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Igor      November 12, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Igor)
November 12, 2016   1:32 ̶ 2:00 pm MST
Livingston, Montana

Igor Teaches Us How to Be Spiritual Warriors

Welcome, heartfriends. Welcome, spiritual warriors. Igor would like me to discourse with you, overshined by him, on the subject of spiritual warfare.

Now, we don't like to talk about war and warfare, because as spiritual people we like to be invested in peace. Yet there are times when we must engage in very directed spiritual work that is similar to what transpires in warfare, where there are strategies, where there is an outcome that we desire, which is victory, and where there is a pathway to that victory. And these must manifest through the delivery of our hearts' fire, our will and the trajectory of our spirit as minutemen and women of the masters, as warriors of truth and justice, with the power of God manifesting as God's will, which is very forthright and very intense at times. So this warrior attitude, in a peaceful way, is important for us to understand and at times to engage in in order to have our victory.

We are not spiritual wimps; we are advocates for the highest outcome for our planet through the way in which we live, move and have our being; through the intensity of our virtues shining through us and the immensity of God's light flowing through us. And because we are virtuous beings and we are warriors of the Spirit, this engagement with God is something that is important for us to understand so that we do not lose sight of the victory, of the mission of the Universal White Brotherhood—its purposes and the dynamics involved in that victory, which do require the calling to task of the liar and his/her lie and the invocation of justice, which can manifest either as judgment or as mercy.

Justice is blind; we know this. Blind to what? Not blind to the truth. Justice is blind in the way that all justice is outpictured, with equality toward everyone. So those who seem to be the lowliest would receive the same type of justice as those who seem to be at the highest echelons of power. And we have seen, of course, a discrepancy manifesting in our civilization, where those with power, money and influence hold sway to the point that they don't answer for their crimes and for what they do. And yet those who do not have the resources are often beset by the injustice of the justice system.

As spiritual warriors, we lock into God's will every day by asking God to fulfill his/her purposes within our lives, because we do not, from the human vantage point or due to our lack of vision at times, always know what the highest road and pathway is, what the best opportunities are that we can engage in. And so we must always sublimate our will to the higher will of God and allow God to authenticate that will through our lives by virtuous action, by concerted effort, by a very directed stream of God-beingness flowing through us as purpose, as dedication, whereby through that purpose and dedication there is victory.

We have seen a recent election, and many are now wailing publicly as a result of the outcome. Why? They don't like the outcome, yet this is what the American people, based on our system, voted for. The whiners exist in many realms—those who are passionate, in one sense, based on their own perceptions, and yet often live in an illusory world of maya. They are not always awake to the higher realities that heaven is attempting to manifest upon Earth of the ways of God, of the ways of virtue, of the ways of Spirit. And so we, as spiritual warriors, must take to heart our commission to be virtuous at every cost, to be loving and compassionate at every turn, to be understanding and kind and noble no matter what is thrown our way, no matter what we encounter on our path, no matter what others do or say to us or about us that may not be the truth or kind or honorable. And yet we, because we are true, kind, and honorable, accept those slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and move on in our sacred journey to the light, to our victory, to our divine destiny.

Igor would have us know that during great times of peril and stress upon the Earth it requires initiates of the sacred fire to stand firm in their resolve, to be arbiters of the divine destiny of God in this world, to be advocates of truth and justice and freedom, even if it means that we ourselves are enslaved by a system that is cruel toward the human, toward people and toward God's will upon Earth.

This civilization, as a whole, lives in maya and in darkness. So we must be that light; we must be beyond illusion, living in the purest spheres of spirit while we are yet embodied upon Earth in order to be exponents of truth, justice, freedom, liberty for all, equality of opportunity. Yet there will never necessarily be parity in all realms because of people's karma, because of their past choices and the way that the law of the One, the law of the circle, the law of karma works out injustices that we have reaped in past lives that are upon us now in order for us to learn our lessons.

So, based on past choices, there is not always parity, or equality, in the human condition. We must understand this, even as we are always merciful toward the downtrodden, the meek, the humble, the forgotten and always loving and serving them as best we can. And how do we serve them? At times we do feed them personally. And yet for us, as initiates, we serve them through the dynamism of our prayers, our calls, our invocations, our devotions, our intense and yet gentle meditation upon and with God. We always remain in the center of beingness, harmonious, trued to our cause, noble in our endeavors. There is not one iota of the fabrication of nonsense and of human limitation in our consciousness that keeps us bound to unreality or a less-than consciousness.

God is our employer. God is the cosmic dictator of our destiny—the righteous type of dictator. God created everything. We must look to this Divine One who created us and give obeisance to our Source, else we are as human fools thinking that we can do something better than the divine system that God set up.

Nature speaks righteously to our souls and our hearts. And if we are loving and kind, if we are virtuous and understanding, we take our cues from nature; we learn God's secrets embedded within nature; and we follow the natural impulses of light from within ourselves through our intuition and by listening to the still small voice and by not listening to the voices of darkness and of the astral plane that tempt us with all manner of illusory opportunities that would engage our proclivities that are less than ideal.

The dark ones desire the annulment of our soul's fire; the ascended masters desire the ennoblement of our soul's inner light by raising us on wings of light to fulfill our destiny. America, as a great people, a melting pot of many cultures, many voices, is here as an example for all countries of this planet to live in brother/sisterhood if we follow the divine principles and values set forth in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence and live as free spirits, first and foremost, unencumbered by the derisive and divisive forces of darkness that would steal away our inner and outer liberties through all manner of innocuous engenderings of those illusory things that keep us bound to ourselves rather than bound in God.

Our Source is our inspiration; our God is our example and light. Our Creator is the beginning and the ending of our existence. We began in God and we will end in God if we listen and obey God's laws, God's voice within us and God's call to love. The blessed Mother Mary, when we commune with her in holy prayer, exalts our souls with her virtues and her light by raising us up into that light to feel God's Presence, God's love, God's greatness and supremacy of beingness.

There is none greater than God, none more supreme than God. So why should we accept something less than God's energy, light, beingness within us by listening to the voices of darkness and watching examples of licentiousness through our media and the inanity that Hollywood and others purvey? Listen to the voice of God within you daily. And obey the inner calling to manifest a greater enlightenment of who you are; a greater endowment of God's Spirit within you; a greater fire of perception, beingness and clarity of consciousness that comes because you have set your course toward the Divine One and you are true to that course, realigning yourself daily if you temporarily lose sight of the pure vision of your divinity. Grow in goodness in some way each day by self-emptying all that is of the lesser self and then drinking in the light of your pure and noble Divine Presence, the I AM God Presence, your Solar Presence of light.

It is easy to speak about spiritual things to others. It is much more difficult and challenging to be that reality of the teaching that we know through practical application, through work, service and desire fulfilled through sacred labor—completing projects and initiating new cycles of light. If you find at any time that you do not know how to go about doing what you feel called to do, then let go of your sense of lack or your sense of unknowing and embrace what is beyond human lack, which is the allness of the abundant life of God. And embrace the knowingness of Spirit, which flows through you when you are attuned and aligned through a listening ear—a listening inner ear—to the voice of divine reason, truth, harmony, conscience, wisdom.

There are many employers in the world who would use you for their purposes. When you are employed by God, God will never abuse you. God chooses you as his son or daughter to ennoble all through that light that he/she invests within you. That investment began at the onset of your creation as a spirit-spark and has continued to this day, and yet many have lost sight of and no longer feel that divine-spark within their hearts. So we must enliven them to feel God's Presence within. We have to first be that presence of love to them. A particle of God within us that enflames others will allow them to in turn feel enfired again, enriched again, enlivened again and then to work toward their divine destiny of unity with the Holy One.

This world is beset by archdeceivers. Many of these are principally within the media, within the banking systems and within the higher echelons of the military industrial complex, the international corporations, as conglomerates of human power, whose only desire is to control by manipulating our minds, our wills and our hearts through desire, through commercialism, materialism—promoting a desire for things rather than for virtues, God's essences, God's beingness in our lives.

We can have all the things we require, that are really necessary for us if we first put our faith in, our attention upon and our directed focus upon God. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”1 It's okay to have things that we require; it's okay to have more than we require so that we can give away to those who are without what they require. This is a type of divine capitalism rather than the type that we often see through the overcommercialization of everything in our society—advertising and marketing left and right and all around. We are bombarded by these images, by these calls to buy, buy, buy, consume, consume, consume.

Let us buy our ticket to the divine heaven world by being true to the faith of principles, precepts and divine values. And let us consume light, drink in and assimilate God's virtues every day. Let this be our commerce. And if perchance we offer opportunities within this movement for you to feel more of God's Presence in your life, then thank us and thank God for this opportunity and for what we collectively—our staff, our volunteers, our heartfriends, our donors—are doing to support this activity and movement.

Igor says that it requires every one of us to fulfill the mission of the Universal White Brotherhood—every one of us. A part of our greater mission, personally, is invested in the holy mission of the entire spirit of the Universal Great White Brotherhood. They have a greater vision than we do individually. It's a holy, collective vision of inculcation within our world of God's will, the acceptance of that will by everyone—man, woman and child—and then the dramatization, the fulfillment of that will in reality through conscious works, directed service and intentional sacred labor.

If you seek to know what God's will is for your life, then get to work every day in some humble way and serve others. Service opens the door to a greater opportunity for spiritual labor. If you're not willing to work and get into the dirt and plant seeds of light, then how can you expect the harvest at the end of the cycle of growth and maturation? You must be willing to get on your knees and pull the weeds out of yourself—of your lesser awarenesses, of your ignorances, of the futility of living in a less-than consciousness and in an attitude that you don't have what it takes or that you are not good enough.

These are lies of the devil and those voices of the astral plane. You are good enough because you are God. You are God's child; you are God's son or daughter in manifestation. And therefore you are good enough. God in you is the good. Humanly, none of us is totally pure or completely righteous.The God light in us, though, is that divine beingness and essence, which is always pure, real and holy.

We must get with the program. What is that program? It is God's will. When we are right with God, we live in that will, we are blessed by that will. At times we are challenged by that will, and yet we are also fulfilled in that will. So if you desire greater fulfillment in your life, align yourself with God's will. Get with the divine program and illumine your mind through study of the sacred scriptures. Give something of yourself that is new and awesome and spiritual and creative every day. Live out of the box of your human mentality and unreality.

What is God's club? Well, it's not for the elite of this world. God's circle of oneness is for the spiritual elite who align themselves with God's will and fulfill that will through love and virtuous living. As spiritual warriors, we take to heart God's commands because God is the greatest general, the commander of all forces of light in the universe. What are those commands? That we love God with our entire heart, mind, strength and soul, and that we love our neighbors as ourselves.2 This is the command of the Great Commander of the universe. And if we do this, we will always live according to the golden rule and be virtuous, loving, understanding and kind.

Igor represents now to us, on the inner, something that we can take to heart of a prayerful attitude to bring God's light and love into our world. So we will close by simply saying, Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed are thou among angels and blessed is thy union with Raphael. Holy Mary, archeia sublime, pray for us sons and daughters divine, now and ever as we meditate with thee. Yes, Mary, we meditate with thee, we meditate with thee, we meditate with thee, O Mother of love and of Jesus the Christ.

As we say these words in our rosaries, as we mean them in our hearts and as we profess them day after day, they return unto us the gifts and graces of heaven, the blessings of the Spirit, the joys of our Lord.

Thank you. God bless you.

1: Matthew 6:33; Luke 12:31.
2. See Matthew 22:35–39; Mark 12:28–33; Luke 10:25–27.

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