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Kuthumi      March 01, 2017

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
March 1, 2017   7:00–7:07 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Kuthumi Graces Us with the Peace of the Buddhas


Good Morning, Dear Ones,

As your Kuthumi, I come to bless you with a new peace of presence that I hope will sustain you in all your days, in all your nights, and bless you with that spiritual quintessence that, when aroused from deep within, can provide for you a recourse to that inner oasis of peace where you feel God's light, God's love flowing as a fountain of joy.

In these sacred moments of stillness that you engage in at the beginning of your services together, many Buddhas come to offer you their quintessences of compassion, of kindness, of inner joy. And if you receive them with open hearts and minds and drink in the nectar of beingness that they offer, each of you will be the great beneficiary of this Buddhic light, of this deep abiding peace of the Presence, which will truly sustain you through all things, all challenges, all initiations, the ups and downs of life.

It is truly a time of planetary change and transformation. And as initiates, you know that these alchemical transmutations occur first within you. You are the nexus of planetary hope and divine progress when you maintain that inner sense of stillness within the great silence of your heart, where soulfulness abides with reverence toward all; where understanding and patience are proffered to all life; and where, as a vehicle of inner harmony and tranquility, you emanate those waves of light that truly feed humanity with new-age thought, new-age consciousness, new-age love.

Yes, in the silence of your heart I abide—within the space of peace that you access from within through your Presence, shining like a sun, blazing with that ardor and fervor of devotion to the One Eternal God. In the sacred moments when you feel intuitively and reverently your connection with all life through your own godliness and core sanctity, the Buddhas abide, the World Teachers share, and all that is divine and lovely, all that is pure and holy nurtures your spirits, gives you peace and recourse to the All-in-all.

The answer to every dilemma, every seeming problem that you experience through all the dynamics of life manifesting around you, is always to return to the point of the center and experience God, who is your Source and your destiny, who is your lover and your beloved. From within, know true love, and your days shall shine with the glory of the artisans of peace and the arhats of the new era of compassion.

Peace sustain you, dear ones, now and ever, by God's grace.

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