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Sanat Kumara      March 28, 2017

Beloved Sanat Kumara
David Christopher Lewis
March 28, 2017   12:30–1:10 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana 

Sanat Kumara on the Judgment of Planetary Pedophilia

I AM your Sanat Kumara, with my Lady Venus, and I come to bless your hearts this day, dearest ones, with the light from Venus and the light from our sun. And this light expands within all of Spain today because you have invoked that light of love through your prayers and devotions.

From the point of light where you have prayed together, I stand and I extend my arms now and radiate the light throughout your region. And this light is the light of pure divine love—it is the light of God that engenders great compassion for every form of life. For the compassion of God is present everywhere in the cosmos. It is available for every form of life to experience, yet many do not realize that that love is present right where they are. They have not tapped into its miracle power of transformation, and yet it is always available, free to everyone.

Therefore I remind you of this fact, blessed hearts, because at any time that you choose you may tune into this divine love frequency by simply going deep within your hearts to experience it. For your God-flame is the miracle light, and this divine light has the power to change and transform everything.

So what would you like to transform today? What would you like to have changed in your world? First you must change the within before you seek to change the without. When you feel the shift inside of yourself of what you desire to transform in the outer world, then the miracle love and light of God does work its majesty and its miracle.

So let us try an experiment today, blessed ones. Go deep within your heart to feel the threefold flame burning there. Experience this miracle love and light of God. Place your attention and keep your attention there deep inside. Tap into this miraculous energy that is the God-light within you. Now gently raise your hands from your heart upward to feel this light expanding. It is expanding and radiating forth now in multidimensions of being. You are fanning this flame by your devotion to God.

As you continue to make this motion of your hands rising from your heart upward and then returning back to the heart, each time you raise your hands upward gently, the flame blazes brightly. When you feel the chi, the energy, the dynamism of this power, then gently send it forth anywhere you choose around the world to do its perfect work.

May I suggest that first we try an experiment? You will send this love to all the children and youth of Spain. Every young person now receives the impulse of this love. It is the pure love of God—the pure, infinite light of God. And each young person, each child of God's heart receives it in its purity and light. Now this light is expanding around each one as a pink bubble, and each one's aura is purified and cleansed through this love-light. Every child feels the uplift of this light and love. They feel that they are living free in this light. Something magical has happened to them today. They are lifted up in this divine love and they are wondering where it came from. And some may even experience the presence of an angel, because you are that angel today on behalf of God. You are blazing this love-light to every child of God's heart. Each one is blessed and raised in the sacred fire, and, according to God's will, wisdom and love, some may even receive physical healing. And if it is not physical, then it may be mental and emotional healing too.

The light is transmuting all darkness in their world, for love is the transformational power within the violet light. The violet light is now expanding also with the pink, and it is covering all of Barcelona and all of Spain now. And it is also expanding in the lives of all those who are listening and watching today. Angels of Venus have come into your midst today at my request. They are expanding the light of love throughout the entire Earth now. This love is causing a great shift in consciousness. Many of the youth will be raised in a new light now and forever.

Now I choose also to direct the currents of this love into another specific action. Many of you are aware of the perversion of love that manifests as sexual domination of youth through the sex trade in many nations, whereby youth are employed in a very negative way. They are caught in this web of deception. They are actually enslaved by very dark souls on Earth.

So Lady Venus and I are determined to take action today on their behalf. And there is an action of ruby love now for the judgment of all perversions of this love. And pedophilia throughout the world is judged today, and those who are at the core of this blight and this plague are judged by this action of light. And the children and those who are entrapped in this are freed in this light. This action will continue for a full two months, blessed ones. You will see the action of this judgment even in the news as many, even at the highest levels of governments and business, are exposed and bound and as the light dissolves the darkness that has clouded the lives of these precious souls.

Today we are answering the prayers of many Christians and many righteous souls around the world to alleviate the suffering of these precious, dear souls. And the hand of the Lord Jesus the Christ also descends in this action of judgment, for many divine Mothers have wept for years and years at what has transpired upon the Earth. And thus the prayers of the humble people on Earth are answered by many divine Mothers today.

And there is a separation of the tares from the wheat, of the sheep from the goats. This is an action of judgment, yet it is the action of pure divine love from the heavenly Father-Mother so that those dark ones can no longer misuse this light and that those who have been abused may be set free.

So, my dearest ones in Spain and throughout the world, that which may have even transpired for you is dissolved and consumed by this light today. If you have ever been abused or mistreated—physically, sexually, emotionally—we are responding today to your pain. We are expanding this light of divine love on your behalf too. Now my only desire for you is that you use that love to love life free. It is to liberate love within you and within all. When you live in the presence of true divine love, you are free in the light. And that new love sings within your heart throughout the day, throughout the night, and your entire world is now a world of love-light.

You know the true meaning of love. You know the true purpose of love. You know love's power and love's wisdom. You know the miracle of love in every breath. You know love's legacy through every heartbeat. Oh, how great is God's love for all God's children. If you could just feel this love every day, you would have no problems, dearest ones. All the issues that you have suffered under would be dissolved and consumed, because love heals all and love consumes all that is less than perfect love.

So I wrap you in my love-light now, my dear hearts. And Lady Venus places a kiss of love upon your forehead. So now bring your hands to your heart to feel our love for you, each one. Know, dearest ones, that love is infinite and everlasting. Love never dies; it lives on to eternity. Thank you for your love this day. Thank you for participating in this action of judgment and of mercy. Truly it is an action of infinite love of God.

Now we take our leave from you and return to Venus, yet Earth is changed through this action today. Bye-bye, my precious hearts. Thank you again.

Questions and Answers with David:

David:  If there are any questions or comments, people are free to share them now.

Translator for __________:  There are many of the one hundred and forty-four thousand who came from Venus in the Earth at this moment.

David:  She wants to know how many there are? Or whether they're still here?

Translator for __________:  How many are in the planet Earth now? And are some of them are in Spain?

David:  Most of them are still with the Earth, even if many have ascended. And there are approximately eight thousand in Spain. If you take eight thousand, it's about 5 percent, a little over five percent—5.5 percent of the lightbearers who came with Sanat Kumara are embodied in Spain and Portugal, the Iberian Peninsula. So that's a lot.

Translator for __________:  Can Sanat Kumara tell us what we can do in order to contact them and help them?

David:  Number one is to expand love and to master yourself through the teachings that we have. And then find ways to offer the teachings to more people. You can do this through meet-up groups or whatever social media you use over there in Spain. And then invite people to events that you create. They can be social gatherings where you talk about spiritual things. Always have a theme for those social gatherings—for instance, how to talk with saints, how to pray more dynamically, how to transmute karma quicker, how to fix the problems of the world now, how to communicate with nature spirits, learning more about your guardian angel or learning to dance the Paneurhythmy. These are some ideas. And you can come up with many more and then advertise to young people through social media or whatever works. And as much as possible, try to do things outside in nature. Those are the Master's suggestions.

Translator for __________:  Thank you. She wants to ask Sanat Kumara if he can protect her and inspire her more because she has been under attack from the evil forces.

David:  Granted!

__________: Thank you.

David:  In the name of the living God, I invoke a legion of angels to protect __________ now and evermore, and all those who work with her and support her in her mission. A legion of angels is now descending around you. Remember, you can invoke these legions of angels too. A legion is many, many angels. Do you know how many are in a legion? A legion is five thousand. Let me look it up. That was in the Roman legions. A legion is ten cohorts, which equals five thousand. So when you say, “I invoke a legion of angels to protect me and seal me,” a legion is five thousand. So that's a lot of angels.

Interpreter for __________:  She receives the attack always in her voice, so sometimes she can't speak.

David:  Then she has to think the prayer. I invoke beloved Saint Blaise to protect her voice and her throat chakra. Saint Blaise is a saint in the Catholic Church. On Saint Blaise's feast day, you put two candles over the throat to protect it. The priest would cross the candles right over the throat. And you can also pray to El Morya.

Translator for __________:  Saint Blaise is the patron of the city of Salamanca in the center of Spain.

David:  Are we going until 1:30 or are we done now? Would you like to ask more questions or are we done?

Translator for __________:  No more questions.


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