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Lanello      April 02, 2017

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
April 2, 2017   10:10–10:28 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Lanello Comes to Defend Meru University and Says: “Manifest Your Solar Awareness”

I AM your Lanello, and I am grateful for those of you who are continually investing the energies of your being on behalf of the Lord God to give to humanity love, light, levity and the allness of yourself through service, sacrifice, surrender and selflessness.

This is a pivotal day in the destiny of humanity. Why is it so? you ask. Because this is the day that the Lord hath made,1 even as every day the Lord is continually providing opportunity for you to live in self-transcendence and joy, in beingness and love, in honor and integrity. And because God hath made this day available to you to live, move and have your being in the glory of your Divine Selfhood, I suggest that you take advantage of each hour, of each minute, of each moment to continuously connect with God and to deliver the goods of higher consciousness through your Divine Self so that this world may experience heaven, as it can, through you.

What will you bring forth today of heaven's glory, grace and God-consciousness? What will you offer of your sacred talents and virtues on the altar of mankind? How will you utilize that which has been vouchsafed unto you from God in order to transmute, transform and transubstantiate this planet into a Sun of God Reality and Solar beingness?

Each Sun-day is a day where the Sun may be preeminent in your life, where your own I AM God Presence, which is your Solar Reality, may shine forth its brilliance, its light, its perfectionment and thereby grace humanity with many virtues and elicit a response from each and every soul that can be beautiful, serene and divine as all choose the higher walk with God, the higher pathway of light to their Source.

I was called the Sun King. And though not all understood the inner key of that term, you know it, O initiates of the Sun. And I see you all as princes and princesses of light, of this Solar Reality, of Helios and Vesta and now the God and Goddess Meru. And if you choose to make your Solar destiny a reality while yet upon Earth, then the illumination flame may grow, then enlightenment may be the standard of the hour among greater numbers of humanity because you have entered into that divine essence of true wisdom, understanding and knowledge; because you have allowed to be inscribed within you light from the Sun, beingness from the One, energy from the Source. And therefore you become a nexus through which that Sun may radiate celestial fire, stellar light to each and every being.

This, as I see it, is the movement of the Now, both within this activity and within many, if they choose to allow the divine destiny to manifest through them upon Earth in this hour of transition and planetary change. The Great White Brotherhood is invested in dynamic change through the change makers upon Earth who, through the offering of their hearts on the altar of the Most High God, would be at the very core of this planetary transformation, of transitional change that is good, beneficent, beautiful, bright.

Meru University is at the core of this transformational change, blessed ones. And long ago, Elizabeth and I—your Clare de Lis and yours truly—decided to invest a portion of our God-consciousness within this activity through the sponsorship of it, through Meru University and all of its offerings to the world. Some have not yet fully understood the dynamics of all that has already been vouchsafed unto you, offered on this great altar of light. And therefore we have encouraged some throughout the world—and especially now upon the African continent—to utilize these teachings, because invested in what we have already delivered, blessed ones, is a great light of transformational change. And if you truly are the initiates that you claim to be, you will take every opportunity to utilize these teachings for planetary change, first within you and then through you, as a nexus of that Solar consciousness, broadcasting them to humanity as a whole.

Some desire simply to repeat, repeat, repeat what has already been released in ages past and, in some cases, recodified in new words and expressions. Yet, dearest ones, the light from the sun that is being released now to the Earth is at the core of what the planet requires and what every initiate upon this planet requires for their ascension in the light. What was released ten thousand, five thousand, one thousand, and even five hundred or one hundred years ago is not always what is required now to bring about unity, blessedness and the graces of heaven to restore the ancient divine traditions of the golden-crystal ages of Lemuria in the past. And yet even they, blessed ones, will not fulfill the essentials of today, and therefore we have brought forth our requests. And yet there has been, in some quarters, a reticence to accept this initiation, this request and divine commission from the very Great White Brotherhood that sponsors you and you and you.

The Medicine Buddha is coming in three short weeks. And many masters are sponsoring those of you who have taken up the calling to deliver your two- or three-hour classes during this year. How are you utilizing all that you have received thus far to be a point of encouragement and release of spiritual fire? How have you been self-initiated by the path itself and by your own I AM God Presence in order to deliver that which you chose and vowed to release to this planet through your heart, through your mind, through your will?

If you truly choose to walk with Melchizedek or Jesus, the living Christ, I can assure you, as I have witnessed it in person, that the light itself that they bear will flush out of you every last vestige of darkness of your lesser self. And you must be ready to be self-challenged in this dynamic else you will simply shirk the path and the testings and slink away into something that years from now you will rue because the opportunity was presented, the light was there, the initiation process was in full sway, and yet you said: “O Lord, I would rather do it my way than walk your celestial highway.”

Dearest ones, part of the process of the path of initiation is to listen carefully to our directives! And if you would truly understand what is within them, which comes from a broad and higher vision of the path—even ten thousand years into the future as we already experience it within our Solar Reality—then you will see why we make certain requests and why only the initiates, only the willing truly understand, through listening and then choosing the higher path, why obedience is the necessity of the hour and will lead them to victory.

I come because this is a pivotal day in decision making. And if we would have a collaborative effort—north, south, east and west, continent to continent—and have the fire brimming in the lives and auras of our initiates planetary-wide, then there must be both the corroboration of what we have requested and then the acceptance and the obedience. Else, dearest ones, we simply will not speak to you. We will hide from you because you have said: “O masters, we would rather listen to part of what we enjoy. Yet the part that we do not agree with, because of our condition, our situation, we will place on the table and leave it there interminably.”

Had I said this to El Morya, do you think that I would have received the living fires of heaven delivered through the dictations within The Summit activity? No. It was because I was willing to lay down my life through complete obedience to the path that I received the mantle, and thereby you have been the beneficiaries of that light, dearest ones. And it is the same with David. Had he said, “O Morya, O Lanello, I am sorry; I am not willing to speak these fiery words that you deliver through me,” then they would not be flowing even now unto you. Yet because of complete surrender to our oneness path of light, you have seen the gradual increase of opportunity. You have seen what has been delivered in these twelve years of an ongoing presence, an ongoing light and frequencies of God-consciousness, even the crystal rays crystallized within your very being so that you can make the greatest progress now on your path of light and, if you choose, walk all the way into the Sun and make your conscious ascension in the light.

Blessed ones, I know that this may seem for some of you a little harsh. Yet I can assure you that the burning fires of the Divine Sun Presence of God is much brighter and more powerful than what I am delivering today! And I am even now preparing you to abide within the Sun, to abide within the one whom you love—God, your God Self, your Divine Presence.

When you ascend, you will be free. And yet that freedom comes with a cost. It is to let go of all that limits you and prescribes within you darkness, inanity, insanity. I say that it is insane for you as initiates to somehow daily allow there to be flowing through your consciousness and emotional bodies fantasies untold that have nothing to do with the divine dream of the God Reality of the heaven world. Therefore get control, God-control, of your mental body and your emotional body, blessed ones! Get God-control of your faculties; get God-control of your thoughts. Allow, in the cycle of Aries, Helios and Vesta to initiate you in the God-control of your entire being—body, soul and mind, superconscious, conscious, unconscious, subconscious, whatever you desire to call it.

When you are in God-control of who you are, you are in alignment with Helios and Vesta, the God and Goddess Meru and the Solar masters of light. When you truly have been absorbed into the sun by allowing those rays to work their perfect work within you, then your mind shines forth and the brilliance of your Solar God-consciousness is evident to all, and the brightness of love is first and foremost manifesting through your smile, your face, your love-being.

Yes, I AM the Sun King. I claim it. And yet I would make you all advocates of this same Solar Reality that I have entered through my communion long ago, as Ikhnaton, with the Sun, Aton. Bring Aton into yourself. Bring the Sun into the moment of the Now, where you can experience that oneness, that presence, that light and never have it be dimmed again through any form of human nonsense that leads to cosmic illiteracy and senseless states of nonawareness.

I hope that you have felt the fire that I intended to bring unto you through these words and through the inner core of the message, which flows from Helios and Vesta this day, and ultimately from Alpha and Omega themselves. For it is time that the planet rise and that each and every being of light fulfill his/her purpose and destiny in that Solar light of joy. Therefore sing to the Sun, bask within the one light of God-awareness. Fulfill yourself within the holiness practice of silence and stillness, and be at peace in God forevermore.

I AM your Lanello. I empower you, I enfire you and I inspire you if you choose to listen, to obey and then to be victorious. Thank you.

1. Psalm 118:24.


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