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Vistala      April 12, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Vistala)
April 12, 2017   7:07 ̶ 7:26 am MDT
Healing Light Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana 

Vistala Releases Teachings on the Healing Heartform

We have recently heard, through our dispensation, that the twin flame of Servatus, the commander of the healing angels, is Vistala. She is correcting me on the pronunciation: it is Vístala. (Spoken with the accent on the first syllable.) She would like to immediately share with us a new teaching.

We have the teaching on the immaculate concept and on the healing thoughtform from previous dispensations. What she shares today is that there is also the healing heartform. In terms of the immaculate concept, the word concept implies an idea or something that comes from the mind. While the masculine archangels and angels of the twin pair are holding that concept or ideation of perfectionment, the feminine archeiai and angels hold the immaculate heart-set, the healing heart-set, which wraps the individual in the love-fires of perfect emotional intelligence and the beautiful frequencies of divine beingness from emotions that are pure, feelings that are sublime and the radiances of God's heart that are important for the soul to feel for its perfect healing.

When we feel whole, we can be whole, she says. And so the feeling aspect of this healing heart-set and immaculate heart-set are so important. When people feel less-than or that they cannot get a grip on true emotions or divine feelings, it is hard for them to fully heal at the deepest levels. When they feel cherished and feel that God loves them—and this is something that we all require, to know and feel that God loves us—then the permeation of God's love can take hold within the soul and the healing can begin from deep within, at the soul level, and then expand out through the body temple, the mind, the emotions, et cetera.

We know that emotional intelligence is key in this because those who have only a mental construct or an ideation of something and do not embrace the feeling nature of God, the feminine aspect of the divinity, are missing part of the equation. And so the emotion—the energy in motion—of love must come into manifestation within the soul and the feeling world of the individual for them to be fully whole, complete and to know this eternality of God's Presence as Father and Mother within self.

So as the great archangels and the great healing angels, such as Servatus, hold this energetic field of perfectionment through their vast cosmic minds, their counterparts, their consorts, hold the same energy as this emotive, blessed beingness of Spirit within matter, as the Mother's love of the soul, so that she, the soul, may fully embrace her own wholeness and the reconnection with Spirit that will manifest as the higher reality of true beingness, as divine wholeness.

With this understanding, Vistala also shares with us a new heart-healing concept. Just as we have the healing thoughtform, there is also a healing heartform, and it begins in the center with the white light of perfection. And she would like us to have an image of that, with a fleur-de-lis right in the center, and then above the white are the yellow and then the pink and then the blue.

Now, why is there no green there? It is because the threefold flame is so important to embrace, as the dynamic of God's eternal light within the heart, that when we contact the love-fire—the pink especially—within this healing heartform, that pink fire of love embraced within holds the field of emotional intelligence. And that immaculate heart-set helps resolve all issues and brings us back into balance—the balanced threefold flame—so that we can heal.

In the past dispensation, the healing thoughtform was depicted with white, blue and green. There was no pink, no representation of love there, which is so important for healing. So in this manifestation of the healing heartform, we have the full representation of the threefold flame twice, in effect—once with the fleur-de-lis, which represents the threefold flame, right in the center of the white circle, or sphere, of light. And then we have the colors of the threefold flame.

Vistala says that if you would like to superimpose both over an individual, that is fantastic. In other words, she recommends that you begin with the healing thoughtform and then simultaneously place the healing heartform over the individual so that you have the balance of Father and Mother: the mental concept, or immaculate concept, through the healing thoughtform, and then the immaculate heart-set through the healing heartform.

This is a new blessed and beloved teaching, which I believe will result in many wonderful alchemies for self-healing and healing for others. It's being released today at the Healing Light Retreat so that together we can experiment with it. We can see how this understanding and this visualization can result in a deeper, more lasting and conscious healing.

Some people are healed temporarily through the mental concept of their healing. It's like using the teachings of the Christian Science church, which Mary Baker Eddy founded. Yet you have to also have the deep fire of love so that it's more than just a mental concept; it is an emotional concept. And by bringing the emotional intelligence into play through the heart, there is a deeper, lasting, more permanent possibility for soul healing first and then for complete healing at all levels of consciousness.

We desire our wholeness to last. We embrace that lasting perfectionment, the reality of our perfectionment as whole in God, pure in God, undefiled in God. We bring ourselves to God to be bathed in the light of God. We ascend in consciousness to receive the rays of our Solar Presence, of our mighty I AM God Presence, which we know are electrifying, purifying, glorifying and healing.

So we begin with that white light in the center, because in the purity of perfection all is washed clean. Both of these thoughtforms have the white light of the Mother in the center. When you delve into the inner symbology of these thoughtforms and heartforms, always begin with the Mother light in the center—the white light of perfection, purity, the ascension flame—because the white light does its alchemy of purification. And most healing requires some amount of purification at all levels, whether it's purifying the thoughts, the feelings, the memories, and ultimately the physical body—the temple that we have been provided with by God to live, move and have our being in time and space, in these veils of flesh.

So perceive with Vistala this new concept, which she has known for centuries and used for millennia, many millennia. And allow this understanding from this daughter of God, an angel of the sacred fire who works with Servatus, to bless yourselves and others.

Another thing that she shared with me during the meditation is that the name Servatus signifies “serve the T,” which represents the Christ, in us. Servatus is here to serve the T, the Christ, in us through his healing methodologies, his divine prowess, which is not egoic but simply what it is. It's beautiful and of divine origin, so he has true divine prowess. And Vistala holds the vista, the view, the vision—vis—of the Christ (the T) for each of us, with the love of the angels.

So these are some interesting concepts from their names that we can embrace so that when we say them, we feel their inner meaning and can embrace both the concept and the feeling of them just by saying the names:

            Servatus and Vistala, come forth now and heal, through the alchemy of your divine magic, the soul—my soul, all souls—with both the healing thoughtform and now the healing heartform. I accept the healing thoughtform over this individual now, and I also accept the healing heartform over them for the perfect balance of Alpha and Omega within the soul, within the mind, the heart, the will. Let that threefold flame come into balance now, O Vistala, as you accept it, see it, know it and embrace it on behalf of this one. And through the balancing of that threefold flame, let them know God within, wholeness within, perfectionment within. Let them Self-realize it and sustain it permanently so that this healing may truly be wholeness at all levels—mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This I accept; this I AM in the I AM name of God. Amen.

A prayer such as that can work divine wonders, Vistala says, for anyone, because the call compels the answer, and the victory is assured when our motive is pure, our harmony is there through our voice and our call and, through our prayer, we truly embrace God again and again within our Self. Every prayer is an opportunity to embrace God within our Self, she says. Lest we think that prayer is just a petition, a request, every prayer is an opportunity to embrace God within our Self. Why and how? Because when we call to God, God has already responded. God feels the energy of our feeling of the prayer before we utter the words, because the feeling has to be there before and during its uttering for it to be a legitimate prayer.

So when the feeling is there, God is there. God cares, Vistala says, because God is always there and here. Every prayer is an opportunity to reconnect with God, to feel God within, to know God, to love God within Self. When we love ourselves while we are praying for ourselves and others, in the highest sense of that Self-love, which is Divine Self-love, God Self-love, God is present within and already begins the bestowal of grace, the restoration of wholeness, the perfectionment of our spirits—of our souls first, and then flowing outward into all dimensional planes of being, body, mind and soul.

Anyone who asks for prayer deserves to have prayer offered for their healing or for what they require. And so my prayer today is that whenever anyone, anywhere utters a request for healing or wholeness or prayers for any situation, an angel of the sacred fire will instantly respond. We, in our Higher Self, will respond and offer that prayer, even if we are not outwardly aware of the request, by putting ourselves before the altar of God and being advocates for souls and those in need.

We can serve as priests and priestesses of the sacred fire in an ongoing way, 24/7. We are there in our Higher Selves serving at the altar, constantly in prayer for people and souls upon Earth in our office as Knights and Ladies of the Flame, which is a spiritual brother/sisterhood of souls who are primarily focused on prayer: prayer for the messengers, prayer for each other, prayer for our communities and for any individual anywhere who requires it. And basically that's all of humanity, right? Every soul evolving on Earth requires prayer.

So we may as well re-petition God and the Great White Brotherhood and allow there to be an ongoing prayerful life on the inner, even while we are doing our outer activities, so that as we are of service and in the space of divine love at the altar imploring God for dispensations of grace and for divine virtues to flow through us to all, we are truly fulfilling our purpose as servitors, as divine communicators of light, as prayerful ones and as saints upon Earth. If you desire to be a saint, you have to be a prayerful soul. One of the requirements of being a saint is to be a prayerful soul and to live in the state of inner purity, harmony and peace.

I believe that all of you listening today are saints walking the Earth, because this is what you have dedicated and consecrated your life to. Knowing these eternal truths, knowing the progressive revelatory teachings of today that are being shared by the ascended masters, we can embrace our sainthood in humility. We can embrace our Godhood with utter compliance with the will, wisdom and love of God, because we know we have to be in alignment to sustain the grace of God within our soul, our spirit, our being.

With this understanding, let us move through the dynamism of our broadcasts with a new type of focus and a refreshed spirit, so that having this teaching and all the other teachings that we've been privileged to receive, we can add something new—new elements, new frequenciesto our services, to our broadcasts so that each one is fresh for today, new in the Holy Spirit's empowerment, blessed by God and graced by the virtuous ones in our midst: the ascended hosts, the masters, the cosmic beings, all the hierarchies of heaven.

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