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Lotus      April 19, 2017

Beloved Lotus
David Christopher Lewis

April 19, 2017   8:41–8:52 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

Lotus Blazes Sacred Fire across America for the Awakening of Freedom

As your Lotus, I stand before you enflamed in God's Presence and blazing the light of God-freedom for America and the world. And as Godfre stands with me, we are determined that this nation shall remain true to her foundations and the destiny set forth long, long ago by the Master Saint Germain and by the fourteen ascended masters who govern her destiny.

We have been willing to abide in God's will, obedient to the voice within and to the Eternal One and the dictates of the Almighty, which we were privileged to invest our energies in for freedom, liberty, justice and divine equality of opportunity for all. When you, blessed hearts, work with us now as ascended beings to resecure these freedoms for America, there is an alchemy of oneness manifest through our collective voices raised to God in holy prayer, in devotion and praise. And during these sessions, the alchemy that manifests is great. And the light of freedom dispensed by angels of the sacred fire does go forth as a cosmic salve, as the answer to every dilemma that you are experiencing and seeing played out through the media and the dynamics of life here.

O dearest ones, if you could see what we see on the inner, the machinations of the dark ones, whose only desire is the dissolution of the divine plan of this nation, you would see how great is the requirement of the hour to stand true to this holy cause of light. You would see how the imperative within the soul to maintain that freedom flame burning on the altar of the heart does bring forth within the soul, through the nexus of that light, the answer to these evil spirits, the nihilistic ones, who long ago foreswore their enmity against God.

We are victorious with Mighty Victory! And we invoke his Presence upon and throughout America this day to reinitiate cycles of victory, spirals of victory for every man, woman and child to have that opportunity for self-transcendence and to evolve back to the heart of God—winning their ascension, securing their eternal freedom and incarnating within this Earth the divine light through their hearts, through their wills, through their minds.

We move in unison, blessed ones, with Micah, the Angel of Unity, with the Goddess of Liberty, the Goddess of Light, the Queen of Light and the Goddess of Justice. And with Saint Germain, all are invested in this divine plan of America and the self-realization of her divine destiny.

As we initiate this new spiral of Taurus, we see anchored physically within the Earth many divine changes through this new administration, tethered to God's will. And we say unto you, each and every one in Congress, in the Supreme Court and in the executive branch, fulfill your purpose! Be true to the cause of light and of freedom and to your vows to uphold the Constitution.

There is no other way that you can live except in the light of truth and justice, O mankind, if you would have what you desire as opportunity to live the abundant life here below. Yet some have attempted to steal that light, to steal that abundance. And we say to these, you have no power, you have no power, you have no power to deceive the righteous upon Earth, the sons and daughters of God, the freedom lovers east, west, north and south. And you are being held accountable by the Lords of Karma this day for your attempt to deceive and to coerce many to do the dark deeds of the nefarious ones.

And I stand with the Lords of Karma this day, and we again call out that dark spirit George Soros. And we say, you are bound this day by the legions of Archangel Michael and the hosts of the Lord! You are bound for that which you have already done, you anarchist of darkness upon the Earth, you nihilist of the darkest sort. You have no power to wield your wealth, stolen by your machinations, to continue to wreak havoc through those whom you are investing in to create deception and division in the cities of America. You have no power! And Almighty God says unto you: “Bend the knee this day or you shall receive the early judgment upon your soul.”

Yes, dearest ones, we are on fire for freedom. We are on fire for the destiny of America to be fulfilled. And therefore we come, dripping with the light of the Great Central Sun, and we pray that you will feel this fire within your own spirit and soul, that you will move heaven and earth through your life to co-create the paradise upon Earth that is Earth's due.

Dearest ones, it is time for all deception to cease, for all deceit and darkness to be wiped clean around and upon and from the Earth! Therefore we say, blaze forth that light of freedom here! Blaze forth that light of freedom there! Blaze forth the light of cosmic justice within every heart of America and the world.

Now I announce to you the request of the Master Saint Germain, with my beloved Godfre, to hold a great event in the capital of this nation next year. You may choose the when and the where, blessed ones. Yet it must occur so that this greater light of freedom may be restored unto your Congress and so that truly the swamp may be drained. Yes! Do you accept and love this term, dearest ones? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Because the swamp of the lesser consciousness of those who have been impacted by and deceived by the moneyed interests of darkness must be bound, transmuted and gone forevermore for America to fulfill her divine destiny.

Therefore we say:

O violet fire angels, drain that swamp with the violet fire!

Drain that swamp with the violet fire!

Drain that swamp with the violet fire now and evermore!

This can be a mantra, if you will accept it, dearest ones. And there will be an action of sacred fire such as you have never seen within that capital city and Baltimore and the environs. And the dark deeds of the dark ones shall be exposed! And greater and greater awareness of the truth will be made manifest to the American people through the alternative media, because, as you know, what has been called the regular media or the mainstream media—which is truly the lame-stream media—is fraught with the liar and the liar's matrices of deceit, deception and untruth. Therefore we say, expose them now, O Cyclopea and Virginia! Expose them now unto every man, woman and child, every citizen of this nation. And let the eternal light of the Presence descend for the victory to be secured.

Thank you, blessed hearts, for being here this day and invoking that light of freedom, of justice and of the violet fire. And lest I wear out the voice of this our beloved one, I will take my leave of you and say good day, God-day, Godfre's day! For today truly is the day of God-obedience, the day of God-victory in the light. Thank you.

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