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Serapis Bey      March 17, 2017

Beloved Serapis Bey Darshan
David Christopher Lewis
March 17, 2017   3:33–4:51 pm PST
2017 Spring Equinox Meru University Event
Serapis Bey on Adeptship and the Ascension
Questhaven Retreat
San Marcos, California 

 Darshan with Serapis Bey on the Ascension

            This darshan will be a combination of the Master sharing some things, and then you can ask questions. I think it would be great if people who are fairly new to The Hearts Center get first dibs, because you old timers kind of know everything—at least you think you know everything. And we'd like to have different perspectives on what we would consider new questions, and sometimes the newer people have even greater attainment than us. So we have to be very humble. And that's a quality of the fourth ray—humility. I'd like to make a call.

            Beloved Serapis Bey and Amen Bey, your brother, we call for your Electronic Presence—your light, your love, your radiance, your holiness and your joy—to be with us today in this sacred place, which has already been hallowed by the Presence of  beloved Flower Newhouse and her devotees back in the early 1940s and more currently. We are so grateful to partake of this sanctity and hallowedness in this natural place. We love to be outside in the garden, which reminds us of the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Mount of Olives and all the sacred gardens and places in nature where the most miraculous teaching has come forth, including Deer Park, where Gautama gave his first talk and where we were back in 2008 on our pilgrimage in India. Thank you, beloved masters, for overshining us and blessing us today.

            It's 3:33 on Saint Patrick's Day here at Questhaven. So I asked the Master, what is the ascension? And I received some beautiful and illustrative quippie phrases that are very short. Then he may elucidate a little bit more on these. These are poetic illustrations of what the ascension is:

The ascension is a holy love-infusion in which your heart is finally yoked to the divine heart—permanently, forever.

The ascension is a transcendent awakening into total mindfulness, where you now have total recall of everything that has existed in your evolution, because all the records are there, all the akashic records are opened, and your book of life is self-evident, right there.

The ascension is a sacred tryst with God. An outlandishly awesome new level of communication with everything begins. Imagine having total open and perfect communication with every form of life—with nature spirits, animals, plants, minerals, stars and galaxies, where you can actually be in reverent communication with all of them instantaneously by choice—simply by asking and receiving.

The ascension is a cosmic convergence. Everything you've worked for is fulfilled in this divine experience. It's a glorious flowering; you are co-creating with God a new garden. And it arises within every cell of your being and every solar cell of your new light body, which you have miraculously created through your evolutionary cycles. And it is now complete—you have metamorphosed out of this divine chrysalis in the ascension process.

It's a beautiful procession. The most amazing collaboration between your spirit and many divine spirits occurs. And in this procession—which is a beautiful, dynamic, amazing ritual—everyone witnesses to your ascension, and you are all involved in this amazing experience together. So when you ascend, there are going to be, believe me, lots of divine friends and heartfriends that you don't even know of now who will be witness to your transfusion into eternality, your union with God.

It is an alchemical union, the most sublime—and forgive me if you don't like this term—the most sublime, orgasmic release of pure bliss in that union with God, your Higher Self, your divine personality.

It's a dance into infinity. The universal beingness that you now experience is compressed within every cell of your being in a new glory of oneness. There is nothing like this experience of the ascension, at least up until that point. [laughter]

It is an ecstasy energy feast. We've had many ecstatic experiences; this will be a feast of a lot of them all combined into this magnificent union. You can taste true soulfulness and be assimilated into that Oversoul of your eternal nature in this moment of eternality.

It is a ritual of light. The power of creation you now fathom. The power of creation—we talk about experiencing it. We hear others who have had mystical experiences share what they know to be this experience of union with God. You are now recreated in a new and higher likeness of the Universal, of God, whereby you may actually experience the power of creation.

It is a divine commencement, just as when you graduate or go to a commencement exercise. Yet commencement means it's a beginning; it's not the ending. This is really a new beginning. It sets you on a new trajectory for cosmic evolution—your soul evolving into something greater and more amazing and mystical, which you can't even imagine right now. It's like the star child at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey. That is what you're becoming in this mystical union. It's a new beginning; it's a commencement.

It's a universal wedding. The Sun of your Selfhood is wed to the Sun of God, the S-u-n of God, God as the Sun light, the Source. Heaven and earth are reunited because a part of earth is now merging with a part of heaven. And in this union, the dynamic of as Above, so below occurs, but now it's as below, so Above. And so the two merge.

It's a mystical blessing. You leap from materiality to spirituality, from the corporeal to the ethereal. You leap, and you really leap. It's an amazing leap. It's like the greatest leap that you could experience, like in those movies where you see people leaping over chasms and abysses. This is the leap of a lifetime, of all lifetimes.

It's a supernatural experience. Now, the word supernatural compressed is supernal. So it's really a supernal experience and a supernatural experience. In apiaries, the slots in which bees work to create honey are called supers. Bees are supernatural beings! [laughter] And in the ascension, we offer the honey of our devotion, from over thousands of years and lifetimes, unto God. And guess what? God tastes us as his new honey. It's amazing to feel what that will be like—for God to taste us, for God to drink us in, for God to experience the flavor of our new essence, which he/she created in the beginning and which has now come to fruition and fulfillment.

It is a magical metamorphosis. The ascension is the greatest magic act of all time. We are finally processed into the infinitude of our true beingness—not processed in a negative way, like processed food. We're homogenized into this unity field of perfection. And it's our joy to give and offer ourselves and to surrender into this union and unity field of beingness.

It is an explosion of bliss-beingness. Like a nova, you are now a star. You are a star-fire being, a star child. And it is a levitation in pure joy, because you are lifted up off the Earth. Some mystical saints have experienced levitation. There are witnesses to levitation. The saints who have levitated are the ones who were already experiencing the ascension currents in their body temples and were able, through their devotion and the magnification of light in their beings, to actually lift off the ground. They were already experiencing the initial stages of the ascension, and God said, “Not yet, my son; get back down there.” We saw a little bit of that today in the funny video—the joy of levity. Levity is joy. Levity equals joy. And this levity experience of levitating into infinity is the most joyful experience that you'll ever have.

You don't have to worry about the mechanics of the ascension, although it could be explained scientifically and mathematically, geometrically. And there is a dynamic that some masters, even Serapis, will explain at his retreat. You have to have a certain amount of thrust for a plane to take off. You have to have the thrust, the speed, the acceleration and the right level of all of that for a plane to leave the Earth. And so you have to generate that thrust by desire, godly desire, through love, through giving yourself to God in the ultimate act of surrender. And every time you surrender, you have a little bit more lift, because when you surrender you get rid of the ballast that's in that wonderful basket of the Wizard of Oz balloon. You get rid of the ballast and you rise higher. So surrendering day after day allows you to have greater lift and greater air in your sails.

 Now, the ascension of your monad, you as an individual son or daughter of God, is also a precursor to the merging of you and your twin flame in another type of ascension, which is amazing too. If your twin flame is ascended and then you ascend, guess what? There is another type of mystical union of your twin flames as a singularity of two monads that now come together as one, which is also very beautiful. It's actually another type of ascension, Serapis says, that's going to be amazing.

My dad died in 2007 and my mother in 2009. My dad qualified for his ascension, just barely. He waited for my mother to pass in 2009, and they ascended together. This was explained when that happened because they were twin flames. Imagine that. So he waited in the etheric planes so that they could go up together, and I was amazed to hear that teaching from the masters. Of course, my parents had to be pretty special, in all humility, to bear me so that I could do the work that I'm doing. And they gave a lot to do that. They had ten children, and I'm number six—the six-pointed Star of David. And yet when I think of my parents as representatives of my God Parents, Alpha and Omega, and all the beautiful divine masters—Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus, and all the great twin flames in heaven—it's just amazing to think of what they did in their life to nurture all ten children, the test of the ten.

So contemplate your ascension. What do you desire it to be like? It's going to be unique for every person—just as when you have a wedding on Earth and every woman who gets married chooses her specific dress, and some couples create their own vows, and people have their own beautiful wedding experience. Your ascension is your wedding with your I AM Presence, and it's going to be amazing. You can invest your creativity, your spontaneity, your effervescence in what that ascension will be like and look like, because it's going to be witnessed by all of these divine beings. So you had better do a good job of planning for it. I mean, don't just wing it. Although you will wing it—really “wing it”—in a way that's going to be just amazing.

The more you contemplate the ascension in your meditations and actually feed into the future your vision of that experience—with love, intention, joy and reverence for what that mystical union will be with God—the more awesome it will be, the more the flowering will manifest. And there will be such an amazing blessing to the Earth in your ascension that you will be in a new bliss state just contemplating what will happen, not to mention what it will be after you ascend.

The blessing that occurs to the Earth is also very important, because Earth requires a certain number of ascensions every year to sustain its balance. For a while it was at least one per year. Now it's a lot higher than that. Why? Because there's a lot of darkness that we have to counteract. More and more people are ascending because they've been in spiritual movements. They've come to the conclusion of their epochs, and epochs of time on Earth, and now they're at the final stages of their evolution. It's time to go back to our true homeland in heaven and our Father-Mother and brothers and sisters up there, which is really in here, right?

So contemplate it; consider it; enjoy an understanding of it. Read Serapis Bey's book through Elizabeth Clare Prophet,1 and read Serapis's HeartStreams through me and through other ascended-master movements that you trust. And really go deeper and deeper into what this initiation is, what this blessing is, what this bestowal of grace is, because when you desire, through righteous desire, to go through it and to qualify for it, you will. It's as natural as a butterfly coming out of that chrysalis. That's how natural it is. Yes, it's supernatural, but it's also very natural. It's not something you have to try to force or strive for in an inordinate way by saying, “I've got to balance a little karma, come what may, and I'm going to plow through and do this.” It's natural—and it's supernatural. So enjoy your spiritual life. Have fun on the path. Laugh a lot with Laugh-a-Lot.

We have to enjoy the eternal moments of every day because they come very quickly. And we can experience them in our conscious awareness by being present, mindful, heart-centered and ready to receive from, for instance, Zultah, her life story; or Laurie, her beautiful essence; or these twin guys, their strong masculinity and their desire to be Earth movers and spiritual quickeners on Earth. I mean, these guys are quickeners. That's the term the masters use. They will quicken many. And all of you have quickened many over many lifetimes, and you're continuing to illumine, enlighten, awaken and quicken people. That is your charge: to illumine, enlighten, awaken and quicken. You can make a decree out of that: I am here to illumine, awaken, enlighten and quicken! Sounds like something you'd sing on the Yellow Brick Road. [David playfully sings: “We're off to see God-wizard” to the tune of “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.”]

So now for your questions, if anybody has one. Yes.

Question:  Does everybody that ascends have to go through a physical death? Or can they one day just be sitting down and then it's time and they— 

David:  There have been physical ascensions. They're very rare because the Earth is the way it is now. Back in the old, old, old days, back in the first three root races, there were physical ascensions all the time. But because the Earth is denser now, it's more difficult, and we have very dense corporeal bodies. Unless you've balanced 100 percent of your karma and you are totally light, it's okay to go through the sloughing off of the mortal coil. For most of us, that's the way it is. I wouldn't worry about it, though if you want to go for it, balance 100 percent. Then you can ascend physically. That's the requirement—balance 100 percent of your karma.

            Jesus balanced 100 percent, so he was able to actually physically ascend, and then he came back and did all kinds of cool things, and he kind of had a body. He could actually coalesce his body and be more physical or more spiritual by his choice, because he understood the science of the coalescing of spirit into matter, of light into materiality. So he could appear to his disciples and they could actually put their hands right through his side and into the spiked holes in his hands and feet. I'll be so grateful to leave this body when I go because I know what's awaiting me, which is a light body. You had a little feeling of that today with the merkabah when we were on the round magic carpet. Some of you had almost a dizziness, like a spell, but it wasn't a negative spell. You were just kind of woozy because you were experiencing those higher states of being.

            Yes, Enoch walked with God and was not, for God took him.2 I think that is evidence of a physical ascension, like Jesus's. Melchizedek never had father or mother,3 so he was what's called a descended master. I don't know if he actually embodied; I think he may have. He probably embodied, but he came from above. He was actually already in the heaven world and came back and did his stuff, and I don't think he ever had to go through death. So Melchizedek is another example. Enoch, Melchizedek and Jesus were the three, although Jesus died physically. Though some say he didn't really die, and there are all kinds of thoughts about that. It doesn't really matter. He mastered time and space, and that's what really matters.

Response:  This question came about because I heard another woman channel a long time ago and she said that when we ascend, we're all going to take our bodies with us. So that's got me wondering.

David:  Did she do it? 

Response:  I don't think so.

David:  Is she still alive?

Response:  Yes.

David:  Well, check her out in twenty years, or whatever. See if she actually fulfilled what she said. I think a lot of people feel that that's what's going to happen. Does it really matter? It takes a lot more energy to do that. Ascending physically is like an atomic level of explosion. It's so powerful when it does happen that it leaves an indelible mark on the Earth. If somebody does physically ascend, there's a record in akasha left that's like a rocket taking off from that spot. That's how powerful it is. So anybody that does do that has the mastery to do that. God bless them, because there's this amazing akashic record of that experience that people can tap into. They can go to that place and tap into that energy where someone has done that, and it is very powerful. But it's very rare, especially now. It was commonplace in the first three root races; it's not now. Okay, anybody else? 

Question:  Magda told us that when she passed on she had to give the violet flame for forty years in the etheric retreats before she balanced 100 percent of her karma and made her ascension. And Mother told us that it's much harder to balance your karma once you have ascended because you have to work through other people. Magda said that she gave the violet flame for forty years in the etheric level and worked through us and all different lightbearers in order to balance her karma. And Jesus gave a dictation in which he said that finally she had balanced 100 percent of her karma, and they were so happy. Many people didn't understand that because they thought he could just raise her up, yet since there are no favorite sons in heaven, we all have to balance 100 percent of our karma. So my question is, is that still the case, that if we take our ascension with 50 or 60 percent of our karma balanced and we still have 40 percent to go, is it going to take us forty or fifty years, as it took a Magda, or are there any new dispensations?

David:  The Hearts Center movement is a movement of initiates. And my primary purpose is to help you to Self-realize at the maximal level possible so that when you go, you are prepared for the next phase of your heavenly existence, having done everything possible to be at the highest level, because you are the ones who are on the path. You are the ones who are true to yourselves by getting up early and praying and meditating and doing the violet flame, by doing all the spiritual work that you do. I know that my purpose is to push you and to really goad you. And sometimes people get a little angry if I goad them too much. The masters will do this with people if they're willing to receive it, and some people are. I prefer to be a firebrand at times to help you to be at that 100 percent or close to it, rather than be at 51, because I know how much easier it will be, as you have shared.

This is a movement for initiates. If you really desire that level of attainment, you have to work, you have to strive, you have to give and you have to serve. Those who serve and serve, and give and surrender, and serve and give, and surrender again are the ones, in my opinion, who make the greatest progress, because they have gotten rid of the ballast, as I said earlier. They're going to graduate summa cum laude rather than just eke by with a lot of Cs. I desire and God desires and Serapis desires A+ students. There's A+ and there's A– and there's A. I hope all of you are striving for the A+. And how do you get that? Through givingness, through love. Love is the key. So love yourself enough to get the high grades, because when you get the approbation of the great masters and Serapis Bey directly at Luxor, or wherever you choose to ascend from, there's nothing like that.

I strove for good grades and I know that you did, and that translates to your path. If you were a good student, were conscientious, disciplined, studied and did your homework day after day—which doesn't always come easy because you have to read, ask questions and study—then you got that A or A+. And you know what? That's the same dynamic that translates on the path of initiation to getting an A+ for you ascension.

The people who are getting A+s are those who are close to 100 percent. And the people who have Cs and C–s and Ds are the people who are going to keep reincarnating until they finally surrender and say, “Okay, God, I give up—I'm going to do your will.” And then they are on the path and they let go of their human creation and accept the divine way. That's a very practical way of talking about it. If we get too into the percentages and all that, it becomes almost mechanical. The masters don't desire us to talk about the mechanics of it so much as the nuances of the loving path and the naturalness of it. That's where we have the joy of the ascension.

So let's not get too wrapped up in, “Well, I have to give forty years of violet flame,” because it feels like it's an interminable eternity to get to that level. “It took Magda forty years?” I've talked many, many times about going into the center of the circle, where there is no karma; there's only causality. Go into God; go into your Presence. Live in that state of being, because then you resolve karma much more easily. I believe that you can dissolve karma a lot quicker by being in the unity field of beingness rather than on the periphery in a reactive state, where every time you see some level of darkness you try to fight it with violet flame. No—enfold yourself in the joy of the violet flame. Go in the center of the circle and enjoy God, be God and love God, because that is where everything is resolved. Everything that's negative is dissolved, and everything is beautiful in that new field.

So whether Lanello balanced 75 percent and then he had to balance the other 25 percent in heaven, maybe that's the case. One person once told me that I was an ascended master. And I said: “Ha-ha-ha. I'm not ascended. What are you talking about?” And she said, “You've ascended.” And I said, “Yes, but I'm still here.” And she said, “No, I mean you've already ascended in consciousness.” And I said, “Well, I know what you're saying because I've been there.” Take that understanding and make it real. Ascend in consciousness every day. Sometimes we have to play the role a little bit, be like a child and even pretend to get to that state where we feel worthy enough to be there.

So Serapis says, “Feel worthy of the ascension.” You're all worthy of the ascension. Every son and daughter of God is worthy to ascend. It's the dark ones who beat us down by saying we're not worthy. By feeling worthy to balance 100 percent and to be there, that's great. Do you know what Serapis says now? “Don't worry about the percentages. Percentages come when you do your homework.” It will be a great thing when you know you've done your best, and then at the end the teacher says, “Hey, by the way, you got a 99 percent—good job!” You're not worried about it. We get fixated on it through worry, so don't worry about the percentages.

For Elizabeth Clare Prophet and that teaching, it may have been a big deal, because she was trying to help people who were coming out of the drug culture. And maybe it required somebody who had to use the whip to get them into alignment. But we're in a new dispensation, and it's about love and it's about joy. I think it's a great dispensation, and it's a lot more fun, right? We're not fixated on judging others.

I'll tell you an experience—and this is Serapis saying it, so I can say this. I got blasted a few times and disciplined. When you get a discipline in a spiritual community and people hear about it, they want to stay away from you, thinking, “Oh, you're a pariah. I don't want to be by that guy; he really screwed up.” But then the next week that person's a pariah. You never knew when you were going to be the one.  And it was a little bit fear based, unfortunately, and I don't want any of that. I don't desire that. I don't think you desire that.

So let's have a path where there are no pariahs; there are only prayers. No pariahs, okay? We're going to x that out right now—no pariahs, only prayers. Everybody makes mistakes—so what? We're human, and it's okay. We're having this divine experience in a human body, and it's great. And we should enjoy our body temples, because they were made in God's image and likeness. And don't try to beat it into submission by being hard on yourself to the point where you can't just be free and love yourself.

Loving yourself is a key initiation on the path; it is so important. So put on your treasure map or your vision board A+; 100 percent; I'm going, man; Serapis, I'm with you and I'm not coming back. I'm going to balance everything before I go, and I'm going to just have a great holiday up there—a holy day—holiday.” Okay, what's next?

Question:  In past dictations, Serapis has discussed the initiatic path and the pathways of light we leave for others to follow. I was wondering if that could be discussed more, about our experiences and how we help the later generation come up with us as we move towards our ascension.

David:  Well, hierarchy is always a key, and you always have people above you and below you. So as you emulate, follow and obey those above you, you pull up those behind you, because it's just the natural way of progression. I was sharing with someone, either yesterday or this morning, that the path of initiation is part of a larger path. Interesting, huh? And those who choose to be initiated and desire to be initiated are part of the path of initiation. But a lot of people haven't chosen to be initiated yet. They haven't chosen to even believe in God. So those people, maybe in a loose sense, are on the path of initiation, but not really the path of initiation. They're on the path; everybody's on the path.

To desire initiation, to desire to be an adept and to be a master, you have to be willing to undergo the stages and steps of attainment and all the essentials of that path, whether it's thirty-three steps or, depending on what dispensation you are talking about, it could be the eightfold path. That is a path. There are the thirty-three steps that the Masons talk about; there's Jesus; the East, the West. There are all different phases of this. However, once you are on that initiatic path, you're definitely invested in being victorious and completing all the spirals, all the stages, all the steps. As you do that, everyone who's karmically and dharmically tied to you receives a boost, because when you go up, you're helping everybody that's on your coattails. So, yes, it's important to pass your tests, because you'd rather help people than hurt them, right? And as you are godly, loving and kind, use compassionate words—practicing conscious language and nonviolent, or compassionate, communication—you know that you're making progress and that others benefit from that progress.

Now, how can we really benefit those people? That's your underlying question, I think. How can we really benefit those behind us on the path? Teaching. All of you here have the ability to share and then to move into a greater disciplined path of actually teaching. You have to be the teaching first to be a true teacher. You have to assimilate the teaching of the masters whose teachings you've studied by becoming them in actuality and reality, by practicing them. You can't teach truly if you haven't practiced and become the teaching. The true teachers are always those who have become the teachings.

So if you desire to be a teacher, be the teaching. What are we doing in Meru University this year? There are twenty-six courses being taught by twenty-six different teachers, right? Who's initiating you? Lanello, who is saying, “You're ready to teach, and you'd better, by God, do it,” because we've been putting it off for a while, right? It's been all about me teaching. Now it's going to be more and more about you all teaching. I'm only teaching one Meru class this year that's a formal class. Well, this is a Meru event, yet twenty-six different teachers in Meru University are teaching. And then there's going to be a lot more of you here who haven't yet been assigned a class to teach. You can ask to be assigned a class. If you have not been asked to teach a class, you can ask to be assigned to teach, and then the Master will assign you.

Some of you are already teaching in your local areas. Keep doing it! And if you have formed a nucleus, like a meet-up group, as Dennis has in his home, keep doing it! He's a teacher, and many of you are teachers. You've taught in schools; you've taught in universities; you've talked to friends and heartfriends and other spiritual people. Find ways to coalesce what you know, whether it's into a program, a weekend seminar, a webinar, an ongoing conversation, a book club, or whatever, and get into the mode of teaching, because when you teach you also learn. Every true teacher knows that you learn a lot through teaching. You learn more through teaching than you did when you were in the learning mode, because you have to really assimilate the material to be able to teach it. And you have to come at it from all different angles so you know that when you teach you're giving something of value to your students, rather than just spouting out book knowledge.

I hope to God, and I know all of you are at this stage, that you don't just desire to read, read, read, read, read. Reading is great, yet we are practicers in our community. I don't care if you read a lot—except our books, of course. Become that which you've read, assimilate it and then share the essence of it with your students. And then ask to receive the students who are your students, because all of you have students to teach and some of you have hundreds of students to teach. Some of you have thousands of students to teach, and some of you have already been doing that in the etheric. And it's now going to become more physical as the opportunities are presented to you.

“So prepare yourself; be a teacher,” Serapis says. The masters have been telling us this for years, even in 2012. We thought we were going to start after we went to Peru and Lake Titicaca on 12-21-12. We thought we were going to have all these classes happening, and then it didn't quite happen. Why? Maybe people just didn't rise up. They were waiting for me to tell them or the masters to tell them. Sometimes you have to tell them. Don't just wait. Go for it. Imagine if I had said, “No, I'm not going to do this job.” We wouldn't be here today. Or if other of our gurus—Yogananda, Babaji and others—said to their gurus, “Sorry, I don't feel worthy; I'm not going to teach.” They would throw them in the frying pan anyway. That's the way it happens. There are many examples of those who didn't feel worthy, such as Moses, who stuttered and felt that he couldn't do anything. And Paul had his affliction, a thorn in the flesh. All these guys had their own little thing they could have used as an excuse. So what is your excuse? “What's in your wallet?” No excuses anymore. There's a lot in your wallet, and no excuses. Okay. Yes.

Question:  In a previous HeartStream, Serapis, mentioned that we, as modern adepts, are undergoing initiations or trials that are different than our predecessors. 

David:  Because life evolves. Things change, and if we're not ready to go through the new initiations based on where the Earth is in relation to the sun, and our solar system is in relation to the galaxy, then we're going backward, right? And the same initiations that worked thirty years ago, or even five or ten years ago, aren't going to do it for today.

Response:  And they also relate to today's technology. He mentioned how we're in the dynamics of today's technology. How is that affecting our modern—

David:  Well, the universal communication system through the Internet is so amazing that with social media and everything else, everything is almost instantaneous. And it's going to get to the point where no one can get away with anything anymore because it's like akasha is happening through the systems. We already have cameras everywhere; we have Big Brother. I don't think there are any right around here, but there are drones now. Akasha records everything, and soon no one will be able to get away with anything, because everything is going to be obvious.

Response:  24/7 news cycle and exposés—

David:  Yes. People are saying, “No one has a right to know what I do in private.” There is hardly any privacy anymore. So you had better be true to yourself, and be pure and real and joyous and holy, because you're going to get found out one way or another. I don't mean this as a fear thing; I'm just saying that the path is the path and to walk it you have to be true to yourself.    

            So the new technologies are influencing things, but it's primarily in communication. And social media isn't always that great, and you can spend way too much time on it. I was doing it for a while and I had to cut off my Facebook account because it's like, ugh, this is not my mission, to be responding to or seeing what everybody else is doing on social media. So what I do is put out little tidbits of truth on Facebook. I can't spend time reading everybody else's tidbits, as much as they may be fun, except for maybe close family or something. You can get so involved and so negative through social media now that you wonder, is that reality? I think it's unreality. I think it's an illusion, actually. It's a whole level of illusion that people get sucked into when they go into Facebook and other social media, where it's all about how they are presenting themselves and how they want to be seen or how they desire others to experience them. It's really illusion, because the true reality is what's going on right here, and you can't necessarily capture that on social media. If you create a beautiful video, like our Hearts Center videos, yes, that essence is captured for everybody to see. That's why our Creative Arts team is putting out so much beautiful stuff, because we desire people to see and feel what it's like to have a spiritual experience.

So the path is changing. The masters are always evolving, always looking at us and saying, “Well, that project didn't quite work, so let's try another way to get through to them.” Right? “And so we're going to have this HeartStream and we're hoping that this will really inspire them to make greater progress.” Or “We're going to work through Dannion Brinkley here and David Wilcock over there, and we're going to work through Deepak Chopra over here for his audience. And we're going to just pour some new energy over here, and then hopefully everybody's being stimulated at a higher level and we're all communicating through our higher Selves at a higher and higher level, and gradually we're increasing the radiation and the vibration of the planet.”

There are many, many spiritual teachers now on the Earth, East and West, who have key elements of the path and their understanding based on what they've been through. People have had near-death experiences. A lot of the books we carry in our store have tidbits of truth and are so beautiful, such as those on Ho'oponopono, the violet-laser light, conscious language from Robert Tennyson Stevens. Knowing about this key and that tool is helpful, because when we practice and incorporate it, it's integrated inside, and then we have a greater frame of reference to give our gifts because we have this universal understanding.

The nice thing about The Hearts Center is that we're open to truth wherever it is. We have our rituals, but we're not saying that these are the only things. We love to hear about and to experience what others do, such as in the video that we saw, the beautiful Chinese gal singing the song to Maitreya. I found that on the Internet. We visited her last month. She's beautiful. She was going to come tomorrow, and now she can't make it. Her name is Sami Lauand we met her and I hugged her and I kept hugging her and saying, “Our community loves you; we love your videos, your voice, everything.” And we went up to the Maitreya temple that they have in El Monte. So if you're in El Monte or near there, go to their temple. Call them first and get permission; don't just show up.

Question:  One time you said that she might be Maitreya's twin flame.

David:  She could be Maitreya's twin flame. I don't know. She's lovely enough to be. And you're lovely enough to be somebody's twin flame, too. [laughter].

Question:  Could you speak to the ascension of the Earth on a planetary scale?

David:  This is something we are all dreaming into existence by our individual work. And as the collective works together to make it so, it will be. There's a lot of talk now in spiritual teachings everywhere about the Earth ascending. Yet it's always a process. We're ascending daily, so the Earth is ascending daily. The Earth is a conscious being, and the Earth being—whether you say Gaia or Terra or Earth or the divine spirits that ensoul the Earth—is evolving just as we're evolving. It's a great being of light, and the planet itself is a being, just as the sun is a being. And so the planet relies on its cells, just as we rely on our cells, to be whole, to work for us toward the goal of health.

The ascension is like perfect health and well-being, right? So as we are healthy inside, we are working on behalf of the Earth so it will be as healthy as possible, so that it can fulfill its destiny and purpose and become like a star. And even though scientists, geologists and physicists may say that the Earth will not actually become a star, that really is its goal—to become a sun, to be illumined. If all of the evolutions on the Earth were fully illumined, conscious ascended beings, the Earth would fulfill its purpose and then also ascend. You've heard of the bodhisattva vow. The bodhisattvas stay until every sentient being is free and liberated. Think of that. That's quite a vow. And so the Earth, in a way, has that vow, because the Earth is a bodhisattvic planetary being that desires all of its children to be free in the light.

When all the beings on Earth have either migrated through the ascension process and are fully illumined and starry beings, or when some of them have chosen the other route, whereby they go off to another star system because our evolution can't be held up any longer by cosmic decree, then eventually, when we all reach that state, the Earth can ascend. That's my understanding of it from the masters and Serapis, that for the Earth to ascend, we all have to ascend with her and for her. It's a sacred dynamic and it's a beautiful process. It's a flowering; it will be like the flowering of the Earth. And everything that I shared about what the ascension is for us is true for the Earth.

Response:  But does Earth take Venus's place? What I've understood is that all the planets move into the next orbit, so that the Earth would move into Venus's orbit, Venus moves into the next orbit until finally the Earth would reach the sun itself. Is that true?

David:  I think that that's true energetically more than, necessarily, physically. But the ascension is an energetic process anyway, right? We've learned that today; it's more energetic than physical. It can be physical. So whether it happens exactly that way or not, it happens energetically. Venus is more advanced than us. They're already experiencing the golden-age consciousness and they have been for tens of thousands of our years. They are very illumined, advanced beings moving into Solar consciousness.

            Part of the teaching in our movement is about Solar consciousness. It's in El Morya's book. Everybody has to read and assimilate that book, because the whole teaching is on Solar consciousness, Solar awareness, Cosmic consciousness. If there's any one book that you read in this movement, please read Advanced Studies of the Human Aura by El Morya, through me. It has my name on it, but it's really his book. That book is critical to the ascension of the Earth, because when people understand the dynamics of Solar awareness and Cosmic consciousness, they are really helping the Earth to ascend.

            When we fully become suns, star-fire beings, and our primary spiritual work is to emanate light and love and all the virtues of love, that is when we have fulfilled our purpose. And so the sun is constantly doing that. The Earth is reflecting the light of the sun. It's not quite at that level of illumination, but as we become illumined, we illumine the Earth, and the Earth in turn illumines the rest of the solar system.

So it's not necessarily that we'll take the orbit of Venus, because, scientifically, if the Earth were in the orbit of Venus, it would not work since we're at the perfect distance from the sun—ninety-three million miles—for life as we know it on Earth to exist. Now, we could go there if we were all ascended, because we'd be in a higher dimension and we wouldn't be affected physically the way we would if the Earth were thrust into that orbit. I wouldn't be too worried about the mechanics of, whether it will be in that orbit. It's more of going there in consciousness, rising to the same level of awareness that the Venusians have now. The Mercurians go around the sun every eighty-eight days. It takes us 365 and a quarter. So they're pretty dynamic. They're like Nike and God Mercury. They're swift, fleet of foot. They're more in the mind; we're more in the heart. Venusians are in the heart too. We're the sister planet of Venus. So we're supposed to be heart-centered people, just like the Venusians.

Does anybody else have a question?

Question:  We've had lots and lots of lifetimes on this Earth. Is it possible that we've already ascended once and then we chose to come back to help Earth at this time?

David:  Yes, and I think most of you were on Venus and came with Sanat Kumara. Most of us came with Sanat Kumara. We were already in a higher state of evolution and we chose to come back to help. So whether or not we were technically ascended, we were at a higher level of awareness and we chose to help out. I'm not even going to judge or say how many here, but I'd say basically all of you.

            This may be true if you resonate with the fact that this isn't really your native planet. As a kid, maybe you couldn't understand why people hurt each other, killed each other, did mean things, and even now you can't comprehend violence, how people can do these things, such as terrorist attacks, violence, or any of this stuff. It's not native to our souls, our spirits and our essence. We are naturally people of love, and we're very feeling people. Many of us are angels embodied. I know I am. It's not that I'm better or anything; it's just that I'm from the angelic kingdom. Many of you are too, and some are from the ascended-master kingdom, which is a different kind of kingdom. If you're more emotional and feeling oriented, you're probably an embodied angel. If you're more mental and you really love to cognize everything, have a scientific mind and all that, you're probably from the ascended-master realms.

Response:  So does that mean that maybe we could have ascended three or four times?

David:  Well, you don't really have to ascend that many times. It's just that you—

Response:  —but could you have?

David:  Well, once you're ascended, it takes a dispensation to come back into embodiment. We've heard that with Saint Germain. He ascended as Francis Bacon and then he came back as the Wonderman of Europe, as Saint Germain, and he appeared physically to people. But he had to get a dispensation. So I don't think you've ascended three or four times. I think you were a Venusian, or maybe even from the Pleiades, before that, and you came here to help out. And eventually, by your choice, you can either go back to Venus and then the Pleiades, or go straight to the Pleiades when you're done. So it's your choice, baby. [laughter] Do you want to come back after you've ascended?

Response:  I'd like to come back in about five hundred years and see how it's going.

David:  So you want to come back after you've ascended? With Maitreya.

Response:  I just want to see how it's going.

David:  You can see how it's going from up there! [laughter] Why inveigle yourself into the dynamic again when you've made it?

Question:  I've wondered for many, many, many years, and I'd like to know from Serapis, where the boundary line is for sentient and unsentient beings.

David:  Let's consider everything as sentient. We say sentient beings, but really anyone who has beingness is sentient. So it's kind of redundant, in one sense, that if you have sentience, you're a being; because if you have beingness, you're sentient—you have feeling, you have awareness, you sense. I know that the term sentient being sounds as if it implies that if there are sentient beings, there have to be nonsentient beings. Just consider everything as sentient. Even the rocks, the minerals feel. They feel at a different level than we do, but they still feel. Your car feels. You know that when you love your car or your van and you talk to it, love it and treat it well—giving it oil and gas and other fluids when it needs them—it runs better. It has an awareness, just as I was talking about the temples yesterday. Actually it's a living being. Now, material scientists, chemists, physicists and biologists won't agree with that if they're trained in orthodoxy and they don't have God in the equation.

You know that everything feels, because you're a nature man. You're a man of the wilderness, and you know that even the rocks are aware when you touch them or walk on them, because you have that sensitivity yourself. Your bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles, which are pretty muscular, all have that sensitivity, and the Earth is like that too. Everything has aliveness. And when you have the mystical oneness with God, you experience that state where everything is alive, even the minerals. Knowing that everything is one, we have a new understanding of what we call beingness. Because everything is one, everything is of God; and because everything is God, there's nothing really outside of God. And so everything is sentient, because God is sentient. So that's the answer. Because God is sentient, and God is everything and everything is God, everything has sentience. That's the short answer.

Response:  I have a little wilderness tip, if I may. For years and years I have gone to places where nobody usually goes. And like this place, when we first got here today, there wasn't a blade of grass that was bent over. So when I'm in the wilderness, I always ask Amaryllis to guide my steps so I that I do the least amount of damage. And I'm sure when Jesus was walking, they were saying, “Step on me, step on me.”

David:  I can assure you these blades of grass under my butt really appreciate it.

Response:  So I've come to a new understanding, and this might be for anyone who hikes in the wilderness. I've come to a new understanding that through the crystal rays in my feet, I can get centered and get focused on the violet flame, and when I'm walking now I can actually be putting violet flame into the planet instead of trying to minimize my damage.

David:  You're maximizing your blessing. So that's what the new teaching is, instead of minimizing your damage. It's like the people that are so concerned about global warming to the point where the energy of angst that they have toward anybody who does anything that they claim to be an overuse of energy is worse than the little bit of pollution that's emanating from the tailgates of their cars, their SUVs. Their consciousness is so wrapped up in this angst, which is energy too; it's combustion.

So, yes, we try to minimize all of the damage, but as lightbearers we're maximizing the blessing. That's the transmutative power. You realized it, brother. You're maximizing the blessing now, because the blessing is so much more powerful than the damage. When we are consciously in love with God and in love with nature and everything, we're maximizing the blessing.

Question:  Since Serapis is a master of the ancient schools of Egypt, where there were a lot of exercises that we don't have to go through nowadays, does he recommend something that we can do in our daily lives or as a type of meditation or exercise that would be a blessing for the energy body?

David:  It all begins with the breath, because the breath is the Holy Spirit. The breath is the breath of God, the breath of life. So master your breath through conscious breathing and then within meditation, getting to the point where you are in the breathless state. Those who practice Kriya yoga know that when you get into the breathless state, that is where you experience the totality of your Godhood and the mystical elements of the path. So he, as well as many other masters—Babaji and many, many others—recommend mastering the breath and really being observant throughout the day, taking time to consciously breathe. And through the breath, you become a co-creator with God. Now, that's a new teaching for today: through the breath you become a co-creator with God. What do you create through your breath? Ask yourself, “What am I creating now through my breath? I am co-creating with God, through my breath, these virtues that I am consciously emanating through my exhalation. And in the inhalation, I am receiving the new virtues of Spirit that are present from the sun and from great Solar beings right now, which are new, vital, dynamic and universally required for the Earth.”

So you take in those virtues through the breath; you assimilate them inside. You know there is purification of your blood because your breath goes into the lungs, and the blood goes from the heart to the lungs and is purified as it's oxygenated, and then goes back into the body and nurtures the cells through the bloodstream. And then the wastes are carried back to the heart and go to the lungs to be purified again. And part of the expiration, as well as other elimination, is the eliminating of the toxins. You get to the point where you have less and less toxicity, physically and spiritually, where you are a light being and where, basically, through the breath, you have mastered life.

 Serapis says, “Through the breath, you can master life.” The great initiates know how to control their breath. They can actually stop breathing and still retain their life. They can stop breathing for long periods of time and still remain alive. How do they do that? Well, you go through the teaching and the training of the initiates, people like Babaji, and Kriya yoga. And you are able to focus your energy right within different parts of your body and send the breath of life into them and harmonize everything internally and then, through that harmony and internal balance, emanate more light. So the purpose of this is to actually be able to carry more light, retain more light and then emanate more light.

So we could have our primary spiritual practices be solar gazing, conscious pranic breathing, Kriya meditation and emanating love, and we would be viable spiritual beings. If everyone did those four things with complete mastery and majesty, even without all the prayers, decrees and other things we do, we would be the most dynamic spiritual organization on the Earth. So that's the simplification of the path right there. Solar gazing and the assimilating of the light from the sun, conscious breathing, Kriya yoga and meditation, and then the fourth was emanating love. Those are four pillars of the spiritual path for initiates. And in the emanating of love is the emanation of presence and Buddhic awareness. So there's a lot wrapped up in what I'm calling emanating love. There's a lot in that. It's emanating love and light, but it's the love that encompasses all virtues. It's the light that is within every gift of the sacred fire of heaven.

So that is the path in very simple terms, and I think it's a great note to end on. Well, __________, you had a question. I don't know if anything can go beyond that right now.

Question:  We're at Questhaven here, and one of the books we recently read was one of Flower's books on angels and the elemental kingdom.  One of the things that she talks about is that they will start out as these very tiny beings with very limited consciousness, and they evolve to bigger elementals with different responsibilities all the way up to—she talks about them actually becoming angels in certain ceremonies. And the question is, what would be the corollary for the elemental kingdom versus the ascension that we would expect?

David:  Well, you are meant to be a Solar being; that's the equivalent. That's the whole teaching today too. You're evolving to become the sun.

Response:  For the elementals, what's the analogy for the ascension for them, if there is one?

David:  Well, they can even merge into other kingdoms. We were told that Archangel Michael guarded a blade of grass, and now he's a great archangel. So he's fulfilled and is fulfilling his purpose every moment. The elementals, because they're part of the Elohimic kingdom, their goal is to be an Elohim, which is a co-creator with God, to evolve to that state of beingness. So does that mean that a cell in your toe eventually could be a Solar being? Yes, if it fulfills its purpose. It's a beautiful little cell; it has a sun in the center of it and it's beautiful, and it's in harmony with the Great Central Sun right now. So as a healing technique, if you have an issue, you can bring the Great Central Sun into the center of the sun of the cell in the part of your body that is problematic. And you can do a visualization in which you actually feel the Great Central Sun coming into you, into the center of every cell, and especially in those areas that are problematic, and watch how, through your acceptance of the Great Central Sun right where you are, the miracle of life starts to transform things.

Vesta's Solar Rosary is a great vehicle; it's only the beginning though. There are mystical levels of incorporating Vesta's consciousness and Helios' awareness into our being, into the center of the cell of our cells. And that's what you can get deeper and deeper into as you use that as a resource and a tool, but go deeper, deeper. Don't just keep giving that rosary and have the same visualization every time. Use it as a creative springboard to something mystical and deep and beautiful that you come up with. All of the tools that we have in our movement are just tools. They're not something you necessarily have to do in order to ascend. What they are are representations of what one initiate and others have done in order to bring you to a higher awareness, but be creative. Go for it; co-create. Everyone here is able to co-create amazing new things that will benefit the beings that you came to serve and bless.

When I'm doing these Soul-Raising Sessions, I'm always amazed at how much the masters revere us for how cosmic we are and how much ability we have, how much mastery they see us as having and developing and incorporating into this lifetime. And some people are blown away by it: “I didn't know I was that cool.” [laughter] The masters are beholding you as divine; that's part of their job. So you have to accept that, to do it. And my job is just to inspire and stimulate you to be creative. So create your own decrees and prayers by the millions, and  affirmations—the greater the better, a new one every day. Create your songs. Create your videos. Create anything—just create.

Now, getting back to your question, the tiniest little elemental can become the greatest universe because over eons of time there are amazing opportunities for evolution. And who's to say where evolution ever stops? I don't think it ever stops. And so, as I shared recently, the Elohim are still evolving. And if they're evolving, these little dudes are evolving, and so are we. So just keep loving life, loving everyone and evolving. If you take that word evolve, what are the first four letters turned around? Love! 

Okay, that's it. [applause]

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