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David Lewis      May 22, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Sharing
May 22, 2017   9:09–9:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

David Christopher Lewis: Preparation for My Mission

            Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being here today. I would like to share some insights that I think we all can take to heart about the preparation that we, in collaboration with the ascended masters, have made for our individual missions in this life. A lot of that preparation occurs before we embody, and we plan out our lives, our initiations. We plan out the people we will meet, collaborate with, marry, work with. In the biography of Flower Newhouse, which I shared a little bit about this past week, it speaks of this dynamic, about how she, in collaboration with her sponsoring masters and the angels, et cetera, planned her life before she incarnated. We all do this.

            I'd like to give you just a little bit of an understanding of my life because I think it's important, in the context of what I'm doing and what we collectively are doing, to know how everything happened for a purpose, how everything was set up in advance so that I would have the skill-sets and everything that was essential to do what I am doing. You can do the same exercise. You can write down all the key points of your life where you took the right road, where you studied, where you did this or that, met that person or read that book that prepared you for your greater mission. So here's a little summary of some of the key points in my life, which can possibly go into our next book.

Obviously, being born into a large Catholic family was very important for me. And having Catholic schooling through to the eighth grade was important to develop a devotion to the Blessed Mother, Jesus and the saints, especially through the giving of the rosary. I was an altar boy. I remember doing the rosary often, very early in the morning at the 6 a.m. mass. It was a holy feeling. In that devotion to God, it felt like this was part of who I was.

In Catholic schooling, we were admonished to develop good handwriting. This is kind of a lost art in this day and age. Handwriting, as I look at it now, was important for me in the delivery of the very early HeartStreams in 2004. I had, by God's grace, developed good handwriting and always got As in handwriting. As I look back now, I see that this was an action of the crystal rays through my hands; it required developing refinement. I think this partly manifested in past lives when I was a scribe. And of course, you have to have wonderful, legible handwriting as a scribe so that others can read what you're writing. You can hardly read the handwriting of a lot of people nowadays. They haven't developed that skill-set, yet I feel it's something that is still important, and hopefully it will no longer be a lost art; it will be a rediscovered art.

I had a proficiency in spelling and always got As. For some reason, my inner voice made me almost fanatical about spelling. And to this day, I'm a little fanatical about it and about people spelling things correctly. I don't like it if I misspell a word when sending a text or an email, for example. Why is that? Because the accuracy of the words, the masters' words, is so important. The accuracy brings the light into play through, in this case, the English language. It could be any language, and yet the spelling is important because, again, it is a matter of refinement. It is an action of the crystal rays, and this is a crystal-ray movement.

Developing accuracy and proficiency in everything that we do involves the dotting of the i's and the crossing of the t's and ensuring that what we say, what we convey has truth and perfectionment within it. Yet we are not unbalanced in this. Occasionally I may have been that way with people, yet I do believe that where I have called people out on this, it's for a reason that they can assess for themselves—why it is that they are not careful or accurate.

I do a lot of work editing, and editing is about accuracy, proficiency and correct grammar. It's almost as if God embedded within my soul and spirit an inner knowing that I would be doing this work, and so I had to develop my understanding of the English language. For a long time I would study word play and word books and do crossword puzzles and things like that. Why? To develop my understanding of the English language. So even though I did not go to college, other than a few night classes in Accounting I and II and Supervision, I believe that, by God's grace, I've been able to capture the essence of the masters' words through this proficiency in spelling and in English.

Sports were a big part of my life for a long time. God desired that I have a strong physical body so that I could bear planetary karma, so that I could do the work and handle the energy that I have to bear in my body. Though I'd like to lose a few pounds—I think we all experience this as we age. It's a little harder to maintain the physique that we desire. Yet I do, by God's grace, have a pretty strong temple and I can do physical work and bear what I have to bear in my body. When I was young, I played basketball, baseball, football and tennis and swam and biked a lot. I had a paper route. All of this helped to develop my body, and it has served me well.

Finding Edgar Cayce through my mother at the age of fourteen was a key, a huge stepping stone on my path. I believed the Catholic teachings as a child, although I had questions about it when I grew up. When I found out about karma and reincarnation, auras, ancient civilizations, such as Atlantis, and read the Edgar Cayce materials, it clicked. It made sense—that was it! I was hooked; I knew it was the truth and it was a major shift in my life. I know that the masters helped me to find these things in order that I could fulfill my mission.

When my grandfather passed on, I discovered all of my grandparents' books on diet and health and started reading them. This was important for me to develop a sound body, health-wise. I became a vegetarian at the age of fifteen. I studied Arnold Ehret's book on the mucusless diet and food combining. Then I worked at a health food store when I was 16 and 17, which was important for me. I'm not a fanatic, but I do feel that a healthy body, eating good organic and live foods is really important.

I found the teachings of Edmond Bordeaux Szekely on the Essenes when I was about 16 or 17. It was amazing for me to embrace that beautiful teaching and was another keystone in my path, and it served me well. I fasted for a week when I was 17 and had a very deep mystical experience with Jesus. I felt that his essence became a part of me, and that was crucial for who I am.

I've shared about my experiences with the wonderful spiritual teacher that my dad and I went to hear in Chicago, Kathryn Kuhlman, where I received an impartation of the Holy Spirit. That was key for me also. And it just so happened that my very first dictation through The Summit was the Maha Chohan. So the Holy Spirit has been very important in my life. I believe that every step of the way, the Holy Spirit has led me to my mission.

Before I found The Summit, I found an organization called the Cosmic Circle of Fellowship. It was a small group in the town where I grew up. They have a book called Relax First, which I've talked about. This was important for me to read and embrace because I was a type A personality, a doer, a go-get-'em person. And this book helped me tremendously to kind of cool my jets and to develop stillness through relaxation, which even Yogananda talks about in his energization exercises. If you read the SRF lessons, there's a whole section on relaxation, which is very important.

I discovered the book The Ultimate Frontier when I was 17. And later, many lightbearers in The Hearts Center would move to the Stelle community, which was founded by Richard Kieninger, the author of that book under the pen name Eklal Kueshana. The book had a lot of truths in it. There was some error, but overall it was a book that led many to a higher path of light.

My family moved from the Chicago area to a farm near Carbondale, Illinois, between my junior and senior years of high school. This was very important for me on my path. My mother grew up on a farm in Minnesota and she desired to get back to her roots, so to speak. We had, I believe, about 128 acres, and I started doing organic gardening. I had two gardens—a vegetable garden and an herb/flower garden. When I started working with the soil, something shifted in me. I knew in my soul at that pointand in my soilthat somehow this was important.

Fast forward many years into the future, and now we're doing permaculture. The gardening helped me to develop a work ethic. I worked for some neighbors who required help when they hayed, which was hard work. And believe me, if you've ever done that, you know what I mean. I picked apples in an orchard, which I wish had been organic, but it wasn't. That was also hard work. I developed a physical hard-work ethic through gardening, and I've talked about that before. It was just so important for me.

I found the teachings of the ascended masters at eighteen. I was a senior in high school, and Robert Reese introduced me to them. He had been in the Cosmic Circle of Fellowship organization, which is where I met him. He introduced me to the teachings right after the Easter class of 1974. I bought the book Climb the Highest Mountain from him and read it on the bus going to school. This was the highest truth I had read up until that point of my life, and it resonated with me. Then I went with him to the 1974 summer class in Spokane. That was the beginning of a thirty-year epoch of my life in The Summit, with many initiations.

The things that I did, the departments that I worked in were all preparation for what I'm doing now. I worked initially in what we called Mail Processing, which was like customer service. We opened the mail and responded to it, input the donations, et cetera. The department guru, Joyce Genis, was there for many years working with me, especially in the file room. We also registered people at conferences. I learned a lot about computer inputting. Fortunately—I have to backtrack here—I had taken typing in high school. That was one of the most important classes I ever took. They may downplay it now, but it has served me really, really well.

So I became a really effective and efficient computer inputter during those years in Customer Service, which is what they call it now. We handled everything. At one point, when we were located in Livingston, Montana, we had thirty-three people in the department. I was a supervisor for thirty-one ladies and one other guy, John Tasa, the mailman. I wasn't the department head; I was sort of under the department head, Marilyn Barrick, who is now an ascended being. She wrote seven books. I worked under her and under Theresa Yui, who is now Theresa McNicholas, and got a lot of initiations there.

I learned so much in all those years on staff, and I also learned a lot through the services, reading and studying the books, sitting at the feet of the guru and absorbing the teachings, memorizing the prayers (including memorizing Jesus' “Watch with Me” Vigil of the Hours). That was one of my favorite rituals, which was a one-hour service. I memorized the whole thing so that I could give it at the Wednesday night service without the booklet and close my eyes and just feel and experience the words and the depth of what we were doing spiritually for the healing of mankind.

I was the Keepers of the Flame membership secretary. That was my title for many years, working under Alex Reichardt at one point. I sent out dues reminders for the Keepers of the Flame and wrote many, many letters. Then at a certain point I edited every business-type letter that came out of that department. This was a huge job, editing every letter. The editing was crucial for me to learn for what I'm doing now in the editing of the HeartStreams. Again, I had to be very careful when it came to grammar and considering all of the concepts that were in the letters, ensuring their accuracy and making sure that we were helping people in the right way.

During that time I handled what we called “the exceptions,” which were all the things that didn't fit into the program, so to speak. These came to me for many years. I had to deliberate with the Holy Spirit to decide how to handle each situation, based on whether it was a hardship case or someone who we could maybe extend a little grace to in some way so that they could come to an event when they didn't have the money, whatever it was. All of that was important. And so that itself helped in developing the crystal rays, I believe.

I was a member of the Cosmic Honor Guard, which involved guarding Mother's children, and it was important for me to develop a certain level of discernment in that. It was interesting what happened during that time, and I look back at it with a bit of melancholy as to all that transpired. I got to know Mother's children and had some initiations directly with one in particular, and then with Mother as a result. It was a very interesting time.

I was in the Accounting department under James McCaffrey and I learned accounting. I took two night classes, as I mentioned earlier. This was very important for me. Fast forward to having an art gallery and business, in which that knowledge was essential. Later I learned QuickBooks, which was very important. It's something we use in The Hearts Center. And even though I'm not using it directly by doing the inputting now, I understand accounting principles, and this is important for the large organization that we are building.

I did inventory control for a number of years under Alex Reichardt in the Shipping department, and I learned how to take care of the inventory. My understanding of this has served us well in terms of our store now and for what we're doing to ensure that our orders go out correctly and that we have an accurate inventory.

Later, after I left staff because of the downsizing, I was called back as the Keepers of the Flame director and served in that capacity for about two years. This is where I saw the inner workings of The Summit in its later years, from 2002 to 2004. And this is what catapulted me, in my soul essence, to be ready for what I'm doing now, because I saw firsthand what was going on. Lanello was not happy, and it had already been determined years and years ago that the masters would start a new movement. In 1985, a close friend had a vision about this when she first met me at the bookstore at Camelot. And so it is what it is now.

I had my art business for ten years. First I was a salesperson and then ran the business. That was important for me. And so was being on the board of Saint Mark's Church, which I helped to get. I served for many years in every capacity—president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. I did everything; I learned the ropes in all of those areas.

Decree leading and counseling were also important. I was one of the people in The Summit who did communicant interviews, which involved some counseling. So I learned how to counsel in the appropriate way, not as a professional counselor, but as a spiritual counselor. And that has served me well. Many of you saw me leading decrees for many years, both at Camelot and at the ranch. This was very important to develop my heart chakra, the ability to discern, the ability to send and emanate light, to feel the energy and to bear the energy in my being. Years later, I would go to St. Mark's Church in Livingston in the morning for an hour and pray, doing Astreas and Divine Directors with a sword. I did this for years, and then went to my art gallery business. No one knew about it except one or two people who walked in on me when I was wielding the sword. During that time I made calls on everything.

So this is just a very short little discourse to give you some insights into how everything that I did was preparation for my work now. It was messengership training. And although other people feel that they were my trainers, God was my trainer. The Holy Spirit was my trainer. Mother Mary was my trainer. El Morya was my trainer, and I know now that Manjushri was always there behind the scenes helping me.

So God bless you. I know I've gone a little over. Have a wonderful day, and we'll talk on the other side of the rainbow. Okay, bye.

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