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Buddha of Diamond Crystal Light      February 01, 2017

Beloved Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light
David Christopher Lewis
February 1, 2017   7:51–8:07 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Using the Crystalline Essences of Light to Realize Our Divine Buddha Nature

                 I AM your Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light. I coalesce from the essence of the cosmos light, crystalline in nature, to transform all. If you would be transformed, ingest light. If you would be enlightened, drink in light. If you would know your eternal Buddha nature, focus on your own crystal-light essence. For there you will find the keys to your divinity, the blueprint of being, mindfulness in its highest expression and every resource that you require on your sacred journey. 

What is selfhood? This is the great question of the ages. Who am I? Where am I heading? What is my destiny? I ascertained long, long ago that my destiny was crystal-diamond light, and my Buddha nature thus expressed this vision within myself. For I have been ensconced within this nature, this essence, for centuries. And I bring to this planet and to devotees of the Buddha the opportunity to receive these particles of perfection, these graces of beingness, these essences, which can help restore unto you your own understanding of your Buddha nature, God within.

Blessed ones, you may fashion anything born of pure desire of crystal-diamond light. For, from my perspective, this is how the Elohim created the galaxies, the star systems. Drawing from the universal, the unmanifest void, they brought forth the sparkling essence of joy that resulted in the starry beings who have existed for billions of years and who shed their light upon all with great reverence toward their Source, the one eternal star-fire Light.

When you meditate upon diamond-crystal light, I am there assisting you in entering the spheres of beingness beyond mortality and limitation. I am there focusing my gaze and my mindfulness with you upon that which is beyond physical substance, which is light-energy—formless and yet beautiful, radiant, all aglow with God's happiness and levity. 

To transform anything, you may simply, as a divine alchemist, wave your hand and say, “O Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal light, I envelop this in your eternal radiance of starry crystalline light.” And then, blessed ones, the alchemy of all Buddhas is set in motion and is in play to allow perfection to displace darkness. For where perfection lives, moves and has its being, there is no darkness at all, only light, diamond-crystal light. 

I provide a little secret unto you today. The five Dhyani Buddhas and their cohorts are my initiates. Yes, indeed, blessed ones, long, long ago God saw to it that the crystal-ray frequencies originating from the center of the cosmos, where only light manifests, would be ensconced within beings who would hold those essences within self to outpicture these ecstatically high frequencies on behalf of the galaxies throughout the cosmos. And so I was also born in that moment, in divine mindfulness, to perfuse through them that which God desired and yet remain in many spheres to bless the evolutions of light with this radiance, with this light, with this peace—the all-commanding Presence.

When you are burdened in any way—body, mind or soul—invoke my Presence and soon that shadow will recede and only light will abide.

Breathe in light; breathe out light. Ingest light; egest light. You are light; I AM light. We are one in light, diamond-crystal light. OM Buddha, I AM.

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