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David Lewis      August 26, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by the Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light)
August 26, 2016   7:14–7:31 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Mystical Meaning of the AUM

            The AUM is the Word of creation, the nexus of the Logos, the point of the origination of the spirit-matter cosmos. And it is the sacred sounding that precedes all volition, all action, all manifestation.

            When you center yourself through the AUM, you are in the center of Alpha to Omega, in the interplay of Alpha and Omega with each other. You enter the still point of beingness in the center of the great cosmic sphere, and from that point of highest reality you can view the entire cosmos—outside and inside, in every side and in no side.

            The AUM allows you to experience consciousness. It arises through the breath that we use in speaking, and yet it is also the source of that breath, that which is behind and within that breath. 

The AUM is the perfect sound, from which all sounds originate. It begins with either the O in the OM or the A in the AUM—the O symbolizing the Divine Mother, the Omega, who represents the womb of the entire cosmos; and the A representing Alpha, the beginning of the alphabet, the thrust of purpose behind creation.

Within the AUM, we can live and move and have our being within the Word, which, when spoken or sung, provides the Father-Mother with a point of beingness as their creation, as their son/daughter.

The AUM, when experienced, reveals the mystery of life itself. The AUM, when known within the soul, allows that soul to sing and soar, to speak, to shine. The AUM, when experienced within the heart, allows one to know the cosmic pulsation of creation. The AUM conceives of all from the beginning to the ending, and from beginninglessness to endlessness, from time to timelessness, and space to spacelessness. The AUM pervades all, and all pervades the AUM. It is the nexus and the pure state of awareness as the All-in-all.

When you feel the AUM, you enter sentience, that which is pure sensing, cosmic feeling. You are able to discern the movement of the spheres, the music of the spheres, the radiance of the spheres, the color of the spheres, the consciousness of the spheres—all spheres, all suns, star systems, galaxies, universes, the cosmos itself. You can travel within the AUM to any point in the creation, for the AUM is within all points of the creation, because the AUM created those points. And you can travel within the AUM to the center of your own being as God, God's being as you, God's light as you, you as God's light. 

The AUM is for the pure mystic to know through every aperture of self, every avenue of expression, every artistic rendering of beingness. If you take the AUM for granted, you may not know its secrets. And yet if you revere its beingness as pure consciousness, divine energy and the substance that that energy coalesces within as the creation, then the AUM will reveal all to you from within your heart, your true mind, your Higher Self. 

            The AUM, when chanted at the sunrise, allows the brightness of that sun to shine upon and flower within you. And the AUM, when chanted at dusk, allows the closing of the petals of self for a time so that truly going within, you may, through the AUM, recreate self within the cosmic womb, again in communion with the unfed flame in the Cosmic Void, from which that unfed light emerged.

The AUM contains all mysteries, all teachings, all concepts, all essences. All proceeds from the AUM, and all returns to the AUM when the mysteries have been revealed, when consciousness has been fully clothed and expressed, when beingness has been nurtured and fulfilled, when light has restored all to its natal essence of oneness. Become the AUM and all other sounds, songs, symphonies and music will then be real, vital, transformative, enlightening, and you will be happy and know yourself as God's eternal child and lover.


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