not always able to be fully understood by your minds, let me say that the etheric worlds are even more real than the physical, that our plane of being is actually more spiritually tangible than the illusory realms of nonmindfulness and nonacceptance of God's Presence. And so what seems to you to be somewhat evanescent is actually more present, real, focused and highly imaginative—meaning that it is co-created by the mind and the eye of God.

What you can imagine can be through the compelling will of your higher-power Self within the joy-field that you create as you conceive of it and believe in it. This is Elohimic magic, divine alchemy as we experience it, blessed ones. In fact, it is so easy that even a child-man can engage in it through that sparkling, luminous field of joy that the child in you embraces and has always embraced when you have become childlike again in consciousness.

Let me share this one key of alchemy with all mankind this day: your childlike nature is the most creative alchemical power that you have to co-create with God because it is the image in which you were conceived by God in the beginning. The child spirit within you continually waits for you to experience your heavenly estate, especially in the natural world, when you let go of your illusions and anxieties and embrace the realities, the finenesses, and the quintessences of joy.

When you are joyful, you may create alchemically more quickly, dearest ones. It is only when the sour and dour consciousness comes upon you and clouds that eternal spirit of joy that the seeming drudgery of the path weighs you down and things take so much longer to accomplish. Then you think that the path is the via dolorosa again. Well, I say, embrace the magic of childhood and your own childlike spirit. For when you do, the angels come and accelerate your alchemies, your initiatives, your projects of light.

How may you embrace greater joy, you say, when you have so much to do, so many things to attend to? Meditate in a moment to embrace the Sun of your Presence. Let go of your burden. Embrace the light of the Sun, and then let God act, move and perfume the cosmos through you. And I guarantee that what you place your focus and attention upon will manifest much more quickly, with greater love and holy intention than you ever realized was possible.

Think of the synchronicities that have occurred in your life when you least expected them. Think of those whom we sent unto you to illumine, instruct and even coerce you to higher awareness when you lost conscious awareness of your lesser self and were in that mode of the Now; when you were in a state of no-thought and no-feeling—a state of simply being. You see, this is the co-creative space of God-consciousness, where miracles do ensue, where divine energies flow and where our Presence comes to inspire you.

Yes, Aspira, Capella, Delfina, Vagela and I, as the mother Elohim, and complements of beloved Astriel, Regiel, Oriel, Persiel and Matriel, clothe you with light within your crystalline nature again and again when you simply become that child, become that innocent soul who simply desires to love and to be loved, to smile and to receive the divine appellation that you are a son/a daughter of love and light.

I pray that these words have brought home to your soul certain understandings that will serve you well throughout the duration of your lives, especially in those moments when you may not be able to feel your own godly nature as you have in those moments of true connectedness and spiritual integrity. I pray that as you embrace your Divine Selfhood a little bit more each day by seeking God within and staying focused therewithin a portion of yourself even while you are engaged in your daily affairsthat this magic of higher alchemy will move you ever closer to your goals, your aspirations, your divine dreams for Self-realization, for enlightenment, for soul-freedom.

Embracing God in the moment allows God to give you what you require to ascend in that moment. Yes, the ascension is a process and a procession composed of many awakenings, anointings and divine embellishments with light. The ascension is your goal, your dream and the goal and dream of every soul who would know God. For the ascension is the complete experience of both knowing and becoming God, oneness with holy purpose sustained for eternity.

Now let me say, blessed ones, that the experience that we had during your time in Sweden was magical even for us. To hear the song of Omega, when she and Alpha came in the final HeartStream of that sacred event, was truly astounding and even recreated us in a newness of spiritual integrity. We were raised a notch higher ourselves in this experience of hearing the soundless sound behind her voice and the nuances of spiritual radiances that she conveyed in the melody of her words.

            If you did not experience this holy equation of oneness, we encourage you to register for that event when the staff of The Hearts Center is able to allow it to occur again within five weeks. For, dearest ones, the five is a sacred number, the pentagram. And when all are called by the five, there is the magic of divinity brought forth through the star of your own being. Your hands, your feet and the secret chamber of your heart are key for you to manifest your Promethean nature and the algorithms and the mathematics of eternality where you are.

Yes, the science of being includes the pentagram and the release of these crystalline frequencies through your light-energy field, your body of cosmic fire. Da Vinci brought forth this image, which you may, if you choose, energize with fire to show the inner fire body of your divine estate. For when some see this fiery image of self—with arms outstretched, feet firmly planted on the Earth and a heart expressing its divine nature—this thoughtform alone will activate these currents and inner powers of higher beingness. And your own Elohimic nature of the divine future—brought forth into the present of your fulfillment in godliness—may manifest, and your third eye may be trued to the All-Seeing Eye of God.

Therefore, all artisans of this movement, make this image soon. And add it, if you would, to the banner on your website to key many into part of the purpose of this mission, because when they behold this ideation they will come, they will respond and they will know you as holy brothers and sisters, heartfriends divine.

As your Divina, I now bless you again with our collective love. And as we continue to cherish your spirits, your souls and hold you in this field of cosmic, Elohimic crystalline light, you are one in the Sun of the childlike spirit of godly love that wins the day, that sings and prays, that is pure light. Thank you. 

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