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Alpha      May 28, 2017

Beloved Alpha and Omega
David Christopher Lewis
May 28, 2017   11:39–11:47 am CEST
A Cosmic Infusion of Light from Venus
Umea, Sweden 

Our Blessing upon Sweden and Your Souls

[This HeartStream was sung.]

We are Alpha and Omega, and we extend a blessing upon all of Sweden, all of Sweden, all of Sweden and your souls, which we hold inviolate in light, which we hold inviolate in light, inviolate in light. Oh, your souls are so precious to us. Yes, your souls are precious to us. For your souls contain the essence of Omega's love, even as your spirits contain the essence of Alpha, dear ones.

 Now this blessing goes forth in all dimensions and planes of being to seal every soul in light, to seal every heart in our fiery love. And that love is everlasting, that light is ever giving. And you shall know love; you shall know light again and again throughout your lives, dear ones. And we are there within you—yes, we are there within you in the deepest recesses of your spirit.

Do you feel our love for you now, O souls of light? Do you feel, O Sweden, our love for you now in every city and town and village and home, throughout the great forests of this land, upon her waterways and mountains—yes, mountains and valleys and all the sacred spaces where our light does abound and our sound does resound and echo across the atmosphere? You may hear our voice in the wind. You may feel our love in every moment of timelessness, spacelessness. For we are Alpha and Omega and we abide, and ever shall and ever have, within you, within you.

Now the tai-chi of our awareness of beingness in the Great Central Sun is yours. Now our awareness, our awareness of divine beingness, is yours to enjoy, to employ, to offer to every man, woman and child here in this world, which is your world, which is our world, dear one.

Now the world we embrace. Even as we have embraced Sweden, we embrace all nations and cultures, all peoples and spirits in our love. Our love is everlasting, our love is ever living in our own. And you are our own in the OM of Omega, Omega, Omega.

Yes, beloved, we are always with you, and we sustain the cosmos in perfect love. Live in that love; abide in that love. For this is life; this is eternality. Thank you.

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