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Suryaji      February 17, 2017

Beloved Suryaji
David Christopher Lewis
February 17, 2017   7:00–7:09 pm MST
Livingston, Montana

Suryaji Adjures Us to Raise the Mother Light Within

I AM Suryaji, your Ramakrishna come again unto you. And this night I illumine the entire world in which you abide with joy, with harmony, with the presence of peace and the divine Spirit that sings within the soul the song of the free.

I honored Kali and all divine Mothers. And you, blessed ones, may do likewise when first you contact the Mother light within you, the kundalini fire that arises from the base of being and then, transcending through the cycles of time and space within you, reaches the apex of attainment within the crown, whereby the Mother is fulfilled within the Father, and the Father is fulfilled within the Mother. The place of the crown is this place of union betwixt Mother light and Father spirit, where the Buddha nature manifests, where that love of the two becomes conjoined within the eternal oneness, where duality is collapsed and unity is reborn.

When you attend these services once per month or more wherein you focus upon the ascension light and the diamond-crystal light that abides within you, within your eternal nature, there is a new advancement of that spiritual light within you to a level beyond human perception. And the Eternal takes hold of you and says unto your soul: “O my beloved one, rise with me to new cosmic heights in this infusion of grace. And by the Mother light, fully employed within self, let there be the new you manifest, the higher you fulfilled, the divine ego accentuated by all that is true, holy and divine from within your causal estate of purity. Yes, O soul, come unto the spiritual realms where infinity is felt, where divinity is realized, and where community of hearts, of all natures is truly one within the Sun of beingness.”

Your soul sings when you are in harmony with your Presence. And what does she sing save of the beauty of that beingness in light. What is that keynote that you may emit from the center of Self 24/7 that bespeaks your essence, your Godhood, your Reality?  If you can hear the inner voice that speaks unto you in those intimate moments of connectedness, you may also begin to hear your own keynote of soulfulness, the spiritual music of your true nature in God as a God-created son or daughter. When the vibration of resonance manifests, then this song celestial is effused throughout the cosmos, and all divine beings hearing the symphony of your Self listen attentively and respond to your voice, your harmonics and the musicality of creativity born of love.

O precious ones, how great is God. How great is pure beingness in the light! If you could only yearn a little bit more to know who you truly are as crystal beings in your higher Reality and then stay at the altar, attentive to that light aborning within, you would be surprised at what ensues within the alchemical union of your soul with your spirit—the new light that you bear, the new radiance that you employ.

Come unto the divine worlds with me in this service. Sing your song. Fulfill your destiny and allow the Mother—that pure Mother-stream of beingness—to flow through self and to nourish every sentient being with your love, with her love, with all love.

I AM Suryaji. I meditate upon the Sun Presence of perfection within the All-Mother; and from that point of divine bliss, I have become the I AM WHO I AM for all. Thank you.

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