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Padma Sambhava      September 14, 2016

Beloved Padma Sambhava
David Christopher Lewis
September 14, 2016   6:54–7:07 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Padma Sambhava Leads Us in a Planetary Alchemy in Mindfulness

I AM Padma Sambhava, and I come this morning early to perform alchemy with you, blessed hearts, the alchemy of mindfulness through God-centeredness.

You may conceive of God in whatever way you please. Some see God as a great Father-Mother being of light in the center of the cosmos; others behold God as pure mind; others as the Eternal Light that permeates all that is, including self. And, of course, many see God in an anthropomorphic way, for this is the way that they can relate to a savior or a creator, in their own image and likeness.

Now perceive, beyond all conceptualizations, of God as pure beingness, that which exists in eternality, that which has no beginning or ending. For the isness of God is beyond the human mind and all concepts that arise from points of unreality born outside of the purity of that being. This isness, this suchness, this beingness also represents you, blessed ones, in your core reality. And when you feel that which is of the same essence as this beingness as your essence, you live, move and have your being within that reality. And the brightness and the glow and the perfectionment and the hallowedness of that existence permeates your being and may be expressive within you of the glory of your soul and spirit, your reality, your love.

When you take a few moments, through this mindfulness state of beingness, to reconceive of who you are within this reality, then all things are possible unto you. Every alchemy that you desire to engage in is clothed with that essence and that beingness, which allows the mystical, the magical and the miraculous to manifest through your heart, through your being, wed to Source.

Now, the alchemy that we will engage in this morning, as conceived of by the Lord of the World, is to reach into the very core of the minds of mankind and to allow them to feel their own eternal spirit, their own essence and beingness, one with the Source; to be disconnected from unreality and from lesser states of a lack of mindfulness; and to experience God-consciousness and Solar awareness, to experience a new possibility for greater beingness and oneness with Spirit.

If you can, as the Buddhas understand it, tap into the mind of God and maintain a state of being within that greater universal awareness and perfuse that awareness throughout your universe—that which you co-create through your own mindful state—then that reality takes hold within the atmosphere of your auric field and is expressive where you live, move and have your being. And divine thought, original thought, may co-create beautifully, wondrously, magnificently, as God creates.

You see, blessed ones, at a certain level of vibration, all thought manifests within a frame of reference and a field of awareness. And so to raise the consciousness of all mankind in a moment of Buddhic awareness is not such a difficult feat. Yet it takes the allowance within your mind of the eternal mind as beingness. And within this alchemy there is perfused to every mind, through divine thought, that new awareness, that presence of beingness that transforms all, that recreates all, that raises all into that light-field of co-creative power, wisdom and love in balance. Within this field, all are disconnected from the miasma of illusion and maya, and they are free to conceive of self, other and all within that higher reality.

You see, this is the alchemy that, when engaged in by many of you in meditation, in the heights of divine silence and stillness, allows there to be, through that field that you co-generate with other lightbearers, the new reality of the new world that we together are creating mindfully with universal divine thought. This is why the Buddha is silent. For at this very high level of vibration and frequency, there is a lack of all human movement and motion, even while there is, in a sense, a great commotion in heaven—in other words, the great power of divine movement through that mind that illumines all, that recreates all in this divine field of beingness.

You see, the most active of all rishis, gurus, avatars, yogis are those who maintain the outer silence and stillness even while within themselves the power of creation is manifesting as the movement and the music of the spheres, as the turning of worlds within Self whereby all exists in this higher thought-field of light. This you may enter into with me and any Buddha in moments of eternal silence and divine stillness when you master self, when you let go of all lesser realities and accept the divine state of being of perfect wakefulness as a Buddhic being yourself.

Therefore enter into this state now with me as we recreate the mind-field of this Earth and perfuse divine thought into the minds of all, allowing them this morning to be free of illusion and all mayic manipulation, to be ensconced in light, vivified and revivified in beingness and love through our compassionate hearts, one in Spirit and one in Mater. As Above, so below, this mindful field is established in thousands of those who are almost ready to fully awaken to their Buddhic being, open their eyes to the Sun Presence of the All-Buddha and see clearly this morning what is God, light, beingness.

Now as we continue to meditate in silence for another eight minutes, feel what I have shared with you throughout your entire being and allow this co-creative alchemy to fully be employed everywhere.


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