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Krishna      September 21, 2016

Beloved Krishna
David Christopher Lewis
September 21, 2016   7:40–8:03 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Krishna Helps Us to Feel the Love of God

Krishna consciousness is Son consciousness—S-o-n and S-u-n—beloved ones. For where Rama is, I AM. And where the Christ is, I AM. And where the Sun consciousness, through God-centeredness, manifests, there Krishna comes to emanate pure light, the Solar Reality of God's being, the Solar Reality of your being, one with God.

In devotions to me, I am there emanating light through the center of your being, if you choose. From within the Sun, I manifest. And from within the sun of every cell of your being, I may also manifest to bring you your own essence of Christ- and Krishna-glory, the divinity of who you are fulfilled as a son or daughter of the One Eternal God in your own right—one with me, one with Christ, one with every Son of God.

Devotion is the means of receiving light from the Sun. And through the devotion of your hearts upturned to God, there is instilled within you, refreshed within you, invigorated within you the light of your own Presence, your own star of glory, your own divine nature. And in this instilling there is the alchemy of love fulfilled within your heart; for through your devotion, the opening of the lotus of your heart is fulfilled. And your heart may be expressive thereby of every virtue, of every form of love, the many petals of love, the nuances of how that love is expressed in your universe, in our cosmos throughout the vast reaches of time and space and beyond.

O dearest ones, Krishna comes. I AM Krishna this day in order to surround you with light, envelop you with joy, radiate you with the effulgence of that majestic spirit that says unto you, “You are a son of God.” And in your glory, in your light, you may fulfill your destiny as that son, as that daughter, one with the Eternal, free to be your creative self, liberated to know the eternal cycles of light manifesting through you. And in that glory and in that oneness, through your heart one with God, you may feel God's glory every day in every way, in every hour, in every moment manifesting through your being, your spirit, your soul.

Soulfulness manifests as a result of the understanding of your eternal nature as a spirit-spark of the One. Soulfulness results from focusing upon what is real within you, the eternal part of yourself, which continues on beyond each lifetime unto eternity to fulfill itself in God. As you shoot that arrow and it makes its mark, then with Arjuna, you too know the oneness of having fulfilled love within Self, with God.

O blessed ones, become that arrow of love each day. And find yourself traversing many skies, many dimensions and planes of being to make that mark of love wherever you so desire to instill it, to will it, by God's grace. For where love is felt and then shared, love expresses the nature of God as co-creative power and wisdom. Love fulfills itself through your nature, one with the eternal nature of the One God.

I AM love, for I AM Krishna. And Radha, with me, blesses you, each one, this day in the love fires of the two becoming one and the triune nature of God—fulfilled as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva—and as Rama, also manifesting where you are in the center of your being and in your beloved, the one whom you love with your entire heart.

O dearest ones, feel love each day, for this is the way that we together will recreate this world. It is not so dark, as mankind thinks. It takes simply a shift in the dial of awareness to perceive beyond the veil of illusion to the higher worlds, where love is manifesting every moment in its glory as light perfused throughout the etheric realms, the holy cities, the heaven worlds. When you focus here on love, on light, many cosmic beings and those who have attained Christic and Krishnic awareness radiate that light to fulfill within your world your dreams, your goals, your visions, your destinies. I say that your destiny is Solar awareness, cosmic consciousness. If you accept this as a possibility, then we will assist you in making it a reality through Krishnic living, through joy, through oneness, through service to all, through beauty, and especially harmony.

Some may think that you have to strain and stress to give the powerful decrees that you have in order to impact change within this world. Dearest ones, a simple turn of my pinky finger whereby I express the infinitude of love may result in the same powerful effects throughout your dimensional plane of being and world. Why? you ask. Because love is the most powerful energy within the universe. And where love exists, no fear, duality or darkness may abide. Therefore be that love, and all will be fulfilled within you and within your world. Be that dynamism of love: sing of love, pray with love and extrude love here and there and everywhere with the co-creative fires of your personal artistry. And as that love is manifest, that love transmutes all that is less than love; that love replaces all that interferes with or is a non-manifestation of love.

O, how the devotees would know God if they could simply feel God's light and love within in greater measure every day, every hour, every moment. If you have difficulty in feeling God within you, call to me, sing these bhajans to me and I will assist you in developing your feeling nature of love so that never again will something get in the way of you experiencing that love from within your feeling nature every day, blessed hearts. You see, as the lotus opens and shares her many petals during these bhajans, so the lotus of your heart also opens through your devotion, and then you can feel who you are again as an eternal one, as a cherished son or daughter of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

Yes, we expand love this day to encompass all, even the so-called dark ones who are fallen. All have, in a sense, fallen from the perfection of eternal grace. Yet all may choose to rise, to ascend by free will and put aside the darkness and look no more backward through yesterdays and yesteryears of illusion. I bring all a vision of the pure cosmos of oneness, which displaces maya forever. Thank you.

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