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Gautama Buddha      May 10, 2017

Beloved Gautama
David Christopher Lewis
May 10, 2017   8:24–8:35 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Gautama Buddha's 2017 Wesak Message
I Offer to Initiate You through Stillness and Beingness

Dearest Ones,

Within the joy of stillness, you may experience the jewels of beingness. These jewels sparkle and shine throughout your being when you have raised your awareness, through stillness, to experience the bliss of divine beingness. And these jewels will highlight and illumine your world as you maintain that state of equanimity within the peace of your Presence.

Even as the purpose of meditation is contact with God and merging with your Source in consciousness, in spirit, so may you experience the joy of limitless beingness when you truly are raised in awareness to perceive God within, to experience the light of God as innate within you, within the center of your being. And when your own Buddha nature, in both its simplicity and its awesome divinity, emerges so that you may know yourself as Buddha, then you may experience the Buddha who you are every day in an illumined way.

If you truly knew the depths, the heights and the breadths of your Buddha nature, dearest ones, having entered into Self-realization, you would see the world as we the Buddhas behold it. You would experience life as we the Buddhas do. You would know love and compassion as all the Buddhas do. And through that expressionless moment of eternality that comes through stillness, drawing from the universal, you would know that all that is less than this perfected state of the I AM is futile. And then you would imbibe that spiritual light of grace that is the compassion of the One.

Now many Buddhas gather in preparation for my greater message to all of humanity this afternoon. And if perchance you would participate in this alchemy through preparation of self—body, mind and soul—we will utilize your own Buddha nature to alchemize Earth with greater light and God-consciousness. We will send forth shafts of light and rays divine through you so that you in turn may illumine the world in which you reside, the souls with whom you abide, the spirits that sometimes even we chide because they have forgotten their Buddha nature and must be reminded of who they are by some upon Earth.

Will you willingly receive the insights that the Buddhas project to you, as initiates, through your higher mind when you are engaged in activities of virtue and living the Eightfold Path reverently and consciously? If so, then we will continue to initiate you in the cyclings of light through the art of stillness and the science of beingness as you ascertain true Selfhood within the Great Silence and continue the process of complete immersion within God, whereby you are subsumed fully into your Presence, living now in the oneness of cosmic space and the timelessness of the eternal Now.

Truly trusting God within, you may employ every gift that God has vouchsafed unto you from the beginning of your incarnation as a sentient being within the universe. Yet many—having forgotten their gifts, their oneness state and the virtues that God has etched within their souls—must come back into that reality of beingness, where transmutation continues through mindfulness, where all that is beautiful and holy manifests through heart-centeredness.

O virtuous ones who are moving in the cosmic stream of the Mother's love for all, as we woo you to your Selfhood again and again to experience the light of your Presence, know that all is well in stillness. And the spark of life that continues to burn within you is one with that which burns within us and one with that which burns within the Maxin light in the Great Central Sun. Because our fire, the fire of our hearts, is of the same nature, is of the same essence, we are one in spirit, we are one within that fire of love.

Thank you for your ministry to life, your affection for all forms of life and your reverence for the little ones, the forgotten, whom now we feed with our love, compassion and kindness as elder Buddhas, as lovers of their souls. Nurture all with your Buddha-nature love. And one day when you have given the last morsel and grain of rice, having emptied self, you will enter the fullness of eternality and know the All-Buddha—who always was, who is now, and who always will be. Thank you.

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